Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Aquarius New Moon & the Galactic initiative

Dear Beloveds!

The energy of the Galactic Pulse of Life is really activating us deeply, bringing the focus and awareness fully to our mission. Those that walk upon this planet as volunteer Souls are beginning to remember their Galactic origin and surrendering the old defense mechanisms within this world. The world is actually a home where our Love can blossom and express itself freely, so there is absolutely nothing wrong with the world, as it's actually us who are being moved in our consciousness shift. Those who are on the path of sacred Divine Union have undergone so many challenges and initiations, and Now it's their time to surrender and bring the awareness back to their Heart where the connection to their Core mission resides. We had to do many things prior to our Union, and this is because this was a part of our sacred agreement. Some of us had to work towards leaving a New legacy of Light on this planet and beyond, and our own homecoming was put on hold until we fulfilled the promises that we've made. 

We will have our first New Moon of the year this week on January 28th, followed by a Chinese New Year of the rooster! We are possibly feeling a new resurgence of our inner Light, which no matter how much it already shared of itself, it's endless in its infinite creative expansion, always recreating itself in brand new ways. This Light moves within us and around us in spiraling waves, in a cyclical nature of our Soul journey. At this time many of us are completing a personal healing journey, which is making us ready to be of service to others as sovereign Beings, as a "wounded healer" that we can summon up within us per request. As Chiron is conjunct with Venus at this time, this brings focus to accessing and closing of our Love wounds in personal relationships, extending them into the bigger Whole through our Stellar Origin and all the way to our Galactic origin.

We are receiving new psychic insights and intuitive revelations about why we had to go through the things that we did, because Now we are mature enough to apply this and rise up on a new level of Divine service. It's much grander Now! This will be a deeply activating phase for ourselves and those who we touch with our healing Light. We can only assist on the level of our own personal initiation and rite of passage, and so we have to complete that initiation first, in order to share our gifts with the world ego free and Soul based. Many Beings who have been "channeling" other beings and entities will be asked to step up and rather begin developing their own "I AM" connection, for with any form of channeling the ego may get too overly involved and make up stories in our mind. The Beings we have connected with or channeled are partial Soul agreements that eventually come to a closure, and any remaining energy blanks that our ego then creates to fill that void need to be addressed and integrated from within our own Soul! The wounded healer within is ready to come to the surface from deep within and perform its fantastic miracles of our Greater Being!

Chiron is known as the archetype of the wounded healer, which is healing through our own experience, and its position in our natal chart can show us our most dominant way of Self healing. Many volunteer Souls will deliberately imprint themselves with Human patterns in order to master the fine arts of Soul healing and mastery through them. It's also important to see where Chiron is for us Now, in our progressed chart. Also, Chiron in conjunction with Venus brings the focus to healing (Chiron in Pisces) our Love wounds from the past and issues of abundance. We can Now truly surrender our ancient wounds of worthiness and let go once and for all! The Divine precipitation is strong and it is bringing us all the support that we need! Heal away, take the time for yourself and create well being on all levels!

Every Soul knows exactly what agreements it made, although our conscious Human mind doesn't know at all times. We are doing our best to stay within this Divine remembrance, and yet sometimes we were meant to forget on purpose, in order to expand in our Human experiences and initiations, as we could not stay away from them, for they belong within the domain of our mission. Now our Oversoul complex is calling us forward, and we are beginning a new journey of our mission. Once the ancestral clearing and integration is complete, this gradual process makes way for a new level of our Being to enter. On this level we are going to do everything from a place of spiritual maturity, focusing only on that which expands us, for the contractions of the old Human ways have served their course and Now we have outgrown them. From this point onward, we are ready to exist and serve in a New way, with much more space for fellowship and co-creation, partnering up with others of like frequency assimilation. These relationship changes are Divinely guided, as we are Now ready to receive what we have pre-chosen for ourselves. Our devoted partnerships will be those within our mission!

Watch my latest video from the Wisdom of the Star series:

This New lunation brings an Aquarian energy of community and a strong message of brotherhood and sisterhood, the power of love and friendship in the most simple ways that we can imagine. The previous Cancer Full Moon has served us as a catalyst for releasing, especially deeply rooted record memories of Love wounds and despair in such regards. Now this lunation will bring us a new sense of hope and revitalization of our Life force, especially because it happens as all the planets are still in direct/forward movement. This is a very powerful time of breakthroughs and new inspirations on our ascended pathway. There is a strong energy shift occurring, and in that we are experiencing a new transition in our journey of Light. 

We are on a new pilgrimage, and although some of us have always worked for the Ascension timeline, we also had to sail many turbulent waters and cross many seas of emotions and deep healing. But Now something major is coming to an end, perhaps even very abruptly. Out of sorrow comes joy, and out of giving comes receiving. Many volunteer Souls have never felt quite safe and compensated for on this planet, and many times we had to deal with a lot of stagnancy and resistance to change coming from people who still live in false safety, lack of compassion and fear. Because of that, our hearts may have gotten discouraged and bruised, but never the purity was taken away. It kept us moving and pushing forward through the deepest recesses of the Human psyche.  

Aquarius is about the Unity collective, so watch my latest video about this here:

We witnessed pain and sorrow, a lack of empathy and genuine spirit. But this was all to prepare us for our mission to live in Love and spreading joy wherever we are, whomever we meet. Our mission is eternal, and yet on Earth we also experience it as a journey, while our ET and terrestrial aspects meet and merge. Remember, as much as we are here to hold the balance in the horizontal between left and right, from masculine to feminine, we always receive from the vertical first. So no matter how tough the journey might have been for the bringers of Truth, we always receive directly from the Cosmic manna, our direct Source transmission. And so the already transformed and enlightened Beings assist those that are yet to remember the Truth of their origin and live it with full awareness and potential. So no matter what we are doing, the focus should always Be on delivering the Art of pure Truth in a genuine way, never lying to or hiding from ourselves and others. We are here to become fully transparent and lead the way uncompromisingly!

There are those of us who work tirelessly behind the scenes of the planetary Ascension in the Grand design! Our mission is to serve the laws of Universal Love and to establish a connection greater than the self, within serving the Light of Unity consciousness. To be within Creator Gods is to serve the holy Life force, not the empty and dead creations that are not Source infused. Source flows through Grace, and so as we live in the alignment of that Cosmic Grace, we begin to plant the seeds of grounded wisdom and mastery on this planet. As we look around, we don't often see this around us, and often we ask ourselves about the meaning and reason for us being here. The mere fact that we are asking this question already moves the energy and contains an answer within itself. We are here exactly for the purpose of asking such questions and to bring a higher reason and being to this Creation.

The more we understand without the need to reason with ourselves, the higher our energy becomes, and the more devoted we become to greater Divine service within the Grand design. As we allow Universal Love to penetrate our energy centers and enter into our Hearts, we allow ourselves to be activated and our DNA to shift within those new patterns of Light. Without that opening, inspiration and movement, nothing really happens. We have to be ready and we need to allow it. We are here to ground this sacred Truth through our embodiment, so we must engage in our own way to make that happen. We must learn to love all of the Human just as we love the higher, allowing all to merge in sacred alchemy, the Divine becoming itself through us. Through reverence, devotion and ritual we continue to invite that Light in, and in turn becoming more Love! This means making the right choices for ourselves through our sacred (not egoic) nature and bringing new opportunities of Creation to this plane of Existence. We live, but not as a lifeless hologram, but rather as an embodiment of purity of infinite Life force! We live as extensions of Source Existence, recreating itself over and over again, so full of Life!

We are being brought deeper into the Home center of our true belonging. Those of us that have undergone many Human interactions and exchanges in order to integrate the celestial with the terrestrial DNA, are Now transitioning into a New phase of our journey. This is to just hold and embody this frequency of activated Galactic DNA that occurs as the New template design within our physical DNA, and that is our new "home", the body suit of perfect alignment and frequency adjustment that fits this new template of greater expansion. Just as we eventually Self realize in the Grand design of Unity, so does the entire Galactic system in the broader perspective of Life in Creation. The more we belong to this higher perspective, the more peace and harmony we will feel through radical acceptance, making our embodiment a genuine one where we are fully authentic and aligned with our Core.

Many people are saying many things about themselves nowadays (for the mind can play tricks with us very easily), and yet a very large portion of that is not fully owned and embodied, because that is an inner process of integration that requires much inner work of bringing ourselves into awareness, adjustment and assimilation of Light DNA. This is the path we all travel, only that we are at different stages of its development. Light DNA actually activates and assimilates through the frequency of Universal Love, so wherever we still hold residual blockages through resistance, the progress and assimilation will not be possible. When we work with both light and shadow in complete acceptance and compassion, miracles can happen, and we begin to return "Home" to Galactic consciousness. However Grand this sounds, it is what it's actually happening on subtle levels of our Being as it is our mission and purpose. Being completely at home with ourselves and fully in acceptance of why we are here in a greater sense is one of the indicators that we are returning back "Home" to Galactic consciousness!

At this time, so much is coming to the surface, all of the suppressed darkness and non responsibility for actions of separation, and we must be so cautious and observant of what we feed our power. Often people come who are drawn to our Light due to their yet unrecognized darkness who will try to make us feel guilty or responsible for their own poor actions that come from ego's lack of Love and separation. But we must not bow down to that, nor should we be in a position of judging it! We are not here as Beings of Light to clean after others, because that is not really our job, and no one is either a savior or martyr! We can only do our work of Light integration and reverberate out into the morphogenetic fields of Unity where everything is always interconnected and One. Everyone must learn from their own life lessons and experiences, so we must not judge them, nor allow ourselves to be judged, so we have to continue to stand up for ourselves, our Truth and everything we hold dear and sacred.

At these important times of the "apocalypse" (the great unveiling) we have to know that the unacknowledged darkness is coming through all the cracks and crevices, but we are not to fall for it. We must in turn work with our biggest magical Power of Divinity, the White Light of Absolute Truth of all Life in Creation, inviting only Unity consciousness into our Hearts and those of others. That doesn't mean that we allow ourselves to be mistreated, for we are not here to tolerate anything. We are here to be authentic, raise our voice of Truth but then let it be and let it go into the White Light of higher power instead of human judgment and control. We are so much bigger than we think! We are here to walk the path of Divine Love and compassion, not become as desensitized robots who see Life as black and white, never really growing up spiritually. And so we are becoming the leaders of the New with our conscious acts of Love and calling on Divine assistance of pure benevolent Beings who serve Unity consciousness! .

Those of us that have been diligently working behind the scenes for our personal and planetary Ascension, have recently felt a huge shift in matters of the Heart, moving from painful memories and experiences into the crystalline Heart of Purity, working with the soft Pink Light of unconditional Love and healing on all levels. If we have undergone this initiation, we will Now feel a softening, even towards those that have hurt or wronged us the most. This is because we are Now wise and spiritually mature enough to know that we can only claim our own ownership for anything that has ever occurred on any timeline possible.

The thing is such! We are responsible for everything in our reality, which means all of the choices that we have ever made and all the relationships we have experienced. If someone has hurt us in any way, it was deeply important for us to feel and express our genuine feelings rather than covering them up with a sense of fake “love-light”, for that is not spiritually evolved at all. We had to come into our own Heart ownership and synthesis, but this in no regard means that we are also responsible for the actions of others. We can forgive them and let it go, but we cannot take ownership for what we have not done and created ourselves. Many times people like to bring this sense of self responsibility and their actions onto others, by falsely moving into fake Unity, saying that others are merely projecting onto them, etc. There is a huge difference between projection and spiritual empathy through the expression of energy in motion, which includes all of our emotions.

When someone does not want to recognize their actions for what they are, they are not recognizing and owning their shadow, and so they will stand still without growing up spiritually, leaving parts of them non evolved and immature. We are not responsible for that, because everyone needs to firstly want this healing to take place within themselves, before we can offer any kind of assistance and help. However, we are responsible for how we behave towards those who still choose to live in duality, and so whenever we notice ourselves falling into old patterns or anger and resentment, we have to simply acknowledge our feeling with unconditional acceptance, allow them to work their Magic through us and then bring ourselves back into the alignment with our Soul. If someone lacks empathy for what they have aimed towards us, we cannot demand or expect of them to be more compassionate, for it’s their own job to acknowledge that and bring themselves into their own alignment. However, we do have to share our feelings and express ourselves without any suppression on our part. That might influence the other to move closer into Unity or not, and that is how enlightened partnership from inside out truly works. It all starts within, as one Being aligned with Unity consciousness can seed the sparks of the Unity flame within others, but not forcefully and via demand. We have to be unconditional in it.

Many Beings are still delusional about this and are refusing to act in integrity, as they take everything merely as black and white, resisting any type of true emotional intimacy and recognition through ownership, lacking responsibility and living in fiction about what true compassion is. This is because their Heart center which received the Higher Galactic waves of Unity is still closed off, and they cannot feel and know what we do. We can only share without judgment or aggression, trusting that there is a Higher Force of Love that acts through all of us, beyond denial and suppression. When someone confuses projection for genuine ownership of their actions and pathological behaviors, they are living in denial. Projection only applies when we have no emotional engagement or agreement with that individual, and we insist on knowing what is right for them through our ego that makes assumptions in such a way. However, when we have a real experience with someone that is hurtful towards everyone because it’s based on separation consciousness, what we share about the nature of this energy exchange is not a projection ... it’s fact!

There are those who are still very immature and continue to refuse to see this, which makes them blindfolded and unrealistic. We have to speak up on the behalf of this, instead of just blindly saying that we forgive everything and everyone. That is always an inside job, which means that it has to be genuinely felt and expressed through the Heart. We forgive by making peace with our own selves. How many times people say the words “I forgive You”, but it somehow isn’t fully felt as they still remain within the confines of duality. Those of us who are truly doing this conscious work of integrating Unity consciousness know that we have to go deep, and that there is always more to integrate as the layers present themselves. It’s not as if we are all Masters and Now we are suddenly the boss of everything and everyone. Our humility lies in knowing that what is genuine will always come from the Heart, and that it’s our Heart Essence that narrates our vibration according to how much Wisdom our Soul has acquired.

What is occurring is that we are integrating the spiral DNA template, which is beyond the duality mode and linear “wave” DNA template. Those that do not yet embody the spiraling DNA template cannot fully receive of the Galactic pulse of Life, which is the Home of our Galactic heritage and it brings in a fully integrated 12-strand consciousness of our fully awake multidimensional nature. So in Truth, those that embody multidimensionality don’t see things in a linear fashion and as merely black and white. They know that each situation and relationship is far more complex than to dissect it through duality, wrong or right or good or bad. We know that in order to be our own Master sovereign, we have to see reality as unfolding patterns of Light that will present us with the Truth as we stand there pure of Heart and free of preconceived notions. Many that have been learning about the nature of what is “spiritual” or not from books, are constantly failing these tests, because they wish to apply a few phrases and sentences that they have read on situations in their life, leaving them to the same linear duality time after time.

Our answer and responsibility of every living Being is claiming full ownership for all our blind spots, where we have not fully paid attention or acknowledged the messages of our intuition about situations we experienced in relationships. In Truth, it has always spoken louder than words, but we have not yet fully trusted ourselves in order to claim it fully. So any heartbreaks and disappointments are always the result of that, so we must first start by forging ourselves for all the times we have not fully paid attention. When we do that, we no longer have to forgive anyone else, because we have acknowledged ourselves fully and we have no one else to blame for that anyway. We know our choices and their consequences, and others must eventually deal with their own, for no one was ever able to run away from anything anyway.

People often try to run and hide, and yet in the Truth of our Soul we are all naked and barren. And when we allow for that nakedness to occur in our physical expression, we become fertile. It’s Now time to put aside childish things and behaviors in order to make amends, with ourselves and possibly others (if they allow themselves and us to do so), knowing that it is vital for us to do so on our journey of physical Ascension and living in Unity consciousness. Remember, it’s those responsible few who do know that need to show the Way! We can Now take all of our past hurts, disappointments and wounds and turn them into gold with this Ancient Wisdom that has always been ... waiting for us! Here we are, ready to take the lead!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn 

P.S. Yes, it's finally going down!!! On the Divine Mother's Cancer Full Moon I took the initiative to write a book on the Mission of volunteer Souls within the Grand Design! As soon as I did that and followed up by making a physical draft, I already began to receive guidance on the bus as I was traveling. Spirit doesn't wait when we make the first move! This weekend I made the first few steps and began to write from scratch. Step by step, in perfect Divine flow and timing. The initiative came in pretty strongly and this was the first time my Mission Team was clear on that next step, which actually brings me much joy and excitement for the New! 

You can support my work of voluntary service and devotion on my page Serapina Light and on my YouTube channel! Slow and steady makes it ready! 

Thank You!

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