Monday, February 15, 2016

The Universal language of the Beloved

Dear Beloveds!

We just celebrated Valentine's weekend and we were asked to keep our visions and desires of Love close to our Heart and follow the guidance of our inner wisdom when it comes to Love! We are no longer willing to make compromises because we know ourselves and what best suits us and the Love of the Self creates miraculous circumstances and relationships with others. It is safe for us to love and express our secret passions and desires, because to embrace desire is to embrace Soul expansion and growth. Desire is not the same as attachment, for we feel desire in order to create Human experiences we will enjoy and distill Wisdom from. We are all here to learn all ways and forms of Love and follow the guidance of our Heart in the present moment. The Beloved is the Universal language of all Life in Creation!

Here is my Valentine's message for all Ascension Pioneers:

We recently had a New Moon in Aquarius on February 8th and the Chinese New Year of the Red fire monkey began simultaneously as well! We have a bright new dawn, a new day ... and we will each feel this differently. The White Light is streaming through us and the more we work with it, the more it will purify and cleanse us and everything that no longer belongs in our new vibrational template. Simply because we are shifting in our Ascension does not mean that Now everyone else is shifting in parallel with us. We are faced with some major decisions and we will have to be very clear and honest with ourselves about what and who stays in our life and what and who goes. Ascension is just like a natural selection, because it happens organically, and with our vibrational shift we open new doorways while old ones need to be left with the old reality.

Certain things that we are still living through and experiencing are simply remnants of our old choices, for Now we are different and so our reality will begin to shift even more as we make those new choices. As we look into the energetic mirror of our creations, we need to become a conscious observer and reflect on what was created from the false self and what are the potentials of our authentic Soul Self. All we need to do is witness this with Love and compassion as our understanding of the Self deepens. The more we will choose from our ascended Self, the more balance we will experience, and the more we will tap into and create from the New Earth crystalline grid!

We are here to anchor unto a New reality and every choice is a part of it, so let us make it conscious and loving!

Here is my video on the speed of thought in our Ascension:

Love requires dedication and commitment as well. A lot of people expect great Love but are not willing to put any input on their own behalf, and in Truth Love requires constant care and devotion, with random acts of kindness and romantic chivalry. We cannot expect to live in great intimacy if we do not open up and share our Heart. Expectations are not the same as conscious creations, so it's time to open our Heart, to ourselves first and then the world at large! We are not just heavenly creatures, we live on earth as well, so we need to get grounded in Love and become that which we desire from others! A fully open Heart is an unconditionally giving Heart ... the giving of ourselves to others! Let us admit and express all of our desires without ear and then openly listen and receive! Love truly does know the way!

Here is my video on Twin Flames and Twin Souls:

As Ascension Pioneers we live in the constant ebb and flow of pause and activity, reflection and integration, wave and spiral! Without reflection there is no integration, and without an intentional pause there is no true conscious action. Oftentimes we can get so swamped with life and all the activities, that the main character almost fades away. We are that character, and in order for us to truly live our Magic in Self mastery, we have to continuously keep igniting it. As we rest, reconsider and catch our breath, we will become more susceptible for the subtle messages of Spirit.

The White Creation Light cannot fully overflow us when we are always busy with something, so our Soul will occasionally create these resting periods of deep intimacy when we will be integrating more of our Self. In such times we will enter a void which might feel uncomfortable at first, but because it's there it means that we deeply need it. Every creation also needs its integration, which is when we deeply sink into it with all of our senses. At such times we also detox from everything that is no longer a part of our co-creational life force!

A temporary pause in action makes us act more consciously and with more wisdom! This is how we are creating on higher levels of our Being when resting is not seen as separate from creating. Resting is a part of our creating process! The deeper within we go, the more we create everything from our depth, not just initial enthusiasm, excitement and goal oriented mentality. We move deeper in order to truly be One with all that we are creating. What truly ignites our passion, are we feeling the voice of our heart and mind as One? What do we truly desire? And how can we show up as the only real superhero in our life?

To be a true superhero is when we don't try to play one all the time and simply embrace Life as it comes! 

We are still walking between the old and the New, which means that life will surely present us with options and choices that will reflect just that! This means that we are still learning to choose through the Power of our Higher Heart, which connects both our mind, heart and gut as One! Our higher Heart always tunes into this reality through the multidimensional nature of our Being, which means that our options are never linear and there are always plenty! When we learn to discern through the Wisdom of our Higher Heart, we will be unlocking more of our Galactic nature and heritage. The more we purify our bodies with pure environment, foods and healthy activities that celebrate life rather than destroying it, the more we will be able to feel into our Self and our true nature. This is how we will be able to dispel any confusion or frustration that comes from lack of feeling ourselves.

So many Humans still desensitize themselves, but as we begin to choose Ascension, we want to live from the purity of our Life force only! It is time to make some decisions and ask ourselves whether our thoughts and feelings are truly our own, or whether they come from the collective. The more we will purify our vehicle of consciousness, the more we will know what belongs to it and what truly serves our Higher Being. The thing is that our Ascension happens in waves and spiral, so we might feel that we have done work on a particular level, and then a new layer is unveiled! We need to go about it one by one, counting our victories and understanding that even stalemates are important for our growth and expansion, for they bring us messages about what no longer works! Nothing is just positive or negative, in the game of ascending reality all just Is!  

Here is my latest Ascension update that covers a lot of different topics:

We are being moved in a new direction, and a lot of it has to do with meeting and partnering up with new opportunities and Souls who are very important for our Soul path. The transition we might be moving through at the moment may include releasing old patterns, situations and people from our lives, because our journey is about to take over in a different direction. All such changes are made out of Love, and even we might not always understand what is going on from a higher perspective, everything that transpires does so for a reason and a very important Soul plan. Whenever there is change, we are already ready for it on a Soul level. We might temporarily feel loss, abandonment, regret or isolation, which is a natural part of the Human journey, for sadness often seals and completes the energy of grieving.

Any upcoming grief is best released through waves of new inspiration and creativity, because the moment that we focus on new things and creative pursuits, new doors will begin to open, activating the New Earth "Soul mate" energy of Divine companionship. We are meant to have relationships in our lives, it's just that not everyone will permanently be a part of our reality. People cone and go, only Self mastery in devotion to Truth remains. We are being moved to a new level, so let us activate that creative fun and enjoy your lives big time! By releasing our attachments to what was we open up a desire for what is yet to come!

We are being moved with the upstreaming Cosmic waves which are infusing us with so much Light! Due to that our old skin is being shed, dissolving and disintegrating. For all the New that is yet to come, we need to first make vibrational room in our life. Imagine that You are about to receive a beautiful new gift, but You have no place for it and You would not know where to keep it. We are being emptied out through these Galactic pulsations that make us spin faster as they are increasing our vibration and the speed of our thoughts! The purer and more illumined we are, the faster our thought focus becomes. The less physical clutter, emotional baggage and mental confusion we hold on to, the more we can align with the new dimensional frequencies. We began to travel with the speed of Light!

We can feel this sense of speeding up not by having more events and Human drama in our life, but by feeling more gathered together, calm and centered, which then creates a sense of a clear focus with precise focal infusion of Light. Vibrational speed and tranquility are reciprocal! This way we will be able to tune into multidimensional streams of thought before they even happen in our physical reality, which will direct our earthly manifestation, not by control but through surrendered co-creation. Whenever something will feel dense, even our thoughts around it will feel heavy, so we will know that swimming against that fogginess will not pay off. Instead, we will look for alternatives and how we generate abundance will change completely!

We are discovering new potentialities and being rewarded for it in brand new ways! This is how we are "learning" the Art of conscious co-creation! It's time to open our presents!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn 

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