Monday, March 7, 2016

The sacredness of the Beloved experience

Dear Beloveds!

Happy March, everyone! So many of us are being literally turned upside down, as we shift our old perspectives thoroughly and permanently! We are moving into a completely new cycle. We Now begin the Eclipse season which is all about relationships! What does this mean? Relationships in our Life represent our horizontal self and how we are integrating our Ascension. Therefore they are extremely important for our Galactic remembrance as well as our physical Earthly embodiment. We have recently moved through a greater cycle of completion and that is why even old loves and flames will be returning, pointing the way towards the return of innocence. That is the pathway of ascending relations. We have all been up and about, above and around, and Now we wish to physically experience the precipitation of Divine Love.

The world opens a new Gateway before our feet, which is full of magical new potentials and because we have already done so much inner work, they will feel like Love showers and magical gifts of the Divine. But we need to stay open as a magical child, making no assumptions or draw associations from the past. We are brand New, and so are people around us who share our circle of Light. To act defensive and argumentative no longer serves us, for no one can ever come between us and our Spirit anyway! When we drop such defenses, we will open our cracking Heart and love even more! 

That will make us feel deeply inspired and hopeful, and so we need to focus on that inner Bliss even if others are not following! Everyone who wants to and feels ready will eventually join us on our journey and it will feel like a coming together of precious Hearts in Unity consciousness! We need to keep on shining, for many victories await us, from small to grandiose! Life is simple, and yet so wonderfully profound!

We are in the midst of another energy shift which is the opening of the upcoming Eclipse Gateway. Gateways are not static and linear, they are dynamic focal points where the energy enters in certain patterns as it comes into our lower atmosphere and it begins to affect us and all life upon the planet. With this shift, we may feel a lot of death and releasing energy, and a lot of people may feel like they are entering a cycle of completion in purging. This death energy is bringing up the unresolved patterns of chaos and conflict, so that we may finally stop struggling with it and embrace change as the only natural thing about us as Humans and evolving Souls on their own unique trajectory. This is also a time for focus on Self nurture and healing, being easy on ourselves and very patient as well. Things are not always as they seem, but we Now know what we know in each moment. What suits us best are simple living foods, simple forms of relaxation and bringing attention only to higher vibrational endeavors. A lot of people complain about the apparent 'negative' energies and yet they are still choosing to participate with those scenarios.

Here is my video about Multidimensional Ascension:

This is definitely one of those big convergence things! We actually celebrated a leap year last week, which was a very special day that brought re-adjustment and re-alignment. This extra day was February 29th, and what a special day it is to witness, as an extra gift of the Divine! Let us gather and harvest from the Universal abundance and arise by raising our frequency! We are being reminded of the importance of pure celebration! How does it feel when our whole Being rejoices at simply being alive? When we are fully aware of our Divine magnificence, we want nothing short of celebrating it! A lot of times our mind will try to reason with us why other things are more important than that, while our Soul will simply know what to do instead. We can use this seemingly 'extra' day to attune to our magical inner child that often gets abandoned and unheard.

As we listen to it, we will see that it also carries deep Wisdom. Anytime we integrate the knowledge that we gain through the actual experience and application, the whole cycle of our Humanity will somehow remain incomplete without conscious celebration of all that we have gathered and harvested along our journey. There is deep meaning in rejoicing and celebration, which can be as simple as acknowledging ourselves for all our Human work, patting ourselves on the back or as extravagant as throwing a party!

Whatever it is, we need to keep in mind that even the path of Self Mastery and Ascension should not forget to include self indulgence when it comes in proper balance and integrity of the Soul. Our worth does not only come from working on our Ascension, but also celebrating our Ascension and the fact that we are alive at such a pivotal Cosmic and earthly juncture in All That Is! We are asked to turn within, seek the greater Mystic that lives within us and turn those Cosmic mysteries into precious gems in our daily ascending reality! The Hermit lives for greater Wisdom and the magical child wants to live and breathe it in every single way! Let us find the middle path of merging both!

There is also a lot of energy of reconciliation in the air at this time! That is all a part of a greater Divine plan for our ascending relationships, as we are culminating and moving in a new relating paradigm! The "karmic" Soul mate connections are paving the pathway for the true Divine Love in deep Union. The Essences of empathy, compassion and Love are merging with knowing and sharp diplomacy through vision and discernment, and this is how we are changing basic metals into pure gold, for that is the nature of Soul alchemy through relationships with others! We are mastering our Divine androgyny of merged masculine and feminine as One. So much growth is in the air, so use this time to move deeper in loving intimacy and growing closer to one another! 

Here is my latest Ascension update on the importance of relationships:

At this time a lot of us are being presented with deep spiritual Unions that have a higher force working behind and through them. This is simply because we are readying ourselves for a new level of Divine partnership in our Human form. What many Now know as that Divine partnership is not yet fully such and therefore is expanding within us. This is not an experience that is merely based on understanding and beliefs, but an actual physical experience of how the Beloved energy flows into our Life and our Soul relationships. This new merge with the Beloved is causing us to expand our knowing centers, merging our embodied Life force with another in complete bliss and recognizing both the physical and non physical language that our Souls speak through these exchanges and what they are bringing, for they are beyond healing the old patterns and dissolving them, as they are here to already usher in a new Beloved Love template.

The Beloved is a sacred experience that is deeply intimate and personal and we are to treasure it as such. If we filter it through ego it will no longer be as sacred. Examples of this can include showing it off to others, boasting about it and sharing it in a way that moves us away from that intimate sacred experience within the unique Beloved mystery that lies in our Core Being. As we will move deeper into allowing ourselves this merging and unifying experiences, we will become more psychic, telepathic and deeply aware within these Unions that are all being formed at the Primal Creation level and therefore they need to be perceived beyond the rational level. 

Here is the sacred Cosmic Beloved video:

At this time we are deepening the personal as well as the collective experience through shared dreaming, sacred sexual exchange, and realignment of all our spiritual centers, so that nothing but that Core Purity remains! It needs to be aligned with complete Purity beyond all egoic entanglements, for otherwise it's not a sacred Union yet and it will therefore not survive as everlasting on the New Earth/New Human template.We are all receiving the Beloved Essence through a sacred partnership that is being chosen by our Soul and nurtured by us on the Human level, so that our vessels can have a New experience and anchor the genuine seed of sacred marriage, which is the highest Soul purpose of our Being as Divine Love! And through that, we are merely remembering and dreaming that dream in the physical!

A new energy wave is rushing through us, and we may feel shaken up in certain areas of our life. It may feel like a gentle shake or simply not knowing where to go next as we have depleted our resources at some level, or it may be quite a rumble and tumble! Whatever it is, it's meant to bring us a greater sense of protection and deeply rooted stability. To be stable and firm in the knowing that everything is perfect and that we are powerful is not the same as having a sense of comfort and false security. The old simply needs to dissolve for we are becoming New Humans, and therefore these magnetic Light upgrades are happening. We may feel more sensitive during our current integration cycle with many symptoms arising, but we must know that this is not because we are not safe and bad things will happen to us, but simply because we are changing and even mutating in a way.

We are always more sensitive at such phases, and even though we may feel certain things as harsh or even volatile, in Truth this is just the energy of deep cellular transformation and transfiguration that we're moving into. It's actually a totally natural process and the more we affirm that we are naturally protected through our sovereign Soul, the more at ease we can feel. Even though certain experiences might feel unstable or even harsh to our energy, we can still trust other people and every experience at present, for we are wise and spiritually mature enough to do so. Things are simply changing, and witnessing change is not always an easy process. But we will remain victorious as a sovereign in the end! And it's because we have learned to observe, witness and trust!

There is a lot of energy at our disposal right Now, and it can either be used to further dissolve and disintegrate the old or empower more of the New, for either way is good and what we personally need for our expanding Soul growth. The energy is sending us Cosmic showers and our bodies need to slowly adjust and assimilate it. We are completing one cycle and this time it feels like a big one! Many partial steps of our journey will Now begin to make greater sense and we will be able to see the interconnectedness of it all. Patience and observance are guiding our way! This New journey or any undertaking does not just automatically happen on its own! To be passive is not to be mistaken by conscious allowance! To forcefully manifest is not to be confused with conscious creation through choice!

We are beginning to instigate a new journey, and even though at times we don't fully know what it is or where it's taking us, we are being led through our inner feeling. Even the not knowing humbly serves us as we go deeper. We all carry a precious seed of eternal Life within us, which always leads us in the direction of more Soul integration. The previous choices including the seeming falls and disappointments are leading us to a point of deep stillness and personal victory! Victory is a big theme for this time, and we will all feel it differently, but mostly this is the silent victory of the Soul where we become fully aware of the power of our choices and that we can fully trust everything Now!

Things don't always need to make rational sense for us to know our pathway and move on in a new direction! But we will know because everything will just somehow feel right, and we will feel a deep sense of peace and illumination in spite of seeming challenges. We can fully experience in parallels Now, which is perfect because we are learning not just to jump between timelines but also to merge them in a unified field! This newfound sense of a cohesive Self will feel magnetic, explosive and passionate, and it will still travel through highs and lows, activations and integrations, although it will be a much more synthesized version of our total Self! Let us all celebrate that in some way, shape or form! We deserve this!

Whatever we may be going through at this time is meant to serve us on the path of Soul embodiment. Every day we are witnessing a new level of unfolding, a new piece of us coming into a peaceful resolution, harmonization and integration. When we are faced with intensity, adversity and frustration, we need to know that these are only the last layers of our deeply encoded cellular memory which we are to clear away and dissolve. As we are presented with relationships for our growth, we will all feel certain insecurities coming up to the surface through deepened intimacy. Whatever is occurring is a Soul agreement that takes us further and whatever is unfolding for us is the birth of the New Self!

As we stop perceiving things as fixed or going against us, we will open up to a new perspective of things being created by us and for us, to move through us and all the conscious relationships that we are creating. It all begins with choice, and as we learn and grow from our choices, new ones will be presented to us, on a higher frequency of Light! No one is a victim and as things trigger us, they awaken the old and even ancient memories and responses! As this occurs, we will then simultaneously merge with a new template of Being! Let us choose what we are creating in harmony and mutual respect and create what we are choosing!  

Let us be reminded that everything is a choice and that we are free sovereign Beings. The more focus we will bring to the Essence of Purity of our magical inner child, the easier it will be for us to move through this energy Gateway and prepare for the life changing Eclipse season! Let us be gay and choose to play, laugh and live in a grounded sense of the Now above it all!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn 

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