Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Matriarchs of the New Earth

Dear Beloveds!

Our planet Earth is going through major shifts at this time and many of us are feeling it as we tune into the higher frequencies of Gaia! The Being that is providing us with this earthly incarnation is shifting and so are we, for this is a simultaneous process, a new birth or rebirth of ourselves into a new level of density. As we wake up to other potentialities and possible realities more, we are realizing that all of this already exists as a vibratory template, we are simply embodying it as we go along our Soul expansion. Nothing comes without conscious embodiment, the drive for our new experiences. There is great harmony in the works Now, and the more we can catch the waves of this flow, the more we will notice these subtle and yet profound changes that are playing out in this new space of the New, like different time spectrum (time speeding up), more rapid manifestation, more love in our overall reality, more gifts from the Divine and everything falling into place effortlessly.

We are realizing that we don't have to struggle to get things done, we simply need to tune into the New Earth frequency, and with each new "pregnancy" level we will feel more rejuvenated and grounded into this new reality. In the beginning we might still question ourselves and our physical senses and symptoms, but as we ground ourselves into the New more in deep Soul alignment and integration, the more trust and knowing how to naturally be in the New will come. Those who are fully merged with Gaia consciousness will feel Her shifts as One with their own. Yes, we are definitely receiving timeless wisdom from the Core of our Soul and the Great Mother Goddess!  

This is my video about becoming the stewards of New Earth:

Many of us are moving through the so-called "growing pains" of becoming a New Human. This includes even feelings of loss and lack, for what we used to experience within the old template is no longer there, and we are just before a new dawn, which is where it usually feels the darkest. We are still in the grieving process of the old. But on the other hand, this is where we get to explore the missing links of separation, for feeling separate from the Whole comes on many levels and in many different layers. On this particular segment of our journey many of us are mastering the art of Self worth and respect, which are the key ingredients of Spirit integrity. 

Those of us who have been mastering and welcoming the embodiment of the golden and diamond levels of consciousness have often stayed true to ourselves and the path of Truth, not swaying too much to the left or right. A lot of times this included being alone or a bit more introverted, for we were Masters of the New "in training." This training in awareness is about to pay off, so we must hold our Divine torches towards the Light in the knowing of Divine perfection and completeness. 

Through this we have been holding and stewarding the higher templates of the New Earth, and although this "job" wasn't one of the easiest ones and it often made us feel alone and isolated, we are Now beginning to understand more about the nature of this purpose. The higher ideals are returning to this planetary consciousness as many of us have been holding them in our conscious awareness and higher levels of Being, and Now we offer them as a new template by staying true to ourselves and this higher level of Soul integrity. This is how we are merging the higher realms with the lower worlds of density, and as we are presented with our Divine assignments, we simply do our part as a Human Being and allow Spirit to do the rest! This is a multidimensional mission and purpose, which many of us are performing humbly and behind the scenes, with such great Love, care and devotion!

We know who we are as the Matriarchs of New Earth! You know who You are!

You can assist yourself into this journey through my Cosmic Beloved course!

As Jupiter went direct again after a few months of retrograde motion, with Mercury eclipsing the Sun almost simultaneously, we were all being energetically upgraded and this caused us to feel momentarily tired or more easily drained than usual. This is because we are receiving new activations of light that are starting us off on a new path. Because of this many of us may Now feel like in between different assignments or life chapters in general.

We may feel like things are not happening with the usual speed, or that we need some more time to process things that come into our reality. Our bodies require a lot more patience than usual at this time, as we are moving through new frequencies to process and embody. This was a huge shift, which will also influence our weather patterns, due to the new incoming electromagnetic charge. Those who are most attuned to the subtle energy shifts are feeling these changes most intensely as the first wave of Ascension Pioneers who are integrating this on the path of New energy mastery.

As we accept this period as merely a passing stage, we will see the unfolding chapters as a stepping stone that takes us from one point to the next. A feeling of being spaced out is completely normal at this time, because our brain functions and capacity are going through a major shift that requires a lot of rewiring within the new building blocks of our consciousness. What comes after is a promise of a renewal, more feeling of Love and Union, the promise of a new relationship or blossoming in our partnerships in general, and the ability to grow in our light quotient. We always go through shifts in the Ascension timeline, it's just that sometimes they are bigger and require more adjustment and patience on our behalf. All is shifting towards the positive, so that we can live a lighter and more authentic life in a New reality!

A lot of us are working on the value of Self worthiness and so as we are working on fully embodying it, we will be presented with situations and relationships that will reflect that to us. If we take a moment and pause each such situation for a while, we will be able to see and feel what's really going on behind the scenes. So many light bearers often "jumped" into the waters of unconditional Universal Love, often at the expense of their own self worth and value, prematurely wanting to merge and be One with all. Often the sacrifices made in order to love universally and be of selfless service made us feel isolated, not equally loved in return or even rejected. Now we are going deeper into who we are as Divine Humans, knowing that our value is just the same as everyone else's. This is how we are bridging the Wisdom of Earth with our Cosmic Wisdom of the higher Realms.

So as we are merging our Spirit with our humanness, we are becoming Masters of polarity, knowing that Love has so many faces and forms, and that none of them are truly separate. We are growing up and maturing spiritually, in order to live in the balance of mastery between Self Love in our uniqueness and the Universal Love of All. As we merge all parts of us, denying no single aspect to ourselves, we will know our worth once more and become whole, and to be whole is to be holy! It's our Soul's birthright to be happy, joyful and personally liberated, and as we work on fine tuning into our Heart, we will once more know the middle space of our physical existence and sustenance and our spiritual integrity as a Divine sovereign! Our personal desires are a part of the Whole, and our Heart is showing us the Way to fulfill ourselves to fulfill the Whole! You are as worthy as the whole world and beyond!!!

Here is my latest Ascension update on the mastery of Universal & Self Love as One:

As we are awakening and ascending, we are opening up to ever greater levels of Self intimacy. A lot of beings still have issues of sexuality and repression of intimacy due to the collective programming and Eons of Soul patterns in regards to distorted sexuality. The reason for this is lack of Self wholeness and value. The more Light we are Now absorbing during our Ascension journey, the more this will long to be resolved and dissolved. A lot of times this patterning will hide behind the mask of wanting perfection in relationships and seeking approval from others, while passively waiting until we get that from external sources. There is no other "half" to make us truly whole and no perfect "twin flame" that we should be waiting for in order to complete us, for without it we might feel as we are nothing but an empty whole. If we put our intimate life on hold due to this false "perfection", we just continue to persist in that false programing, unwilling to do the inner work of Soul integration.

In Truth, every relationship is a reflection of our frequency and Core patterning and we should remain open and grateful for its presence in our life. If we try to control or push things away because we want it to be somehow different and we would rather already be somewhere else in our Soul development, we will not fully receive our Divine gifts in the Now. They are all here to further expand us on our path to wholeness, no matter how it looks like. We are here to evolve and balance our inner masculine and feminine polarities, so that we may feel completely naked and transparent in our authentic nature. Trying to hold on to an idea about a relationship or resisting it in its current form and perfection holds us back, but we can quickly align with ourselves by not feeding the illusion of separation anymore, as well as not trying to please another or search for that perfection by trying to change our true nature, as Divine compatibility is a natural process!

The Life force of our Being runs freely when we are open to both giving and receiving. As we master complete emotional fulfillment, we can actually become so whole that we have enough to share with others as well. What is left for once we master becoming inwardly fulfilled and Self realized as a Master of feeling? Surely the next step lies in sharing our abundant resources with others as one family of light. This represents the deepest Soul bonds and a feeling of coming home to our Soul family, a deeply enriching purpose and selfless service in general. The more we have, the more we have to share, but this does not necessarily mean the sharing of material gifts, but rather emotional fulfillment and brotherhood/sisterhood! Bonds based on true Love will last for years and Eons to come, and we are planting their seeds right Now, from the foundation of our own personal mastery!

I have been doing more tarot lately, observing the patterns that repeatedly come through these Divine archetypes. Ace of cups is a beautiful card in tarot which keeps coming up a lot lately! It represents so many things for us, from micro to macro levels of our Being! On a grander level it represents the sacred Chalice, the holy grail, which is our connection to the purity of Holy Spirit on all levels. On a more minute level it represents the overflow of emotions, which is necessary for emotional mastery as we move from adolescence into spiritual maturity. It is that aspect of us that feels deeply, passionately and most intimately that serves as the Gateway for the communion with Spirit! As we activate a deeper sense of feeling through our Core Soul longing, we also activate the ability to integrate that state of Being as masters of our emotions and intimacy. This card then also represents a readiness and ability to receive and sustain a relationship, to be open and receive and to be met on all levels of our integrated Human Self. In Truth, we always receive as much as we open up to, but it needs to be authentic and flow through our Soul, not the separate ego! The more Love we can actually feel, the more that capacity to love and be loved in return can birth on the physical level of our experience as well! We feel to make things real!

And I was recently reminded of this beautiful quote: "If you are brave enough to say goodbye, life will show you a new hello!" Too often we don't make a choice to move on from something out of fear of loss and perceived emptiness. We are afraid that something new won't come in for us, so we fear taking risks. We are hesitant of taking a leap of faith into the unknown just because we don't see physical evidence of that New yet. But how can this be, if Life is pure abundance and our own Life force reflects that perfectly? We don't create through external circumstances, we create through our Soul alignment! And when we are ready to meet Life, Life meets us half way as well. The Universe functions through the infinite law of compensation, so we never have to fear about losing something. Things simply come and go as we grow and expand, making room for the New, creating anew! In Truth, we are always full when we live the law of Love, and this will move us into ever greater levels of balance and harmony!

There is always more to Life! All comes to those who dare to be as they fully are!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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