Sunday, May 3, 2015

The passionate Scorpio Full Moon of Union

Dear Beloveds!

On May 3rd/4th we celebrate the coming of the Scorpio Full Moon, which is also the Wesak/Buddha Moon! The highest aspect of Scorpio is about deep Union through spiritual transformation and initiation. We are entering a new phase of our spiritual purpose and support through partnership of two and deep Soul friendship. We are stepping into a new level of our spiritual purpose through initiation and relationship. We have mastered a lot on our solitary path as Ascension Pioneers, and a lot of this work was done in our inner temple, the temple of our "I AM Presence." It is Now time to bring this inner work to the outer planes through sharing with others in Divine co-creation. This world was meant to live and breathe through our internal temple, so that the external temple matches that internal state of Being. The two within One speak about Divine Union through passionate creativity in Love. This is a definite and clear message that the Way forward will be paved with relationship energy. There are many kinds of relationship, from the most intimate close relations to relating to groups and organizations in all kinds of associations. But this is a message of the most intimate relationship, when the Two meet as One at the altar of pure Spirit.

A new level of our "dharma" is presenting itself. When our relationships will begin to form in a new way, through pure Spirit connection, the two will be able to live in constant Spirit communion, honoring the temple of their Divinity and a unique contribution to this world. They will see themselves, their partnership and what they share through their uniqueness as sacred, while humbly holding the space of reverence for all Life. They will not only talk to each other, but speak to one another through the voice of Soul, in deep telepathic bond of Unity consciousness, extending it forward through Divine service. Divine service does not have to mean anything "flashy", for it can be very simple and humble. What this simply means at its Core, is the honoring of every particle of Human experience and holding a deep compassion for it, while inviting others to enter that same sacredness in Divine Bliss.

So the task at hand is to embody what we embody through our Self and hold it with another, to join and merge as the Holy Lovers of Spirit ... bringing Heaven to Earth.

Scorpio is all about the kundalini Fire! This also relates to sacred sexuality and understanding of how our kundalini Life force works. This process is related to our Human Spine, which has 33 vertebrae, and it's amazing what is now coming forth about understanding the nature of our physical Ascension.

Here is my video about working with the spine in our Ascension:

The energy that is pouring up from "on high" is amazing at this time, and we are being upgraded in a "Galactic sense", as we begin to walk a new journey. So many of us feel the pull towards something new, something that we know on higher dimensions, and anchor it here and Now, into this present timeline on Earth. We are here to make things of Divine nature very potent and real. It is Now time to implement all of those expanded changes that we have undergone during the Eclipse cycle. The Scorpio Full Moon will intensify these shifts and bring another sealing layer of our New. 

The Scorpio takes the highest Light in order to descent into the deepest shadows and transforms through the most potent of all forces ... sacred sexual energy of Creation. This is becoming more alive within us and the Galactic Core is awakening us all. At this time we might have more pull towards things of Galactic proportions, moving beyond what is currently taking place on Earth and anchoring a higher vision and knowing of all the Galactic "dramas" into one singular Whole. We are walking into great synthesis and a lot more will begin for us on this level of our physical Ascension. 

We are Now in a new energetic month of May, which begins very powerfully with an intense Scorpio Full Moon. April was quite interesting, and each month the tonal attunement will soften and we will feel more ease of the New. May is a 13 Universal month, and the Scorpio Moon also takes place in 13 degrees, as well as some other alignments. This number speaks to us really strongly, and the Great Goddess/Divine Mother really has our back! The archetype of Scorpio is all about profound transformation through change, but this change can really occur in depth when we are willing to go deep into the abyss. That is the state of staring at everything imaginable right in the face, and deal with it through courage and total Self acceptance. 

Here is my energy update for the month of May!

Scorpio is also about money and mutual resources and possessions. Recently I made a video about money and spirituality in the New!

Our Soul is all about Passion, and it's not fixated on Human worry or despair. The Soul only thrives on adventures and experiences that expand its knowing of the Self. Whatever we create through the Soul is of lasting value, because its effects ripple out beyond this known space and time/dimension. As our Yin/Yang Essences merge into One, we become creative through our feminine and masculine Divine as One. At anything we are doing, we can ask ourselves which part of our Self is this coming from, and how can our creations radiate more of the Unified Self? Can we move beyond the separate concepts of doing and being and simply become co-creators without any other definitions? This is what the Soul merge asks of us. This is how we become truly free of all the labels and archetypes that no longer serve our conscious evolution in Ascension. It is time to dissolve those as well.

The next step of Soul alignment is using this "new" knowledge that is pouring through our personal sense of liberation for greater good, in some sort of Divine service. But first we need to dissolve any form of "servitude" because it's not the same as being in Divine service to all Life in Creation. It is time to study something new and immerse ourselves into passionate exploration, because the recent Aries new Moon asked us to anchor something brilliant, and the Scorpio Full Moon will intensity all of that new, which is something that we haven't been doing on our path before. This especially relates to studying the mystical and the occult, the gnostic Divine knowledge. We might feel like a novice, and it can all feel a bit too overwhelming at times, because we can feel and do so much, and yet we need to focus on every step of the way without feeling burdened.

The Key is very simple! Practice makes perfect ... easy does it ... and no goals but Now guidance in Joy!

A lot of our new ideas of Soul have to do with higher octaves of Being, refined things such as art and music/Divine sound. These are perfect reflections of the Supreme within us. The important thing to know here is that we can learn everything through our Higher Self, and that we don't always need to take lectures or classes. A lot of these things we desire are already in our Soul, as they were all gathered through many different experiences that we had before, and the Galactic service that we are here to utilize. It is simply time to say: "I know how to do XY. I know how to learn XY." And then we feel it as the Absolute Truth of our Being. We don't have to think of things as being hard and challenging anymore, as they truly can be simpler and fun as well. It is all a choice.

We are constantly giving birth to something new and there are no limits to what we can materialize, and a state of Divine "pregnancy" needs to become our constant. Much of this new birth is taking place in Nature, because Nature is Creation and our Ascension is aligned with the planetary Ascension, which is also about refined forms of the natural world. When our inner beauty is reflected in the external world, we have truly mastered the Art of co-creation. It is important to become proactive and to do all the things that our Soul would love doing. In order to Be in a beautiful surrounding and enjoy it, we need to keep it clean and preserve Nature as well. We are fully responsible for every single thing that we create, from the most minute to those major creations that reflect true Greatness!

Are we confident in our choices and holding our truth as our own? The world is inviting us into a new level of expansion, as the old simply isn't bringing fulfilling results. On the journey of Ascension, each Master in the becoming will come to a time of feeling deeply challenged and limited in many ways and forms, through the density of this current plane of Existence. That is normal, as there is no enlightenment without this. These challenges will come to test our faith and inner knowing, to push us to our limits, and through knowing limitation we shall expand beyond it and trust our Self even more, ever so deeply. The world may seem to push against us at times, and yet we must find the strength and the will to keep on going, to move beyond this seeming resistance and the restrictions that feel so real at the time being. Through this we begin to learn the art of Soul alchemy and bring our inner resources to the surface.

At this time the energy is slowing down, because we are integrating a new level of Being. No transition is ever easy and simple, but it will bring us immense growth and expansion. Our world views and perceptions will be challenged to the very Core, and yet it's this stripping of the old that will bring us new opportunities, those that are more natural, flowing and simple for our true Presence. A life of simplicity is a Life of Nature and the beauty of Creation, and as we cultivate that Essence in our own reality, we will strengthen our Faith and exist in a more serene surrounding that supports our new found Joy and way of living. We will create our own perfect sacred space. We are truly shaping our way of living at this time, and it's our choices that will bring us new results, we simply need to persevere and find enough patience to trust the process ... to trust our own Wisdom and mastery in the making.

It is time to grow in Self confidence with our Soul gifts, especially the musical nature of our Being. Music is who we are, as our Souls attune to a unique vibratory resonance or a blueprint frequency. Our Souls have a unique song or Essence, and the more we know of our Self, the more we begin to creatively express that Essence of our unique creativity. It is very important to remember that we are that creativity, and all that we create are simply expressions of that Divine Essence of creativity. When we begin to activate certain multidimensional aspects of us, we might become surprised with what will begin to come through and emerge, and yet it's that part of us that already knows what it's doing ... we simply need to trust and keep practicing our gifts, as practice makes perfect.

