Sunday, November 15, 2015

Divine integration: Winds of change

Dear Beloveds!

We have just walked through the 11-11 portal! The 11-11 outpouring of Light brought different things to different people, which means that we have all received what we needed to receive at this current time and that we are still constantly and gradually in receiving mode. For us to continue to receive it's very important to not place any specific expectations around this time, because we tend to do this as Human beings, not just around holiday times but also on specific dates and alignments. Each alignment brings a conscious seed of an energy Essence, and then it slowly begins to activate and integrate on all levels of Being, including the planetary and personal level. Let us remember the following: seeding, activating, releasing, integration and ... embodiment! We walk this path of Ascension not always knowing where we will go next or what will happen in the most physical sense of our experience, but that is the beauty of it as well!

Here is my 11-11 video activation update:

Since we moved through the gateway the winds of change are blowing in our favor again! We feel the energy of preparation for a new wave of consciousness with new Soul gifts being activated! We might feel joy and excitement. Our desires are within reach and this is because of all the work we are doing on the higher levels of our Being and bringing it into the physical manifestation! Our creations are strong and firm at this time and there is much support behind the scenes! The air/wind element is always a force of change that teaches us how to stay alert and present. We can hear subtle and profound messages at this time, but we have to be still and peaceful! The more serene we are, the more we fuel our connection to the higher realms.

Messages are all around us at this time, but it's up to us how we will clear ourselves to truly feel the voice of Spirit! The more we flow with life and Nature, the more connected we feel, for we draw our resources from the infinite creativity of Nature! Only those who have separated themselves from Nature feel alone and isolated! In Truth, there is so much life force and we can create everything from it!

This portal time is perfect for connecting with the Mother of Life and our planet Gaia! The more we are in flow with its living force, the more grounded we will feel this shift, calling forth the balance of all the elements. If any of the elements is not balanced in our Human nature, we just ask to align it back into our Core, as we connect with the tube torus/vortex of the planet, through our own Creation vortex of Presence! November is always the "Scorpio" archetype time, and Scorpio is all about the sacred Union and Soul alchemy in the body, for it's the 8th sign (8 as the infinity number of Soul alchemy)! This is a time of deep body work!

Overall these are exciting times and we simply need to allow ourselves to feel free from all that feels like heavy and burden like. We are still feeling glimpses of that and it's because we are getting deeper and deeper into our body. All that is codependent and attached can leave Now, as the past no longer exists here, and the future is created from the Now. These are powerful times in we are all magicians in training who are anchoring these new Heart centered desires in our reality! Free yourself to feel the portal opening within and all around you, your wishing well!
This is a deeply transformative time where we are taken into a higher perspective. Here we are able to access a higher dimensional light! At times this may feel like a total shift in our Universal perspective and a drifting away from something we have been engaging with, to possibly start a completely new path! How does this begin? By simply observing our thoughts that weave subtle guidance of our Soul! 

Our Soul has Now expanded so much in our body and so it wants to try new things and approaches to reality that we are creating! The second step that comes after our renewed alignment is reflecting on how we will carry this new frequency into our daily life, our relationships and our creative Essence!

During this time of the vibrational shift and physical adjustment and preparation we will be integrating a lot, which is sometimes unimaginable to our Human brain! There is so much going on behind the scenes and constantly asking and praying for the same thing is not necessary because it blocks the higher flow of receptivity!

It's enough to ask regularly but ask once and then step away as we allow ourselves to receive, which will be new ideas, clear visions and pathways of loving even more! The light will be most easily integrated when we keep it in constant flow, so if we constantly ask and pray we will block the flow of receptivity! The energy wants to move and create, so the more creative we will be, the more Soul we will embody!

Our Souls constantly receive these new upgrades from Spirit and then we do the actual work of Soul embodiment! It is that simple and being creative instead of constantly asking will suit our Ascension! Remember that being creative is anything that moves our inner kundalini life force, and sharing it in tantric bliss of relationships that move us! What is Soul creativity is what truly moves us on a deep level! What moves You, and when was the last time You were truly touched by something? Think about all that truly enriches your life and then choose only that and leave the rest behind! Remember, we are New!!! 

We have moved into a new space and our Ascension feels much more practical Now! We no longer seek some sort of mystical fulfillment through outer events because we have found our inner Magic! The only imprisonment there is, is the inner belief that we are not fully free, which goes for the totality of our Self expression! Ascension is the complete freedom of Being on all levels while living our rightful Divine abundance! 

Of course there are still those who are opposing this, as we still live in a world of duality and a lack of deep Source awareness! That is why with all of the New we still need to be grounded and vigilant! We still need to practice discernment and Self protection, for our Essence is precious and we can't waste it on that which is not honoring towards our Soul!

We still need healthy boundaries and saying 'No' when things don't resonate with us! True Unity is not all dancing the same dance, but honoring the space of Spirit that runs through all the dances of the world and beyond! The false Matrix system was designed to keep Souls enslaved and convinced that all of their lives are lived to pay off some old karma and learn lessons! Some call this the "Archon" mentality that desires to give the power to only a few! Our true Power comes from Divine Love which needs no control and giving of the power to only s few chosen ones. We no longer need to play it safe and stay victims of such a mentality!

We are not here to earn a living, for we are co-creators who own our living experience! Even the words 'earning a living' are powerful enough to keep us in slavery mode until we are ready to wake up and take the Power of Love back into our own embodiment as Beings of Light! We say 'yes' to our Ascension and living in the New, which is not separate from saying 'no' to what opposes our complete freedom of Ascension!

We are being reminded of our sacred power! We are giving birth to a new cycle of Self, a new rebirthed ascending Being! As this process unfolds, we will still be faced with earthly challenges and the collective impressions! The key is not to avoid them or run into the comfort of our inner bubble! Our true ascended Self is infinitely connected to All Life through the eternal Heart space connection! As we stay centered in Truth, we can be anywhere or connect to any frequency in a state of compassion, but without needing to interfere or participate in worldly dramas! As ascended Beings, we become compassionate observers of the unfolding evolution while centered in our own Heart centered consciousness, holding the space! We are vast and multidimensional, so we trust that all parts of us are where they need to be, as our conscious aspect here and Now is rooted in Joy and happiness!

When the world seems to go through upheaval and confusion, we need to stay especially calm and centered, because it's our Light of Truth that brings Peace to chaos and clarity to confusion! We have to stay centered in our inner Vortex without letting anything swaying us from our middle point of the Absolute, which is pure Love! Our doorway to the Infinite is Presence through deep breathing, meditation and simple yoga to create a space of Bliss for all that is true and beyond all illusion! Our Power is our Presence, and it's also a gift to the world in apparent turmoil! Many of the external events are specifically designed to distort that balance and cause chaos and conflict through fear, but as we know Truth, nothing can keep us from it! We become Truth personified!

The new streaming of light has brought many things to the surface and each ascending Being got what they personally need for their shift into a more multidimensional Essence of freedom and sovereign integrity! At times it felt like our world is upside down again, but such is the nature of shifting realities! Sometimes we only shift our energy when truly met with trials and inner tribulations that we perceive as challenging! In Truth, the only obstacle or opposition to overcome is the illusion of the separate self, which often reacts through old repetitive cycles instead of personal Vortex of Truth! We are breaking through these old cycles and emerging anew, we only need to make a firm choice to shift, to feel so deeply that we no longer wish to participate in the repetitive but rather choose anew through our genuine Self that is full of Love! When our choices are of Love, they always reflect the limitless freedom of Soul! When our choices are within separation we often act through control and victimhood!

A lot of the cycles that are coming up for repetition have been building up since our childhood, as patterns we absorbed from the external reality! The stronger they get the more we are ready to finally release them, because the energy that was pent up for so long is suddenly ready for a full release! Often we don't know how to free ourselves because it feels so deep, and that is why we need to step aside and allow Divine intelligence of Love to do that through us! We simply ask to be the chalice for Grace and then think and feel only Grace! We are not getting worse, we are simply ready to let go of the toxic ways because they take away our precious life force and creative spark! Everyone of us deserves to be in their natural Essence of free Spirit and roam around this planet like a magical child that is no longer wounded but fully whole and living through Love as Love personified!

We can do it and the dragonfly Essence within us knows how to move through these emotional dams and create a new spark of Self, a new emergence of our personal Truth!

Here is my video update on how we integrate our authentic Ascension:

Here is a quick exercise to strengthen our personal Vortex of Truth:

It's very important for us to stay in the receiving part of the Divine equation to attain a perfect equilibrium of Light and Love! The energy portals do not suddenly open up, it's more an amplification of energy that builds up and strengthens our physical vessel as we ready ourselves to receive more of our Soul's infinite Light! The more we engage in silence and spend time with Nature, the more our bodies can receive the new streaming ways in perfect balance! This current 11-11 gateway will continue to build up inside of us for quite some time! The more ready and willing we are, the more we will benefit from the Universal energy and use it to create Magic! 

Our Ascension is just like climbing a tall Mountain! The ascent can feel so beautiful with many openings of new horizons and vistas, but we have to make the conscious steps to get to the top! Things that we haven't expected might come up, like old fears and things that we need to release in order to get to the next step, but when every step is slow and steady with great observation and determination, we can transform our ascent into a beautiful experience! Sure there can be side effects such as vertigo and the unknown situations that suddenly come up as fear of the unknown, but we will eventually confront ourselves to the very core and reach our destination!

What is even more beautiful is that a new destination might present itself, and we will realize how much more there is to climb! We might want to rush full speed ahead or take it slow and steady, but as long as we do it through the Joy of new experience we can overcome anything! At each important peak we cross a new boundary and reach a new milestone that represents our Spirit initiation, and that is why it's important to return to the valley through our descent in order to integrate our activated experience! You can't feel a Mountain until You have an actual physical experience with it, and the same goes for our Ascension!!!

And with all this Scorpio intensity ... Sometimes there is nothing left to do but to let go and surrender! When we allow ourselves to stop the struggle and become vulnerable and open, we begin to embody the Divine chalice of receptivity! In the void of receptivity each step becomes unknown and new, and the Path reveals itself naturally! The Light activates in awareness and the Love embodies in humility! When we are in doubt about what to do next, instead of jumping for something through mental control, we pause and patiently wait it out, until the Light of Grace fills our Being and makes everything illuminated through the Core of our authentic Being! When we are as gentle as a dove, the Light of Holy Spirit can descend and all Power emanates from Truth! When in doubt, simply allow yourself to let go of control and receive the Grace of Spirit!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn