Sunday, November 22, 2015

Galactic Precipitation

Dear Beloveds!

We have recently been undergoing a major rebirth, which can feel quite uncomfortable at times, feeling like spinning on a hamster wheel and not quite knowing where to next! If there was a dampening of moods, this was because our physicality was being stretched and squeezed, by the almighty centrifugal force of the Universe! Now a new brightness follows, bringing us renewed faith and trust! Here is the main key to master in order to move deeper into Self empowerment! A lot of times it's been said that it doesn't matter if we don't believe in our dreams, because our Angels do! Well, in our physical Ascension we are becoming our Angelic Self, the one who walks in Grace and lightness of Being!

This transformation hasn't always been easy because our physicality held so many limited programs and beliefs, and that is why every squeeze brings us deeper into our true Essence! Now it becomes more and more important that we start to believe in ourselves as if we are the only ones watching our show! This means that we gather all the strength and courage that we can to enter a new period! That doesn't mean that we are alone or no longer supported, but it means that we are now a firm believer, anchored deep in our ancient hearts!

The thing is that we can Now embody all of these aspects that we have previously considered as guides outside of us! We Now embody this earthly and higher dimensional wisdom and we begin to build from there on! We need to start giving our intuition far more credit Now and learn to listen with the higher senses, because our Heart has expanded and it speaks to us in brand new ways that we need to learn to pay attention to and decipher! In a way it's like learning to walk again from scratch! It might feel challenging but it's a beautiful process of co-creation with our higher Self, no longer perceived as from the outside ... But our internal ensoulment! We are ready for this brand new living and becoming the Magic that we are ... Pure liquid Light in form!

We commit to making our dreams happen without pending and waiting for authority from without ... As within lies true Divine authority!

We are deeply sensitive and perceptive at this time, as alternate realities are bleeding through and through! During our dream work we are receiving many important upgrades and messages, and even if we can't fully remember them, they are being filtered through in Divine timing! Even though we are highly perceptive and psychic, we still need to ground ourselves into our daily reality, to live through the fullness of our Soul! When we disconnect from our Soul, it will influence our creativity! There is a lot going on at this time and we can benefit from a daily energy cleanse and Nature showers of Love! There is a lot of new inspiration coming our way, but we need to keep our focus straight and know what is real and true for us in the moment!

Because a lot is being played out in the astral, we need to center ourselves into the higher dimensional Light and keep steady to consciously bring it into our here and Now! We can easily get confused if not grounded! As inspiration comes through our dreams or in our wake state, we need to keep the visions pure and timeless! Time is not linear and as we focus on Divine timing and stay in aligned flow, we only do what resonates with us in the moment! This means that we stay in tact with the passion of our Soul and take the guided steps only when the inspiration is Divine, not of our mental chatter! Regular energy showers will help us with staying focused and aligned! If we feel overwhelmed with energy and all that we think we need to do, we need to constantly center ourselves into our Hearts and ask what we need in this Now moment!

All the energy of 'time' is gathered in the moment, and when we learn how to keep our inspiration centered we will create a beautiful flow, a stream of timeless creativity! 

There are so many changes happening at this time! We are definitely right on track when it comes to the fulfillment of our dreams! It can feel like winning the lottery, which is symbolic for our Love dreams coming true! We have been undergoing so much change as of late, which pressed on many buttons and made us even question some of the things in our life! As we come closer in terms of what truly and genuinely matters in our new reality, we press a button that activates these desires right under the surface and they begin to 'magically' appear in our reality! Everything is encoded, including us, for all has a spark of Cosmic intelligence within! ! A lot of us have also been carrying around heavy burdens that were more reflections of times past than anything else, and this applies to the entire history of the planet, not just our current life reality!

Many of the things we are experiencing have a much deeper meaning and we develop this through integrating our Divine archetypes! The deeper we come into the pure understanding of Love, the more we will start to pull things together in the physical! We weave one thread of Love after another! The path of Spirit is paved through every footstep that we make towards the New! Here any sense of loneliness or isolation is replaced with the freedom to love and to play! The High Priest/priestess of Spirit is the next archetype that is awakening our ancient wise nature as we embark upon this mysterious path of our ancient roots! All that is ancient has an activation code for us, which is stored in our heart center, so the more we open up to true Love, the more we awaken and activate! 

A new wave of Galactic precipitation is here, and many of us are beginning to feel subtle energy shifts, as they are also occurring in our bodies! Our bodies are always strong indicators of change! This brings with it another wave of cleansing and detox, which continues to make us feel lighter and lighter! With this wave we are also expanding in our awareness, as we begin to take in new Galactic rays of consciousness which expand our experience of multidimensionality, bringing with it new Soul gifts and abilities! This new energy wave can also be observed by changing weather patterns as light codes begin to travel through the planet's atmosphere and seed a new consciousness wave! It's like we are being awakened and a new era of empowerment is beginning! 

Watch my video on Galactic missions and activations:

Everyone who is willing can expand from the conventional spirituality and expand into a more Galactic awareness in higher spirituality where new principles and understandings are shown and known to us! All we have to do is pay attention and observe, for in presence we will learn to feel the energy and it will speak to us in profound ways! Have you ever just listened to the wind and let it speak to you? The wind always brings new light codes, and then they expand further through the rain or snow, as the precipitation travels in motion! It always brings renewal to the planet and new life force energy for all life on it! As the planet increases its vitality through life force energy surges, so do we! The more open we are to receiving, the more new abundance they will bring to us!

New Cosmic upgrades are coming! Stay present and open because our intuitive senses are expanding! This is the gift of the organic Ascension process! We don't always instantly see the changes but we are tuning into the subtle energy levels and we just feel it!
With all the energy shifts and upgrades that we are receiving and embodying, we are shining much brighter, but we need to be aware of the aspect of discernment and integrity as well! As bright as our Light may be, we still need to establish healthy boundaries because unfortunately not all Beings are fully Heart centered and many seek the time and attention of those who are, which often makes them act from separation and fear rather than the purity of Love! We need to establish a new level of sovereignty with every new level of Love that we embody! Often we don't even realize how many energy leakages there can be when we act from a non authentic space, which is often related with trying to please others and practice superficial kindness rather than raw self empowered authenticity! As we learn to wield our sword of Truth, such unpleasant situations will dissolve, for we will know our boundaries and how to use them when someone or something invades our sacred space without genuine respect!

Self respect should always come first! As individuals go against that, they are often not even aware of it, so we need to establish a balanced example through the holy Truth! As we do so, all apparent difficulties become resolutions and our energy levels rise! A weight of the old is lifted off our shoulders because we Now form our relations from a space of sovereign integrity! This will end all cycles of addiction and codependency and make us live only through the Heart! Yes, if everyone lived in the perfection of their pure Heart center, no boundaries would be needed, but since this is not so we need to stop living in the false light which often becomes an illusion and face all reality as it presently is! Energy vampires and disconnected individuals can only feed through external resources until we continue to allow it, so it's time to face that fact and get off that 'fluffy' cloud, moving into the reality of being and living as a King and Queen of our reality, knowing what is of value to our inner Self as external value and honor it on all levels!

We are being asked to surrender our sense of needing to analyze everything to Divine Will! As we begin to feel more Magic we often want to make reason of it! There is a great Divine plan that runs behind our perceptions and preconceived ideas about life! This knowing comes from the unseen realms that are timeless and pure! As we learn to trust this plan, we simply let go of our need to control and begin to bring through a higher sense of Being! Our Human mind can still not imagine all the Divine possibilities and connections that hold all Creation together, and because we can't always fathom it, we don't know it as true!

But Truth is often a Divine sense that is beyond rational thinking and so as intelligent as we are as a Human mind, we still need to make enough room for the part of us that is the great Cosmic Mastermind! That is right, this Divine intelligence is not outside of us, but we do need to allow it to enter into our reality by allowing ourselves to embrace the unseen! Many Ascension Pioneers have been working with the unseen realms most of their life, and it's easy for them to show the way of a New Divine Human who is in total control of their personal mastery through seen and unseen, and yet surrendered from the logical control that still keeps most Humans in a limited mode!

The more freedom we achieve mentally, the more emotional and physical freedom we will experience, which first occurs through that seed of awareness to be spiritually free! The more we feel the Creator in All, the more we allow ourselves to surrender into it, and the more genuine Faith of Purity guides our way! When the energy shifts occur, we won't always see them right away, but we would know in feeling! The key to surrender is trusting in the unseen world of pure Spirit where all Magic begins. The Stars always shine brightly for all Creation, and are especially visible to those who can see with internal and external vision of Purity! Source has our back ... can we fully surrender into that beyond all illusions and partial perceptions? The Absolute always Is!

How do we create even more harmony and balance in our life through our Human body? When we operate from the White Light of Unity consciousness, we know that we can bring every separate aspect of our old self into a renewed whole Self, while upgrading our Being to an ascended body language! This way we take the responsibility to ascend through the Unity column of Light, the White Ascension Pillar! As we do so, we refine and harmonize every part of our body language that still reacts through a separate sense of contraction and take it into our White Ascension Pillar to surrender into our Higher Self as one unified and melded Self! This is how we begin to open up to higher realities and ascend our bodies through the liquid Light or Being, knowing that all safety comes from our unified Being, not external safety, control or defensiveness! As we teach our bodies of this new way, we liberate ourselves from lower gut instincts and embrace the higher ascended body language, so that it begins to descend into our body!  

Watch my video on this topic here:

We are reminded of the power of our dreams and deep inner desires that come as Divine inspiration! A lot of times we can feel as though nothing is changing on the outside and yet we feel so much change on the inner planes of our Being! Change on all levels is a complex process of Soul embodiment, and that is why we need to always believe in the power of our Soul to guide us in the right direction, beyond what we perceive as right or wrong for us! Many times we have visions and imaginings that don't come true right away which can leave us discouraged and disappointed and so we stop to fuel the fire in that direction! But the process of physical embodiment in our new reality as we ascend higher and brighter begins with a vision that is ignited with a spark of inner flame!

As we refine our trust, we need to keep that flame alive no matter what things seem to look like on the outside! If we get easily discouraged then we might choose a non resonant path only because we are not patient enough and we are willing to settle! Divine inspiration is always there! We have recently undergone a huge transformation and we are still ripening in that process, but the question now is, what all have we been compromising for the sake of achievement! Not all that is of the Soul in its purest authentic light is about achievement! If the achievement doesn't bring joy and everlasting fulfillment, than we don't truly follow our Soul's passion! We are being asked to reexamine every fiber of our beating heart and make the deepest dreams come alive again!

It is never too late, for what is truly ours will always burn deep inside of us and eventually come to us in Divine timing, for what is ours on a Soul level is an Essence that we embody and bring into this life ... It is us who receive and offer the Divine Gift of the Self, so we can never really walk astray! We are the dreamer and the dream! Let us keep the dream alive!!! 

With all of this in mind, it's definitely time to play! To truly Be One with Nature is to feel like we did when we were still children! We embraced the unseen world, had invisible friends and talked to all of Nature's creatures! As a child I always had such a vast and pure imagination, I could play alone in nature for hours without needing anything else! My mother told me stories of how dirty I used to come home because I always got all of myself into dirt! As children many know how to do this naturally, as adults not so very much! 

Those of us who carry the infinite connection to Nature in our Human embodiment can still act like magical playful children with slight moments of forgetting this primary and most primal connection that we have with Source through Creation! We are still those children in Truth! We are the Sparks of inspiration for the awakening Humanity, the doorways to new living organisms of our playful nature as One with All Life! We must keep that Spark alive in our Hearts and show that path to our children as well as allowing them to teach us about Nature as well!  

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn