Sunday, May 29, 2016

The Cosmic Highway: A Supreme shower of Light

Dear Beloveds!

We are in a rapid movement momentum at this time, and as aspects of us are feeling amazingly awesome and stimulated by the New Light intel and all the awesome Galactic transmissions, other aspects of us are still living through the game of duality and Soul expansion. How is it that we can experience such Magic and lightheartedness with heavy feelings of density simultaneously? It's because we experience in parallels and the linear and multidimensional are actually One in the Unity field, represented by the Quantum\Essence level of our consciousness. This is how we master Polarity. Some days and moments we feel amazing and super Cosmic, while at other times we are dealing more with earthly stuff and the seeming limitations of our physical form. We need to be so allowing and patient about what is actually going on in the bigger scheme of things. 

I recently began with Galactic updates, and You can see the first one here:

As we step through each new layer of the new planetary Light grid, we first need to move through the faulty grid system in order to penetrate through each veil of illusion and become Spirit initiated. The result of lack of gnostic spiritual understanding and application is often the wishful thinking and fanatic escapism into the false projected light. When we make grounded and realistic shifts of awareness, we are able to move with the streams of incoming Light. Being out of that alignment can result in confusion, mental challenges and eventually mental illness, which is just separation from our Soul and disconnect from Source. In order to be fully grounded and embodied in the New consciousness, we have to keep up with it. Only a grounded individual of the New Cosmic Light can fuel the New Earth grid system.

That means that with each shift into the New, we take knowledge from the already known via data gathering, and apply it in a new way. That process can be seen as "extrapolation", for we extract and distill the known and apply in the New. Therefore with all the new energy we integrate, we have to move through a phase of non action and observation, so that we can synthesize our personal timelines and make the choices from the opportunities that present themselves. These need to be those that fuel our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels. When something feels right for us, we will feel a sense of completion, and until then we keep on observing, assessing and choosing ... So that when the time for application comes, we will know exactly how, when and what!

We are still feeling the "leftovers" of the whole matrix-crucifixion thing (each on our own level), which remains only as a memory, and yet this Galactic memory needs to be processed and integrated as a blossoming play-out. There is so much happening on subtle levels that we can not always see, and yet we are required to trust. This occurs through the other layering, which is the overlay of our Gem Self form, the Diamond Light frequency that we are expanding into as we travel through the Galactic highway, the Photon belt which acts as a supreme shower of Light that is a Divine decree of the Mother's Arc, the gateway into our true Source Self.

Some of us are remembering this while others do not, but even that is perfect, for the shadow and light co-exist as partners in the Grand scheme of things. They actually assist each other, they never battle in Truth. It is only the Human perception that can see it as such in its limited nature. In Truth, everything is just One reality being felt through many unique facets and experiences. And those that do remember continue to remind those who have forgotten! Eventually, all shall become aware of itself as only Love!

Here is my video introduction of the Beloved readings:

We are attuning to a new sound harmonics, which is preparing us for a higher octave of Being. As Humans we still often give our life force to many external things, situations and other people, allowing ourselves to plug into the faulty matrix grid, and with each such occurrence we are being drained or drain energy from an external source. The closer we actually move into our Soul, the more our Higher Self will begin to naturally heal and dissolve such faulty interactions and energy exchanges. We will be shown where we can step out in order to "step more in". The more we work with the Light of our Higher Self, the easier it is for us to embrace our Human nature on a new level, matrix free and completely Self sustained. If we still long for someone or something external to fulfill us, we need to ask ourselves which reflected part of us wants to come through into our direct physical embodiment.

The situations and people come into our life to show us that, and then the conscious awareness work is up to us. So many of us are already embracing a Galactic level of awareness and purpose, moving into more Galactic citizenship, knowing that every single action and choice not only effects our own reality but also that of the Whole. The Human factor can often be "lazy" and hesitant to do the work until the last moment, or when a personal\global crisis is already at hand, but we need to shift that and become aware of the fact that our actions today shape the world of our tomorrow, because we truly do only exist in the Now, for it's the roof of conscious Being. 

It is time to work with the Cosmic shift energies and penetrate even deeper into our choices. This is not a time for intensity and hasty actions. This is a time of a deep cellular shift and the expansion of our Human Heart! Sometimes it takes more time to truly develop and blossom on a new level, but when we fully know what we want in life, then the actions taken into that direction are never hard for us!

There are many new doorways and adjacent possibilities coming up for us, bringing opportunities on a new vibrational level of experience. Because we are moving into becoming a Being of lesser density, a fifth density Human, we will need to vibrate higher in order to notice them. If potential is no longer there, it means that we are tapping into something that already came to pass, and Now something New needs to be discovered. The more we expand our perceptions, the more will become obvious to us on a new level, for we will be tuning in with new and higher senses. 

There are already new things that we have been creating and planting seeds for on the "other side", waiting for us on the threshold of new density. But for us to perceive and receive on that level, we need to first release that of the old density. Many beings are therefore saying goodbye to old situations and relationships that no longer serve them, for what we transcended no longer provides us with Soul expansion.

With that release, new companionship levels are on the rise, and many more people are beginning to choose true Love instead of ego desires and pursuits. That choice planted many seeds, and the more roots we have built on the planet, the easier it will be for us to harvest that New. Self acceptance is first on our to-do list of the New, because we have been compromising ourselves for way too long, and all just to keep up with the status quo. We cannot have what others have, because they are paving their own way. 

We can only have what we are choosing ourselves, and we need to continue aligning with that in great devotion day by day! Sometimes challenging or conflicting forces will appear, but they are only there to test our persistence and agility! We truly need to put our Ascension first no matter what and continue to choose Self Love and mastery! 

As we step into mastering our polarity, we don't just do it as Spirit merged with matter and feminine to masculine. We actually have to go through the whole spectrum of the Human experience, which has so many layers and depths to it. Some of us are already working on expanded levels of consciousness, processing Galactic archetypes and bringing them into the Human experience, one by one. The work of a Creation Pillar specifically is to decode the faulty signatures in order to transform them into harmonious Divine Principles of Creation. We each bring our own unique perspective into the holistic Human experience, which is all of us together as One Humanity! Every single aspect of Creation is actually equal unto another. This processing needs to be done on all levels of the Human psyche, for only then it's actually complete. The more energies want to return to us through returning scenarios, events and relationships, the more these counterparts want to be embraced and loved.

Loving all these expressions, even the most faulty ones, does not mean that Now we have to become them by aligning with them. We simply have to accept them for what they are, which is just egoic stepping stones into the pathway of Divine remembrance and non distorted Truth of Unity consciousness. Our deepest Human counterparts are emerging Now, wanting to break free and come into salvation, so that we can live as empowered sovereigns who know how to master polarity. We don't always know how to do this, and often we know it won't be easy to process it all, but we plunge right into it in order to do the work of integration. Our Human counterpart is equal to all other multidimensional counterparts, and we are learning to fully express it, communicate our needs and desires without expectations and control, and own our earthly descended experience! This is how Light truly leads the way beyond duality! 

This is my video on becoming an organic Human Beloved:

For a while Now we are being encouraged into seeing new doorways and possibilities, while also embracing the doors that are closing. We are moving on with our lives in a totally new way, and we don't have to apologize to anyone for the choices that we are making ... we simply need to walk on. Seeing through situations that no longer work for us is a vital part of this process, because it gives us the proper information for what comes next. We are re-discovering our Light in the higher vibration, and that takes courage, commitment and devotion. It also means seeing through the darkness of non-acceptance of our Human counterpart and in others. As we begin to open up to a higher awareness, our perceptions will magnify, and we will be able to see through things and know who is on our side with support and unconditional Love, and what we need to walk away from. Such are the choices of the New reality, for we can each truly only create our own.

The first step is offering such support through unconditional Love and acceptance to ourselves. We make the rules of our game of life Now, no-one and nothing else! We are free to create anything that our Soul desires to birth through us, and by knowing that we free ourselves from any unwanted weight or heavy burdens, which we often carry due to fear and codependency, especially in our Human relationships. That is why it's so important that we become Human and Divine in our Self, embracing both sides of polarity and master ourselves through this earthly experience. In the end, when everything else is gone ... It's only Love that remains!

This process is an evening out of forces of shadow and light, masculine and feminine. Something wants to come into balance, and resolution wants to be known to us. As Humans we still often like to see things as black or white, judging them as wrong or right, positive or negative. But justice is not a self righteous act of being justified for something. It does not necessarily mean that we have the right to earn something because we deserve it through self justification, but simply because there is clarity and spiritual understanding and maturity. When something is right and just, it just clicks, and Truth is known as self obvious, not proven or reasoned. We are initiated by Spirit, and through that we earn the reason by which we reap justice for being just ourselves. The main Essence of justice is following our inner integrity and Truth (or illusion) meter, in order to embody it by all means possible! 

And what is the path to true Love and Union? It comes through embracing many levels and layers of the nature of Human separation. Divine Union is a mystery of Love that we can never fully hold on the level of our physicality, because we live as Beings in separate bodies. But the motivation and longing for that perfect Union through the Self and then another is a reflection of our Core desire to return "home", which is not a place but a remembrance of ourselves as pure Love. The search for true Love in our Human experience makes us go through many veils of illusion and separation, it drives us forward as we are mastering the ultimate balance of Universal Divine Love and unconditional Human Love, where the Love of our individual Self reflects the Love of our unique Creation Self.

When we meet ourselves through another, we will be met with various counterparts, from the densest to most on high! Some we feel as amazing, others not so much. But these all want to be seen as Divine equals, equally valued, respected and embraced. That is why we are here to seek the Human experience of Divinity in form. All of these aspects are of Love, and the more that we are willing to embrace both the shadow and the light in deep intimacy rather than projected and attached codependency, the more unified we will feel and become, merging our vertical and horizontal experience and polarity. The more we cherish our intimate self, the more we will honor and be grateful for every relationship that we experience, for they all teach us how to become our own Cosmic Beloved, the Divine Lover of Life!

New things are definitely on the horizon, but our head needs to be turned towards the right way! 

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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