Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Becoming Earth Masters

Dear Beloveds!

What an auspicious energy flow we are in! We celebrated Earth day on April 22nd, and we also had a Scorpio Full Moon, which marks the time of the Taurus lunation as the festival of Light called Wesak! So many of us are receiving the Essence of our Cosmic Beloved. What does that mean for us on a practical earthly level? It means that our Prime Light Essence of the Creation Self is becoming more known to us and felt, as it begins its journey of the Soul descent. As we embrace our complete Beloved Spark, we become the Essence of the Divine Lover of All Life in Creation! This naturally brings physical changes as well, for the inner blossoming requires a brand new stage of Self unfolding and melding into this new space of our Human embodiment. We are feeling more abundance, more flow and conscious communication. We understand that we are Life, and that therefore we also co-create Life!

This is all a consequence of our integrated Life force, which brings us anything that we need as the embodiment of crystalline Soul Essence. Barriers and limitations begin to drop away, as our organic Being wants to live and experience, knowing that there is no separation between mastery and the Cosmic Master. We become One with all of Life, merging with every aspect of Creation that blends into our reality. There is nothing that is bad or wrong anymore. The more that self limitations and walls fall away, the more physical Love we will be able to receive as gifts of Divine Grace. But not only that! We will wish to become extensions of Divine hands, loving and serving more, with the unique gifts that we are given ourselves through blessings and graces of the One! We are so many and yet our Cosmic Lover knows only One!

To know and experience both while in a physical embodiment is truly such a Gift!

I created a video course on the Essence of the Cosmic Beloved and how to embody it!

What is the Cosmic Beloved and how do we move into the Essence of the Beloved ... becoming our ultimate Beloved? The Beloved is such a profound topic and so I was guided to create the Cosmic Beloved course which I personally developed to move us deeper into our Human mastery in enlightened partnerships. This is my most integrated course which connects our multidimensional Cosmic experience with our enlightened Human experience in a unified synthesis. This is the path of the polarized Unity of vertical and horizontal enlightenment as the ultimate Beloved! goes deep into the nature of the Cosmic Beloved and how to live in enlightened partnerships here on Earth, as Above so Below! The Cosmic Beloved course covers the most profound and yet simple understanding of how to bring the Creation Principles of the Cosmic Beloved in an actual/integrated Human experience. It sheds much clarity on the Beloved experience as Human Masters in the New.

Here is the link for the Beloved course!

So many of us are Now entering through a Gateway of becoming Earth Masters, which includes the bridging of worlds and merging all dimensions within us. There is an opening of energy that is occurring, within a field of dreams of our reality. Everyone who has held strongly to the inner knowing and firmly devoted themselves to the New, will begin receiving confirmations about their path and readjustments about the unfolding movement.

We are all being asked to keep on moving even when we don't have a full mental understanding of why things are happening a certain way. Everything is unfolding perfectly, and as our trust levels deepen, we are becoming more of an Earth Master than ever before! Our dreams are coming true, and even though not always in the most physical sense and how we wanted it to, they are, so we need to keep an optimistic approach and embrace Life as it is. 

When we live from the space of acceptance it is not the same as being passive. It simply means that we can reflect and direct everything back to us, knowing that only we have the power to create this in our reality, and then see whether it resonates with our authentic Heart feeling or not. If not, we can always change it and adjust our manifestations, for that is how powerful we are and that is what we will be learning in the New, through the power of conscious awareness and choice. It takes great strength to bring everything back to us, and as we do so, Love will grow and expand through us. And so we are Now feeling more Love for everything in our Life and the world at large, while remaining focused on what we need and desire. The bridging of worlds is not about compromising either, it is merely about embracing all facets of Life and their perfection in unfolding. Yes, Love truly is in the air, can You feel it?

Here is my video on this topic of Earth mastery:

We also had Solar Flares in alignment with the Scorpio Full Moon that are getting us ready for a new level of our Ascension and personal mastery! We might be feeling a bit more spaced out than usual, for as we are entering into the depth of the shadows, we are working on new levels of our Human psyche, and that is why we are being shown new things and insights. This might confuse us at first, for our Life streams are moving into new dimensions as well. 

We might receive a lot of symbolic information in our dream work and our bodies will be processing a lot as we ready for this next level of purging and evolving. With every emptying out comes a phase of integration, and so whenever we feel spaced out, unclear or indecisive, we can use this period to go deeper and reflect on different aspects of ourselves and what they wish to show us about our current integration phase and practical embodiment.

