Thursday, February 2, 2017

Grand Design: Mission of volunteer Souls

Dear Beloveds!

It's the New energetic month of February which is a 12/3 Universal month of moving through the Eclipse season, being activated and receiving new perspectives within the incoming Light intelligence. Many know February as the Love month, but this is not because of man made holidays such as "Valentine's day", but because underneath the ground everything slowly prepares for Springtime! And so the incoming message is of the Cosmic Beloved, which is our journey of Divine feminine and masculine as One. This month bring a deeply shifting energy that is revealing many things about our journey of Union, and why we must go through certain things as Human Beings in order to experience Heaven on Earth in the "As above so below" Truth. All the Divine Unions have been pre-planned and selected, and within us lies this seed of perfected Union which keeps directing us through the people and experiences that we need for this conscious integration. As we accept this journey in its totality, we no longer worry or project our own happenings into it, allowing it to become what it's meant to, and each relationship on our path to self realize and fulfill its potential, no matter how long or short its duration. We had to become very resilient and committed to get to where we are on our journey of Self mastery, but Now we will begin to slowly feel the results of every commitment we have ever made. Things will slowly begin to come back to us as sprouting seeds and invested energy potentials.
We will start feeling the coming together of the Whole, feeling the bigger picture in this grand scenario. Those of us who have stood the tests of time will be rewarded, for all efforts are as "karmic points" that eventually turn back into themselves. Some of us had to crack a lot of codes of these false imprints that are not of Divine Love, and for that we used a lot of our energy resources. And so Now we will be receiving gifts of Grace, experiencing greater synchronicity, while also lightning our load, because many of us have Now done the "needed" work per requirement and so we are Now ready to step into a more spontaneous flow of our Divine service which is New. We have not yet experienced it as such, and yet it's our time to step into it with trust. "As above so below" is becoming a grounded reality for many ascending Souls!

This is a month of creative blessings, and we often receive these new inspirations as creative muses while being alone and withdrawn from the "mass energy" of the collective. As we learn to take the proper downtime to rest, revitalize and luxuriate, most often we will receive flashes of Light showering us with Divine inspiration. This creative fire of our Life force can rise at its optimum when we are rested and at peace. When we are tired and drained, we cannot access this higher form of our Divine creativity. There is a New incoming wave and we are already being prepared for the Eclipse season, which is when we will receive our new initiations and energies to master. That is why many of us are Now undergoing a deep emotional cleanse, with most of it occurring in our dream time, as layers of the subconscious work with us in present acknowledgment. Whatever is repeating for us, is actually a strong messenger, and in Truth the conscious and subconscious are not as divided as we might perceive it in our physical reality.

When we dream, everything feels more connected and flowing, almost shapeshifting. We are Now learning to keep those channels open in our wakened state as well, and with that sense of interconnectedness of all experiences and realms of Being, our Soul aspects will unify. The force that holds everything together is Love, so regardless of what kind of dreams we are having or thoughts that come up in our awareness, we are the Soul that feels and sees everything together. It's time to bring the Fire of our Soul to the forefront and do the work that presents itself, but through the perception of stillness and motionless flow, where we are not fighting against the "energy" and what we call time. In this space of clarity, we feel ourselves and our waking desires as if they are always there, always bringing a flow of creative inspiration. We are never truly separate from it, because it's not just the physical things we do, but the creative fire of our Life force that we are able to translate!

How much of your time do You use to really Be with your Soul, to feel all that wants to come through You in its fullness, not just partial fragments You allow while You resist certain other aspects that You do not like? This is becoming of much greater importance for all the ascending Souls out there, for our time is coming to truly create from Wholeness, not fragmented separation. The closer we feel to our inner Home, the more Light we will begin to radiate, and the more conscious merge with our Spirit we will embody. It's so important to sit or lie down a while, to gather our thoughts into one synthesized Whole, to feel our feelings at the deepest Core of intimacy and to hold back from nothing, so that every experience we've ever had can become crystallized Wisdom! With our organic Ascension we are moving away from the "to-do" achieving society that is based on old Human programing and into a greater community of Heart centered connectedness of the New Humans. Every space so full of Life had to be vast with complete void at first, before it had the potential to become anything! And this can only occur through conscious allowance, not control and the false illusion of power! Our greatest strength is our Human vulnerability which leads to true genuine compassion! Be with yourself not because there is no one else to be with, but because You love yourself and that's who You wish to be with ... You as Love embodied, personified!

Watch my latest Ascension update for the month of February here:

This has been a really intense journey for so many of us, especially the volunteer Souls who have imprinted with Human patterns of duality in order to fully awaken and transcend them for the greater good of assisting all Life in Creation through higher understanding. The core Essence of spirituality is not mental, it's not logical. It's mystical and it's all about Love! Love heals in it's own way that is not always understood by the Human mind. And yet, the laws of Love often go against the imprinted understanding of our Human nature. The nature of Soul Love is rather different and it often teaches in its own way, which the mind will often misinterpret as the lack of Love and alignment. But the Soul knows, and so it always pushes in that right healing direction! The Soul agreements we have made for our personal mastery were all of Love, even though in the game of duality they often played the roles of victim/perpetrator! 

Watch my latest Divine Union video here:

Now many of us have seen through it, detected our patterns within duality framework and acknowledged them for what they were, so that Now we can rewrite them through the great void, the nothingness of our Being that is reborn every moment! We are Now bringing that higher understanding in our physical embodiment, so that it's mastered and owned on all levels. In Truth it's all Light, and the duality of light and dark is only a chosen scenario to master. Now a New chapter is beginning for many volunteer Souls who are ready to begin a new cyclical journey through the in-breath of the Galactic Pulse of Life! A major chapter is coming to a close, and we did it! We were rewriting many imprints on this planet through our higher understanding, and Now it's time for something new and beautiful to unfold. It's time to dream it into Being! It comes in its own perfect time as fully matured!

Something is shifting on our journey of Divine Union, and we are moving on in a big way, but not just that. We are growing up and maturing into our true spiritual adulthood. This is true for all of those who have been completing their Soul agreements and contracts which deal with Soul imprints. These are the main means through which the volunteer Souls deal with Human patterns of duality and separation. When these patterns are outgrown, the Soul imprints are being rewritten through the New encoding of Light which the volunteer Souls bring to the Whole, always working on the Core Creation level and moving further into Unity consciousness. When the Soul imprint is cleared, the energy which was once a particular magnetic resonance within us will change and create a new Soul dynamic. We will feel like we have "cracked the code" and broke free.

Many of these imprints have not been easy for us to transcend, so we had to go about them in many layers which were expressed as the returning energy through many cycles (and relationships) of Soul integration. But once this Union beyond separation is achieved, often through situations of extreme adversity and radical events in our relationships, there will be a sense of neutrality and deep Self acceptance. This is when the inner resonance of a highly evolved Being will match the external embodiment, and one will be able to truly become the mature and evolved version of themselves, a fully sovereign Being and a Divine Lover! When this maturation occurs, it almost feels like a coming of Age, a special Initiation of the Soul. This is also a time to let go of anything that no longer fits our genuine embodiment. We will simply no longer be guided to the same things once we break free. From then on we can start opening up to new levels of true Love in abundant ways! 

The Chinese New year of the fire Rooster message is that of Brotherhood and true equality in our partnerships. Close Soul connections are being knit together, interwoven in the fabric of Life! We only need to stay true to our personal integrity and loyal to our devotions and projects, for that which is rightfully ours will be presented to us in perfect Divine timing. Even when we feel like we may be missing out on things, we can never truly miss an opportunity. The Divine Union plan already exists within us. The weaving web of Creation is multidimensional and multilayered, and all the right people and circumstances come to us when we are Divinely ready and prepared. We can never truly miss out on anything, as all the sparkly diamonds that are meant for us will be recognized for their brilliance once the Magic occurs! Those of true loyalty and Soul connection will be known through the Heart's resonance. And as we stay loyal to ourselves and our personal integrity, anchored in what we do best, appreciative of the moment, all the good comes to us effortless, as if by Magic! We only have to trust the interconnectedness of all Life and all that vibes together in perfect synchronicity and resonant harmony! All that needs to come together shall come together as One, under the laws of the Sun, serving everyone! And the mission of such Union is key to transforming all the patterns of separation in order to move into Unity!

We are still riding a strong wave of transformation and rebirth, a life review that is coming at the forefront of our experience! A lot of times we expect things to change and nothing ever happens, because we associate that change with external occurrences. But the moment we surrender to the Presence of pure Being in our awareness, things begin to change. This is true because we have no expectation of such changes, and because we have totally melted together with our experience of the Self rather than external configurations and modifications of the Self. As we surrender our conditioning, beliefs, mind ideas and personal convictions, we begin to experience ourselves at a deeper level, and this is what actually makes those changes happen.

These changes are Soul transformations that are happening on a much deeper level than just going around in circles while changing a few things here and there. These changes will make us go deep, and where there is boredom and stagnation, we will infuse our reality with a deeper compassion for the Whole and what is happening on our planet which we are all a part of. These changes are not just about personal goals, dreams and aspirations, but they actually incorporate bigger dreams and visions for the planet and our personal role within it. The deeper we move into such a compassionate state, the more our awareness becomes interconnected with All Life in Divine Will, causing us to move into new directions because our cares and concerns for the Whole are much deeper and we wish to contribute! These new beginnings are becoming more influential not just for us personally, but they are altering our devotions and commitments to our Ascension journey at large. We are Now ready to gather together our scattered and fragmented parts and aspects into one united vision of prosperity and well being for All! That takes work and withdrawing from anything that distracts us from that. We have also began a new Lunar year, and so our journey of feeling is starting again, on a new level of consciousness!

The energy of liberation is pushing things out of our subconscious in order for us to witness and feel into any distorted thinking patterns which we have gathered on our Soul journey. Through that we heal all the traumatic experiences and past hurts once and for all, being able to choose a new path by finally standing up for ourselves. Everything that we have ever gone through as Beings of Light was for our personal mastery, and when we are able to witness it as such, we will be able to let go of all the negative connotations about anything. We are the Magicians, which means that we can shift through any illusion of separation and isolated entrapment. We have the support of our Divine ancestors, and the cohesive force of the Divine feminine and masculine, the Divine Mother and Father as One. As we witness every experience and emotion related to it, we begin to radiate with compassion in awareness, bringing Love to all aspects of ourselves and others as well. Everything that made our story so real this far is no longer able to hold it together once we master that. And it's only our own inner Master that can do it, for Soul alchemy occurs within us. The inner child within us needs to feel and so we re-experience anything that still needs to be infused with the Light of our Higher Being. Often that will occur through a deep release through events, experiences and even dream time experiences. The moment we remember our Divine Light Origin, that Star sets the flame ablaze, bringing a new fuel of Divine fire into our experience. We can see both the practical and physical experience that is very down to earth and alongside the spiritual perspective that holds the Wisdom, and in between we stand as the Magi holding all the elements at bay until they are mature enough to be fully set on fire. Our inner Wisdom will always know the Divine timing of things, and so we can fully let go and trust!

Our blossoming and inner evolution within the world will be Self obvious when all ripens and matures, so we don't have to struggle and push towards anything. We are always directed and navigated correctly in each moment, if only we allow ourselves to release all control. Then Magic can happen without us even trying to "make magic". Everything simply happens, and it does so not because we have been fighting for it, but because we are ready from the perspective of Wholeness, so All is ready alongside us!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

P.S. I AM in a deep process of writing my book about the mission of volunteer Souls in the Grand Design. This book will be dedicated to all the Ascension Pioneers out there, offering a deeper insight into the purpose behind the scenes that these Souls perform day by day in constant devotion. It will also provide lots of guidance for everyone on the path of physical Ascension and offer much Cosmic knowledge straight from my knowing as a Creation Pillar.

If You are called and if what I offer resonates with You and enriches your path in any way, You can support the process of writing this book and all the guidance through Galactic knowledge that I share in my constant work of service in my free videos and Ascension blogs!

I AM thanking You in advance!

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