Monday, February 22, 2016

Planting the seeds of New Life

Dear Beloveds!

We are in another wave of Cosmic convergence, which is the blending and merging of many potential realities into our own personal timeline. This new Cosmic way ushers in a new nurturing energy which helps us make new choices, create a clean slate with our past and walk into a brand new cycle with fresh opportunities, new choices and new relationship of a greater Soul merge. We have been on a journey of rediscovering our Prime Soul Essence, and Now a time comes to fully live it and apply it on all levels in our unified reality. The choices we made in the past were not bad or wrong, for they led us to where we are Now, so therefore they were perfect in that time. Now we must learn to fully accept that, release and forgive what no longer serves us by fully integrating it in the wholeness of our unified state. After this we will create a new space of void to plant those new seeds of Life, but we must not be in fear of temporary pause or stillness of movement, for this only prepares us for that next cycle.

In that void lies a creative space of pure imagination. How would we love our Life to look like Now, beyond all the hooks and entanglements? What does higher vibratory reality look and feel like for us? What supports our unification, and how can we release what obviously hinders it? In this state, we are servants of pure Cosmic Love, and that Love is true and without agendas, attachments and demands. The Love that becomes us is what will sustain us in this physical reality, so just how much of that infinite Love we want to embrace? We need to choose the power of Love and believe in ourselves when we make those desired changes, for we are renewed, and we need to allow that New us to guide our New reality. It might not be what we have hoped for, but it will surely supersede all of the imaginable, for the New is all Love. A journey of true Love always requires sacrifice of that which is not, but when we are ready for it we are so eager to make it without nothing holding us back or standing in our way!

Lately we have been doing so much inner work and planting many seeds for New Life! When we marry intention and focus with action, miracles happen! We are moving towards a harvesting Virgo Full Moon, which will bring a fruition of a cyclical half year period! Still, a part of this process requires our patience and constant nurture. There are moments in creation when we act, and moments when we merge that action with allowance. There is so much abundance around us and as we tune into our Iightbody form, we tune into the crystalline grid which holds the potential and template for new forms and waves of abundance.

More celestial energy is at our disposal, but we need to purify of lower density and dissolve old patterning in order to receive and embody these higher templates of energy Essence. When we believe in ourselves in our ascending process, we know and feel our constant momentary and permanent success without constant physical proof, for we feel it on levels that surpass mere physicality, and yet we are the conscious Source extensions that are bringing it into our physicality from other levels. We are doing this work through complete knowing, surrendering and trust! We are the alchemists who are moving beyond the superficial complacency of our old co-dependency to the old grid.

As we move closer to our true authentic nature, abundance will become something we produce from who we are, not what we do. Success Now comes to us in many ways and the more effortless it gets, the more we know we are creating it from our lightbody fusion with the New grid. This includes forming new relationships and unions that are being held and supported through the New grid which supports the highest "destined-wisdom" levels of Being in Christed Essence. 

These unions cannot unfold and blossom without the descend of our Light into our Human form! These relations are meant to co-create in this New reality, so as we focus on this pure Union, it will begin to descend into matter through us more and more! As we fully embrace our New ascended Human form, we will be able to overflow in our Overlighting Presence and reverberate in Divine creativity. 

Great abundance awaits us, but we need to step up in our vibration and make the adequate conscious choices for us!  

We are in the midst of receiving powerful new Light information from the Divine, which will help us move into a new cycle of our Human evolution. When applied experiences from the past no longer work in our reality, it's time to fully let them go, so that the New Light stream can come in. This is how we continuously grow, expand and evolve. Only the Truth of Divine Love is eternal, and our Cosmic Heart Essence already knows this! 

As we are Now awaiting results of our previous integration work, we are also asked to stay open for more information to come in, because this will move us in a new desired direction. As we allow the streams of Life to guide us, we are in the natural flow of the Cosmos. In this sacred space, there is always synchronicity and guidance! It comes through deep breathing, meditation, yoga, other people and the signs of the Universe which appear as repetitive messages.

This is how our Human self absorbs the New Light waves and learns to interpret them. We are also stepping into new cycles of expansion through relationships, for these are also strong Soul agreements that show us where we are in our Soul's evolution. As we step into a new cycle, new situations and Soul connections will open up for us, and this is how we will know that we are ready for a brand new Soul cycle. The more present in the body we are, the more aware we will become of these subtle and yet meaningful changes. We are approaching the Full Moon of Virgo-Pisces polarity which is showing us exactly how relationships serve us to expand and embody our Divine Love potential!

We are still working on ascending our Divine child, the inner Child Luminosity. Spirit is bringing us a Gift of Divine remembrance, to remember our authentic and most natural state of Purity. Our ascending role is to bring that initial spark, the 3-folded flame of utter Divinity into our physical body and experience. The inner Baby is the One we are to lift off and carry into a New Human experience. We have been gathering information and knowledge for Eons of time, and Now it's time to turn them over to Mother Wisdom that knows our Soul for She is the Origin of our Soul. As Mother Wisdom lifts up our inner Baby, the Divine Love and Lover merge and unify as One! 

This Divine offering has always been there, but Now so many ascending Beings are open enough to remember their initial Spark of the Divine and totally surrender into it. This letting go process is completely entrusted upon our deep knowing and this is what keeps guiding us forward. If there is still doubt, confusion or a lack of clarity, knowing that even that serves us as a part of this process in Unity consciousness, will naturally let it go for us in perfect Divine timing. The lack of personal identity or what some call 'identity crisis' is also a natural part of this process, for we are not losing anything, we are simply becoming who we initially are in Spirit ... our infinite and eternal Self in complete luminescence! Know that we are in perfect hands, the "hands of the Divine"!

A huge part of our personal Ascension journey does not only include relying on our Ascension guides and Spirit team, but finding the courage and faith in our own Self, for it's our personal Ascension we are experiencing and moving through, so the experience itself will be our own. When certain conditions in our Life feel to challenging and we don't seem to get a direct response from our 'guides', it's not because we have been forgotten or abandoned.

It's because we are asked to step up in our Ascension and evolve to the next level. Our guidance team is always there, cheering us on and supporting energetically, but at times of rite of passage and initiation it is us who need to do the work of refinement and mastery. We know exactly how to do it in our Soul, we only need to get creative and empowered by working with the column of White Unity Light! 

Every layer of our Ascension journey will require us to release a new veil, move deeper and become more sovereign as we master our integrity of Spirit. There are powerful new unfoldings and blessings just around the corner, but we need to be willing to do the work. This is not about gaining titles, prizes or keeping some sort of "spiritual" score, for this is all about Self Mastery. We need to go within and see and feel what that new initiation is for us and how it's leading us into a powerful new beginning! Let's plan our next steps with precision and refinement, as there is no hurry in Ascension, only attention to detail and focus with pure Love! Love is patient and knows the Way! More good things are to come and once we witness them we will know that we have done our work of evolving to the next level!

Let Love guide You each step of the Way!

Watch my video on embracing and claiming our Hu-Man mastery:

In our personal Ascension journey, we are not just dissolving and clearing things of the old density, we are physically leaving them as well. This always requires our Wisdom to know the difference of when to stay and when to leave. Our Heart always knows this. On our ascending and descending path we will have to say "goodbye" to many things, but we will be shown exactly how and why this benefits our Soul expansion and embodiment. The choices we have made in the past regarding leaving the old were all right. We no longer have to question our choices, for they were all about what is right or wrong for us. The paths and choices of others can influence us when we come into contact and exchange energy, and yet our sovereign path will require us to continue choosing for ourselves, which is something only we can know and understand. 

Honoring all paths as One begins with solemn dedication to our own! Our sacred Heart of the Phoenix rises each time we do so, so that our ascending Light grows and emanates. With this Light, we are naturally assisting others as well and showing the Way, simply through presence of sovereignty and personal integrity, the choice to walk the path of Truth in our own unique way. The Great Divine Beloved lives in all of us and experiences through us all, and by acknowledging that by simply allowing and embracing our unique life, we become our own Beloved! This way, all is resolved, cleared and transformed in perfect Divine timing, as we embrace Love as our only Truth! Here, receiving is the highest form of giving, and giving is the highest forms of receiving!

Everything comes and goes, in Truth only Love always Is! We are ascending within ourselves and in our relationships and it's time to evolve to the next level to work with the White Creation Pillar. This includes us unveiling all the illusions and falsehoods that we might still hold and then unifying.

Watch my video on ascending relationships:

We are being moved into a state of Grace, the all pervading compassionate Heart of the Mother of All Creation. This embracing of our Star nature and heritage is bringing us a sense of deep cellular healing as a Divine blessing which we may or may not consciously understand. Physical Ascension is a 3-folded process of ascending, descending and consciously co-creating in our overlighting presence, which are always occurring simultaneously, although a part of us perceives this as a linear process as well. Many of us Now find ourselves at the threshold of truly embracing every particle of our Human nature. This descension of our Soul into our Human Being gradually creates a White column of Light, through which we clear away any old belief of limited Human nature, so that we can become an unlimited Hu-Man Being, Homo luminous!

As we do so, we create the third Essence, for our Human counterpart marries our Divine Self just as our Spirit marries our Human nature. This is how we will create the New Divine Human within us, the Divine birthing of our ascended Self in Divine triangulation. As we ready ourselves for this perfected fusion, we are humbled by the Human experience, and we honor it just as sacred and important, for it is not separate from our Divinity. We understand the meaning and purpose of Creation and how we are meant to live as ensouled Beings who are here to play, enjoy and experience the Bliss of their conscious creations! We are here to become the peaks of our own Joy!  

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn 

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