Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Magic & Mystery of the Human experience

Dear Beloveds!

We are moving ever so deeply into embracing our Human experience! What is the gift of being fully Human? It is the awakening and realization that as Humans we will never fully understand why things happen the way they do, and why relationships can feel so deeply mysterious! That Truth truly humbles us. The whole point of the Human experience is to fully embrace the Divine mystery of not knowing which further guides our conscious knowing, for they are One. Only those devotees of Truth who welcome in both the knowing and not knowing can become so open for the Gift of Divine Love, which is a sacred garden of Eden that lives within everyone of us! As we breathe with that knowing, we can fully surrender into the Divine Lover, merging the formless and the physical, the highest ideal and that which is real and right in front of us Now!

The cyclical and spiraling nature of Source always reveals to us just as much as we need to know in that perfect moment. This opens an inner doorway of Majesty and reverence, the awe of being alive and fully present, alert and awake! To be able to deeply feel means to allow forth every layer of the Human experience so that we can fully integrate how it is to live as true Love incarnate. We go through many layers and stages in that process. This will deeply humble us, rid us of all false projections and beliefs ... to eventually return to our only Home there Is, the Source of Divine Love in all of its forms of Bliss! Divine Reunion is not only something we experience "postmortem" when we return to the Spirit planes. No, it's the Divine Reunion that we choose to live and experience as Divine Humans on Earth.

Here is my video about the Mystery of the Human experience:

Every king has his queen, and every Divine Lover eventually meets their Divine equal! The patterns in our relationship help to guide us back into that Truth, into our humble Home as Divine Lovers of Life in all its Beauty! Let us embrace the Magic and Mystery of Life through being humble in our "not knowing." This is how we will actually embrace the knowing part of the Divine equation as well, in perfection of the Divine order in Unity!


We are asked to keep our dreams alive no matter what they are, for there is no dream too big for the greatest Divine dreamer, the Beloved Divine Lover! At times we might wish to compromise or render our dreams into a tinier frame, simply because our Human logic cannot reason with them, so it tries to control them in its own way. Many approach this from the perspective of what needs to be healed, but we don't even need healing for that, as nothing is not already whole and such stories are Now leaving us, as our higher vibration no longer supports them! They are dissolving through the simplicity of feeling. The more we allow ourselves every bit of the Human experience, the more old stories are naturally being healed and transcended. When we merge both our controller that constantly judges and evaluates and the experience self, the more they will blend into one cohesive unit and work together as one powerful Dream team! This is the power of Soul alchemy within us that each Being naturally possesses but so few actually utilize!

As we learn to utilize our Self expression, it will always freely roam to where its expression will serve us as the highest potential. When we unify our partial desires so that everything comes from our Core Soul desire, we will feel much more cohesive and centered. We will no longer see ourselves as having partial desires which are either good or bad, "spiritual" or not, but we will always live from one Core desire. This way we will want to bring our unique Essence into everything that we do and engage with, and our jobs and tasks will no longer be a separate thing. Our main career is to be the authentic ascended Soul living a life of its descended Presence in completion. The alchemy of our Soul uses only Love as its language and is therefore infinitely intelligent! All we have to do is trust that intelligence and follow it through, always! This is how all seeming fragments unify and become One!

The more we ascend, the more we also descend, and so the nature of our desires is changing along the way. This is naturally occurring because what we have already experienced we no longer need and so our Life force begins to turn into a different direction and rearrange everything that we once knew and understood as possible and imaginable. The fact is that it's Divine Love that transforms us and we wish to experience things that were lying dormant before. These might even include childhood dreams that we have put on the back burner or some totally new desires of our unified ascended Self. The more that the Soul descends into form, the more it wants to explore every single realm that is possible, so that it brings the infinite Light of potentiality into matter! This is how we are bringing the Light of illumination into the worlds of Creation!

No experience needs to be seen through duality anymore, as all is of One Source! We are unified from inside out and our life force knows where to go and how, for it knows the true nature of our dreams! Things are no longer perceived as 'spiritual' or not, they just are!  

Are You feeling more Peace and contentment than ever before? The Virgo-Pisces Full Moon on February 22nd acted as a preparatory point for the upcoming Eclipse season, and a new energy Gateway is opening. This energy is about the total fusion of the heart and mind as One unified cohesive unit. Our cognitive functions are shifting and we may feel more clarity than ever before. Our bodily functions are shifting and our daily habits are changing. We may suddenly begin seeing the bigger picture and Soul agreements for everything in our life, which is moving us into a higher octave of Being. We may suddenly feel deeply new and transformed, penetrated by the Divine completely! The more we surrender to Love, the less control we will have, and yet our ability to create our own reality within a field of Unity is growing and expanding simultaneously, reaching far greater potentials.

We are always meeting new people and situations which act as tiny gateways for our personal transformation through new opportunities to expand. We are becoming aware of just how multidimensional we are and how our life is a synthesis of so many lives and realities, many suits and "avatars". And Now our Human suit is expanding, for we are receiving fresh royal garments of great beauty and high dignity! 

We are no longer wanting to compromise or live for leftovers and scrapes, for we want it all and we want it Now, for this moment is all that truly Is, and thinking too far ahead and projecting into the distant future is no longer who we are. We are merging our multidimensional aspects as One. Our co-creations are all coming from Now and as we step into our new suits, our view of the world will expand beyond the norm! We no longer wish to debate and discuss life by gathering only knowledge and information. We wish to live our Wisdom in Human form!

Even the Era of pioneering is slowly coming to a closure, as we Now want to live and explore more, we wish to play in the garden of Eden and partner up by co-creating new waves and spirals of Life! We can trust this guidance, for it's very real and it is of our Soul and the longing which it uses to commune with us! All is of Soul! A new gown, a new us, a new birth ... A New Earth!

We are being reminded of the true Essence of Purity, which is innocence. Deep down, everyone is innocent and pure, we just embody it on different levels and degrees of consciousness. When we open up to that simple Truth, we know that every single one of us is simply going through their own process and Soul integration. In terms of relationships, we often have wants and needs that we project to others, but because they are possibly on different levels of awareness and vibration, they can not fulfill that for us. 

Before we can live in equal Divine partnership, we need to master the Art of Self Love and respect through humility and innocence, approaching everyone as they are, not what we would want them to be! Such expectations make us forget that in the end, the Art of Love is all about compatibility, and the more that we learn to relax and play in our garden of Eden, the more we will feel which are the right companions for us, for our Heart will be open to them through Purity.

We will humbly and neutrally witness each other without demands and expectations, but we will also naturally have a balanced energy exchange, because our Hearts will intertwine and magnify the Love! We will naturally fulfill each other's desires by knowing the Core Essence of our Hearts. This will feel like receiving something from another without even asking them, for they will just know our Heart! As we focus on co-creating such wonderful Divine partnerships, we will play within the New Earth and bring to the surface such new experiences based on deep connection and mutual understanding and reciprocity, as we will stop forcing those that don't naturally flow! We will also expand our circle of Love to our animal companions and all other Life forms, knowing just how much companionship is always present in our life!

There are so many forms Love takes, and we are never truly alone! Can we feel the fullness of Life?

As Divine Lovers we are to become so humbled by the real and raw Human experience which we have designed, that we grow tired of the old ways so naturally! We no longer see desire as bad or as some external devil of temptation! When we know how to be in tune with our Core Soul desire, it is always pure no matter what. Only attachments and projections can make it seem as a temptation or false! All is real, for all is Love, and the more that we embrace the Essence of the Lovers, the less we see it as a force of distraction. Every relationship brings with it a fresh new energy of Love for us to integrate more deeply, a new proposal and experience! When we take life and relationships as such, we understand both the fleeting and infinite nature of Creation! Our desires come from our dreams, and the Soul is the eternal dreamer! We are here to embrace Love in all ways and forms, knowing that we are ultimately here to love and be loved in return!

Love comes in so many shapes and forms, for it's Universal, non local and infinite! When we don't try to tone it down and filter it through only certain ways and experiences, it multiplies and fills our cup of Life! We are to love everything and everyone with the Love of the Beloved! This way love becomes poetic, artistic and magical! Our vessels are meant to be become pure servants of Divine Love, the ecstasy of the Divine Lover!

There is never too much Magic ... Simply Be Love! True Love requires sacrifice of the lower to fulfill the highest potential and expression! True Love knows all fleeting things are temporary and sees only the bigger picture! True Love is kind, patient and understanding, birthing new ways and paradigms! True Love knows no reason and yet it's deeply meaningful on all levels, for all originally came from Love and into Love shall return!
To love is to live! To live is to exist! And Existence is holy!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn 

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