Monday, February 20, 2017

Ascension & the first Rainbow Humans

Dear Beloveds!

This is my latest Ascension guidance for those on the path of conscious Self mastery as Divine Lovers of all Life in Creation. We are right before the Pisces Solar Eclipse that is a New Moon which occurs on February 26th, in 8 degrees of the sign of Pisces. It's important to look for where this falls in our natal astrological chart, because this area of our life will be majorly activated within the next few months. Eclipses are big activation points that bring in completely new energy, and because we are moving from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius it's also important to take a look into how we might be closing down the chapters of the "piscean lessons" that we no longer need in our evolution of the Soul. Some are becoming the first "Rainbow Humans" and need to establish a personal connection that sustains this New consciousness state of reality Now. This means that every new level always needs time to be fully integrated and experienced.

If we pay enough attention, we might see how the Era of spiritual leadership is being replaced by sovereign reign within our own authentic domain of personal mastery and Soul integration. We no longer need to look up to "false leaders" and practice the worship of others. This massive manipulation is being exposed in the Light of Truth, not just in the general leadership arena of the Matrix system, but also the "spiritual leadership" that many practice at the expense of naivety of others.

For us to truly master this lesson of our own sovereign domain, we first have to be ready to become our own guide and look for guidance through the purity of Heart and those that serve the Light, not the many modern "charlatans, gurus and new age gurus". For many who are Now ready to fully embrace their sovereign and authentic ascended personality, this no longer plays a role in their personal reality, as they are being directed to things of higher Soul nature of refined "leadership" through Soul purity. When the Soul gathers enough of its "Home" aspects, it becomes ready to travel into the new sphere of Light, to have high standards, morals and virtues of the Divine nature, which makes one become more selective of their choices and all they are willing to accept into their sacred space.

Our ascended personality is more refined as it emanated from the Core crystalline reality, created through pure Soul Essences as they are in Truth, the original seals of Creation itself, as it moves through a lens of the New reality. A part of our ascended personality becomes greater focus and Self discipline. This is nothing like false discipline which many people follow due to external convictions.

True discipline comes through Joy and the passionate pursuit of what we love to create within our own Soul nature. False discipline comes through forced efforts that go against our very nature of Soul, which is pure and simple. Our Soul was originally descended through the "crystalline Prism" of crystalline reality, which means that our Core is always pure, but as Humans we go through many rigid patterns and cycles that make us forget our true nature.

At this time many are choosing to remember what the "crystalline reality" truly is, and more and more Souls are ready to start vibrating and living in the crystalline reality. The wayshowers of this process are the New crystal children (older and newer) who are here with this specific purpose. The Grand Design is being revealed by those individuals, and after many trials and tribulations that they have to undergo in this harsh reality for their pure frequency, they are Now finally ready to step into the forefront. This means that many have Now finished their preparatory stages of Divine purpose, and are finally ready to become the embodiment of the first pure "Rainbow Humans"

The original purpose of these sensitive "crystalline" Soul types is to show the way through bridging the gap between the old reality and the new crystalline reality. They are not here to simply bring the "awakened information", they are here to get some real work done and as they go through the initiations that are necessary for them to become the pure embodiment of crystalline purity in Human form, they become ready to hold such a high level of frequency. This high level of frequency is not embodied here with the purpose of excluding that which doesn't yet vibrate at that level, but rather an inclusion of all that is ready to start vibrating at such a vibratory rate, making assured consciousness steps towards it.

The more we see everything as a merger rather than separation, the less we will be prone to old programs that were created from that separation. Those who shall be living in Divine Love within Unity consciousness will experience less separation every day, because they are no longer choosing to sustain it through the merge with their own Spirit.

At this time we also have a large hole in our Sun, which is all contributing to heightened sensitivity and overstimulated nervous system. The best thing we can do at this time is to get plenty of rest, assimilate all the codes of Light that we are meant to by engaging in conscious Solar Light practices and allowing ourselves to receive, especially from Nature. We are receiving so many Light upgrades at this time that it's not even comprehensible to our Human mind. But we are feeling it as perhaps increased "Ascension symptoms" which come as restless leg syndrome, headaches, fatigue, momentary states of depression and a sense of lack of orientation, etc. All these will ease up once we integrate these new Light codes, which means that we need to embody all these new aspects of us that want to merge with our Being as our inner timelines are merging.

Perhaps we don't always have all the "answers" to what is happening yet, but as we practice conscious Self compassion, we shall know that we always receive exactly what we need to, and being patient always pays off. We literally can't "get" something prematurely, and never just mentally or as an experience from others. When something is ready to shift within us from deep within, it will occur almost instantaneously as all aspects of our Soul will merge and unify. That is not an over night event, for it's rather a process of constant merge and integration, and at this time we are being asked to be more patient than ever before. Yes, we are moving at the speed of Light, and at the same time this process needs lots of patience and the understanding of our physicality. We are right where we need to be, and we don't have to push for or against anything. We can simply let go and allow our simplicity of Being to show us the right way, in the perfect Divine timing.

