Sunday, October 25, 2015

Marching into our Ascension

Dear Beloveds!

We are marching on into our Ascension full speed ahead as we are guided into asking ourselves about the color of Love! Love is infinite and therefore it brings with it a whole spectrum of rainbow colors, which are multitudes of various loving experiences! We are opening to more Love in our lives and with that awareness we are leaving some of the old or even karmic patterns behind. This means that we are reuniting with ourselves on a deeper multidimensional level and drawing in new experiences, connections and Soul bonds with others! These bonds are more intimate and deep, not superficial, and this is because we have enhanced and refined our personal choices so that they reflect only Love!

Love begins within ourselves and being honest with the intuitive voice of our Heart, even if we don't like what it's saying or lack proper trust while maybe also comparing our path with others! The more we embrace all the colors of the rainbow within ourselves, the more real our 'Rainbow tribe' will be, for the friendships and companionship we will create will be of Soul value and essence, not attachment, karma or lack of genuine balance! What we need comes to us naturally! The inner work of Divine remembrance we do within ourselves creates a sacred space to be filled with loving Light, and our phase of being a hermit is only temporal, because we always move in and out of relationships to grow and prosper!

Proper Self care and trust is what we have been learning during the Libra influence, and Now we will be asked to deepen these new awakenings that we have received, to achieve more depth and intimacy in our relationships! The right Soul groups form naturally, so nothing can be forced, as our organic pathway leads us into that which is right and ripe for us! Trust that calling and embrace yourself as a part of a much larger Group Soul collective! All that is alike vibrates simultaneously and comes together in Unity eventually!

The most recent wave of Joy has brought up some deep cleansing which is making us turn deeper within! It feels like we can no longer be who we think that we are! It's not that who we used to be so far was bad or wrong, it's just that our consciousness is shifting so much that our authentic self is changing, for we are more deeply connecting to what we are at our deepest core! At the times of most intense shifts it's so important to remember that we are not alone, for we are one group of ascending Humanity and that each of us makes a huge difference! The more we know of our inner worth and value, the more Heart centered we become and the more we can live out our true service, for all of our services are deeply needed at this time! 

Here is my latest Ascension update on all of this and more:

We are shifting past timelines and collective emanations that are not of Love, and for that we are very brave ... And never alone! We always have so much support, not just from those on the ethereal planes and our Higher Self, but Human support as well! We are there as fellow companions to hold hands in good or bad, for better or worse! Did You ever notice that additional support is always sent our way when the going gets tough? Yes, and that is because we are loved and adored for who we are and the brave work that we are doing as those who are becoming Angelic Humans!

We are moving through some deep collective work at this time, with so much wanting to come through, but we need to know that we don't have to react or make ourselves go down for it, because our mere observation of this process shifts what needs to be shifted! Don't forget that it was us who signed up for this work and that often we feel pain and suffering of the shifting environment, simply because we are a part of it! Only the deepest Beings can feel so deeply, so don't forget that it's all of Love, no matter how it looks or feels on the surface! The deeper we go, the more will be revealed to us! Some of the things we are moving through are chosen on a Soul level because of our Divine agreements and contracts and as we honor those we honor our chosen path and all Life!

A new found joy for life is here, replacing any sort of energy of stagnation that we may have felt! Recently we had some gamma rays and major energy shifts as we are being prepared for a new gateway opening! We had some awesome alignments of Jupiter, Venus and Mars, which is bringing together a sense of expansion in Love and our passion for life! Too many times we focus on our goals and things we need to do with a lack of joy and humbleness! 

We often think that to-do lists will make us feel better or more organized, when in Truth our sense of order and connectedness comes from within! When we set ourselves straight and walk out path with direction and Joy, we can create miracles, because we are already naturally aligned with our inner passion! It's the passion for life that drives us forward, not organization skills and endless to-do lists!

A successful (happy) person is someone who is passionate about their life and what they are creating! Creation is consciousness, which means that simply being aware of our Joy already cultivates Joy and more opportunities! We always live in a state of completion when we know that every step we make is already perfect and complete in itself! Stress and control are only created from a perception of lack and imperfection! We think that we will be happy and complete when we finish certain things or projects, and yet those completions lead to new openings and creations, so therefore the game of life is ongoing and the more we embrace the perfection within the constant imperfection, the more Bliss of the Now becomes our constant experience!

How do we embrace Divine Perfection on all levels?

We no longer need to take things so seriously and be hard on ourselves ... We simply need to be there for ourselves! When we breathe the sacred breath of Life, we can breathe a sense of completion no matter how incomplete we feel at the moment, and just observe how that higher perception descends into every cell of our living organism! We are not human doings, we are Human Beings ... And we are already perfect Now! We don't need to work hard on manifesting things and make life happen, for life is already happening through what we know as our Heart's truth.

The keyword at this time for the ascending Souls is "setting our sights higher." We have recently experienced a new level of Soul upliftment which resulted in a wave of Joy, which then also brought with it some deeply elevated emotions that we are Now ready to let go of. We all have our surrendering modes and methods which work best for us, but the most important and crucial one is still basic breath work of instant Source connection. 

We can still get "fired up" in situations, and so it's important to increase the level of awareness as we are moving through our habitual patterns while embracing more of who we truly are, which penetrates more deeply through all that we are and do. We have each come here with certain agreements and the more we know of them, the more committed we are to ourselves. This then makes us call out things that help us get our Divine assignments in a roll, which is helping us feel more organized from within, so that we are shinny, clear and pure from cellular to spiritual level, and from Spirit to matter.

With honest Self confrontation, a lot is coming to the surface to be surrendered once and for all, and yet not even that is something to be seen as "final" or finalized, because then our healing becomes a goal rather than a Divine integration process. A lot of the things that are occurring in our reality are our Soul agreements which are not simply karmic "contracts" but things we need on a basic level that benefit our Human-Soul embodiment. If we perceive ourselves as imperfect and incomplete, a part of us begins to think that it's only worthy of Love under a certain condition, which then reflects in our reality. As we surrender this, we don't change or control our Soul agreements, but we do change the basic nature on how we view them, so that we respond with Love in awareness rather than react through emotional and mental responses of the lower ego nature.

As we are under Self evaluation, this doesn't mean that Now we begin to analyze ourselves from the mind, but we merely asses the things that work for us on a Soul level and release those that no longer do, because our authentic Soul nature continues to shift due to our increasing awareness of the full mutldimensional Self. During this stage of our integration what happens is that a lot of times we will want to relapse or return to the past ways of thinking and old scenarios and relating patterns.

In Truth, things often "pop up" again because we need to see it again just to be truly sure what we have integrated through them and then release them with the blessings of Love. Yes, this means that if we think about something and ponder its nature, what we are truly doing is going to the root of our Core Essence, and that doesn't necessarily mean that we have to go back to the old ways of being and situations. With this awareness more of new opportunities will actually come, because we have disintegrated the old completely, on all levels and stages of our conscious integration.

Sometimes things take more time on a Human Being level, so we need to be patient with our integration process rather than judging it and pressing against ourselves. The old is leaving us, because we are ready to leave it behind, and with that we are inviting in new opportunities that are more aligned with who we truly are, and these can be from life situations to relationships. We won't be able to notice all the new blessings if we continue to persist in the old. Persistence is good and it pays off only when something is truly aligned with our crystalline Core, otherwise it only becomes control through a lack of Self vision.

The more we are true to our Heart's integrity, the more things fall into place for us naturally. The situations that fall through and other "NO" answers in our lives are actually blessings in disguise that are pushing us further into the New. Often we will need that extra push, especially if we are unwilling to change, because these are the times when we are asked to change the most.

A lot of Beings on the planet are changing residence, attracting Soul companions of their Soul group and forming new alliances through the Essence of Fellowship. It is better to go at it together than alone, for togetherness brings in the Essence of harmony in Divine partnership. When these new opportunities will come knocking at our door, we will also be asked to release the old ones, which means that we will have to be brave and insightful, because it takes a lot of Wisdom to separate the wheat from the chaff.

The things that we wish to call in are those that are truly of our unique Soul path and enrich our lives and those of others. Whenever something is not balanced it only brings more frustration than good, so it's important to know what we desire and go for that with great Self respect rather than doing something because our mind believes we can't receive what is for our highest good and in the best possible Soul alignment ever.

It is time to decide on what we truly want ... truly! Saying "NO" is saying goodbye to the past, which is simply a part of us that is not needed anymore, for it does not sustain and enrich us as we move further on. It is Wisdom to know that those "NOs" will actually create a new "YES" in the end.

We have a Taurus Full Moon this week on Tuesday October 27th as our Sun travels through the sign of Scorpio! The current energy is a mix of physical and emotional integration as One and so it might get us all fired up physically, but only we get to choose whether we will use this fiery energy for our benefit or not! Are we using our life force to be of humble service to All Life in Creation through Joy and upliftment or are we allowing ourselves to be drained by the external 'circumstances'? As Ascension Pioneers we are advanced Souls who are here to show the Way of the New! This means that we are here to break free of all seeming restrictions and travel a road less traveled!

Our Humble service through Divine Love penetrates through our loving actions that come with awareness! Of course, we are all still facing external circumstances, but as Masters of the New energy we are here to transcend those apparent obstacles and turn them into opportunities for our further advancement that we then use to be of even greater service! Our primary question always needs to be 'how may I serve and even improve that service'? Even posing this question itself shifts our energy and focus as Masters in constant training!

There might be circumstances or people that are seemingly against us and they might get us all fired up, but as we gently remember that they are just playing their own part for our own Self Mastery, we will get a rather different perspective on our ascending process! Everything is here for us not as a learning lesson, but a stepping stone to step deeper into our Power of Love in Unity and loving authority of our sovereign 'I AM'! The more we know this, the more we then work with this fiery energy for our advancement rather than being sucked into personal dramas and egoic scenarios!

We are here to serve and transcend the little 'I' so that we can function on greater transpersonal levels as well, which means that we keep our individuality of Soul and yet utilize and facilitate the Essence of the Cosmic Christ in action! We are One and yet unique, so the more respect we have for both, the more we respect ourselves and others!

We are here for ourselves as well ... and our joyful Heart desires are only a Heart beat away, and yet everything is occurring in perfect Divine timing in our physical reality! We are all here to bring our own piece of Soul Heaven on Earth, and as we make this more conscious our desires become more Soul infused and perfected through Holy Spirit! As the Spirit path is embraced we open up to an unlimited potential of growth and expansion in Source Light! What we are manifesting comes to us effortlessly rather than trying to control it, ruling over fixed outcomes and rigid timelines! When we know what we want but can also let it go simultaneously, our Truth shines brightly and all happens in Divine Perfection! 

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn 

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