Sunday, February 7, 2016

The work of Creation Pillars

Dear Beloveds!

A lot of us have recently felt a wave of completion, like a certain Life chapter is coming to an end and a new one is beginning! We broke through so many layers and veils that our anchor point grid work of the Soul is Now moving to a new level of Being. From here on a new journey awaits, and this is where are descending our Essence Self more in the physical, expanding through it and co-creating a merge and Union with the physical experience that directly reflects that! We are being drawn to new things and ways of being, fully trusting that our Essence Self is who we are and that because of it our inner Life force knows what it requires and just how to get it done! Our lives are being created from the New Earth grid more and more, and as we have been anchoring the pure Essences of Creation into our grid point, everything will Now begin to reflect that and we can have fun, play and live in Joy!

A lot of us have been doing this work of weaving the Light since the moment we were born, and Now it's time to honor and celebrate that. We can rejoice, for we have truly earned it! Those who are here as Creation Pillars are "working" at the very root of Creation, assimilating and integrating Divine archetypes into our Being, becoming the fully integrated Divine Human Being. As we do that, we work with the intelligence of our Life force, the Life force that moves through all Creation.

Here is my video on honoring the Shekinah sacred Life force:

We are living more from our Source as ever before, which includes seeing everything and everyone as a part of that Source. Everyone is our Divine companion and partner, we are simply living as different extensions of the One and experiencing from different angles of Creation. We each have so much to offer, but we simply need to trust in our own sacred abilities first, before we can come together and merge as a greater group consciousness. The more we develop ourselves vertically and horizontally, the more balanced we become and the more we can co-create as a unified group Being! We have to know our own place in the Whole first, before we begin developing true and lasting Divine partnerships!

Everyone in our life represents a certain aspect of us, and the question of Self Mastery is whether we want to infuse and integrate it even deeper or let it go. The old ways of relating were based on a linear model, whereas our New Self builds lasting foundations in a spiral movement! Sometimes we will plant seeds within each other through our Life force that will begin to produce results a bit later, always in Divine timing ... so the key is patience, perseverance and a long term vision! 

True Divine partnership comes when we can put aside our personal wants and egoic needs and meet each other halfway, serving the greater good in our joyful authentic Self! Do not limit your Life force and where it wants to move, simply trust it with every single breath and move that You make!

Everyone has a place in our Heart, we simply need to feel into their purpose and meaning in our physical reality as well and make peace with that as it is, in the living reality of the Now!

Here is my video on relationship dynamics for Creation Pillars:

We are being encouraged into sacred Divine service, which begins as an internal devotion to ourselves and our own sacred path of the Soul. The more that we embrace our purpose, the more the purpose serves us, for we are Life itself and by serving our Higher Self we serve all Life! 

Divine service is not about helping or necessarily serving others as many would say, for it's primarily serving Spirit within Unity consciousness which includes All Life in Creation. That is where it all begins and it's how we serve our personal Sword of Truth in surrendered devotion. All the Human interactions that we have are opening doorways and portals within us, helping us to remember more about ourselves and the Whole!

Here is my video on the Creation Pillars as Twin Souls:

As we grow in personal mastery, we will always respond to Life through our sacred Life force which will direct its focus perfectly! So much Wisdom is distilled from our every Human experience, for it's the experience itself that brings integration and embodiment, so in Truth all experiences serve us and our mastery, the good or bad, the shadow and light always One! Focus on serving Spirit and see the miracles of Spirit serving You! 

On our path as Ascension Pioneers we will move through waves of inner vertical guidance and Soul infusion and getting things done in the physical! We are within an equalization phase and so our vertical Self is fusing and merging with our horizontal self and that is how we are beginning to be aware of a much greater depth of our Human experience and how we create through our Life force.

It takes much less time and processing through effort on our behalf, because our inner and outer selves are more merged and so we are beginning to notice rapid manifestation waves and effortless flow! Sometimes we will still have days when we just have to 'chop wood', but things will be more loving and effortless for us. 

This is not happening due to something external, for this is all our own creation which follows the planting of the seeds throughout years, ages and lifetimes! We are being more aware of the ripples of everything in the infinite Creation and how it affects us just as we are affecting it simultaneously!
We are bridging the old and New reality, making room for something that never was before!

A lot of us are beginning to feel how dynamic we are as Human Beings, how freely and impulsively we can create our reality! The less passive we are, the more active we get in engaging with our Life force. This means that we become the energy master that we are, moving the currents of space and time as we want it so through our sovereign Soul nature. The more Soul embodied we are, the more natural this will be for us. We don't need to even think about things too much or in a particular way, we simply need to show up, for ourselves and others. The more "ensouled" we are, the more we wish to engage with life and focus our energy into creative ways of Being.

We no longer wait for others while complaining what we don't have, instead we create plausible circumstances on our own, becoming the shape-shifter of our reality, an energy Master of our own creations. The moment when we realize how everything is our extension and playground, we will never want to miss out on life again. We will be fully devoted to living our spiritual truth in the physical by honoring every single aspect of Creation!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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