Saturday, September 14, 2013

My yearly cycle

Dear Beloveds!

This is me, standing on an isolated Mountain top, a day before my 30th birthday. This was one of the more difficult tours I engaged in, because the path was unmarked and not easy to find, and it got lost quite a few times, so the orientation was not easy. But I managed to find another trail each time, and my intuition was right on the spot! At the end, I conquered my peak after hiking on a very steep terrain. It felt so long, like it was never going to end. But the view from the top was so beautiful, and there was a huge anthill there. I noticed that there were clouds all around, but it was sunny when I was sitting on the top. 

After resting, I returned through another path, and ended up on the other side of the hill, making a circular tour. For a moment, I felt lost again, but this man came right in that same moment, and he led me back down through a forest trail. I ended coming down at the lake, and I decided to sit there for a moment and just observe the beauty and Magic of Nature. Then, I did not hitch a ride, and walked all the way back instead, because the day was just so beautiful. I felt so proud of myself, and although I feel quite tired, I AM still standing and writing this note. I AM not complete if I do not pass my wisdom and inner knowing forward.

After coming home, this is what I received through Spirit, and it almost brought tears to my eyes. This is always a signal of Truth!

Today's route represented my journey through the whole of last year. It was one of my most challenging years ever! There were so many changes and initiations! It was a constant uphill "battle", but I kept persisting and I always remained observant. I conquered all of the challenges and I never ever gave up, not even once. I felt lost a few times, but I always ended up finding my way, and I also discovered some new paths and uncharted territories along the way. I always managed to get to the top, and my Higher Self prevailed each time. Life was always such a bliss after that, and new awakenings started coming in.

There were moments of great clarity. I kept ascending higher and higher! The ants symbolize perseverance and diligence, which are my main personal traits besides inner power. At the end, I concluded this circular journey, and completed this yearly cycle after the intense initiations of my Saturn's return. If I ever felt lost, the right Divine companions came my way, and there was always additional guidance and assistance. I also knew when to take some moments just for myself, to sit and ponder about all that is Divine. 

I did it all through my own Self empowerment, without relying on external assistance, and I was always so proud of myself in the end. And even though I often felt tired or completely exhausted, I always remained open for new adventures that await just around the corner. Also, without sharing and being of service, my life is incomplete.

I AM so happy for this cycle and all that I have gathered and released along the way. In the end, all that we have is our Self, and its Essence is pure Divine Love!

Within Divine Love, Polona