Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Eclipse season: Our Royal Code

Dear Beloveds!

This is my latest Ascension guidance for those on the path of conscious Self mastery as Divine Lovers of all Life in Creation. We are right before the Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on February 11th, which occurs in 22 degrees of Leo. Eclipses are very intense initiations which herald endings and new beginnings. This is the first Eclipse of the year, and it brings the power of a roaring lion, which is here to eclipse anything that no longer reflects our highest ascended state at this time. We have been undergoing 22 mastery degree lunations for a while Now, and this is pushing us into our own mastery within each Essence signature that makes up the Whole of who we are. Leo is also the sign of royalty and Divine service, for it marks the sign of the courageous heart, and so we will be asked to step up in our "royal code" and remember who we are in order to act from integrity and our Royal Essence. What does this mean? So many individuals on this planet believe that they are separate, and that they have to play small and make the ends meet. This is because the imprint of poverty consciousness has been engraved in our collective consciousness since many Eons ago.

Many Beings of Light and volunteer Souls have been coming here in order to dissolve all those separation based beliefs and pave the way towards the New abundance paradigm. It takes a courageous heart to truly step into the New paradigm, for many have been asking and praying for it, and yet we are in front of the gateway that will leave us hanging if we do not properly know how to step through it. The thing is such! Many of the Unity Light collective have been currently working on processing the collective pattern of "survival and poverty consciousness" which deals with rooting our true ascended Light right into the very Core of our Human experience. We cannot truly ascend in the body without mastering this step into true liberation of the body. When the ancient thinkers and knowers spoke of the art of transcending the body, they did not mean that the physical body plays no role in our Ascension. What they meant instead, is that we need to master the Human body and the Universal laws which no one can truly dominate, for they rule all of us together as One. No one is special, for we are all governed by the same Universal laws within Creation Principles.

And so many have been neglecting the importance of the Human body, thinking that this "selfless" giving up and surrendering will help them attain a greater level of mastery. And on the other hand, some were saying that as "Masters", we can Now do whatever we want. This is not absolutely true. In fact, it is rather false, because it completely ignores the fact that we are all One. Within Unity consciousness, every aspect of the Whole is interconnected, and true Self mastery in Unity considers the fact that we are responsible for our every action, and that it cannot come without taking into account the existence of all other forms of Life. There is great reverence for all Life forms among the true "Masters", which are simply here to share the Truth in its purest humblest form, as it serves all Life that comes out of it. The Human collective can be rather blind on the other hand, pretending none of this exists, and often wanting change without making real change on the inside first.

So many individuals have been praying and hoping for the betterment of the Human abundance, while also comfortably living in the old paradigm. There are many who want changes, but are unfortunately unwilling to implement true changes in their daily lives that are a result of the Core shift within. Many are complaining, waiting and even demanding change, when in fact they don't even know the meaning of true unconditional Love. There is still such foolishness present among many who often just take one set of beliefs while replacing it with another one, perhaps a more "sophisticated spiritual" one, but nonetheless it remains only a set of beliefs. In order for us to become true Masters of the New (the New Human Self), we have to begin with ourselves, looking into every energy exchange we have ever made and the choices we continue to make, without postponing our new choices in the future and claiming that something better is yet to come one fine day. In Truth, this does not exist, for all of our Self is fully present right here and Now.

There are many blindfolds present in the Human collective, and as much as the "spiritual communities" are speaking of change, they are often quite misinformed about what is true and what is not, when it comes to true unconditional Love. Every Human Being is feeling this Now, the whole world is feeling it. And there are only a few who are actually ready to shift those distorted imprints right Now. Every individual makes daily energy investments, and so many times these are still conditional. The choices people make can still be so limited, as they first want all the goodies before the good can be returned. There are in fact very few who know how to unconditionally serve the good in perfect balance of mutual reception, the laws of giving and receiving that must always be one. Those who do this work consciously, are always observing their actions and energy exchanges and how they affect the Whole, and those who do not, are often missing the point about the nature of true abundance.

True abundance can only exist within unconditional Love that is based on Unity consciousness, not separation. The Divine abundance formula is very simple, and yet many do not yet apply it in their daily lives through conscious awareness. Everything begins and consciousness, and as much as many individuals are now hoping for more abundance and prosperity in their lives, the changes in how abundance is created cannot come from the outside sources. Only when one masters the art of unconditional Love and the consequential unconditional giving, can the receiving also be unconditional, for they are both One. 

