Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Elven Wisdom

Dear Beloveds!

Ever since I relocated to my sacred Mountain space, I AM deeply connecting to the Elven Essence of mine. It feels like there are so many Mountain Elves here, and this is especially true because the energy is really pure here, and the Mountains always act as a portal of Light to higher dimensional Realms, which Elves reside within as well. So, my inner guidance has also become more alive here, and lately it keeps speaking (or singing, actually) to me through rhyme, songs of Light and the language of Light as well. My inner Elf is so happy about all the New! I have never had such powerful days of intense Joy and Bliss! It is like ongoing, daily, lasting ... and 24/7! And still, I know it can only get better and better.

As You also might know, I AM the happiest in the Presence of my sacred Mountains. I AM a simple Being and I do not need much. Being free to walk around this Earthly plane whenever I desire and meeting a new Mountain Presence frequently is all that my Soul truly needs to be fully aligned in this body. With my every elevation, I delve deeper into the realms of my Soul.

So last week, I have been receiving quite a few simple but profound "downloads" of Wisdom of the Elves. Here are just a few of them, that I was guided to share with everyone.

What was lost, can now be found,
The spiral of life goes round and around.

Nothing is ever as it was,
Everything eternally flows.

What comes, always transpires,
As we are always reaching higher.

These experiences is how You grow,
Within You is everything You already know.

You are a Being of infinite Light,
And You are here to eternally shine!

What is dear to your Heart?

Find the Truth from deep within,
Allow it to become revealed.

Every journey is merely a stepping stone,
For something bigger to unfold.

Our dreams are here for us to see,
How Source through us desires to Be!

And so prosperity here begins,
Not everything is as it seems.

Watch for the most subtle clues and messages, omens and synchronicities within Magic! Observe your dreams and feel the guidance within absolutely everything!

Just like these misty Mountains, our New guidance and direction is unveiling for us right Now! I have to mention that the Wisdom of the Elves refers to those eternal Principles of Creation and Unity. They emanate from the Realms of Illuminated Truth, where all Truth is One. This is the Realm that I have always been sourcing from, as it is my only true Home.

Apart from everything working out for me perfectly with my move and the sacred living space, there was one pesky and very negative neighbor living here. He yelled at my mother without a proper reason, and apparently he had a drinking problem and smokes a lot. So I asked Spirit for daily guidance about this, and other situations that still feel like negative from a lower perspective. Remember that the Truth of Divine Love is always neutral, and it knows no opposites. All such situations are there to further empower us in our Beingness. This is what I received:

Anything negative still happening around You, You have the power to change and turn around, by remaining in your sacred space, safe and sound!

See the positive side of things in every situation, and this will bring You further elevation.

This is a time of positive change, as a wheel of fortune brings new insights that will take your breath away!

So it's a time of turn arounds, balanced "karma," miracles, good luck, happy accidents, twists of fate and magical changes ... if only we open up to it from within! Be observant and take heed within the New!

See beyond the mists and the veils!  

I AM happy to say that the neighbor dynamics has shifted in just one day! It surely was profound. 

We are the ones who are here to shine! Never forget this and walk the path of your Higher Self and the highest life path and direction!

I share more about this in my latest video on how we are shifting the collective through the Unity grid:

Know that what You honor and value, You shall celebrate!

Find your special and unique way to connect with the Divine in All That Is, 

And feel the excitement and the Bliss! 

All work and no play,
Makes a day very gray.

Find pleasure in all that You do,
Everything needed will then come to You.

Feed your inner child with Love,
As the Light protects You from "above."

Allow your innocence and purity to come,
And let everything else dissolve!

Let passion and play intertwine,
Dancing the Magic of Life,
Enchantment is all around!

Whispers of Spirit are everywhere,
Waiting for everyone to join them,
And live a Source empowered life!

The Magic and the Wisdom of the Elves is accessible to everyone, not only those who have a very strong Elven Magic and Presence within their very own Soul signature. 

Also, did You know that the presence of Larch indicates an Elvish energy? The Mountain Elves are dancing amongst those trees, singing the sweetest of songs. I can almost hear them at times.

Please, never forget about the Magic that is always around us!

Oh, and where are my fellow Elves hiding? I would like to get to know You better!

I would like to get to know more individuals who are deeply connected to the Wisdom of the Elves.

Please make yourself known, no more hiding!

The world needs our awakened Presence! 

Within Divine Love, Polona

P.S. Have You finally and truly moved beyond your comfort zone in your daily life, in all ways and all levels of Being? Climbing the Mountains has really helped me with that in my personal life. All Elven Spirits are always guided to spend most of their time out in Nature, engaging in outdoor activities and caring for the planet.