As we will assimilate more of these celestial codes of Light, we will be forming the New template for the "Rainbow Human" Self, which is our New Self. Many crystal children and old Souls are already vibrating at this rate, but this is a template that is not meant to be only observed ... everyone who is ready is participating, but because all Souls are at different levels of Soul evolution and different stages of their Life journeys, they are all choosing this and doing their inner work accordingly in perfect timing that suits them and their development in Soul expansion. Physical manifestation requires time, and because we are timeless Beings, we always have plenty of that.

Yes, change is here ... and the ascended Light has never been as strong and potent as Now. This intensity perhaps makes many wonder, but they are not always aware that this Self questioning and doubt is also a part of the process of Soul expansion. The moment when we realize how perfect our Divine Plan truly is, we will become less rigid and fixated on certain outcomes, comparing our development with others and the world at large. There is no such a thing, because everyone is at their own vibratory rate that cannot be put into a specific number and place ... it simply as it is, and it speaks on its own through how we live.

Allow yourself to Be shown this New doorway into the crystalline reality and Be patient with yourself. As we are Ancient in the way of mastering the old reality, many are still yet babies when it comes to getting to know the New reality. All comes to those who patiently await all that Is to Be!

We are being extremely supported by the Light in this time between the Eclipses. So many more people are waking up to their Light and stepping into their path as a healer and Lightworker. During the first Eclipse many of us experienced the preparation for what is to unfold during the course of this year and beyond. A New consciousness level is on its way, and this higher Light can only be received in full allowance, so our bodies were slightly "deactivated" physically, so that we could open up more spiritually. This higher Light can only descend through our personal Ascension Pillar (the column of White Light) established through the Rainbow Bridge. This occurs when all of our lower 7 chakras are in full balance, cleansed and susceptible to this opening. Then a New energy template is created as an overlay of energy, and we will feel that as a complete "blank slate", an emptying out, a deep cleanse within our Being. 
Watch my video on this topic:

This is a Divine dispensation that only occurs when our Soul has done this work and becomes ready for this next step. This level clears away all the psychic debris, astral programming, mass mental hypnosis, esoteric distortions and all the other "junk" most Humans experienced on this planet. This will ready us for a physical Chakric upgrade into a higher octave chakric system which we have been energetically preparing for the last couple of years! 

This is the real deal and it's no "astral phenomena" or something glamorous. It's not fanatic, mental and illusory, but it can only happen with complete mastery of the Self, total Self acceptance and readiness. Those of us who are undergoing this first will be able to assist others when they will move through it in their own time, but we are also working together as a group collective of the first "Rainbow Humans" who have successfully created this alteration and metamorphosis in their Human bodies! This will lead to new potent levels of Soul gifts and Divine creativity.

Watch my video on Ascension and ascended personality:

The video has some awesome shots from the Alps!

There are not many on this planet who have done this before, as the Ancient Light Masters were not required to stay in the physical body once this was achieved. At this time when our planetary Ascension requires this, it's vitally important to take the body with us into this next octave of Being. The body goes through much physical integration during this experience once it's ready to finalize and stabilize, so we are to nurture ourselves and our physical vessels during this time, taking in only the proper vibrational Light foods and tools that we require for this stabilization process. 

This will lead us into direct "Source" alignment and transmission, so that it will be truly pure and filter free. We have worked on the enlightenment of our lower chakras (and what many call the "past lives") in order to prepare for the synthesis and our Ascension integration in the Now, in this lifetime and reality only. It's time ... and we are ready to level up!

The current guidance of the Spirit Life force says this time is perfect for a Nature retreat! We are in between the Eclipses and the energy is building up towards an amazing new beginning, the Pisces Solar Eclipse which is a New Moon! And so we must await this time in perfect harmony and stabilized Soul attunement! This balance keeps us in the most optimum receiving state. It is good to withdraw inwards and take a spiritual quest that brings even more Love than what we have already experienced. A lot of times we pursue the familiar road simply because it feels safe and already established. But our Life path consists of many roads down the line, and they all carry something new for us to explore and anchor in this reality. To live within the crystalline reality means to create on Essence level rather than mental, emotional and physical levels alone.

This is where we create through the purity of Soul by creative imaging, and for us to truly know our Essence, we have to take much time to Be with ourselves on the Essence level. Then we will slowly progress to receiving guidance that is not mental but Essence based. We will build a bridge of Spirit to feel the unseen and build our own crystalline "temple" of Soul from the Core level down to Earth. 

This is a process that is known as the crystallization of Soul, and as the first Rainbow Humans which the first Star Beings are Now becoming, we will explore worlds and realms of new possibility. The hardest thing for people is to even imagine that possible, because they get so used to the "status quo" reality on Earth, and yet the Magicians always weave their own reality, isn't that right? We have to be brave and trust in the precipitation of crystalline reality into matter, enjoying the process in the making step by step. There is nowhere to hurry, for Life is always unfolding beautifully right here and Now, and each Being evolves according to their Soul awareness.

Watch my video on the topic of breaking through the illusion of manipulation:

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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