We can look at the Divine abundance formula through the Mother/Child archetype. If we imagine a mother breast feeding her baby infant, we see her as an unconditional source of Divine manna flowing through her in unconditional support and nourishment. She represents the Essence of true unconditional giving. On the other hand, a newborn is completely vulnerable and dependent on external resources for nourishment and support. The baby represents the Essence of pure unconditional trust, which is the only way to truly receive unconditionally. We are all both the mother and the child, and only when both aspects of the Divine equation are fully understood and balanced within, can we live in the New abundance paradigm. For volunteer Souls to demonstrate this Divine Principle, they need to embody it themselves and share of their Spirit unconditionally through their Soul. This means that we give of ourselves regardless of the external conditions, so knowing or not knowing whether we will get something also in return from a particular source. Our true Source is the Divine Source itself. So on the other hand, they must also master unconditional trust that makes them receive unconditionally as well.

The set of Eclipses coming this month (the Lunar and Solar) can work with us to shift that, and yet we have to be willing and very grounded in the way we do things. Firstly, we have to stop investing our energy resources into anything that feels draining and depleting of our precious Life force, because through our own choices we demonstrate what we wish to create. Secondly, we will have to create a void from which we will know in purity and total clarity, what we wish to invest our time and energy in through the purity of our Life force. So what are we willing to truly demonstrate to ourselves and others? Do we give only when we feel we have as much as our ego thinks we need to have in the "pocket" before we can pay it forward? Do we only give if we believe it's expected from us? Do we not wish to give because we undermine the true value of something? We will have to be truly real with ourselves and get to the bottom of some very tough questions.

If we are a part of something bigger, perhaps a group dynamics or selfless service on the behalf of those "volunteers" who constantly give of themselves in complete unconditional Love, we can't expect it to always be this way. We can't expect to only receive without ever offering our own Divine gifts and resources. We have to do our own part as well and step up to the New abundance paradigm, the Divine equation within Unity. The group is only alive and breathing due to the sum of all its parts. It cannot be any other way. And only when we can show our true humane nature and step together as One, that our Light begins to shine brighter and we can co-create the New paradigm in togetherness and true equality. What used to work for us in the old, no longer will in the near future, because the vibration of the planet is changing, and there are those who have been constantly seeding this Light in this New realm. And yet, everyone who wants to walk into it, will have to do so on their own terms and within true compassion and understanding of what the 5th dimension truly is. It is definitely not based on lack and self serving agendas of the separate individual. It will not just be created for us ... that is an utopian belief offered by the "New age agenda". True mastery comes through the recognition that nothing can be real unless we create it for ourselves, and that is where our Power lies ... yes, we are not powerless ... the choice has always been ours! There are many who might think to themselves: "My shadow? I have none!" And that is the biggest delusion ever, because everyone living in this realm has to grow through both shadow and light in order to understand true Unity. Everyone needs to look into their own ignorance and keep on moving forward through that recognition. It's nothing scary ... but it's deeply necessary! Wake up and step up! The world needs You as You are in Unity!

There is a strong message coming through for everyone in the "Lightworker" realm of selfless service! The key to our growth at this time is mastering time demands that others are placing on us. This is an intense time when people's egos and suppressed emotions are coming out in a big way, and many who are still playing the victims are wanting to take it all out by projecting and venting out on those who live in the Light! We all know that it's not healthy and very aware when we take in the feelings and projections of others, because it's not our job and it never has been! Whoever does not approach us with honor and respect, demanding our time and energy without compassion on both ends, cannot walk away trying to make us feel guilty or responsible for their own life and the choices they make. But it ends with us ending this game of separation! The aware ones are those who need to do it. No one can really help those who are unwilling to help themselves, always blaming everyone else. They must be first willing to do the inner work and move beyond the beliefs that keep them in separation. We do the most by serving Love, which means saying "no" to such people, demands and energy extortion! Some of it is pure bullying, and this is because the "dark" wants to keep us in constant energy drainage, instead of being conscious and aware whenever there is energy leakage. This happens every time we unawarely take in the feelings of others. To be within Unity does not mean allowing everything come into our space if it's not Self honoring, because true Unity begins with inner Union where we have enough Love to say "no" and speak up for ourselves! We don't actually help anyone by maintaining this simply because we don't wish to be seen a certain way! Giving off ourselves and giving of ourselves (as we are in our authentic Soul) are not the same thing. We must learn to discern between the two and move up in frequency by embodying this higher Essence! The masks have to fall off and healthy boundaries need to be applied, only that way we demonstrate the true meaning of Self Love and radical compassion. Many speak of compassion but are unwilling to see how their actions also influence others, for compassion does not just end with one person! It is only true and pure when all parties are involved. We stop the victimhood and control, egoic demands and energy extortion by sticking up for ourselves and saying "enough is enough"! Speaking our Truth will open up the many energy channels that have been closed down for many cycles of time!

And last but not least, here is a special video edition I did with one of my mother's amazing Soul mandalas, and a very important topic for our Ascension ... the Union of worlds!!!

You can watch the video here:

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Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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