Sunday, April 26, 2015

Awakening our wild nature

Dear Beloveds!

This has been a rather interesting and dynamic week with new arising feelings of deep Freedom. We have now entered into calm waters after a stronger wave of Solar activity, with increased Solar flaring. We will again be integrating this in our body. What else is new? Recently we had our Moon squaring Uranus, which means that new ideas will come through our feelings, and increased level of our subconscious will come into play, so we better watch out for everything that comes to us during the next few days, because it just might be that missing piece of the puzzle that we were looking for. Remember that all the "good stuff" usually comes in unexpected ways, so it's time to be open and flexible! We are building towards the Scorpio Full Moon, and I was getting constant "Scorpio energy" messages all week long.

First of all, we are mastering living right here and Now, without over-thinking and planning everything. When we allow Life to surprise us, events will usually be in our favor, synchronicity will be at work all the time, and our experience of reality will feel much more magical. Such is the nature of living our utter Freedom in Ascension!

This week I have seen three ducks flying away from me, and then again they returned back, making a loop circle, which felt complete. This was a message of completion, transition, and getting all of our "ducks in a row." We are definitely finishing things up before starting a whole new Life phase.

But how many times do we still say or think: "I will have it this way. I want things go this way." And then the flow of the Divine sweeps us off our feet and it says: "No, today we will go that way. This is the right way to go." At such times, we are practicing deep surrender through Self acceptance and patience. A lot of the times we are impatient, wanting things before they mature and become fully ripe. When we sabotage ourselves this way, we usually begin to control things because we think we don't naturally deserve something that we desire, so we need to earn it through hard work and doing something that our ego often tells us we need to do. In Truth, we are only not patient enough, because we forgot about the mystery and Magic of how the Divine forces work. The true nature of Creation is mystery, and when we align with that perfectly, we become that same manifestation of the Divine, and begin to take one step after the other as it comes and goes, trusting Life fully.

When we trust Spirit, we also trust Life, for they are not separate. Spirit is all Life in Creation, and living our unified Yin/Yang polarity brings us clarity, direction and focus, and yet we are not attached to anything that we desire in our life. We know that it will come in time, and that sometimes things simply need to fall into place in the grand scheme of things. Can we trust and let go of our constant control? Can we relax and know that everything will take care of itself when we simply live in Self acceptance in each moment and generate constant Bliss through that conscious Presence? Every step of the way will be known to us when it's time to take it. We don't need to constantly worry over what we are creating, because our vibration and Soul alignment will already create everything in a much higher sense.

Sometimes we just need to learn to surrender and see everything as magical and all Life as a Miracle! When we are mastering our Focus, we are not doing it through control. We are simply learning how to look through the Prism of Life in great objectivity, and then we allow all of our aspirations become a huge wave of uplifting energy, and we allow the rest to be taken care of by our Divine Self.

Here is my latest Ascension update about the portal of Freedom:

We are moving towards the Scorpio Full Moon on May 3rd/4th, and the Scorpio energy is also an archetype of intense inner Union. This is the higher aspect of the Scorpio energy, which flows through passionate intensity. The lower aspect of Scorpio is more focused on transformation through embracing the shadow and entering a deeper sense of the Self. Scorpio energy is one of the most intense aspects of our nature, and so this shows that we have moved up into another deep layer of the Self. Our wild nature is awakening more, and we are able to listen to those spontaneous Soul callings more and more, which result in greater Self fulfillment and wholeness. Scorpio also teaches us about our inner strength, as we embrace all the components that we need for our Soul alchemy. Everything that we will ever need already sleeps inside of us, and Now it's time to awaken that sleeping Dragon, the source of our true Divine Power.

The inner sacred marriage is necessary for the unification of our body and Soul, and this is how we embrace our masculine and feminine Self in deep unity, so therefore we don't need external relationships to fulfill us. We simply experience them as a part of our experience of loving and being loved. We can use the higher refined Essence of Scorpio to go really deep at this time, to bring out the "best and the worst" within us, and to embrace it all as a part of our Human self merging with our Divinity. We are already perfect and eternally loved. We need to remember that our Soul knows no separation between our Human nature and what we perceive as "spiritual." Our Soul simply desires to expand and to know more of the Self. The question that we continuously ask: "What AM I," serves us greatly, because it connects us with the Soul passion that we use to know more of that Self. The passion in Human expression burns brightly through the inner sacred marriage, and great alchemy is at hand. It is time to enter the sacred altar of our unified Self!

Scorpio is also all about death. The current Ascension energy is very much focused on transformation through maturity and the importance of death, which is just a form of "Soul sleep." Understanding the importance of sleep is a part of our Ascension process, and this is all related to the activity of Cosmic rays and Solar flares. We have experienced a lot of Solar activity at this time, and it's time to integrate all those codes in our body. When our body sleeps, our Soul is more "in flux" and it travels to many different realms of experience, but many Ascension Pioneers are also traveling to those who need assistance and they are helping them with their own knowledge and Soul integration. When this is so, we will sometimes feel more tired than usual upon our wakening, and at such times it's very important to be more in harmony and ease, because our bodies require more rest in integration. It is important for us to respect our bodies, because they are our sacred vehicle for Ascension.

We are also balancing out the time to radiate and shine our Light and to nurture our Light through softness and rest. We are not always aware of the important processes that takes place during our sleep, but often our dreams and their intensity will reveal to us that something important is happening behind the "scenes." Our role is to honor our body and Soul integration through each step of the way, and not all the steps will be very active on the outside.

A lot of our growth and maturity happens through periods of rest and gestation. The energy supports pondering and reflection at this time, and as we activate this new level of Light in our bodies, we will again be more driven on the outside. The only important thing here is to observe what messages our body is sending us, and we will feel this through paying very good attention to it, while not keeping busy all the time and learning to sit with our Presence regularly, to feel what it is showing us.

We are becoming very attuned to the Cosmic forces at play, and our Soul gifts will be nurtured and further developed through integration. It is time for subtle observation of the body and remaining receptive!

Ascension is living/embodying Divine order in all things that come to pass. The knowing of Divine order and grandness of All That Is often passes through us, and yet it's not always attainable at all times. But as we continue to move through every egoic whisper, self sabotage and lower perspective that likes to make assumptions, we continue to build our White Ascension Pillar of Light, which gathers all of the knowing into one unified field. 

With the Core Pillar activated, our timeless nature begins to be felt on a deeper level, and the deeper it is, the more timeless its physical expression becomes. Our role when these sabotaging voices come, is not to yield down to them, but to simply detach and stay true to that which we feel when we are in our Divine knowing, in the sacred Heart of Cosmos, in the eternal spark of our "I AM." The voices are most easily tamed when we don't feed them energy, which means that we have no more reason for them to exist. We know ourselves and our path as Divine, and that is all that we breathe through in our sacred Breath of Life in Creation.

There is a new level of Trust to master, which means that a lot is happening behind the scenes on our Ascension path. Even when we think that we have it all figured out, and that all the pieces are coming together ... a new piece comes, and something new is being shown to us. This is especially true Now, when our Moon squares Uranus, so new visions and ideas will come and surprise us, challenge our way of feeling and envisioning.

When we rest in our White Ascension Pillar, we are always in Unity no matter what comes and goes, so activating our Vortex of the "I AM" in our physical form is what creates everything for us through Divine Essences, such as peace, compassion, serenity, joy and bliss. Through the White Ascension Pillar, we are always in balance and harmony, no matter what seems to be taking place on the outside. The moment we become a detached observer, we will begin to see a deeper meaning to everything. And with that, new pieces of the Grand puzzle will be revealed to us naturally, without any strife or effort. 

Here are some basic Ascension exercises:

Deep Wisdom and Ancient knowledge are resurfacing. A lot of us may be guided to move into a new pioneering sphere of research and sharing knowledge. Something is happening with this great Galactic shift that we are experiencing collectively and as individuals, and it makes us all feel something new. Sometimes this may come as a sudden rush to start a new venture, or try something new, and at other times it may come as an impulse to totally change our life. We are the creators of our reality, and at the same time these Galactic influences are pushing us forward. Galactic heritage is beginning to awaken within us, and with this comes a greater understanding of our path. The moment when we understand our "dharma", things will feel easier and everything will begin to fall into place, because we have made peace with who we are on a Prime level.

What is Prime level? That is the knowing of our Core Creation Self, meaning the Self as we first burst out as a sovereign "I AM" individual in the Grand Divine equation. We all have a unique role within All That Is, and our consciousness is a part of the great Cosmic soup at the same time, and as we begin to awaken our Galactic heritage, our uniqueness of purpose will merge with a greater sense of purpose in our Galactic Self. We are beginning to feel ourselves differently, and we have grown through all the different experiences we have gathered along the way, as our journey moved from one "extreme" to another, from one Galactic "drama" to another ... and yet Now the time has come to drop what we think we know, and enter a deeper sense of Divine knowing that comes from our Pure Self, the Core Creation Self.

We can take some time in our sacred space, place our hands on our Heart, and begin to breathe with the Galactic Core, the center of our Galaxy, which is intrinsically connected with the Alfa and Omega/Mother Father Galaxy within All That Is, so we can always breathe in that Prime Source Light and feel how it flows through us in a special way. This is how we find our inner center, the space of utter Purity and Divine belonging in our unique Galactic heritage!

Here is my video that addresses this topic and our multidimensionality within Unity:

You can also see me playing some lyre harp!

Our Sun moved into Taurus now, and the energy is focused towards upgrading our Humanness through deepening of our physical senses. This was my weekly sacred altar to anchor the new energies. It is time to revitalize and replenish, to move deeper into the body and heighten our vitality. It is time to Be in Nature and with Creation more and to open up to a bountiful harvest in great abundance. We are here to experience the pleasure of natural senses. The color theme is of Green and Red, with some Pink as well!

This week we also celebrated Earth day, on 22nd of April. Naturally, every day should be treated as Earth day, but we can at least join in meditative endeavors, to help raise the awareness of New Earth. The Earth does not need us to shift, but it does need us to treat it gently during Her transition, and the same goes for us. We have to be eco friendly and use organic food and products, and the same goes for treating our bodies. Our bodies and the body of Earth are One.

Lately I AM receiving so many messages about being playful and having enough play dates with Nature, so this is a very auspicious time for that. We can really contribute so much to the harmonious environment. Let us create sacred spaces wherever we are! This week I created some beach "furniture" for myself.

Are You also feeling inspired to create something in Nature? Do You feel guided to make this planet more beautiful and vibrant and inspire others with your own simple co-creations? I recommend building a tiny fairy house. So much fun!

If You are inspired, feel free to make a circle of Love in Nature made out of sacred items and give it your intentions through Soul Essences. This is so important at this time of immense Earth changes.

And also ... Taurus energy brings up that deep sensuality ... coming through food as well. I was guided to create some intuitive raw deserts, and they turned out pretty awesome! 

It is time to enjoy in the Beauty of Creation and become inspired by Nature in all that we do!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn