Saturday, September 28, 2013

My shining Light

Dear Beloveds!

Lately I have been receiving so many Love letters, words of gratitude, adoration, and expressions of Love towards me in general. So many have also been saying how radiant and beautiful I AM, but because of this, I AM guided to say something straight from my Heart. Of course, I embody the nurturing Divine mother aspect in many ways, but this is not always properly understood. It doesn't end there. And like my friend said to me today: "Even a mother needs to say goodbye to her children eventually!" This is all in order for them to step into their own power and co-creating abilities as a unique expression of Source!

If I inspire someone to Be more of themselves and to live a Soul based Life, reaching the realms of the Higher Self, then the purpose of Source remembering itself through me has been served. If on the other hand, someone puts me on a false pedestal, and projects all of their feelings towards me, instead of allowing them to ripple back and return to them, then the purpose of my sharing has not really been served.

Sometimes people like what they are seeing in the external, or what is being expressed through someone else, but still fail to acknowledge the fact that they need to source their own unique expression and inner beauty through their own Source ... their own Soul based life. I AM no one's teacher, caretaker, mother, inspiration or a role model. I did not come here for that reason, and I do not desire to be admired at all. I only came to show the Way and present options of what is possible through higher awareness.

My only devotion is to plant the seeds to higher awareness, and when I feel this awakening on the planet, I feel a deep sense of gratitude, because the purpose of Divine remembrance has been served. On the other hand, I feel quite discouraged and disappointed when people wish to compare themselves with me in any way, or try to draw Source energy from my own personal Vortex. We have clearly missed the point of Source remembering itself each time we do that! Yes, many are still on that level of awareness and they cannot surpass that yet.

You see, we are each serving our own unique purpose within Variation of Creation. My source of inspiration are not other people or events, although I feel complete Unity of it All. But my only true source of inspiration is my own Beloved Source Self. I live a Higher Self based life, and I AM therefore a very introverted individual, although I did come here to share publicly as well, so that I can reach those who desire to be reached right into their opening and expanding Heart centers. I AM not here to share opinions or lead endless discussions, this is not the point of our uniqueness.

We do not expand through the mind, we expand in Love through the Heart. And the Heart is pure Soul authenticity. I know my own purpose far better than anyone else does, and my purpose was always to be the messenger of the Divine and to plant the seeds of higher awareness. Of course, I AM meant to shine my own Light for all to see ... because all Creation is One, but not in a way that is not Self empowering. I came to serve in a way to show a path of Divine remembrance, which takes place deep within. When one rises, all Life does as well!

So when You look at me or read what I AM writing, know that I AM just a Soul on its own unique journey and mission. I cannot be compared to anyone, I AM not to be adored or put on a pedestal. Those individuals who operate this way, are surely not yet being nourished from within ... through their own Source and their own powerful Vortex! But ... I AM! So when You look into me, look through your own Soul and feel One Love returning back to You ... through You. I AM just a mirror, a Divine reflection! And what is this reflection telling You about You?

I AM only one aspect of Source within the grand Variation of Creation! And if I can assist You in remembering who You truly are ... then my purpose has been served. But the rest is up to You to discover and it's between You and your own beautiful Source Spark!

Each of us is a shining Star, a celebrity of Life in its own, and we are each meant to find our own spotlight!

Within Divine Love, Polona

P.S. So next time You take a look at me, look deeper ... and gaze with the eyes of the Soul!

Here is my video on our awakening Divine/Soul remembrance: