Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Key of togetherness

Dear Beloveds!

The Key of the New Earth is togetherness. A lot of us have been moving through much of our Self mastery alone, experiencing so many initiations and a deepening of Soul trust. From Now on, we will be learning about the power of Soul companionship, the meaning of togetherness and the co-creation of the Beloved Essence. Jupiter Now conjuncts the North Node (the future potential) in Virgo, which is all about the deepening of our loving service. As Human Beings we often focus only on the physical side of things such as goals and manifestations! Choosing an ascending Life full of Spirit Presence is much more than that. A life of Ascension is about trust, sacredness and mystery, where the infinite not knowing plays a crucial role in our experience, with humility as our best friend! A life of Spirit is not about being a perfect perfectionist and getting everything right, but it is about perfection and refinement of our Soul Essence. As we begin to ascend, our reality becomes much more about the profound nature of Creation Essences than anything else! The initiate of Spirit is always lead into their Self mastery through devotion, courage and perseverance, even when we don't have the physical evidence for what we feel in our Heart as Soul Essence ... And especially then!!!

A lot of what is currently taking place is a unification within our relationships. As we are ascending, we are breaking free from anything matrix based and leaping into the new and unknown realms in relating to one another! This is what makes us pioneers of the New Union in Divine partnership, creating a new Human platform in the way that we give and receive Love as New Divine Humans. The first stage of this process was coming into our own Self Mastery and claiming our sovereign Heart Essence. The second stage was clearing all of the old ways of relating to truly free ourselves from the "matrix" on all levels, so that we could break free and enjoy true and lasting Unions. Togetherness is an important part of our Ascension, and yet we had to face the past first, in order to heal, resolve and complete the cycle to begin anew! By honoring all of our Soul agreements and current partnership experiences we are neutralizing and completing this phase. New streams of Love in all shapes and forms are Now coming to those who have been preparing, purging and integrating within the New energy template. 

How do we move even deeper into our ascending Mastery?

Choosing our Life force to feed the Beloved bubble of Love within us means to choose our Twin Soul Essence, which is the merging process of our feminine and masculine polarities of Creation as One in our Ascension! That inner communion and sacred partnership is Now creating a new Beloved grid of Light/the grid of Life, which will bleed through into our ascending reality as we are choosing it. The destined Soul partnerships are based on Soul Union and equalization of opposites coming together in joined efforts of harmony and balance for All, as mature spiritual sovereigns, no longer separate from our Human counterparts. This is where our I AM marries our Human nature and they begin to dance together as One! Potentials of Joy not yet imagined possible are beginning to open up for us to realize them! This is an invitation for brand new exciting things to blossom! We are renovating and reinventing!

We had a Leo Full Moon this weekend on 23rd/24th of January, which is the first Full Moon of the year, and it brought with it a royal, fun and playful energy! This energy is here to remove all the self imposed limitations on being a Human. Being a New Divine Human is all about the constant celebration of Life in Ascension! Where are we still holding back in our experiences and what do we perceive as limiting in how we have fun? Life of Ascension is not a life of constantly being serious, in fact it's quite the opposite! The ascending reality in general is all about evoking the magical playfulness that lives in our Heart, for it's the root of our creativity as a Being of Love. This means we can Now begin to love our Human experience more, giving it all the worth and value that it deserves. 

This Leo Full Moon was awesome!!! It helped us to complete a major cycle in our Human Ascension and Now we are charging ahead, with full speed! The energy is light, open, playful and magical ... And all because of us and our steady ascending progress! We do not let anything come between us and Spirit, and that is why our Human experience will thrive! So much New is at our disposal, we are breaking free and stepping up, boldly and courageously! Let us send our Human experience so much Love, because it is mastering itself so perfectly!

Our Ascension is meant to be blossoming, spontaneous and rich with Life Force! When Spirit descends into matter, it wants to feel and experience everything in a most authentic way possible! To have fun is nothing to condemn, for it continuously raises our frequency and propels our Joy further. We are Now ready to get to the root of what it truly means to be a Divine Human, for it's what it means to be alive! Many of us have already had a taste of it, but Now we are being asked to take it a step further and integrate it into our common everyday experience! We are not here just to live, but to thrive in our Ascension!

Our Ancestors are also with us, encouraging us into celebrating, rejoicing and gathering together, which is not about numbers but the authentic Presence in deep resonance! They are here to tell us that there is wisdom in every experience and that this innate wisdom will always precede us! This wisdom knows that we are in front of a new opening that might yet seem unimaginable and unprecedented, and yet it is truly possible! We are the Joy of the world, the Light of all Lights!
A lot of us are experiencing major energy upgrades, which concern the assimilation of our Lightbody DNA upgrade. A time of rest and reflection is therefore on the horizon, as we are preparing for the first Full Moon of the year in Leo, which is also in alignment with Jupiter in Virgo conjoining with the North Node in Virgo, and this is all about our expanded Soul visions and desires. This phase of hibernation and preparation serves us an intermediary between the old and the New. Too often we make choices according to the known and familiar self, and yet this current Lightbody upgrade is making us pregnant with a New Self, a new energy Essence and how we will embody it.

Here is my video on Unity consciousness and how to move through separation:

To choose from our old self would be to make compromises, for we are Now so different and our New uniqueness is shining through more than ever. In these quiet alone times we will discover the gift of our renewed Self and new surges of energy that we will later use to propel our journey forward in a renewed direction. We are not changing drastically, for we are still us, but we are merely shifting our template into a new gear. We have built a solid ascending foundation and we shall continue to build it, but in a refined way that is also new and even more deep and exciting! Each preparation phase is so deeply important for us, so we need to take it as it is and cherish each moment of our Soul refinement, as so much New is being birthed through us!

A lot of us are receiving new Light upgrades in our physical body, which always come as tiny Light packages. This may make us feel tired, sleepless and restless, as our bodies are getting adjusted to the new frequency. We are merging timelines within ourselves as well, so that we may feel more multidimensional in our Human form. For a lot of Human bodies this is not easy to process as we are getting adjusted, so it's important that we spend time alone and rest and integrate as well. This integration is also called the return of the Light body by many, and as this process begins to unfold, our chakric system is slowly being upgraded to a different one, as there is more multidimensional flow and energy reception from many planes and realities simultaneously, all the way up to the White column of Light, which is our Core Creation Pillar.

This new upgrade will make us more deeply aware of our reality and our true Power as a co-creator of Divine Love. With the knowing that we are the only creator of our reality, all false belief systems will be replaced with the only Truth of our Being, that we are Divine Love and that the meaning of Love is to create Life, a life of splendor and bliss! Take some time to truly integrate these upgrades with gentle receptivity and walk into your renewed Independent Creator Self! You will love all these changes as they settle down and You will feel buzzing with Love, creativity and joy! 

The more we begin to open up to the White Light of Ascension and work with it, the more we will be able to use it in our embodiment, for the White Light of Unity will be working through us and as us! This way our Life force will increase, as well as our natural healing abilities, which doesn't just mean healing the body, but also how we respond to anything in Life and handle it from the ascending perspective rather than the perspective of egoic separation. As we live more in Unity consciousness, we will see, witness and feel everything as a Soul agreement rather than something happening to us. This way we will take our Life force back and claim it through the Power of Being a sovereign Being of Divine Love! This way we will be able to do much more with less effort. Why is this important in our Ascension?

Here is my video about the "return" of the White Light:

As we lived mostly from ego, we tried to prove so much to ourselves, only to see and experience that we can do anything on our own, often alone and through much effort and climbing an uphill battle. Now we can change this as we are ready to return to our natural state of Divine Love in Unity consciousness. As we Now learn to take a step back more often, we will witness more of our Soul consciousness in Love working through us, rather than just our Human will. The next step then will be merging our will with the Divine Will of our Soul in complete Unity, so that nothing will be perceived as outside of us anymore. We are most powerful Creators of our Reality and yet our Creations are truly built as lasting emanations only through the Unity of Divine Love! 

This is a time of a completion of a cycle and our spiritual maturity! What does this mean? Spiritual maturity is mostly represented with our compassionate neutral observer that can see and feel into any timeline with the eyes of Spirit and true sovereignty. This maturity makes us live differently, and here is where we constantly asses everything and ask ourselves always the same question of living the highest good of All! We know that we make new choices every single day, and so we are never caught "off guard", which means that our deep focus is always in tact and it comes from our ability to love anything and anyone and make our choices from it. It even becomes so deeply important how we begin our day, with loving awareness or full of static and noise?

The more attentive we are to every single detail, the more masterful we become, and the more our skills of focus expand. The more compassionate we are for every living thread of Life, the more Life will reflect that compassion back to us. We are Life and we are nothing but pure Divine Love, and the more aware we are of that simple Truth, the more our life will simplify and harmonize! As we harmonize from deep within, we will also become a worldly and humane offering of that true compassion!

Become what You seek in Love!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn