Sunday, November 8, 2015

11-11 Portal of Light: Sacred marriage

Dear Beloveds!

We are in some powerful times and it's time to fully free ourselves from anything that we are not! This requires deep Self assertion and introspection and as we travel through the 11-11 gateway we are being shown deep facts about what no longer works for us as ascending Beings! This can come up through our releasing dreams, life situations or relationships! Sometimes even our body will show us where the remnants of old and unprocessed energy are hiding, and only we can bring them to the light of awareness and set them free! As we shift our energy, we will mix up our new creative juices and the energy will begin to flow with more focus and attention to detail! As we know how to prioritize, we will know that every guidance we receive in the moment is perfect as it represents a step along the way! The Way of the New is very simple, as Truth is easy and non complicated. It is choosing what we desire to feel and then making the conscious steps towards that direction without overthinking or complicating things. This empowers our freedom of choice and the knowing of our Soul. In the New Earth, all is Heart centered, otherwise it doesn't have a very long lasting lifespan. We "survive" on what makes us thrive!
You can find my Spirit attunement on Divine Abundance through our sacred Life force Essence here!

Sometimes we might negate what we feel or push it aside, because we render it unnecessary, and yet we need to learn to trust that our Soul knows! So whatever comes up in our feeling as repetitive, it's time to look into and make the steps towards making it real! The more we fuse light and love, logic and heart, the more empowered we will be, for we will come from all angels of Creation, not denying our pushing aside parts of us, for all is important for us and that is why our Soul would never show us things that we don't need! The only thing we need is to stop questioning our Soul for the sake of our reasoning ego and just take that leap jump with every Light package of information that we receive, for this will infuse it with Love of the Self and All That Is! It is time to stop questioning ourselves and begin a beautiful path of Soul creativity!  

Here is my latest Ascension update for the month of November with an emphasis on the 11-11 Gateway:

November began so swiftly, reminding us of the fleeting nature of physicality, which is a wonderful experience and we are learning to see it that way! With this fleeting nature, we are being rooted into the frequency of the number 11, which is a lot about personal mastery and focus! This month we are zooming in again, to integrate the zooming out of the previous phases! With so much activity and many internal shifts, it's Now good to turn inwardly and do what we love while feeling fully supported by those choices and endeavors! If we focus only on the macro without the focus on the micro, our inner magical child feels a lack of sustenance and harmony, so Now is the time to bring that back into our life by focusing on the little pursuits and details that make our Heart sing!

Whenever we feel a lack of stimulation, decreased life force energy or even stagnation, we can call upon our Divine masculine seed and ask it to grow deep roots through our receptive Divine feminine, and then we just see them merging and dancing as One! The more they unify and make love to each other, the more the macro and micro come closer in a communal dance as well! We are here as a lover of Life, a magical creation of its own, and our reality should reflect that, because it's our natural birthright to be joyful and play! As we increase our curiosity and craftsmanship, our life force energy will increase as well, feeding and nurturing our inner masculine and feminine as One! It is also time to increase the kindness we offer to ourselves and random acts of kindness that we perform for others as a Human Angel on Earth!

As we are ascending, we will have moments when we feel like we don't belong here, looking at others who are not choosing this path and tuning into the collective! In Truth, our path lies in transcending the collective and remembering about our own choices of the ascending reality! We do belong, but we are the prototype of the New Human and so we belong to the New Earth! We are living in a transition period and so it might feel challenging at times to figure out our next steps and Divine assignments! We are being reassured that we have so many unseen helpers and those embodied on the physical plane who have done it before, paving the path to an ascended reality! A lot of times we already feel fully ascended, and then a new layer comes, and we are once again reminded of stepping on this path step by step and take it as a beautiful birthing process!

We are creating harmony when we are deeply in tune with ourselves and our body rhythms, as well as our own Heart/soul resonance! When we awaken to the fact that we choose our own speed of frequency, we decide to become a fully integral sovereign Being, in charge of our electrons that make up our earthly physicality, as well as our higher Being that is in charge of this whole process! We are plasmic liquid light as well as Human in form, and so taking charge of our own Ascension makes us fully responsible for the Self! We wake up to the Self Creation of what we are and begin to enjoy this physical process as well as communing with our Spirit guidance in all that we do! In Truth, it's only our awareness that has changed, and yet as a result of that ... Everything else is changing as well! With this awareness, we are creating solid foundations here on Earth and planning for our new belonging experience ... Long term! The future is bright, and that is all here Now!

We are still in times of intensity when it feels like we are separating (divorcing) from so many things in our life! In Truth, we are dissolving those fragmented parts that seek greater wholeness and completion and from this newfound void we will create a new sense of Life! As Ascension Pioneers, our main task is always to turn anything of separation and fear into Love and Joy! Whenever we feel down, upset or disappointed, it's actually an opportunity for us to expand and create everything from scratch, to make it something joyful and beautiful!

The only reason we stick to the old and outworn is because we think there is nothing else out there for us! In Truth, there is always something else and there is always more in the infinite nature of Creation! As we break away from old ties, thoughts of debt and Soul agreements that bind us, we will realize a far greater Self potential and decide to live only from our sovereign nature which is always free! Our faith in the Stars comes through the recognition of our own Star in heaven, shining so brightly that it has enough light to sustain itself even in the physical! As we know this and make amends with the old, the lack of Joy will no longer be our imprisonment but an opportunity to free ourselves and turn our Love into Magic through Joy!

We are in deep preparation mode for the 11-11 gateway of Light (and beyond)! Often it seems to get the darkest just before the new wave of Light streams through again! We are in such a time of a frequency shift and that is why a phase of stillness is required! A lot of us are like antennas that gather the higher Cosmic energy as it enters this plane of existence! By being the caretakers of this constant birthing process, we can often be overloaded and overwhelmed with energy! We carry the higher aspects of the Priesthood Essence and we are anchoring the higher Essence of Divine creativity! But even though we are strong and deeply empowered in this higher Light, we are still walking this plane of Existence in a Human form, which also requires us to be gentle, nurturing and openly vulnerable!

A frequency shift requires our complete readiness and it occurs when we are ready for the next phase of our journey! That is why each integration requires its preparation, which needs to be embraced by the complete stillness of the void! Why? Because in order for us to truly gather from new sources and resources, we must first shift from tapping into old ones! The things that are occurring during such pivotal shifts can be challenging to endure, but we will make it because we are ready and we will feel much better for it! We don't need to get hasty or impatient with our birthing process because all the we require is already happening Now, although we don't always hold the highest perspective and can get lost in the minute and all the details of what we think we need!

Even non action is a part of action and that is why the balance of the ready and prepared Divine feminine Essence can truly invite and embrace the Essence of the activated Divine masculine! When we allow ourselves the patience and wisdom of waiting and unfolding, all comes to us in perfect Divine timing! To be humble is to allow!

A new wave of Hope and trust is being stirred within us, but in order to truly connect to this higher frequency, we first need to look into the energy of worry and disappointment! What do we perceive as fated or beyond us? Where do we feel small and unimportant? Do we feel trapped by life's circumstances? We are always the ones who are making choices to build our reality, while certain things are also beyond our control and they are occurring within the grander scheme of things! The moment we surrender our expectations, our worries and disappointments will begin to dissolve as well, for we will focus on excitement and fascination instead! When we begin to get fascinated about things as they are and seeing all as opportunities, more of them will come into our awareness and shower us with Cosmic blessings! 

There are new perspectives that are coming to us during the 11-11 Gateway and as we strip ourselves from the false perception of 'negative', we will simply welcome in a neutral flow of energy which is all about Love! The less we define our reality, the more we surrender control and the more we allow ourselves to naturally blossom into what we need to be! We are always in the becoming and there is always more, and in this subtle and yet profound awareness all goals and directives dissolve, as all that remains is Love!

We are entering a time of new revelations, renewals and encodings! We are able to see beyond the apparent and trust our subtle intuition way more than ever before! Veils are being lifted! We are ready to live life with excitement and Magic regardless of what we think is true, for we wish to feel our Life rather than simply think about it! The more in touch we get with the depth of feeling, the more natural and profound our experiences become, and more Cosmic Wisdom can shine through! Allow yourself to be the constantly moving force of rebirth and revelation!

Self healing/wholing is a sacred process of Divine unfolding that is just between us, our Soul's guidance and Spirit! Whenever we interfere in the healing of someone else or someone does this to us without respecting the act of sacred invitation, we go against our freedom to choose! In healing or any other enlightened communication and exchange there always needs to be a sacred space of invitation first! 

Everything begins with living in invitation, and if that isn't so, we simply need to allow the space to unfold through patience and compassion! When we awaken to our nature as a Source Being, we know that our higher Self awakens us when it's time for us to awaken and that our Soul provides us with all the guidance for our healing that we need as we walk the path of Spirit communion! Remember that living Love comes through sacred invitation and that all else will come as a result of that Love in Grace ... In our Human form!

We are all our own healers! The healers of the traditional medicine try to heal only the body, and a lot of new age healers only work with the Light, while as integrated Beings of Divine Love who became Light in Human form, we have to treat ourselves as energy beings! Energy goes into many different subtle body manifestations, and so each healing is a wholistic process that requires an approach from all angles and treating ourselves as Light beings in Human bodies! The more grounded and real we are in how we treat ourselves, the more successful we will become as healers of the New!

We also heal through our personal sacred space. When we find our own sacred space, it's very important for us to constantly honor and cherish it! This way we create a devotional space for ourselves that we constantly feed from inside out! The more Grace we put into our sacred space, the more Abundant we become and more deeply we can live as a Human Being! This sacred space will expand more and more, moving from our inner Vortex to our environment and the landscape in Nature that truly resonates with our Heart! The more Light we bring to this sacred space and our resonating landscape, the more this space becomes our holy base of support of our Humanity! Our desire is to live as free Beings of Divine Love!

Here is my video on the topic of Divine healing in the New:

Allow your body to heal naturally, for it already has all the knowledge of how to do so, by You simply merging the aspects of Light and Love, the Spirit and matter in Creation! 

My Light activation on Divine healing is available here!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn