Thursday, May 21, 2015

Living in total Bliss

Dear Beloveds!

Our theme Now is expansion through the inner world. There is a great shift taking place at this time, and our inner state of Cosmic convergence is being attuned to all timelines merging together as One. During this unfolding, we may feel a bit confused, with ups and downs felt within our psyche, and yet this is only the consequence of our shifting awareness. The more we anchor our multidimensional nature of Soul in Human form, the more Bliss we will feel, because we will feel grounded and safe in our body, feeling like we belong no matter where we are and who we are sharing our reality feel. The more Self mastery we claim, the more freedom of the Soul guides our way.

A big portion of us is already living in the 5th dimension, while other parts are catching up. This state of Being implies romance, playfulness and creativity, so the things that we create that have Soul value for us. Human happiness always lies in precious and tiny moments that hold the energy of words unspoken and magical feelings, which cannot always be put into rational thinking and explanation.

This is a time to move deeper into our feeling nature and embrace the fun loving energy that brings us new expansion. Sometimes we will feel a need to approach things by being more serious, and yet our Soul will call us to apply a more playful approach as well and vice versa. The nature of Divine creativity is to be open to what Life has to offer us and not become a prisoner of our own making by endless "to-do" lists and self imposed limitations. We need to embrace more of our Heart desires, because they are actually not separate from our Soul.

We also might be called to expand in our thinking through learning new things. We are approaching the time of the Gemini Sun anyway. Higher dimensional awareness is also about constant expansion in knowledge and expanding through something new and different. If You close your eyes and envision a beautiful golden scroll of initiation in front of You, what does it say? Which words or feelings are encoded in it? This is your inner Master showing You exactly what You need to expand at this time. It might not be what You think, but it's definitely what your Soul wants You to know, because our Souls speak a language beyond our rational thinking, so we need to open up and engage the higher senses in order to hear and feel it completely.

It is important to balance our work and play, which is a balancing act. We can ask our Soul to reveal to us how to merge our inner and outer reality as One. If we are only looking into our own mirror and not those of others and that of Nature, we might miss on something ... a whisper, a flickering thought, a new clue? it's important to engage our Spirit gifts and psychic activities through meditation and living life, so conscious/constant meditation when we are engaging with Life in every moment. When we combine and merge the two, our whole Life will be Spirit guided and born of pure awareness.

For many of us, a chapter of major transformation and breakthroughs leading to a new opening is about to unfold. This new opening is of Galactic nature, and we are shifting into our renewed purpose that will be based on embracing our Galactic nature and heritage. The sacred Heart of our Cosmic center is calling us, to return Home and replenish, for the journey we are about to undertake is going to be long lasting and profound. 

It may feel as if something we have been waiting and longing for since forever is returning, and yet it was here all the time as well. Whatever we will commit to Now, will be lasting a lifetime and it will have a powerful resonance of metamorphosis within our own DNA activation and that of others. Have You recently felt a shift in your awareness towards Galactic insights? Do You feel guided to connect to our Star brothers and sisters and receive Stellar messages? This is your Galactic Self calling out to You, wanting You to embrace it as You take this next step forward.

This new initiative will be smooth, and although this transition altogether may feel like walking into an unfamiliar territory, it is something that is already there, for all time is Now. Sometimes our shifting nature feels like a slow and steady process, but the results can also be sudden and almost instantaneous, so as we embrace more of our higher dimensional Self, we need to prepare for this to become our new norm. We are simply activating ourselves to a new degree, which will involve us functioning on a much broader spectrum of Galactic proportions and offering others support and service from that state of Being. The more we get ourselves activated, the more activation codes will be entering into this reality and so others will have a chance to activate their Stellar lineage and mutldimensionality as well.

Remember that multidimensionality is what we experience, and a lot of times it relates to events that are internal. The difference in our feeling and embracing new sensations leads to experiencing a broader spectrum of reality and creating totally new experiences. We have not yet been there, and at the same time it's familiar and "future" Self oriented. We are ready for this next step forward, as Cosmic convergence is calling for us and we are returning to a state of multidimensional Being and Star frequency of pure freedom.

What is an organic Ascension pathway? It's a path of finding our inner resonance in the way that we perceive our own authentic Ascension journey. No two journeys are alike, and although certain things are as they are and rather uniform, nothing will ever work for everyone, because we all have an individualized DNA path and our unique Star DNA lineage as well. That is why we resonate with some ways and not with others, and yet all roads lead to where we choose to Be in our enlightened Ascension. 

The more we are aligned with our natural Ascension pathway, the more Joy and Bliss we will feel, because we will move away from thinking and reading about Ascension, but rather live it through our own personal life. The more we allow our experiences to be felt and lived authentically through application, the more ascended Light of our Overlighting Soul will come through for us, and the more we will merge our Bliss of the Soul and Human happiness as One.

With this unification process we are moving into a new cycle that drifts away from having Ascension symptoms to experiencing pure Bliss of the Soul. The more we are Soul embodied, the more passion for Life we will feel, and we will be able to feel extreme happiness in every moment and attain/maintain it. This happiness will not be of fleeting/external nature, for it will not be bound to external ways and pleasures, but the pleasure of being conscious and alive, and feeling so deeply through our "I AM Presence."

We each need to find our own organic pathway and tune into deep Presence through the simplicity of Divine Truth!

Here is my video on this subject:

We are shifting into becoming more Galactic in our activated awareness! Everything flows from the micro to the macro and vice versa, so it's important that we begin to feel how every aspect of us is also playing out within the greater nature of Creation, such as a particular planetary system and Star system. Our Galactic brothers/guides are here, letting us know that they are not only our helpers, but actually our own "future" selves that are converging with us in order to unify. They are reminding us that they are here, even if we can't always see or feel them. They simple live within us and the nature of our Galactic brotherhood. As we expand, we will attune to higher realities and truths that surround us as well. Yes, a lot of us are converging into this Higher Octave and the more we do, the more "contact" we will have with our Star brothers and sisters and the more we will be able to guide others who are joining the brotherhood in Unity consciousness. They are bringing us a message of assistance and cooperation, and as we do so with them, we then need to pass it onto others as well. This is the nature of ascending realities.

With this Galactic convergence process there is also a Harmonic resolution or dissolution unfolding, and so old things are still coming up, such as negativity, anger and repressed feelings, and so by transforming it through the sacred Fire and Cosmic assistance, we are stepping through the Ring of Fire. Imagine how You are being given an opportunity for a fresh start. Would You take it, and what is possibly holding You back from completely immersing in it? Do You feel like You are not yet ready, although You are? If we wish to begin a new chapter, we need to get activated in a Galactic sense and open up to something much bigger, greater and grander. The golden spiral is taking us on a new journey, and it's a physical one just as much as it's an ethereal one. It is one that holds much more Soul Passion for us, and the choice is still ours to make.

How do we make that step Now? Well, through Self attunement, contemplation, the silence of our sacred space that holds the key to inner knowing ... while releasing control of what we want things to be like. There is a shift in our Light body and our overall feeling state, so the shift we are going through is immense. Can You feel it? You can always ask yourself about how You are feeling in the moment and then allow it to overflow You. You don't need to see any physical proof to feel that changes are happening within your Being. There is a major Crown opening taking place, and we are moving beyond separation into Unity. This doesn't mean that what we experience will be total Union right away, but what is moving away will show us what is leaving our reality, so as it appears we can see ourselves waving good-bye to it as we are getting ready to write a whole new story. Turn that leaf over and move on!

As we embrace this new Light, it will quickly move into our Cosmic Heart space, and we will feel that attunement in full knowing of when the next step begins and how. For Now, let us hold the space of Being with what Is, whatever that Is and however it comes up. Assessing things does not mean that we need to change things right away. That is the old impulsive way. The Way of the New is to simply create a space for that change to occur naturally. This Heart portal is all about generosity and receptivity, so we no longer have to keep our Hearts closed and defensive to anything or anyone, whether we consider it as positive or negative, that is also a thing of the past. Our lower/physical and Higher Heart are unifying as one pulsating Light of One, the pure White Light of Unity consciousness.

Mercury is retrograde Now, and so we begin another cycle (circle) of revisiting, reviewing, possibly rescheduling and redoing. Things from the past and what we have not been paying attention to is coming back, because it's simply a part of us and we need to embrace it through our Core. Relationships with an ongoing theme or "unfinished" business might return, and with this in mind we need to understand that there is always a greater reason for this. 

That is why Mercury retrogrades are not tragic or scary, and only those lacking the understanding of Cosmic cycles and how they effect our planetary cycles feel that. Those of us embracing Self mastery understand that we are simply living an experience that is non-linear and multidimensional, and that each theme/archetype we experience is actually something that is happening on a much grander scheme as well, so with this retrograde try to witness yourself from an objective perspective and observe the themes in your life that come up.

What are they telling You? Is there something your Soul simply wants to experience, and can You not see it as negative but simply chosen and therefore necessary? Imagine weaving a golden thread of Light that interconnects many different parts of You, and then see them all meeting each other, intertwining and merging, unifying. Now see this entering your present awareness and your life frame Now, and all the people that You interact with, and make peace with all parts and fragments of your reality. See everything converging and unifying for your greater good and feel like the Master Magician of your own experience and how You choose to live by Soul Presence full of Passion and juice for Life.

By seeing the bigger picture we can be ready to let go some of the old things that no longer serve us. Moving through the Hall of mirrors through objectivity and discrimination/discernment requires us to look within, but not at the expense of looking without. Other people and life situations will provide important mirrors for us during this Mercury retrograde phase, and the color Silver (our Silver cord of the Soul) is here to protect us and anchor us in our own intuitive Self. 

We need to look into anything that still makes us feel reactive instead of responsive and see that as a gift ... without avoiding the shadow. We are very close to integrating the shadow and the Light into full Unity! See this as a process rather than a singular event that happens in a certain time frame. Self doubt, illusion, separation and judgment are things of the past! See how they are not simply dissolving, but also unifying through the white-golden web of Light!

It is very important to observe our every interaction during this retrograde period, because the more insightful we are, the more insights we will receive, and the more complete our Mercurian circle will become. The retrograde happens in the sign of Gemini, so this is a fun loving time as well, based on the right balance between learning new things and being open to advance through having fun and more spontaneous as well. 

The more we embrace the aspect of the "trickster" in its integrated state (rather than positive and negative/light and shadow), the more we will embrace the Spirit gifts it has to offer us. The nature of Gemini is to expand our thinking and how we live our lives by being more worldly and charismatic. This is an invitation to refine something very important for our next step of the journey. What will it be for You?

Here is an example! This week I danced after quite a long time, and I realized how Mercury retrograde is actually a Divine blessing, allowing us to catch up with the things we neglected or pushed aside. Dancing is such a huge part of me, that even if I don't dance for a while, I get better and better in it, for I embody more of the Soul. My dancing is not learned, so it's sourced straight from my Being and as my Being expands, so does my dancing. It already lives in my Soul as a Galactic Princess, and I simply allow it to come out and be experienced and shared. How are You experiencing this Mercury retrograde shift? 

We are expanding into great courage to persist and the willingness and strength that it takes to hold the highest vision for everyone, especially others who are ascending right alongside us. If we want to triumph in the way that we inspire and ignite others, we need to believe that we will be successful, even through there might be no direct indication of it. As Ascension Pioneers, we must hold high hopes until the very "end", which means that we don't give up on things, people or situations, we simply always hold and open space of welcoming and Love without any expectations.

On our path, we will meet many others who might not be as activated and awakened as we are, and yet being in our Highest Light will trigger a magical process within them, which will begin to alchemize them and make them shift from inside out. That shift is not really up to us, but we do have the right ingredients to welcome everyone with a "shot" of pure Joy, which is a "medicine" they will never forget. Once someone is infused with Joy, they will be able to activate their own inner ingredients for Soul transformation. When we overlight someone with pure Joy, they will feel it on a much deeper level than merely the level of our Human cognitive perception.

Have You ever seen someone or something transform into a beautiful butterfly right in front of your eyes? Have You witnessed people moving from cynical or fearful into soft and sweet? Everyone surely knows the difference between being mocked or put down in comparison to be told wonderful things of positive encouragement. Our Aura simply lights up with radiance when we are exposed to Divine Beauty and upliftment. 

Sometimes our role will be to amplify this energy even if it's not yet seemingly there. Remember that looks can be deceiving and our mind can lie. What is real is the Truth of the Soul underneath, and if we are vigilant enough to hold that highest vision for everyone, we will be victorious and we will help people to rise to their higher level. That is our role as Ambassadors of the New Earth. It has been entrusted upon us. 

As Ascension Pioneers, our main "task" is to simply Be ourselves, to show the Way by teaching only through our own life's example and to ignite sparks of Divinity in others by fully embracing our own. This is how we will help them activate their own highest Divine potential within Spirit. This means that we don't have to hide our Light or feel shameful of how we act when we are in our Bliss, because it's exactly the right ingredient that this world needs to shift into a unified field of true Love. When we change our insides into full Self acceptance, then there will be complete acceptance of others, which will bring nothing but miraculous unfolding and happy endings. It is possible and it's already happening. We are the ones who hold the Key!

We need to believe it in order to perceive it ... to one day fully live it!

This is my "attuning to our Higher potential" Light grid! The red & brown shinny stones are to anchor our Heart in this material reality through the "I AM", and the cards share a message of a portal opening, harvest and staying in the Light even in the darkness and reaching for excellence and celebration! This is such a precious holy energy, so sacred. I AM sending out an intent that all can feel it!

And this one is for activating the Rainbow bridge Gateway into our New Earth! Seeding Twin Soul consciousness on the planet and embodying our I AM Presence!

This week Spirit gifted me with a precious moment of finding an amazing turquoise egg shell, which is so rare and beautiful. A day before a seed spontaneously flew into my left (receiving) hand as I walked, and I felt such a powerful energy of synchronicity and gratitude for being alive and Present. When we are tuned in, we can feel everything as a Gift, and all Life as a Miracle. 

These are all signs of moving into a higher dimensional reality. We sometimes think that experiences of mutidimensional reality are grandiose, and yet they are simple and precious, and we can only tune into them with an open Heart full of Love and without expectations.

What are your tiny Miracles?

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn