Friday, March 3, 2017

The "spaceship" New Earth lives

Dear Beloveds!

Welcome to March! This is a big post Eclipse month of 13/4 frequency which brings us back to the earth, grounding ourselves and building new foundations for our embodiment of Ascension. After an intense Eclipse month (we are still in the Eclipse cycle) we will be integrating a lot of new Light codes, so it's important to take care of our physical body, because it's our root of physical existence here on the planet, from where we build up all the other levels of Soul awareness and experience. This is a time to anchor balance and get deeply into the body, start a new exercise regime or routine that will help to support us in our new embodiment level. Earth is going through a stabilization and synthesis at this time, and so are we! 

This is not a time for procrastination, but rather building up firm foundations for where we shall move to next. It's important to set new initiatives when the energy of a new month begins, but it's also important to allow them to naturally unfold, because this is when we embrace our natural Soul Magic. This month we will have a Venus retrograde (which occurs every 1,5 years), and a Full Moon in Virgo, followed by a New Moon in Aries, which will initiate our new astrological year. It's also a month of the Equinox, so it's really all about balance so that our Spirit knowing and our earthly happiness can fully unite and be as One! 

I share more in my Ascension update for the month of March here: 

And here is the channeled message for this month which I read in the video!!!

"The past and the future are merging, through the conscious Soul convergence of the many multidimensional aspects of the Self, and just like the planet is experiencing this with the unification of the Gaia frequency Essence and the Core of the planet Earth, so are we experiencing this synthesis and crystalline unification as Human Beings who are ready to step into our Soul-Solar Logos Self, the unified Higher Self Essence beyond polarity selves. This was recently experienced as a great "clearing" within many evolved and mature Souls who are Now ready for this next level of Soul embodiment, which is an ongoing process of Light assimilation. This came as an experience of a vast and profound void, and yet depth and richness at the same time. This resulted in the "walking away" from the old systems and relationships that held together the old framework (and vice versa), for without them it simply cannot be self sustained. The Life force energy transmission within many Light Beings is Now ready to come through a direct Source transmission within the ascending individual, meaning that it no longer needs to go through filters and external sources, such as "spiritual teachings and teachers", New age beliefs, false energy distortions, etc. The channels of instant knowing and integrity of Soul recognition are Now direct, and with that shift one will be able to see clearly through their own Soul cognizance in crystalline consciousness. This can be experienced as an inner "I (eye) see" activation. Therefore, many old sources of information that are yet being expressed as partial fragments (not the "whole package" of unified crystalline reality) are Now ready to be dissolved and surrendered. That goes for all old beliefs, teachings and teachers, fragmented intermediaries, partial knowledge understandings, etc. There is such a vast array of knowledge expression present here on this planet, and yet it comes through many levels of Soul evolution, and so the ascending individuals are Now ready to see and be seen within their own Soul domain of a belonging Soul evolution level, to not go "below" that any longer, for that no longer serves their Ascension process once it becomes unified. The partial knowledge framework only serves one until their own counterparts are yet coming together, but then it no longer does. Then it becomes a liability, a distraction and distortion only. One who is truly ascending within the unified Light must Now be ready and willing to recognize the difference between these fragments that serve the unifying process of Ascension as a catalyst for that state of consciousness, and that which truly feeds the mechanism of physical Ascension within Unity template. The shift for the "service to others" Souls is Now in place too, taking them to the New levels of their work and recognition for it, so that more of those who serve the Light may be guided to them for Ascension guidance and nourishment. And so it is, with greatest reverence for All Life in Creation that moves up the Spiral of Ascension. And so Be it!"

The energy that is present at this time sort of feels like "folding in on itself", and this is because so many things are happening at once, and often our limited linear thinking gets in the way of seeing the bigger picture. The unified Self consciousness is able to feel into all of these aspects as One without separation and polarization, so it's time to wake up to that part of us and reality we are co-creating. Something completely New is emerging, but we will need courage to look into it with multidimensional perspective. Things are not simply "happening" on this planet and our reality, they are unifying. Many simultaneous aspects are coming together as evolved Souls get ready to manage and master their sovereign Presence on Earth. The journey of Divine Union and Ascension is a process, and we need to tend to our garden of Eden with patience, devotion and steady guided action. This is all moving us into a new co-creative space, which we can't always fully imagine yet, but it's there nonetheless. This space is not about how much knowledge we have gained, but rather how much integrity of Truth our Soul has acquired before immersing in much vaster group consciousness. 

This is a powerful time of new beginnings. We are being asked to step up in our Soul embodiment and rise above what we have previously thought of ourselves and what is possible to attain and create. We achieved emotional mastery over things and Now it's time to create with the Divine on this new Creation level of our Being! There is raw potency and Magic of Soul alchemy present Now for everyone who committed to stepping up during the Eclipse!

Watch my Eclipse Cosmic sound activation here:

So at this time there is a strong activation happening on our planet. We have moved into one of the strongest Solar Eclipses ever, and our planet is going through a major rebirth. Just as we are experiencing our personal Ascension, so too does our planet, as more of Core frequency of Gaia comes into the planetary embodiment known as Earth. The Primordial Creation force is expanding through and through, and we are feeling it through our expansive inner fire of our sacred Life force! The Primordial Force of Creation is awakening, the New Earth portals are connecting and harmonizing with each other, so that more precipitation of New Earth comes through. The changes might be subtle and yet intensely experienced simultaneously. The sounds of Creation are coming through strong portal winds, celestial music of the spheres of dolphins and whales, as the Core of 5th dimensional joy is being seeded within the planet and in our sacred Heart connection, as Harmonic convergence at its highest! 

To make it easier for YOU, I have been guided to create a NEW video playlist with my FREE COURSES. This simplifies your own search, so enjoy! 

If You wish to go deeper, check out my SELF MASTERY courses online!

Big changes are happening within and around us, and we are almost being pushed over the edge! One thing is to finish what we have started, and another is to initiate New energy consciously. There are new communications and resolutions coming in, but again nothing will take place without conscious action steps! Big stellar energy precipitation is coming in, as we are receiving new Light upgrades and information. We can allow ourselves to believe again, that which is true within our very Core! It's also important to connect with our Soul family, people who resonate with us and live with pure Heart. That will make us aware just how much we are loved and supported, all aboard on "Spaceship Earth"!

Many of us are being asked to step up in our embodiment! I will be working more with the cultivation of the Life force as a Tantrika Being. 

I have also created a TANTRIKA video playlist for learning more about this, for those who wish to move deeper into their own Cosmic mastery!

Watch my Tantrika video here:

This is a time of victory and powerful personal mastery through adversity! Sometimes we may wonder why we go through the things that we do, which obviously don't affect others. This is because not everyone is on the path of Self mastery. There are many Soul levels of evolution, and those who are here as volunteer Souls have to go through a tremendous amount of growth and integration in order to embody what we have chosen for our Ascension. We came here with a special mission, and we were chosen for it with a reason! Our passion of Soul empowers us and constantly moves us forward, no matter what! The time of the Eclipse is showing us that we need to overcome the falsehoods in order to learn how the world of ego and illusion works through manipulation. When we have mastery over these lower worlds, they no longer have influence over us, and any seeming danger is turned into a jewel of Wisdom! But we must master them, as we are a part of them here and Now, we cannot live in false denial. 

This is what true mastery is, and it takes a lot of courage and commitment to inner work of Soul refinement. It's not talking about it, it's actually living as such through conscious choice and continuously choose mastery over anything else! We are now wiser and more discerning as ever before, seeing through who is here to trigger our mastery and who is meant to be our Divine companion, and seeing who is here for our initiation and who really wants to be helped in order to grow and expand! Through that knowing we no longer give our power away! Keep on going, it's creating so much for the Whole! 
Watch my latest Beloved Essence update here:

This Gateway holds this joyful frequency of New Earth in it, in the weaving of celestial Union, as Gaia frequency and planet Earth become one! Dolphins and whales weave the celestial sounds that hold everything together as it moves from crystalline form into matter! Precipitation of 5th density into our personal and planetary alignment! Sound activation is very important at this time, so we are to fine tune our biggest Divine "instrument" that is our physical body, by being gentle with ourselves and choosing that which opens the celestial codes of Divine remembrance through the Cosmic Heart of the Galactic Core and our Higher Heart template.

We are deeply psychic and tuned in at this time as well! Saturn is in conjunction with the Galactic center this month and all the way into May. The energy of the Eclipse is activating new ascended levels of "seership" for us, and the more relaxed we are, the more we can receive from this infinitely creative Divine intelligence. The flow of Cosmic manna, the infinite Life precipitation, is endless for those who constantly regenerate and rebirth through an open and fully activated Higher Heart! 

I have finished a BIG GRACE ART project of mine, which You can see in my video about the White Ray & the Seraphim!!!


I finally released my Beloved Music CD called "The songs of the Beloved"! I have been working on this one for so long, totally worth it!  

My greatest connection to the Cosmic Beloved is through a magical connection with All Life in Creation, singing the songs of the Beloved. These come and go in the most perfect Spirit guided moments, with complete melody, lyrics and celestial attunement. All these years, I have been preparing behind the scenes with my Beloved music, and Now I'm so excited to finally share it with everyone!

"Welcome to an amazing journey of Elven/Angelic melodies brought to Life by Polona Aurea Dawn. These are songs of the Beloved, channeled through Spirit, sung in reverence to all Life in Creation and the Cosmic Beloved journey. These are sacred sound attunements of Light brought into embodiment through the celestial Heart of the Cosmic Beloved. May this music inspire You on your own journey of Divine Union."



This is what it means to be a Divine Lover of Life, and these songs sing of the Beauty and Magic of All Life in Creation, true Love as in Divine Love, and the mystical path of the sacred Beloved journey!

My desire is to inspire the Divine remembrance of true Divine Union within everyone! It is my deepest devotion for ALL to know the COSMIC BELOVED!!!

Each of these songs was sung in a very special moment when a wave of Divine Beloved Essence and its magical Bliss was most strongly felt. Therefore, I did not want to alter these songs by editing or re-recording them, for they would lose their pristine Divine Spark and signature which they contained in that eternal moment of Divine Perfection. May You tune into that perfection through a pure Heart, receiving the Beloved in Grace!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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