Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A special kind of Valentine's Day

Dear Beloveds!

Happy Valentine's Day! This year it surely feels like a giant portal opening and Love pouring in through all ends. This day is all about Self Love and reminding ourselves of what we really need to feel nurtured and supported in our Life, in this present moment. This is also a moment to celebrate all the wonderful friends and Soul companions on our journey. We can send Love their way and making the conscious connection of Love and communion! We don't want our relationships to be superficial and shallow, we want to go deep and we need those around us who truly see us for who we are in our Essence! We can't be with those who only take, we are the givers of Love and so we all deserve to receive as well! Our family of Love should Be about true honoring and respect of our individuality. It's important to appreciate our friends, meeting new people through them in Soul resonance and spending time with those who mean the most to us! It's those who make us feel like the Beauty Queen\King that we are! Be and share the universal Love, may it go out and spread in all directions!

Watch my Valentine's Beloved message for all the Divine Lovers:

This is a message of Divine Union for all Divine Lovers out there! Divine Union occurs through many layers and stages of our Soul evolution, so therefore every individualized Soul aspect will feel it differently. There are aspects of Beloved Union that are non physical and those that are physical. They are both a part of the same transference of Divine Love into the physical. Some might argue that Divine Union is only reserved for those few in the "Twin flame" community, but that is just a label that separates. Yes, at the Core Soul level Divine Union occurs within the domain of our own Twin Soul nature, as a non physical expression of our true Essence of Divine masculine and feminine. But how that translates into our physical reality is about the embodiment of Divine Love, not about a certain label or person. Whatever and whoever is within our Soul's magnetic resonance helps us with our Union integration in the physical, so therefore true Love being made manifest.

But that does not have to be just one person, for Love is Universal and it's the Primal Force of Creation so vast that we cannot limit it in such a distorted Human way. Even when someone is of complete Soul resonance in the moment, they still remain an evolving individual as far as our Human experience goes. We are therefore asked to expand our views of interpersonal Love onto expanded Soul Love and transcendental Universal Love of Creation. The more Love we embody in our Life force, the more we feel and live this expansion. Our Twin Soul connection helps us building that bridge of Love here on Earth, and so we must use it wisely in conscious awareness! Love within Divine Union slowly grows as it builds upon itself and expands out to All! May all be blessed with such Love in Truth, in perfect Divine timing!

In this case of Higher Divine marriage it's all about a spiritual Union of two equals, the "Queen and King" of Presence, the two highly aware Beings who represent Divine integrity and inner authority. For such Beings Divine Union is not just seen as romantic, but rather a merging of Divine ideas and ideals that serve a greater good. A true Queen and King of the royal Soul lineage who want to be just and devoted, a man and woman of high honors! How do we embody that ourselves? By staying aligned with higher ideals (not dogmatic beliefs) of Spirit through our devoted embodiment, living our signature of the Soul! 
We can either be merely an observer of Life, or a conscious co-creator with it. Becoming a Divine Lover of Life means to claim our own Life force and not want what others have due to trivial comparison or competition. It means doing the right things for the right reasons that occur by us following our own Heart through honoring and reverence! 
This year's Valentine's Day was a big surprise for me! I felt like a blank slate for days, and I was so surprised and mesmerized when the Spirit of Creation came through me! I have 27 Beloved paintings already that will become an oracle one day, and today a higher level of Creation wanted to come through me! I AM not the perfect artist, and this is just a sketch for the painting, so consider it as a draft. But the Essence came through very clearly. What a gift!
I will Now also be pulling a weekly tarot card of influence for everyone! This week we have the "Temperance", which is the card of self mastery, harmony and moderation, allowing our inner and outer masculine and feminine to truly come into balance and harmonious co-creation as a result of that counter balancing. As we merge our inner counterparts, we are able to live in the unified polarity as a sovereign Being who is able to master neutrality. This takes a lot of inner work of integration, so the dark integrating the light and the light integrating the dark, in order for us to know Truth at its Core. The feeling of longing and all of our Human emotions serve as a doorway into knowing all of who we are, while transcending even that to understand that we have those feelings to learn about ourselves in Creation, and yet we are much more. 

We are to aim at higher forms of Divine inspiration, refined artistic ways to express or Being. These usually speak louder than words and are able to get much more energy across for us to translate and showcase. The more we practice, the more we refine our works of Love, and the deeper we tune into our Being! It's the artisans of this world that often shift the most energy for the Whole. It's time to tune into our Magic and shine brightly in the world for all to see, starting with ourselves. We're turning on the lights!

The Full Moon Eclipse came with a big release, our bodies needing more rest to prepare for channeling this New energy with all of its Soul upgrades. The time of retrospection is here, so those who may suddenly experience "walking" through their past as an objective observer might be a bit surprised, but this is all a part of the Divine plan. What do we wish to see grow at this time? What timeline are we looking into? This process is a part of saying goodbye to one version of ourselves that relates to a certain identity, and stepping into a new growth potential. Whatever did not grow until Now is actually producing nourishment for something New, better and even unexpected. So this time between the Eclipses is all about rest and body rejuvenation, making room for New Soul aspects of us and having fun during the whole process! 

It's time to relax, have fun with our inner child, be like a kid for a while or do something that reminds us of the beauty and nostalgia from our childhood! The more we relax, play and have fun, the more at peace we are, and so we are able to absorb all the Divine guidance that is available to us in abundance! Taking a trip, a vacation or a short getaway is also great for this time when the body (our child of Creation) just wants to be and receive all the New codes of Life! As always, everything else can wait! Just go Be the fun You!

Watch my latest Galactic update here:

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn


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