Sunday, May 22, 2016

Mastering Polarity on Earth

Dear Beloveds!

There are a lot of changes happening for us in the moment, and many of us will feel these as major Life transitions. This can feel like a major new opportunity that rushes into our reality and sweeps us off our feet, or a tiny step towards our dream reality that we are guided to make in order to fully embody our authentic Essence. Sometimes that change might also come in the form of a current "loss", which is never truly a loss anyway. The nature of our drive is change, because it moves us and creates evolution. Even a tiny thing coming into our reality may feel like a blessing, for example something that upsets us so much that we finally step through the edge and make a solid commitment to a new way of living, an improved lifestyle and our daily routine. We need to learn to balance the incoming new with the order of already established harmony.

We often don't want to push through the already established reality because it feels so safe, but at this time the seeds of our past energy investments and commitments are paying off, and we are being rewarded for new routines and ideas that will push us off the edge of the familiar. Major life transitions are always longer cycles of change that we must undergo and endure, so when physical shifts happen, they do so because our energy has already been planting seeds and creating a shift for quite some time. But eventually, a bigger push through will be necessary for the change to occur on the most physical level as well. This is definitely one of those times, and we need to commit to ourselves even stronger than ever before. Our mission is of major importance Now!

We stand with our head in the clouds/stars and our feet solidly on Earth, as Masters of Polarity!

Things are really shifting on the planet, and as we walk through many clouds of illusion, we are seeing through the energies of duality playing out really intensely! Our role as Pillars of the New Earth is to hold a steady ground and be in the space of clarity. A lot of the old may want to clutch its way through us, and yet we are not to give away our power to something that is a mere shadow of that which is not in true remembrance of itself as Divine Love. The energies of deceit and hostility are highly present around this time, but this is only because the Light of Truth is so strong on the planet. The more that illuminates, the more of the untrue will be pierced through.

Our role as ambassadors and stewards of the New Earth is to be the leaders in a new way, which doesn't require entitlement and role playing. We are actually doing it as we have never done it before, and Now a big turnover is here for us. Because we have already transformed so much of the old density, things are emerging as they are much faster. We will recognize lies and deceit with intense spiritual ego much faster than we used to, but our part will be to dissolve that, not judge it! Be prepared and be willing to question everything, including your own false beliefs! 

We are doing this for the Whole of Humanity! We are Humanity!

Here is my video on how to serve others during these times:

We are still in a retrograde period. The Essence of reunion and past memories invites us into deep reflection and re-evaluation of what energies are wanting to return to us so that we can finally integrate them from within. Often this can be done by people or memories (situations) from the past returning into our lives, and the duration of that visitation might be a lasting one or not. The moment that we realize that we are all pieces of the Grand puzzle, we can invite in the awareness that every other person in our life has a "limited" stay with us. Everything always comes and goes, as the only constant is change. 

Sometimes people come to show us more about ourselves and other times they simply come to accompany us on our path for a while and share moments of beauty and companionship with us. When we understand that, we never have to attach to anyone or anything anymore. People and events shall continue to return to us until we get what our reunions are truly about and how we can use that to expand and further advance on our spiritual path!  

A lot of us are in the early stages of our ground level Earth mastery, which is where we begin to merge our higher Universal consciousness of Unity and spiritual understanding with practical earthly wisdom. That wisdom can be described as the wise "gypsy" that lives within us and knows how to apply our wisdom in our life and relationships. This is the "witch" part of us that just knows what it feels beyond all the "false" that is being presented to us. As we have been traveling through many relating experiences, meeting aspects of ourselves within them and applying them as the Wisdom of our embodiment, our higher consciousness was still in a way separate from our physical embodiment, and so we often felt torn between feelings and choices between our "higher and lower" selves. Now this is beginning to merge and unify in one single voice and experience of the embodied Soul.

Watch my latest Ascension update about this:

If we experienced challenging relationships, then perhaps they only paved the way for this practical Earth mastery, so that we can really own who we are on all levels, beyond conflicting ideals and ideas about reality, so that the Heaven is merged with Earth. This is the knowing of the "New Heaven and the New Earth." Any conflict that we experienced on the outside only reflected the conflict within us, as these levels of us were merging together. This is making us feel so New, offering understanding to ourselves first, before loving everything and everyone else, so that we can be aligned with our own Wisdom, and because it's everyone's job to offer understanding to themselves, it's not our job to always do that for others. As ambassadors of pure Love we are simply here to Be that true Love without filters and distortions in our embodiment. We know that as we do the physical dance on Earth, the "Heaven" has our back!

We are being reminded that the path of Universal Love and Truth includes the experience of Love in Human form. Those of us who have been awakening to deep and selfless unconditional Love of our true illuminated Self are Now presented with the task of bringing that into our Human experience and everyday reality. Our mastery is not dependent on where we are, but who we are at our Core. It is not about who we are with, it is about the deepest Spirit integrity that permeates all of our experiences. Everything is becoming more about mastering Self Love that is a part of the Love for All Life, because this is not an exclusive thing. When we love and respect ourselves by always putting our Soul embodiment first, we are not being selfish. We are not being self centered. We simply become the center of our Self, the illumined Primary from which all else emanates from.

We can find that primal Origin within ourselves and nowhere else, and yet we also meet it everywhere outside of ourselves, for all is but One. As we find the sacred space and the Silence of our Soul, we connect to the deepest part of ourselves that knows no obstacles and distortions. In the New, we wish to create everything from that harmony, because we understand that meeting each other half way is the agreement that all parties need to make, not just one. The game of polarity we are playing out is being integrated on a deep personal level through everyone of us, and yet there are parts of this journey that we can only conquer together! We are that knowing, we are that New!

True Self fulfillment does not only represent the fulfillment of wishes and personal desires, but also our willingness to "sacrifice" fleeting happiness for true Self fulfillment that comes deeply from our Soul. It takes a lot of courage to recognize which illusions and distortions keep us from true bliss, the one that comes from the Core of our Being, the one that no one can take away from us because it's based on who we are, not what we have or what we've acquired. The deepest sense of Self fulfillment comes through Self alignment and living the passion of our Soul so that it constantly sustains and nourishes us!

When we become crystal clear in our intentions, we become the Master of the Self, the only master we can ever become anyway! Our true desires are always free of emotional hooks or entanglements, so they will free us, and they will sustain us. That which comes from a lack of Love will keep us searching for more, always spinning like on a hamster wheel of "fortune". When we find the personal door of true Soul liberation, every desire based on Truth can be obtained, and all that is of illusion shall naturally dissolve, and that is how Love works ... To free us all, to make of us who we are in Truth!  

As new streams of Light are coming in, we will be shown new questions about our path and a deeper Truth about who we are, for the purpose of further expansion of our path. We have been shifting in our mission for quite some time Now, for the purposes of thinking bigger and getting more out of Life. There is always more to Life and what we can create, and when the push forward feels the most intense, it can also feel the most uncomfortable. At such times it is best to honor our sacred space in deep contemplation mode and find these new questions and answers by simply putting ourselves "out there." As our intentions are being sent out, this process creates a "ripple" in space and time, making it more possible to pierce through the veils and connect to those aspects of us that hold these new potentials. 

We are becoming much more awake and receptive than ever before, but we need to learn to trust that guidance by not only talking to the Divine, but knowing how to listen and pay attention to all that is being presented to us as well. That occurs through the merge of the subtle realms and this physical reality. We may receive that through our dreams or in our awake altered state of consciousness. We don't have to do much more once we know how to get to this space, and we can only surrender by letting it go. We don't need to "try hard" at anything, we only have to know our value through piercing into the Whole with our uniqueness and Self Love. We don't always have to understand our desires and longings, we must simply allow it to the point of becoming it, so that we become our Soul desire made manifest!

This is how we become Life itself, bigger than the Universe, never confined and always in Love! A big turnover is at hand Now, but we can only sense it through the deepest Core of our Being!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn 

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