Sunday, May 1, 2016

Celebrating Life in New energy mastery

Dear Beloveds!

The main Essence of the New is a state of Joy. The way to get "there" is through all that is perceived as not joyful. So the current energy for many of us is that of rebirth. We have reached the end of the culmination of one cycle and Now we are readying ourselves to enter a New one. Remember that every exit point is a new entrance, and as we are walking through the bridge into the New, it's perfect to rest, reflect and replenish. The great void of the Mother is transforming us once again, for we rise up and transcend, constantly moving to greater heights of embodied consciousness. This is a time for a quiet retreat and rest. This is a wonderful opportunity to nourish our heart, mind and soul. We are in the Cosmic womb in preparation for a rebirth. We are being called to rediscover ourselves, evaluate our life and relationships and our own sense of self worth. Solitude brings clarity and wisdom Now, if we only allow ourselves to go with the flow of stillness and serenity. During this time of self reflection, things that no longer serve us will fall away or drastically change. Everything changes eventually, and especially during such powerful times! It's a powerful process we are in, and it's OK. Everything is exactly how it needs to be, so we can fully surrender and let go!

We are on the verge of New life, which might mean a deepening of our Spirit connection, a new lifestyle or a change in how we view our reality and what we desire to create. Our creations can be approached in such a simple manner, so the more that we unify from within and simplify our life, the easier it will be for us to be in our flow. To be in the authentic flow is to be One with our Soul and feel its simplistic guidance. 

The voice of the Soul is always simple, for it's only the Human perception that often begins to complicate and create drama through filters and distortions. As we come from a clear space of inner Wisdom, a lens of deeper perception opens up for us, freeing us from unwanted need and desire. As we wipe the slate clean, we will be able to truly feel as our Soul feels, through such purity and benevolence. It's often the things we want most that seem to elude us, and that is simply because we need to learn to surrender, have patience and trust.

The more we accept life as it presents itself to us without either being too passive or active, we begin to live from the middle space of Self mastery. The art of living is Life itself, and how we view it, how we receive it and what we co-create with it. It is given to us as a precious gift, a sacred offering of the Divine, so the moment we stop complaining over everything that we don't like, we welcome in the unified flow of the most benevolent reality that we are partnering up with. We need to view everything in our Life as our partner and teacher, as we gently guide ourselves to what we truly enjoy in from the Soul's perspective. 

That doesn't mean we negate all of our possible ego driven desires, for that way we deny them their voice of expression. We may rather invite them into a deeper perspective of the Soul so that they may unify in greater awareness. Let us embrace New Life every day, knowing that we continue to start over again ... And again! 

So a lot of us are being moved into the creation of new sacred spaces, even living spaces perhaps. This concerns the establishment of long term desires and commitments, so something we have worked on quite diligently and with devotion. A time of celebration Now comes, which means that we will slowly but steadily be able to see the fruits of our labors while also being shown how this benefits us in the long run without being attached to the future outcomes. When we are rooted in the Present moment, we will have more reason to celebrate than constantly waiting for more happiness and fulfillment. 

If there are things we are still somehow hooked on and it feels like we are left hanging, always waiting for something or someone to show up for us, we have to bring that aspect back into the present and internalize it. How do we do that? Simply by being very aware of what is going on in our mind and how we relate to things and people, which requires full transparency and self honesty.

The more we Self reflect and internalize, the easier things will externalize and manifest in alignment with our Soul. To seek our Divine complement is not the same as seeking for external completion. As we create a sacred space for our Divine match from a space of completion and fulfillment, things will come to us in a natural fashion, and they will always feel simple, balanced and like they are meant to be. There is great Justice and perfect order in the Universe, and the more that we are connected to our own unique aspect of the 'I AM', the more we will fit into the Whole so perfectly in our awareness and being. Big happy changes are coming, and it all begins by us bringing a state of happiness into our present reality!

Here is my video on new levels of transparency:

Earth is going through another energetic shift and we are walking along the Spiral of Spirit. Mercury also goes retrograde Now, joining other retrograde planets in a compilation of 5 retrogrades. Five is a number of change and instability, so at this time we may feel a bit more fragile and open, which in a deeper sense takes us into having a deeper look into our life and our creations. Our reality is shifting, and as we are all polishing our looks in the mirror, we will be shown old and new things, as well as how to blend them together in a synthesized Whole. Our current physical Ascension is a co-creation of worlds/realities, to bring the Light of Joy and Purity into all things and creations through Love, so that our every reflection becomes that of Love.

We will know our highest alignment by how we feel, so if our vibration will lessen and our energy will feel like it's being drained, our inner fusion is still not optimal. We are therefore being presented with situations and relationships that will show us how to be our authentic Self in the midst of colliding realities. Yes, a part of reality feels like it's drifting away while we focus more on the other pole of ourselves, which is completely natural. But the important thing before we choose anything and co-create anew is to fuse all of the light and dark components of our prime nature. Our fused Self will create our new ascended blend in a grounded way, for we will actually anchor the completeness of all experiences and yet still choose to embody one that reflects our current authentic nature of Soul expansion.

Use the current Mercury retrograde phase that occurs in the sign of Taurus for that awareness! We are moving through deep rebirth and resurrection energy, which is the last stage of each particular Ascension cycle in our physical Human form. As this unfolds for us, we will be purging and releasing old emotions and feelings that are not of our New Self. As we simply watch them come and go as if on a movie screen, we will create a sacred space for inner allowance to move more into our Soul. On our Ascension journey we might often explore alternate realities and opportunities to expand through, but eventually we will always return back to the Self, to that center stage of our Cosmic Heart and what we are most devoted to. Our New golden Self is achieved by walking through those turbulent waters attachment free. Our Universal Love Self loves through what is the highest good of all, not just what feels good for us only. The more Christed we are, the more enlightened we will feel, for we will love through the Heart of Source and all of Creation. 

So as we are asked to make some clear decisions, we will be initiated into deeper Self Trust and commitment, holding what is truly dear to us in our Heart. Every choice leads us either into a deeper Self alignment or the denial of it. Here the opinions and projections of others should be passed as inner tests of faith which only we can know for our own path. The Phoenix within us knows best, for it has the ability to soar way above any mundane earthly perspective. As we look deeper into all matters of the Heart, we will see how simple it is to make those choices, for the answers already lie in our Heart. We already know everything that we need to know in each given moment and we create all of our reality through that knowing. As we rise up and fly above the known, we will create great new things for all to witness and share them with the world. The world of creative abundance and higher resources is about to expand yet again!

There is a longing in our Heart, and it is known as the whisper of the sacred Beloved that speaks to us of great depth of Love and intimacy. So many of us are being shown the Essence of the Beloved, and as we hear the call within our Heart, something in our reality shifts. We realize that great Love requires great trust, patience and growth. That growth is the physical maturity of our Heart, so that it becomes capable of holding the intensity and vibration of such Love, the Divine Love in physical form. We have to be ready to meet ourselves on all levels before we can fully commit to such depth of Love and intimacy, and that is why we experience the kind of healing that our body requires to provide a template for such Love.

We may know of such Love as an Essence, but to fully live it means to become a Divine Lover in all ways of openness, not just partially. Divine Love in Human form is not partial, it's actually the wholeness of Truth of who we are. We first hear the calling for the Beloved within ourselves, for this is where we need to begin meeting ourselves first. This continues through our shared experiences with others, as we merge with and integrate all aspects of ourselves. This requires great emotional maturity in illumination, so we will go through the kind of initiations that we require on this journey of Love to the point. For each one of us it will be different, but the path of true Union requires our completion and total transparency of Heart!

Intimacy is the key, and every situation that we find ourselves in helps us to deepen it! In order for us to live with the deepest Spirit integrity, we need to see through all of our illusions and delusions. This is how we become Spirit born, no more Earth bound. As we release all karmic perspectives, we free ourselves of distorted Human perceptions, becoming the Eagle Human that soars above the world of matter, be in this world but not of it! It is then that we tap into our Power of creative Source, creating our own reality as a Miracle of Life that we are, bringing our Spirit fusion into matter!

All roads lead into Divine Love, and wherever we are at our own personal juncture of Divine remembrance, Divine Love always has our back! We are never not in Divine Love, it's just that our Human perception and focus may shift and sway. At this very important time in Human history, so many are remembering the true Heart opening in the search of the Divine Beloved. That calling of the sacred longing is louder than any other voice and it continuously challenges us to open our Heart even more. On the path of the sacred Beloved we are moving deeper and deeper into our true Essence as our focus deepens and our inner senses sharpen. We know that voice by softly allowing it entering into our reality. The deeper within we will go, the more the voice of the Beloved will speak to us in crystal clear ways. 

It might whisper to us of a relationship that we are about to enter, or one that we are to leave behind as we continue to ascend higher, as our Life force is the constant moving on in flow of the Divine. Only true Lovers are not afraid to let go and receive the Beloved in ever new shapes and forms, as the Human Love within grows and expands, unattached and free. This is who we truly are as unique Sparks of Creator's Light. This means that the Beloved is always abundant and opportune, and all that we need to do is trust our inner voice and follow it through with authentic Presence. As we do so, our Life will constantly reflect more balance to us, for we will choose in congruence with our true Love Essence.

Continue to love yourself and others through the Great Beloved, and trust that it always knows exactly how to love!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn 

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