Monday, February 1, 2016

Working with our Life Force

Dear Beloveds!

Mercury finally moved direct, and many of us can feel a strengthening of focus and resolution. We are beginning to work more deeply with our Spirit, and the increased Life force brings much to the surface, as any truths hidden beneath the surface can have a 'negative' effect on us, so it's crucial that we bring them to the surface. Truth is only Truth when truly understood from its Core. We do that by taming our careless ego and awakening the freedom of our Spirit. This brings more clarity through higher understanding, and although many are not yet choosing to create on higher levels of Soul through their sovereign Higher Self, the initiates of Spirit need to do so. This means that many of our lower desires will be replaced with higher and more refined desires and ideals, so we must not fear this process as it occurs, for we are simply allowing the Life force of our unique Spirit to show us what and how it needs to be done.

If we allow the Life force to create through us, it gets done naturally and in flow, and if we try to control it, we create hooks and energy attachments. A true Master of its Life force knows just how to do this by truly listening and tuning into the energy, following the Essence of Life and where it wants to move. Higher creations always move towards the highest potential in that moment. This is not the same as being passive and not cooperating, for being only a spectator of reality is not all that we are. We are a conscious observer and a participant with Life, a co-creator, a Magi of Life! This means that the Life force does not do things for us, but we willingly make everything happen with conscious cultivation and participation!

How can we still get hooked into the old within our ascending process?

This time is all about the rediscovery of sacredness and magic that live within us! Many of us are serving on this path of Ascension through the archetype of the 'sacred one', the giver of Life, the one who plants the seed of Life into every living organism. How do we do that? Through the power of Love, of course, and devotional living. Devotional living is a way of constant making love to Life in Creation, in every single way possible, embracing our Human nature through our Core Divine Essence and the sensuality of our Human experience. But it all begins with the discovery of that Magic within. As we fall in love with our Magic, we purify ourselves through the most sacred act of engaging with the Beloved within, the living Essence of our unique Source Spark! As we feed that Magic through devotion, it means that anything that we do, we do it with such nurturing love of the mother, lover and caretaker!

We become our own best friend and companion, and so we also befriend every other living form of Life and share our Magic simply by breathing ... By being who we are at the very Core so naturally and authentically! The more we ascend, the more we will awaken the Life force of Spirit within us, which is the root of our creative expression and communion with everything and everyone! We need to find one or more sacred ways how we uniquely feed that bubble, either through some form of personal ritual or prayer, dancing, singing, etc. This will increase our Life force and celebrate the nature of Life! The more we ascend, the more alive we will feel, and the more sacred everything in our reality will become, as it truly will be! We are the pure Ones who are bringing back the sacred mysteries of Life and fueling the Ascension path with so much passion!

Passion is no longer to be suppressed, as it ignites our Life force expression in the physical, so that our Divine Spirit marries its Human counterpart, as every part of Creation is already Divine! It is time to fall so madly and passionately in love with ourselves and Life!

What is the Serpent Goddess? It is a divine archetype of the Feminine Essence of source, the giver of Life, the chalice of Creation from whence all comes from! As we awaken this archetype within us, we begin to raise the kundalini fire, not just up our spine but releasing and pouring it out through every pore of our Human being. As we do so, our physical body begins to awaken the Divine passion and create from the so-called inner tantrika, the Master of our Life Force!

Watch my video about the sacred Mystic path:

The current energy is encouraging us into action. We are not just mere spectators, for we are the creators of our reality, and as we learn to listen to the pulse of our Life force, it will always lead us into the right things and circumstances, which will be exactly what we need for our current expansion. The stream of energy is most powerful when we learn to cultivate it through the feeling side of Life! When our inner feeling tells us that we need to take action in regards to what we wish to create, a powerful stream of conscious life force will come and support our every move.

Yes, we are beginning to embody our own Divine authority, and as we trust our every choice, things will begin to feel more effortless and easy. That will be a sign that we have moved into a new level of Soul embodiment, as we become the generator of Life and will things into action! We are free and so are our choices! We live in conscious action and take our Power to create, becoming the Master of our reality and live in the balance of conscious action and surrender! 

We are moving through some deep layers, as veils are being dissolved and many illusions shattered. As we are ascending in our physical Human form, we are releasing so many of the collective beliefs that have kept us in separation, and we are moving into a personal reality that is unique just for us! By embracing all that we are not, we will also feel the true Cosmic nature of our Being! As we are elevating the Human experience, we are learning to love every single bit of it, no longer judging it as good or bad, positive or negative! The more we do so, the more our life will reflect to us true happiness and bliss on the level of merge and harmonization.

How do we move through layers and veils of illusion within the Beloved Union?

We are all Galactic Beings of unlimited consciousness, and yet through loving the Human perception of limitation and duality, we are creating an unlimited Human version of ourselves, a New Human in our Creation Self! We are here to merge Spirit and matter, to be Cosmic and Human at the same time. As we trust and follow the guidance of our Heart, new experiences will come and guide us forward. We are no longer waiting for the fates to handle our Life, we are taking things into our hands by utilizing the Power of Love and the freedom to choose and live! We are not just servants of Life, we are Life itself!

We are moving into times where our inner sovereign truly wants to break free and shine the light! We need to ask ourselves what we truly desire so that we can start walking towards it. What brings us true pleasure and how do we go about it? Often we feel limited and perceive pleasure as something on the outside that we either have or not. Pleasure is something that we create, for it's who we are! The Essence of pleasure is the feeling of Life itself. The more pleasure we feel, the more joy we will integrate into our daily experience and magnetize everything through it. 

The more we begin to go into great depths of our Essence, the more abundance we will feel. With knowing that It's our Life force that creates everything, we move into beyond just feeling the potential, and begin to make everything into conscious co-creation. The more we will love, the more we will be able to create within the New. This deep spiritual path will lead us into the greatest depths of who we truly are in our inner Temple of the I AM!

A lot of us are clearly and deeply "moving on" in our lives, which means that we are experiencing our physical Ascension as not only vertical, but horizontal as well. We wish to rise and soar in our Earthly experience, for we know that Earth is the center stage for our Human evolution and physical integration. There are those who still feel that Ascension means to rise and fly away, and yet our earthly Ascension is taking us to the deepest spaces of our physical Hu-man experience. This way we are allowing our Human self to evolve, for that is why we are here for! 

The freedom of experience is what we are now fully allowing, because we trust that our New Human experience is different and perfectly aligned with our Higher Self, for we became our Higher Self in Human embodiment. This is not something outside of us, and as we are actually flying, we are doing it from inside out, not downside up! Our vertical is blending and merging with our horizontal experience and we are being the freedom that we truly are! As we rise in our Self confidence, we begin to trust every single experience as a New Human, the sovereign "Homo Illuminus"!

A new cycle is beginning, and many of us are feeling it almost like a new dawn for our Cosmic mastery and being the bridge, a "midwife" for the New Human! When we understand the basic principle of Love, we know that Love simply needs to share itself and create through the Spirit Life force. In the past we may have been turning or focusing all this Love too intensely and focally/locally, when instead we need to spread it so that it goes to share itself, drifting towards where it needs to go, to ever greater and highest potentials in the Now! In true Love we don't limit the experience of Life itself. 

As we embrace our ascended role on the planet, we know that it's not all about sharing knowledge! It's about being the Divine Love in its purity, not projecting or filtering but seeing where our Love-life force needs to move and consciously participate with it! The Life force directs and navigates and our Human self wills it into conscious action, meaning that we don't wait for external conditions and authorities, but fully trust our inner sovereign and give Love as it wants to be given and shared! As we do so, we naturally receive as well, for to give is to receive in Unity consciousness! Love is the only Truth and we wish to Be free in the way we experience it, becoming the Human Angel! To Be a Human Angel is to be so pure in Love that only Love guides your Life force and directs your every move! To serve Life as becoming Life incarnate itself!

It is not always easy to remember all that we truly are as Divine lovers. Distortions and veils will begin to drop away as the illusion of separation dissolves! We have to be very brave and aware, while not giving our power to the false light that keeps us even more veiled. We only truly break free by facing every shadow aspect that brings us closer to our whole unified Self! In the end, nothing else truly matters and only Love is real!

Our Life force is the source of all our abundance, so we don't have to create through lack and control, for we are abundance, and as our awareness expands, so does our life force, as well as our physical abundance and well being! Go create and be victorious!  

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn