Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The New Abundance Paradigm

Dear Beloveds!

We are entering into the New Abundance paradigm. What does this mean? The New Earth abundance is based on unconditional giving, which is opened through the gateway of unconditional Love. So many of us have been asking ourselves about greater levels of abundance and feeling supported on this planet as we offer our service of Light. This is because we were being called to demonstrate this state of New Earth consciousness based on unconditional giving which in turn results in unconditional receiving. It is much easier to just put "a price" on something or demand our offers of Love to be reciprocated in a certain way, and it's a whole other thing to demonstrate the Truth behind unconditional overflowing. Those who do so are being placed in such positions because they are strong enough to do so, even though it's not always easy for them, as this state of embodiment requires complete surrender and trust. Those who overflow freely from their Heart are always honored and supported by Spirit, even as their Human counterparts often doubt or despair. 

Watch my video about this New paradigm shift here:

But the secret to the New abundance Template is very simple, and it's giving without expectation, not giving through demands that is in some way still limiting the spontaneous flow of Spirit moving through us. Many great Beings of Light are fully supporting us in this transition, as they also had to master this complete trust, but when the Heart is so free and open in giving, it continues to blossom and share of itself. Such Heart knows only purity and liberation! The other key is that our creations and Love offerings fully come from our Life force.

Those who are moving from third density experience into the fifth will feel a difference in how this feels. It sets the mind free and it keeps our creative juices flowing! We start pulling from the eternal sacred fire reserves that never run dry, and our Life force is always connected to it. We don't have to pull our mental strings in order to thrive, because our creations come from the Heart of Divine Love! And so we serve as the sacred rebels who wish to courageously bring in this New template as a Divine offering to everyone.

Are You already feeling the energy of the Eclipse? This is a powerful one in Leo, the sign which rules our Heart chakra and passionate creativity, but also the fierce voice of our Spirit that wants to speak and share itself. It's definitely a time of renewal or perhaps even the dropping of everything we hold so dear to ourselves because all that wants to remain is Love, and Love never needs to hold onto anything. Love simply is, and it wants nothing else but to be pure, true and unconditional. Perhaps it's time that we free ourselves of certain "spiritual perspectives" that are not so "spiritual" after all, especially if they are only mental perceptions. The Truth is always Love, and Love is the Truth! Our inner royalty wants to shine through all the layers that have been created due to the collective energy resistance. But we don't need that anymore. We only need the shining Spark of the sacred flame, burning within us all as Divine Love! To truly be royal is to know our Spirit worth and value based on higher ideology always serving Unity consciousness! And that means Love, wisdom and power for All, not just some!

There is a real deep mystery unraveling within our Heart that wants to move into the New consciousness, but doesn't always know how. In those times when we feel like giving up, we can rather give into deep surrender that always in plenty abounds. The guidance of whispering Spirit cannot be heard in the constant story of the same old turbulence, as it's simply too loud. The meeting space of Spirit and body is forged in the deepest Union which can only occur in Silence, our true Beloved merge. When the Heart is silenced through prayer, only then it truly speaks louder than any words can convey. We might think that we can hear our Heart, and yet so many veils still remain, are we not tired of the same refrain!? Only in the ability of hearing ourselves as an ever expanding song, can we truly feel like we belong. We are never the same, and our Heart speaks through skipping a beat or two a day. We are not alone, although we can do it all! But instead we can choose to connect, to put down the armor of Love for true intimacy to prevail. How beautiful it is when business and pleasure are One, and we become our own best guide!

We are Now asked to choose higher forms of creativity, because they are always of Love. It's Love that creates freely and without conditions. And it does not evaluate itself asking things such as:" AM I creating from Love?" It's because true Love always knows its source! And so we are being asked to just go for it, whatever our Heart beat speaks of in the moment. Mars is in Aries Now, which is a very fiery combination which we have in our skies, so we are here to fuel our passion through the infinite Life force of our Spirit, translating it into our bodies through sacred sexuality, the very nature of our Beloved Essence!
The integration of giving and receiving in perfect awareness and harmonious balance has always been a challenge on this plane of Being! The time has come to no longer withhold the patterns of over giving on one level simply because we are afraid to step into a new level of reality. Too often we give so much of our Life force to situations and people who are unbecoming of us, hoping that our over the top energy exchange would somehow compensate for the lack of thereof on the other side. In Truth, this creates even more imbalance and separation. Beings of the Light have to own the strength to be able to sense the difference between a mutual reception and one sided energy exchange. We have been dancing this dance for Eons of time, and in Truth everyone responds to us the way we "teach" them how. It's our time to take our responsibility back and see where we have been "babysitting" these patterns out of false illusions and imprints.

The key to our personal health and well being will always lie in healthy energy exchange. And so we need to realize that we are here to share ourselves unconditionally, but that to be unconditional is not to tolerate forms of behavior that never fully correspond to that in mutual reception. We cannot make up for energy that is not there in others, for we can only own our own energy mastery. We are not responsible for anyone, and so we know that our true Presence in the Now requires all of our Life force, so we cannot continue to lose and squander it for what continuously leaves us depleted and dry. We must try new energy possibilities and develop the discernment to master this earthly lesson once and for all by taking full ownership for our choices and what we invest energy in! No one or nothing can hurt us or take away from us unless we allow it! We allow until we are learning from that pattern, but once it's seen for what it is, it simply must be let go of and transcended so that we can create within greater Love!

Greater Creations await!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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