Monday, November 2, 2015

Transcending the "collective"

Dear Beloveds!

The 11-11 portal is approaching and we are feeling the energy amplifying! I have been on a personal Holiday in the Dolomites (Italian Alps) for a whole week, taking a much needed time off to integrate and prepare for this New wave. November is a 10/1 Universal month and it brings change and new beginnings! A lot of us might feel a sense of closure and completion, even regarding the things we never thought would come to an end! We need to remember that everything is for our highest good and it truly serves us! Each ending is a new beginning, and as we ponder and reflect on these closures and tune into what is changing for us personally, we need to take some quiet time just for ourselves!

This introspection will bring us new ideas through Divine inspiration! As we rest and integrate, every physical act that we are guided to take will naturally take care of itself without the excess energy input! This quiet phase will also help with our deepest Heart desires and dreams coming true, as our inner confidence will grew! A lot of our desires are focused around relationships at this time, which is leading us into a profound time of Divine Union from inside out! We will be exploring new potentials that we might have not seen before yet, or better yet, they are available to us now because we have expanded so much and we know that in Truth, there are no limits to what we can and will experience!

Our experiences are becoming more and more our own, and yet we can feel connected to All Life in Creation. We do this by transcending the collective. What does it mean to transcend the "collective"? As Humans we all experience ups and downs! Physical Ascension does not imply a state of no challenges, for they bring change and a new level of Soul integration!

The change which we know as our ascending self means the aware approach to challenges, which is applying understanding that grows into wisdom through our own personal experience! To ascend is to grow and evolve beyond what was previously known and available to us! The more we know what we are creating within our own reality, the more we empower that rather than the old stories and scenarios of the so-called "collective." Of course we are all a part of the collective, and yet we create our own personal reality within that collective. We transcend the "collective" through the embodiment of Grace.

We begin to be susceptible to much more as our awareness sharpens, so in Truth we will become more open, vulnerable and feeling based, which means we will not separate ourselves from challenges, but our perception of them will move into a state of new opportunities for our Ascension rather than seeing them as issues! On this level of knowing and Soul embodiment we know our ups and downs simply as ascending and descending, rising high above and reaching the far below! We are merging Spirit and matter through our deep vulnerable Soul intimacy! We learn, we grow ... We apply and evolve!

Here is my video on this topic:

Visiting Dolomites was really a beautiful experience, a Heart desire of mine! I will definitely visit them again, but there is nothing like coming back to my Home of Elven Julian Alps, the sacred retreat of my Soul that I will always come back to with all of my Presence! It is the only place on Earth for me which I truly react to with deep intimate feeling and tears of Bliss! To be in the Mountains is an experience of its own! The Majestic Mountains surrounding You from all around is such a humbling experience! You feel grand and small at the same time! It is deeply enriching and fulfilling!

Oh, to Be truly humbled by Grace! On my path of Spirit, I have witnessed and observed so many things! Words being spoken, scenarios played out, people offering their opinions ... And yet to truly be humbled by the infinite Life in Creation is to know that only true purpose that belongs to Spirit is to live as Grace, to embody Divine Love in all ways and forms! Grace is not in how much we know and what we think is right in spirituality, for it cannot be learned or captivated!

Grace is something so subtle and profound that blossoms in a Human Being when they are ready to let go of everything else! No teaching matters in the Art of Grace, only the humble awareness of our own Divinity and what is right for the path of Unity! We feel it, it's not a rational thing, and we can certainly not preach it! It is what we are at the deepest Core of our Being!

Our Souls are pure Magic! I feel most magical when I simply sit in my Elven lands of endless Mountains and river streams, creating my Elven music dedicated to the Love of Creation and Beloved Divine Union! I love being exposed to the Bliss of the Sun transmitting Light straight from the center of all Suns and everything that illuminates! When I sit down to sing, I don't just sing, I become a vessel for Holy Spirit and the breath of Life which I AM always directly connected to and serving with all of my Soul's passion and devotion! For me, the path towards genuine Soul manifestation occurs through singing about all that is in my Soul and what I yearn to experience.

I don't have to wait for the melody to come, it's an instant transmission of Grace in humility, for I AM that melody and I AM its Creation! I serve the Love of All Life in Creation and I love my service as a Creation Pillar! Finding our own place in Creation brings us the greatest Self acceptance and Peace we can imagine! When we know our Soul's plan and have a higher understanding for our Core Creation Self, everything naturally aligns with our chosen path and nurtures us on all levels of Being!

This highest path of the inner reality begins by truly knowing our uniqueness of Soul. How do we truly learn to live our sacred solitude!?! When we love our personal sacred space, we see it as a highest invitation for the Light of Holy Spirit! By holding that inner forth we build our inner strength and through that empowerment of the inner flame of our Being we learn about our true nature! We recognize our likes and dislikes, we see how we function as a Being and what is true just for us!

By being completely comforted by that truth of our individualized Soul, we actually learn about our free nature as a unique Being! This can be found nowhere else but inside of us! As we make love to our inner Flame, we will learn that all the other passions and desires come from that one unified Flame of our Soul spark! Oh, to be comforted and free in our individuality

We are being reminded that our creative life force determines the level of Soul passion in our life! The more we stimulate our sensual nature of deep passionate exploration, the more we are invigorated by life! This creates the level of abundance that we are tuning into as our natural sense of creative sensuality arises!

As we are aroused by life as something truly magical and meaningful, we see that every fabric of all that is alive carries an essence of sexuality in it! Sexuality is our natural creativity and how we use it becomes our personal fire, and as we share it with the rest of Creation, it becomes our inner tantra that flows through Divine Love! We are in Scorpio times and so this is a good time to explore what makes us passionate for Life and express the desires of our Soul in a healthy and balanced way! 

The more Life force we allow ourselves to receive in our physical body, the more attuned we are to the Holy Spirit! This doesn't mean just being physically active, because the Life Force of Spirit flows on all levels of Being and transduces itself through our inner channels as we open up to Divine Love! The more we love, the more we open up, and the more Life has to offer us, for we are One with All Life!

In Truth, it is the Essence of the Holy Spirit Life force that truly creates our Divine abundance on all levels of experience! For that to take place naturally, we have to be pure in our mind, body and soul! The purity of Being activates our sacred Life force, which then creates all the abundance that we truly need in the most natural way!

And ... our Sun also reminds us of that. The Sun always shines on us as we are all children of the Sun! The Sun is not a dangerous ball of Light to be feared, for it is the source of Light that always brings us new solar codes of Light that are being filtered through the Grand Central Sun! As we remember our true nature as children of the Sun, we open up to the Love that comes through these codes of Light and we no longer fear the Sun!

We see it as a part of us that we need in order to grow, evolve and shine our Light! The more we shine, the more we illuminate with our own Solar logos/inner Christ! The more we allow to be permeated by the Light of the Sun, the more we activate our Rainbow body!

I AM so blessed by the Presence of the Alps, making love to the Sun and all that is of Love, which is All Life in Creation! The deeper in Presence that we go, the deeper we move into our 'I AM', which is nothing but pure knowing, no thoughts and knowledge but pure Presence in Being! Deep Self intimacy moves us into this state easily, while being in a sacred place of Nature deepens that in our physical body! When moved by Nature, we are deeply moved by the Great Artist behind all things ... The Divine Perfection of All!

What is the one thing You couldn't possibly live without? Besides your Self, of course! There is something in this world for all of us that nurtures us so deeply, beyond that which is man made! The beauty of Nature is organic and it truly feeds our Souls! Often we seek and seek for that final thing or even awakening that would feed our spiritual hunger, until we realize that in Love all things are simple, and that one who loves gives great attention to detail and the richness that is only found in the life of moderate simplicity!

The more refined that we become as a Human Being, the more we live as the embodiment of Love to nourish ourselves and others so that we never get hungry or thirsty for more again! All that we need can be found in the stillness of our beating heart and all that we need is to live with Joy!

The one thing Humans cannot live without is Nature and many have forgotten that! We seek pleasures and comforts in the modern technical world, but is this really modern and developed? There are many who are awakening to the importance and value of Nature in our life ... And to live naturally! The question is, are You one of them?

Life is true Bliss, no? When we throw away all the unnecessary burdens, release the fear of unknown and false expectations, true Bliss is here for us Now! It can be found in the life of simplicity where we live as a fully surrendered Being! Living in that state comes moment by moment, and although as Humans we tend to also create moments of frustration and anxiety, a state of Love can always be found deep in our Core!

This is where we can find true Magic and the beauty of our Soul that shines through day by day, moment to moment! Self pleasure is our natural birthright as Souls born through Union of Divine Love! Be Love, share Love and serve only Love!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn