Monday, May 9, 2016

A New Eon for Divine feminine & masculine

Dear Beloveds!

The feminine and masculine energies on the planet are coming together after Eons of hardship and miscommunication. It all began with the experience of separation when the energies polarized and created all the experiences we have lived through as a Soul collective. Both forces of Creation are equal in Truth, so they both require our attention and reciprocity from within. This is a natural balancing act that is occurring Now for many of us, but those who are ready to embody this are being called to step up and commit to this inner transformation at this time. This natural balancing act will wipe the slate clean of old energy, changing how we relate to one another and form conscious partnerships. This work first takes place within, doing our own healing/wholing work of Self unification. This means that all aspects of us need to be expressed and have their voice! As they do, we will rewrite old relating stories and finally let them go. When this happens, we will feel a clear incoming of the New energy, changing the way we view relationships and Human experiences in general. 

This new energy template will make us operate from totally new levels of consciousness, as Masters of New energy. This energy is non linear and non local. It will create a new "energetics" for how and what we attract, for the experiences on this new level will be different. Whatever we may be experiencing is a clear indication of what we still require for our Soul commitment to do the work of Self wholeness and perfect balance. Sometimes we might feel like trying to get ahead of ourselves, when all we can do is follow along our current Soul cycles of expansion and integration. There is no force needed to be as Love is. New level of experience and integration will only begin when we complete the first stage, which is total mastery over the old reality in order to transcend it and move into a New one. For many of us it may feel like this is it, and that we finally arrived at a totally new space!

We also have Jupiter going direct in the sign of Virgo, plus Mercury still retrograde eclipsing the Sun! This is a rare occurrence and such an opportune time of renewed hope and optimism, through the power of choice. Those of us on the path of Soul integration and Self mastery are constantly being presented with new guidance which expands our current way of thinking, and at this special time this is enhanced, as something new is being revealed. We shall each know what this is for us and how to further apply it in our reality. Mercury is a planet of communication and the lower mind, so we might find ourselves more stimulated in new ways of innovative thinking. As Mercury is retrograde, our relationships become our biggest mirror and integration tool, as we are also more inwardly focused and open to expansion and growth. 

This new energy wave is taking us a step further, and by Now we have probably gotten used to the constant waves of activation and integration. This current alignment is pulling us out of the old ideals, creating the new ones through the fusion of opposites. Something that previously looked like our biggest challenge is Now turning into a golden opportunity right in front of our eyes. That which needs to be reflected the most will find its way through and step towards the light of Truth. On this path we are becoming Masters of polarity, which means to integrate every single aspect of the created Human experience in order to return to who we truly are as Cosmic Beings! The more we allow this outpouring of light to occur, the lighter we will feel! Hope never fails the most devoted Ones!

Here is my new video on Star Origin remembered:

We had a New Moon in Taurus just recently, which is taking us into the Essence of our Core values through deep integrity. Many of us are growing into new emotional experiences of fulfillment which are dragging the old out of the closet. This means that we are being shown just how much we can love, attachment free and yet fully committed to the embodiment of Divine Love. In the realm of descension of our Life force, this is how things simply need to be and play out. To be fully committed to something requires our focus and spiritual maturity, and this is not the same as going into something full of attachments and expectations. In Truth, we can never fail ourselves when we step up to our own overflow of Love, which is the nectar of the fruit of Life. When we have enough Life force activated from within our bodies, we do not only replenish ourselves, but others as well. 

But we still have to walk the middle path of Self mastery where we know how to merge the Heavenly and earthly, so Spirit and matter as One. We have to learn to stand in both worlds, as the great merging force of Love. Our path of deep unification at the Core Creation level plays out through both the game of light and dark, the imprinted and that which comes of Truth. This way we do not love just through the Universal unconditional love, but personal Self love as well, so that we share but not give too much of ourselves to our own detriment and disappointment when this Love quotient is not always met on the outside. As New Earth Masters we have to find the balancing act between the two and merge with our Divine origin consciously, through the practical and very realistic application of Love in Union! We have to do the work in order to truly unify all levels as One! There are simply no shortcuts!

Here is my video on advanced Earth school mastery:

True temperance speaks to us about the middle path of personal mastery through the art of moderation, patience and inner growth. Each cycle of life we move through as an initiation of Spirit for us to master and embody. The more we grow into our Self, the more we will know harmony and balance in life. Because words can just stay words, we are asked to embrace the law of Soul refinement and personal attainment by living what we know, applying what we teach and thus become the ultimate chalice of Life, the Master of polarity in order to create our own reality! 

As we embrace Life as it is, we are equally receptive and giving, passive and active, and we see no fragment of life separate from another. The more we know how to synthesize, the more we can unify, and the more that we know how to integrate that which is of the purity of Soul (not ego separation), the more we can embody true integrity! As we live from the highest Core Soul values, all of Life becomes our most humble teacher, and us in the middle as the perfect child of Creation, the birthing point of Divine Love!

We are still in a cycle of completion, and so we are learning to honor all parts of the Soul journey equally, so beginnings and endings, sunrise and sunset. In the game of Universal Life, all has its time and place, and by honoring this simple Wisdom we never have to rush into anything new after a completion of a phase of Life. When we live a life of Spirit, we no longer live merely through life chapters and intervals, but a cyclical spiral of constant expansion and Ascension. We no longer get stuck on rigid beliefs that we have to work hard to make life happen. In Truth, all comes to us as a creation of our Life force, so the New always comes to us in perfect Divine timing. 

As Human beings we were often told that we have to work hard, manifest and produce things constantly, and a lot of this man made production led us to major issues of entropy, creating so many things that we don't even need. As we stand on the verge of the New, we will always be asked to look back before moving on, not to stay stuck in the old, but to truly make sure that we have mastered the old template or paradigm before we are surefooted in the New one.

Each phase requires our conscious reflection, assessment and integration, and since time is not linear but cyclical, we have enough space for each phase. Everything operates through great Divine logic, and nothing ever comes too soon or too late. We are always aligned with Divine timing, and the more that we embody this perfect flow, the more synchronicity we will notice in our reality. The circle of Life is an ancient Wisdom that holds the eternal laws of our Divine origins and we are beginning to feel it again! We can be rest assured that every ending brings a new beginning that we don't even have to work hard to catch, and that sometimes it's better to wait for something than rushing into it before it's ripe, for the Divine energy will always bring us exactly what we require ... So there is no need to settle for second best, for our nature is authentic and we choose to create anything that we desire perfectly! By knowing the cycles of time we know the timing of our Soul!

Here is my video on New energy mastery:

What about the power of allowing ourselves to grieve, to let go and mourn what it appears to be lost. As awakened Human Beings we try to push aside our natural birthright to feel, which is given to us through the Human experience. We don't have to always feel on top of things and that all is "fine"! Just because we are aware and see the bigger picture doesn't mean that we won't have a feeling experience that goes along as well. Everything occurs in layers and parallels. 

We are merging our Soul knowing with the Art of Human experience and mastery, and that is why we can only transcend our current experience by allowing ourselves to fully feel whatever comes into our conscious awareness. The more we feel, the more we heal, and often we have to be very brave and determined to get to the other side! So, what are You grieving today, no matter how silly it feels or sounds? Let those perceptions go!!! It can be anything as small as a "silly" Human perception that You have about yourself, or it can be concerning intimate relationship changes ... or even something as big as letting go of old stories that were held within us and our DNA lineage for Eons of time! This is how we heal, because we feel, and for feeling no shame and guilt in that! Give yourself permission to grieve before moving on to new things and experiences! Always!

With all the new incoming changes, there are so many new ideas and insights coming through as we are finishing one stage of our journey and entering a new one, but because the New unfolds for us in every single moment, we are asked to surrender any time constraints that we still place on our conscious creations. We are still like tiny babies in the new, learning those new steps and how to fully walk and operate as a New Divine Human. Every bit of our integration brings us something new to master on our Human level, for the New comes through experiential processing as we go along the way. We cannot make assumptions about it, we cannot draw our knowing from the old, and we surely can't go back to the old and familiar, no matter how safe it feels! The need to seek for self sustenance and fulfillment on the outside is dissolving, for we are readying ourselves to new levels of Beloved intimacy that co-creates our New!

With this in mind, our every experience Now needs to feel fresh, non biased and non linear! We are the focal point of our New, which opens a tiny Gateway into the unknown every single day. Our life is no longer just about meditating away, or being multitasking machines of the "robotic" society! It does not have to be about this or the other, the Mind and Heart can merge as One. We are here as Masters of New energy to merge all pathways back into the Heart and Mind of God, becoming the embodiment of Divine Love that we truly are. As we embrace both as One in a unified polarity, we can trust more and walk the path of a magnetic Lover who stands with both two feet in the New world. But, this New world is not a subtraction from the old one. It's actually a melding experience of all, the absorption of it all in One world of Unity, where everyone can be exactly as they are ... No longer a beggar for Love, but a fully authentic expression of it! 

The planet Mars is retrograde at this time, which might make us feel less prone to constant action, for we might lack the proper drive and fuel to create everything that we might desire. But what is truly happening in the bigger picture? Mars is often associated with Eros, the Essence of desire and fulfillment. Desire when perceived with balance is what drives our Soul to move forward and continue to expand. Therefore, as we might not feel as externally active, we are moving deeper within and exploring the realms of our inner Eros and how it affects our relationships. In Truth, every Union that is Divine has to move through all the different stages of unveiling and unmasking everything that is not of our true nature. So as we move deeper into our psyche (which represents our Soul), all of our fears and insecurities will be presented to us, in order to move through them and build an embodiment of the highest integrity and personal mastery.

When it feels like our personal relationships are somehow triggering or challenging us, it's a sign to reflect that back to ourselves and assess all so it can come to the surface. When something confrontational occurs in our partnerships, we can either look away or ask ourselves the following questions: "What is my reoccurring pattern in relationships? What repetitive notions do I notice in my ways of relating to others? What parts of deep intimacy am I avoiding or unwilling to move into?" All of this retrograde period serves those of us who are walking the path of the Cosmic beloved, the Union with our true gem Self! 

The less we are afraid to go deeper and shed light on the seeming darkness, the more rewards we will reap when there is direct movement again, and the more doorways we will notice opening for us! Remember that the more we can unify, the more we will simplify and the more closeness and togetherness we will experience as our reflection! This is a great and opportune time to move even deeper into our true soul longings, through knowing the Way how to master, embody and achieve them in physical form!

As Divine Lovers In Truth, we are always in a Cosmic limbo where we need to learn to surrender to the flow, for greater forces are at work in our life! As we take some time to Self reflect and reevaluate things so that new visions and perceptions arise, we will be moved through Life with more ease and Grace, learning once more to trust and simplify our life. The more expanded we are in Soul, the more our awareness grows! As physical Human beings we often need direct and very radical experiences to taste Life in all of its forms and expressions, and often it's the little things that we would otherwise miss out on, if we didn't stop for a moment, take a break or engage in the pleasure of non action! Sometimes our desire to explore and experience must be met with the integration of those experiences, so that we can really take them in and embody at the depth of our Soul.

As Humans we are often programmed to always produce something and make things happen! We don't need to manifest things on a personal level all the time, for sometimes we just need to allow things to come to us! How would we otherwise even feel the Magic of Life, all the gifts of Divine Love that we are continuously showered with!?! We are asked to slow down, take a break and savor Life for a moment! And as we do so, Life will meet us half way and create the right kind of circumstances that we need! This is where the law of Divine reversal truly kicks in! 

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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