The more we move into the Soul, the less separation we will feel and the more we will love freely, with open arms. We are here to shed light on everything that was once put off for a better time, avoided or even rejected. This means that we will sometimes need to go "back" and re-apply the things that we haven't been able to before. We are only truly Masters of Earth when we can fully learn through the art of application, which means putting all of our spiritual understanding into practice. 

This means bringing the Light of illumination into the worlds of Creation. If we feel challenged or in a void zone, we need to know that to master polarity we need both challenging and harmonizing aspects of energy in order to grow and evolve! The Love is always there, and by choosing through what Love would choose, we stay authentically aligned with our Presence!  

A lot of us may be feeling like we are under the radar, meaning that there might be some conflicting feelings and ideas in which direction to go and what to choose. This is perfectly normal for when we are in between phases and cycles of our journey. Our mind cannot always perceive what our Heart already knows, and while we are in the process of merging our Heart, mind and root, we will be continuously shown all the areas and aspects of our Being where we still perceive them to be separate. By utilizing Faith, we can see all these aspects of us coming into a full circle and unifying. 

Whenever we feel unclear or uncertain about anything, it's a sign that not all is known to us just yet, and that we are to wait it out. It is all about an open invitation to all aspects of our Self. We don't need to judge the phases of our life, for we need to be so patient with ourselves and our ascending process that we don't rush it or make it into something which is not. 

When our mind is carefree and unlimited, we will allow ourselves to feel more, and it's that primal feeling which will direct us to our next destination. As the experience will be felt, we will have the ability to integrate it, and that is why living through spiritual concepts and beliefs only is never fully authentic. The art of allowing the Human experience holds the key to our conscious integration and brings richness and depth to our Ascension process, so the more that we experience, the more Wisdom can come from it. Through that we are creating a practical application of our higher understanding, making it real and organic. This is how we turn spiritual concepts into Divine Principles, by living through them day after day! Allow yourself to perceive every part of your journey as a creative process, a mystery unfolding, a victory at hand! This is how we set our Hearts fully free!

Here is my video on truly surrendering into Ascension:

Everything at this time is directing us into practical Earth mastery. This means that we will be balancing out our energy focus and what we are devoted to. If we have been service oriented all of our life, Now is a time to retreat and enjoy Life. If on the other hand we have been nothing but enjoying ourselves, it will be a time to balance that out with conscious creativity.

The art of Self mastery is complete knowledge of Self merged with practical application, which means that knowledge brings change, and that change will lead us to more and more balance in all areas of our focus. For us to know where we are and where we stand, we need regular devotion to the Self and enjoy the quiet time with our Soul in Spirit communion. 

This is when we receive all the instructions from Spirit, and all that we have to do is being authentic with how we spend our time and direct our energy, no guilt and judgment included. As we practice being more earthly, grounded and realistic, we don't negate our Soul, we simply merge it with our current earthly focus. As we master this, we can do anything with awareness and devotion, bringing Love into every aspect of Life in Creation. The more Soul merged we are, the more we embody the Essence of a Cosmic Beloved, a Divine Lover of all Life in Creation! Master your reality and become your own emperor/empress! You are the Miracle of Life itself, just become aware of it and nurture that Truth every moment! Life is so simple when You live in the Heart of your Mastery! You can only embody You, no one else!

We are being moved in a new direction, and the light of the most recent Scorpio Full Moon is shedding awareness on what that is for us. We may feel simultaneous pulls in many different directions, and although we are unlimited multidimensional Beings, we are still mastering the art of choice as Humans.

Whatever most resonates in our Heart, even if there are no visible implications of that energy becoming manifest, we are still to pay attention and listen to that deep knowing. We might feel that things in our reality are somehow predetermined and that there are certain rigid structures around it, and yet this is only partially true. We choose the kind of circumstances we wish to evolve through, while being makers of our own destined reality at the same time. As we master that understanding, we will find the balance between receptivity and conscious action, the feminine and masculine principles of Creation. 

As we transcend the old rigid rules and structures which are often cultural, societal or self inflicted, we will create space for new ways of feeling and living. As we finally release attachment to past memories and associations, we will be able to clear our perceptions so that they are filter free. Any fears that may be coming up during this time are unfounded, as they are merely "ghosts" of what is no longer there.

As we embrace those partial and false perceptions for what they are, we will be able to slowly see how things really are and embrace the true nature of Truth as it presents itself to us unbiased, unfiltered and benevolent in every way! That is how we hold the space for what is true for us, so that we may continue to move forward in the positive Light of the New!

The best is yet to come and the doorway to it leads through our past, reflecting and embracing the future!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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