With the emergence of something new we can often begin to feel like we are just beginning, and this feeling might bring us a sense of feeling overwhelmed, and yet the whole process of integration of our Soul gifts is unfolding perfectly according to a greater plan for our Soul expansion. We simply need to allow ourselves to express our Essence in whatever way or form, without feeling that we are not good enough, and that our gifts have no obvious aim. To do something only because there is an "obvious" reason for it or because there is external approval or even a financial confirmation, dims our Divine Light, because we begin to condition our gifts rather than developing them in Divine perfection and flow.

When we ease up and trust the process of mastering our gifts we will drop perfectionism of the lower mind and move deeper into our Heart space. This is where the Soul resides and radiates its Divine melody. This is how we nurture ourselves and the Whole! Our Soul gifts are meant to nurture, so let us be the Divine caretakers!

As Divine Beings we are meant to nurture all that we Love with great care and devotion. Too many times we still continue to scatter our energy, lacking true focus and commitment. We can also forget about healthy boundaries and being assertive, so it's time to reinforce this in our reality. The more focus we devote to our co-creation with Spirit, the higher our vibration will become, and the more we will be able to consciously act through our higher states of Being. Recently there was a strong magnetic current that came into our plane of Existence, and we are Now doing our best to anchor and integrate all of these changes.

This doesn't always mean that we need to do so much at once or constantly act. This simply means that our focus will always be on that which we deliver through pure Spirit connection, rather than distracted egoic nature that is often confused and lacks true purpose. We are not meant to aimlessly wonder around ... we were created to co-create! This focus will continue to feed our creations and all that we experience, because we are consciously choosing to be more focused. With greater focus greater clarity will come, and with that we will know what to do in each moment, even if that means not doing anything and simply activating that New, birthing a new aspect of our Self.

When we embrace Spirit inside ourselves, we embrace the very Prime nature of our Being, no longer identifying with what we think we are. Old things begin to dissolve, old ways no longer interest us, and a new wave of Divine passion is stirred deep within us. With this new anchoring our Light body truly wants to marry every aspect of our physicality, so it's important to honor Spirit in everything, including the most minute and what we perceive as most dense. The "most dense" is simply that which is not yet in its full Divine remembrance, but it's always expanding, and as we change our perspective on it, we actually help it to expand. We are interconnected and every conscious choice and action that we participate in, ushers in more of the New. Let us never think ourselves as not important. Every conscious engagement counts, and every step needs to come through dedication and Mastery in the becoming. We need to know how to commit to things that are long term, unknown and mystical.

When we are able to do that, then we truly become a Master of the Self. Before that, we are just wondering around, trying to remember ... until one day we fully do, and awaken to our true identity that is Divine ... moving from identity to deity!

We are beginning to remember that our Soul lives through its passionate expression. The Truth here is, that we are a Spark, and no matter how tiny, we are grand. At the same time, we are also unique, so we can never know everything about all of the Universes. Our exploration was never intended to know everything about every single thing. Our Soul's journey was intended for the exploration of the specific part that is us, through our own Core nature. There is such Beauty and humility in this, and to know ourselves as perfect already, brings an immense opening to more knowing and a deeper understanding of the Self. The more we know how to move with that of "on high" into that of the "below", the deeper our knowing of the Self will be. We will learn and master our Power through the knowing of our limitations, and this will help us to see things from a different perspective each time. There is no such thing as a final destination here, as we are always experiencing similar games and archetypes, and yet our perspective is changing and our awareness is expanding, so we are experiencing as if all was brand new.

Here is my Light grid for new partnerships! We experienced another new Cosmic influx and Now there is a new beginning in our feelings and Unions. There is a new passionate excitement that is stirring up from deep within. We might find ourselves immersed with new ideas and Heart openings, and the more we are open, the more are "in receiving" of the Divine Light. There has recently been a completion in a physical sense, and we are Now ready to set a new stage for our next cycle of expansion through feeling. Whenever we reach a certain culmination point, we don't just simply stop there. Things are not linear. There is no need to constantly "arrive", for we are always in flux, always experiencing anew, and when we anchor the awareness of the New, we are always in motion and the energy can flow freely. When our Heart can be as open and pure as the Heart of an innocent child, we will begin to invite in magical experiences because our perception of experience will shift.

Whenever there are still circumstances in our life that we do not like, these are merely showing us what we are still choosing to invite in our reality, consciously or subconsciously. A Master of the Self knows this, and He/She is always free to choose anew. When we embrace our true nature of Soul, we will embrace the Freedom to create anything at any given time. When this is not yet so, there is often a part of ourselves that still believes it's not free and so it continues to create its own story. It is time for us to grow up emotionally, mentally and spiritually, so that our physicality will reflect that perfectly, and that our choices will truly come from Love only, because it is time and we have climaxed in our maturation. Now it's time for a graduation.

There is a new opening, inner awakening and overflowing of feelings and a new partnership experience in Union. We are inviting in new relationship experiences in order to integrate this new awareness that we have been anchoring. These partnerships will help us get to the next step. We are not here to become singled out and to continue rising in awareness alone, because there will always be those who will continue to walk besides us. We are here to share and co-create! It is time to open up and notice such new openings and relations!

Here is a quick visual exercise to feel into the importance of being of Divine service!

We can imagine ourselves not doing anything, never caring about anything or anyone but ourselves. How does that feel? How would the world look like without us on it? Now we can imagine ourselves as constantly creating, emanating out ripples, waves and sparkles, caring about everyone and everything, always being of service. How would the world look like without us on it? How would we be remembered or missed? It truly is the Love that we share, as all else can fade away rather quickly. We have one life right Now, and as multidimensional as we are, we are only feeling this life as deeply as we do, so it's very important to make it count, engage ourselves in service and care for all other aspects of Creation in Unity consciousness. 

It is how our Cosmic brothers and sisters are doing it, and they are encouraging us to become just like they are, but in our own unique way and form, because we are going through an experience that is rather unique. The Cosmic White Brotherhood is deeply encouraging us and we are so loved and adored. They are also sharing their own experiences with us, so that we may have something to relate to, to not feel so alone in our endeavors, to know that every form of Life is evolving and eventually needs to return to that Prime Core Self, which we are doing through our Ascension.

My latest Light grid is an Elven one, anchoring the High Elven consciousness of pure Creation. The Elven consciousness is about serving the sacredness of all Life in Creation through deep Wisdom and the understanding of the natural laws which govern the Principles of Creation. I painted some stones with Elven symbols, and used the archetype of 7 (the septagram), the 7-pointed Star and 7 almonds (attuned to Elven consciousness of Purity) and 6, which is about bringing every aspect of 7th Heaven here on Earth through our Diamond Core Pillar, activating our Light body Merkabah. The time of the Full Moon is here, so the card reflects the Moon and the anticipation and creation of something New. Wonder and Magic!

The white/translucent crystal globe at the bottom reflects that purity and creates through magical alchemy through the second sphere, a blue crystal globe of Divine Will and Magic. We are here to co-create Heaven on Earth!

And here is an Elven reading made on my Elven Light grid. The first card is the King of Earth, symbolizing abundance, paying it forward and balancing our physicality through great spiritual maturity. The second card is The Lovers, symbolizing unions, coming together, loving life and working for the common good of All. The third card is the Two of Wands, symbolizing standing firm no matter what, bringing seeming oppositions into Unity and spiritual balance, and looking into how opposing viewpoints might bring us fresh new perspectives.

Overall this reading speaks about the need to unify in order to bring something new to the Whole, and to use the Power of our Earthly resources together, supporting one another. We are here to bring the manifestation of "As above, so Below" into our reality. How can there not be great Abundance, if there is everything at our disposal ... we just need to learn how to use it wisely and through unconditional Love.

We also celebrated Beltane this week (from April 27th - May 3rd), and it began powerfully on the 1st of May, which is the Ancient honoring of the Divine masculine and feminine coming together as One ... in a sacred marriage! Spring always represents the marriage of Father Sky and Mother Earth, for all of Nature blossoms and makes love! We are here to Be Love in Human form as well. 

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn