Sunday, November 29, 2015

Moving into Higher ideals

Dear Beloveds!

The energy of the collective is very intense Now, as the collective unconscious is coming up to the surface! There are energetic movements happening that many of us can feel as patterns of light that we are helping to transform! Because so much is going on, we are invited into silent prayer and conscious meditation! By staying in our Vortex without needing to know what is going on in the world as events, we are contributing to the unveiling process simply by holding the space of higher Light! It's very important at this time to shift into higher ideals and to consider things that extend beyond our personal reality! If we are feeling super sensitive, anxious or stressed, we are definitely helping with the 'purgatory' cleanse as we move into higher octaves of Being! It's so crucial for us to move into higher ideals rather than focusing on the momentary and trivial only ... we are here to bring back Divine Greatness into this reality!

The most we can do is acknowledge all that we are feeling without needing to see a reason or proof for that feeling, because most of our humble service work takes place behind the scenes! By embracing all aspects of Divine service, the seen and unseen, we make peace with all the choices that we have made on a Soul level! A lot of us are Earth Angels who are here voluntarily to help with the Ascension process! Knowing this is just one step and it's not where our purpose ends! What is important is our conscious participation with raising the sacred Life force of Creation, by raising our own kundalini and offering our pure Life force as a trigger for awakening and Ascension! We offer this planet what has been suppressed and missing for so long, as we walk this higher path of Spirit dedication! Honor all that is taking place, whether You regard it as positive or negative ... It's simply playing out by a much Grander design that just Is!

Here is my video on world events as Galactic triggers:

There is a deep spiritual release occurring at this time. The latest new energy wave brought with it the need to cleanse our space, for we are preparing for a new embodiment level, each of us in our own way. We might feel this as a need to break free of old habits and routines, cleanse our sacred space and walk into this new Light wave with an increased energy level. We are in a Full Moon week which brings a lot of intensity to the surface. The current stream of Divine support is here to help us break free of all that feels old and stagnant, as we step through this threshold of rebirth and embody more Love in our genuine Self! There is a sense of Divine magic and empowerment with what is coming, so as we release the old (physical things and surroundings included), new things and experiences will come!

Spirit is here for us at all times, and the more that we work with the White Flame which is our Ascension Pillar, the more devotion to Purity we will feel! We can put simply anything into the White Light of Creation and allow the Divine intelligence to dissolve what no longer supports our Soul embodiment! Our connection to the Divine is best sustained in light environments and through simple chores! We don't need to do things out of a sense of need, for true liberation comes as spontaneous creation! The more of the old we are willing to sacrifice, the more abundance of the New we will receive! Is there something You are holding on to? Is there guidance to surrender it and yet You resist it? Trust the Magic to bring You new blessings and miracles! They are here even though our mind cannot see them yet! 

We are moving through tumultuous times with so much going on energetically! The best approach to anything at this time is staying patient, which means mostly being patient with where we are in our Ascension. A lot of times our awareness rushes ahead as our bodies make the proper adjustments, which means that we can have feelings that we would never even consider coming up to the surface. Old stories are being resolved as we continue to love all of ourselves, in all ways. A lot of times it's the hardest for us to love the parts of us that we don't wish to fully acknowledge or admit to ourselves. As we work on loving all of our Humanity, we recognize it just as lovable as our Divinity, and this natural progress is the path of Unity consciousness.

You can watch my video on how to shift energy:

The Temple path is not always easy, because we undergo many initiations that open doors to new awareness and it's not always easy because we continue to choose through the integrity of the highest Truth! Because of that we can sometimes feel that we may be missing out on other things, even though that is not Truth. When we are aligned with our Soul, we feel at ease with ourselves, not believing in lack of missing out! Often the journey of the Initiate will include things and choices that not everyone would choose for themselves, and that is why we need to continue to honor that and keep choosing that which comes from heart centered richness rather than a sense of void which is based on need and attachment! 

When we create from our highest truth, we create golden things of Spirit, and so we need to continue to trust our choices no matter how the current reality might look like on the surface! The intuitive knowing will let us know just how aligned we are! 

Here is my video on breaking through all of the old:

We are being encouraged into filling our sacred space with our own Light while being discerning through Wisdom! This means that we know the difference between Divine service through the Self in fullness of our creative Source energy or depleting ourselves on the behalf of external situations and others who cannot deal with their own lives and come to us to solve things for them. The stronger we become in our Self, the more we will begin to understand that no one truly serves another on the level which is personal, therefore egoic! We are only truly in Divine service when we serve the Truth, which means that we align with our own God Presence and become the embodiment of Truth ourselves. If our sacred vessel is too full of 'stuff' it gets clogged up and Divine Love cannot freely flow through it!

We have to think of how many burdens we have taken upon our own shoulders, including those of the whole world! We simply need to know that only one person cannot save the whole world, especially not as a 'persona' self! That is why it is so crucial that we all work on becoming empty containers for the Light of Holy Spirit, the Light of Grace! Whenever we are overwhelmed by others, situations and even worldly events, we need to take a pause and breathe into it! The mere allowance of the sacred breath will dissolve anything unnecessary and bring us into a higher space of Cosmic pulsation. We need to humbly embrace our Human nature and accept the fact that maybe we can't do everything in a day without feeling that as limitation. It's okay!

As we embrace ourselves and our Human nature, we will accept it as Divine, therefore no longer limited. We will be able to catch our breath, bring simple Magic back into our lives and warmly open up to receive into our sacred container! The more we wish for, the more we need to empty out, so we keep on breathing to stay open

There is new movement coming our way and we can feel the subtle changes in our life direction! Our Soul is longing for even more authentic expression, which we can feel even more deeply by spending some quiet time alone! The stirrings of our Heart are real and we can take action steps in the new direction, but not through making rash decisions out of fear of missing out on something. Our truth lies in the present moment, so as we offer ourselves occasional and regular Soul re-treats, we bond with our inner Self even more deeply! This also means that we focus more on the true Self and what really matters to us rather than the external fulfillments. As we focus on true Love and our inner Beloved Essence, we will magnetize an inner richness that will create an outer richness for us and all that we focus upon!

The recent Gemini Full Moon was rather focused on new communication waves and energy exchanges, but on a deeper level the archetype of Twins also speaks about our Beloved Twin Soul Union! The more we focus on that by cherishing the inner connection and communion to us as the Beloved, the more all that is unnecessary or trivial will fall away, and what dissolves was not permanent anyway, for only true Love is! In Truth, all is made of Love, so only Love truly matters and remains! Sometimes the deepest communications that we have are our inner Spirit and Beloved communions! And that Truth does not need to be sought after, for it already lives in our Heart! 

At the same time we had Neptune and Saturn square, which is bringing all illusions of self limitation to the surface! This alignment will be prominent all year long in 2016. Neptune is the ethereal and Saturn is the material and it can be rather challenging as these Divine forces are blending and merging together! We can feel this influence as an inability to create something on a higher consciousness level, feeling that the collective and the material world does not support what is in our Heart. The only reason for these Cosmic dances is to push through this energy as we integrate the New! As we begin our awakening journey, we will often simply change one set of beliefs for another, which is not yet true awakening! The only true awakening is the liberation into our integrated 'I AM' Presence and existing within the greater good, serving all Life in Creation!
There are so many partial awakenings and yet we are not to take them as that final destination! The more open we are to the fact that there might be more, the more we will be pushed towards that true liberation, just like a mother pushing her baby out with that last determined push! We are to live in the balance of giving and receiving, going with the flow and consciously creating! The more we know these great Divine forces that began all Life, the more we will live under their Cosmic influence, in the domain of the Great Spirit! As we nurture that which is true to us on a Spirit level, the more we will be able to push through partial illusions and false destinations! We don't stop anywhere, we simply move with the Life force of pure Spirit! 

We are the Greatness of Life and to taste that in our physical reality, we often need to go through challenges that will reveal all false masks and partial perceptions, until we are ready to see with the eyes of Spirit!

Do not take anything as that one final answer and stop at anything, for the Great 'I AM' knows there is always more! 

And remember that the meaning of Life is Life itself!
Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn