Monday, September 9, 2013

My physical relocation

Dear Beloveds!

This is me, embracing and nurturing my New Life and my inner God/Goddess Self. I have never felt more balanced as Now ... after I physically relocated to the sacred Mountain space! We all comprise of many different parts of our One Self, and the Divine feminine/Goddess aspect is represented through the inner magical child, the maiden/the princess and the queen/the empress/the Divine mother. The Divine feminine in us is the wholeness/Unity of all of these parts in perfect cohesion and inner balance, which is reflected in the inner and outer completion of the individual. Before my physical relocation, I have not felt such perfect balance, but now I AM fully stepping into my wholeness, and pure Nature here is helping me with that in such amazing ways.

After I have made this transition, there are so many comments about how I look, and how much more peaceful I seem. It is all true. Even my skin is so much smoother now, because the air is so pure here. Someone recently said that I look awake. But since I AM awake for a while now, I would rather say: "I feel alive!" And I truly feel this way every day now, waking up with a huge smile on my face, while feeling the realization of my dreams to live in pure Nature, surrounded by Mountains. And guess what, I continue to dream each day, because just like us, our dreams are continuously expanding. No dream is ever too big to come true! Just feel alive each day!

YES, I AM finally back ... officially! I promised to be back until September, and I kept my promise. I AM now finally settled in my new home and I have my internet back, after so much work and a very intense time period. I feel amazing now, and my new life is everything that I desired it to be, and it keeps getting better and better. Where I live is absolutely adorable and my new sacred space is so nice. I AM still adjusting to the new frequencies though, because lately we are all being bombarded with New Light, so our bodies need some time to rest and ground all these intense energies.

I have finally concluded the cycle of my moving transition and crossed over to the other side. And it feels like an absolute Bliss here! I AM well settled in now, enjoying my new home/sacred space. It is absolutely amazing and I love it so very much! Although there was much hard work in the past couple of weeks, none of it really matters anymore. I AM here ... I AM Home.

This is the view from my bedroom, which overlooks our tallest Mountain peaks! It couldn't get any better than this for me! But it always does anyway, as we are continuously shifting and moving higher and higher in our awareness and physical reality, which is the direct representation of it!

And this is me enjoying the Beauty of my new sacred space within my Home environment. There is nothing but tall Mountains, pure river streams with white pebbles and sand and endless forests! I AM in such Gratitude, awe and Magic! I will continue to share my journey of coming Home with everyone who is ready to welcome themselves back Home as well! Welcome Home, everyone!

We are to create a colorful life for ourselves, in all that we do and within all that we are. We are all magical Beings, remembering what we already know in Spirit Truth, and bringing that into our daily reality, to reflect our own creations right back at us.

I AM just sharing some sacredness of Creation from my beautiful sacred Mountain space in Nature. It is where I live now, and it brings my Heart such Joy and my Soul such absolute Spirit alignment. I AM wishing this for all!

Due to these shifts and Soul alignments, we are all receiving intense energy downloads right now, and something in the air is "cooking" and stirring deep inside of us. Do You feel more peace and bliss in your life? Do You feel like all is working in your favor, and for your highest and most ultimate Soul potential? If so, then You have definitely crossed the threshold and stepped on the "other side" of your New Life!

Personally, I AM in love with Life and I AM feeling fully alive! After such a long time, a feeling of restlessness is over, and all I feel is inner peace, as I AM settled in my new sacred space. If You desire to relocate somewhere closer to your Heart and your Soul alignment, don't hesitate to do so ... just be patient as You follow the Spirit guidance through steps towards your ultimate dream and the fulfillment of your Soul purpose!

In the beginning of my move, I had some busy days with lots of errands and things to do, and lately I always fall asleep so tired, because my days are so full of activity and fun as well. After some grocery shopping in the near city last week, I took some alone time to go for a run, and I felt so happy and embraced by my new home environment. I was discovering some new places, or better yet they were letting themselves be revealed. I was running along a pure water stream, and then all of a sudden the most amazing view appeared right in front of me. 

Truth be told, I have never seen a forest more alive and more Elvish looking as here. I was absolutely amazed, with tears of joy and homecoming in my eyes. And to top it off, my Spirit animal buzzard came to greet me as I was sitting by the water and meditating. It was flying way up high in the sky, and singing all along. The moment was one of the most special ones in my life so far. But then again, I AM feeling like a beginner in this new life. The energy here is so alive, and it feels like I have stepped into a whole new life. All that was before my physical move, feels like a story of a long forgotten past life, and the New is just so exciting and full of the most amazing opportunities that are just waiting to be discovered. Time for some fun in the Sun and exploring the neighborhood!

I AM absolutely in love with the place where I live, as it reveals to me something new every day. The guidance is very loud and clear/repetitive right now, and it's all about alone time, energy withdrawal and quiet Self reflection. The energy is just amazing! A lot of us are guided to spend more time with just ourselves and have some quiet time within (preferably in Nature), to receive new messages and directions for our New life! We are now shining the Light for ourselves ... trusting that all else shall unfold naturally as we do so.   

Do You like this view? This was my meditation spot for today, and I AM headed up into the higher Mountains in the coming days. I feel like it's my birthday every day, and this is how the New feels! Life is Bliss!

There are so many special and Elvish trees here where I live now! I AM feeling like an excited little child that is waiting to explore it all, and everything feels brand new. It is the awareness within that makes it so.

Here is one more view from just "around the corner" of where I live. Enjoy the Beauty!

My Elven Nature and the Wisdom of the Elves is really being revealed here! I love it!


P.S. Happy September, everyone!!! And know that our dreams are those of the collective, always for the highest good of All, and that it's not just me ... You can also live the life of your dreams!!!

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