Sunday, December 6, 2015

Moving into our Soul Essence

Dear Beloveds!

We are in the midst of a new energy wave which is bringing us expansion in all areas of our life! We must not move into fear and negative assumptions if all of a sudden things feel like endings and new beginnings. If our moods are shifting from one moment to the next, we are simply adjusting to these new energy waves that we will be integrating as more freedom of expansion, breaking free from old routines that no longer serve us and more Love coming into our life! The perspective that really helps as things are coming into culmination and conclusion is to keep an open outlook as if we were a happy child in awe and pleasant expectation of whatever is being offered to us by the Divine at this time!

The more time we will spend on contemplating how we wish to experience more authentic Love in our lives, the more we will assist the Universal Life force to work with us in joyful cooperation and celebration of all the expanded New that is on its way! We simply need to allow ourselves to think bigger in order to create more space in our life, so that whatever wants to enter into our reality, will do so effortlessly and in Divine timing! Any new connections that we are making at this time are truly helpful and enriching for our Soul, so let's keep an open mind and allow all this expansion to take place as we ground more of our renewed Self!  

Here is my latest energy update for the month of December:

There are some golden opportunities around us at this time, but we need to continue unveiling our awareness to higher perceptions or we won't notice them! The key to higher dimensional perceptions is to recognize something as energetic potential first, as we tune into it with our higher senses! This is also important in making decisions, for we will be able to feel into something and whether it's a good time to start something new or not. At this time there are definitely some new beginnings, adventures and announcements. 

To be in the action based energy of excitement is not the same as having expectations for the external world to deliver, but gathering all of our inner strength and resources to get something done! If there is something we really wanted to do but kept postponing it, there is a great wave of culmination available that will carry us through! This goes for all things truly important to our Soul's path, as the end of this energetic month and even year is approaching, so it's time to gather and wrap things up, but also to forgive ourselves and the world at large for anything that we perceive as not being done or completed.

We have to have compassion to our progress as we are moving along, for the energy is always in continuation and constant motion! If there is something we were not able to achieve, it could mean that we are energetically preparing for something better, or that our new awareness has triggered even bigger responses and commitments. There are definitely new commitments coming, so we will surely be asked to let some of the old ones go! 

We are in a time when it gets truly important how and what we communicate to ourselves and others, so that we truly know where we stand and what we need. The clearer we get without the need to control everything simultaneously, the better everything will turn out for us, for we will intend but not resist! This is a truly auspicious time where much can be created without the need to achieve and having a specific goal! Having Soul passion is enough, the rest is letting go and letting the Divine!  

These are important times for Self Mastery as the doors to Spirit are wide open Now! We can see past the collective illusions and even those within our own personal reality! As we are developing self gifts of personal mastery, it becomes important to spend hours and even days of solitude as we focus on quiet Self reflection! At the beginning we might feel hesitant to do so and find constant distractions because the trickster Mercurial mind can still be very strong! 

The focus at this time is to move from Mercurial mind into the Jupiter Essence of higher Mind expansion that leads to innovative approach, and this is in alignment with our Sun that is currently moving through the sign of Sagittarius and the upcoming New Moon in Sagittarius! The more we will work on our higher Self connection and alignment, intuitive feeling and expanding our mind, the more our template for Self mastery will grow, and our inner Essence as a spiritual 'teacher' of Self will further develop!

Here is my video about cultivating the Holy Spirit Life force:

All Masters of Self know how to balance the inner refinement of mastery with external activity, so at this time it is vitally important to work more with our vital Life force, engage in Life force energy cultivation and tantric practice! We can even do that in coupledom and connect deeper with our companions and soul mates! Sometimes what we desire does not come into matter because we are meant to integrate and embody something higher, and Now is the perfect time to work on that! Can we cultivate the Cosmic consciousness energy to revitalize our entire body during this last chapter of the alchemical 8 Universal year we are in? Can we engage in less talking and more refined spiritual workout and practical usage of our Life force? We can all move a little deeper and commit to Spirit work even more! Life will be grateful to us and we will shine even brighter! 

We are each being offered a Divine gift at this time! The hands of the Divine are always there, reaching out to us, but too often we are getting ourselves distracted and playing so busy, trying to find answers to our questions and prayers rather than surrendering, like really melding deeply into Divine trust! This is known as the deepest act of forgiveness and Self Love! The more we love ourselves, the more we trust the Divine within! Divine Source and our own Divinity are not separate, and we are always in communion and receiving messages and guidance! Because we are constantly being vibrationally upgraded, the way Divine guidance speaks to us is also being upgraded!

We are in another wave of allowing the Divine receptivity within us to expand. A lot of Ascension Pioneers have been identifying with the role of being a nurturer and giver, and Now many Beings of Light are finally ready to release that pattern and enter into a personal freedom within true Divine companionship! We need to remember that every relationship is the reflection of what we are choosing, so even if it is just one relationship within the old that we are still accepting as our reality, it already decreases our frequency and life force transmission! 

We cannot expand through things that are binding and created on codependency, egoic attachment or even a false sense of security! There are many who are still pulling highly vibrational Beings down by offering them something that just barely keeps them hanging on, and although this is not enough and it's not healthy for inner Balance, many are still choosing that because of a belief that we need to support others or even save them! So the pattern continues on both ends! 

In Truth, each one of us needs to become a healthy and balanced independent individual first, before we can express and share in harmony! As we objectively look into every aspect and motive behind all our relationships, we will ready ourselves to share as a Divine equal! Divine equality creates true ascended frequency of our genuine Soul Essence! Those who are ready to step through this new threshold are readying themselves for new Soul friendships and Divine partnership based on equality! These we can easily recognize by how we feel, for we don't have to adjust our frequency or adapt to something through hiding behind the mask or compromise! We can simply be ourselves, so it's like being with ourselves, while also joined in group Soul focus of Divine Love!

Remember that all that is not co-created through Divine Love does not belong in our New, so we can easily say goodbye to it and welcome in the Essence of true companionship!

We are tuning more and more into Divine sound, which is the language of Creation, and so we are that sound as well! We are the creators of our own unique Soul sound, and as we tune deeper into our Soul Essence, we are tuning up in the way guidance comes to us through sound! Our ear chakras are being refined and as we connect to Cosmic impulses more, our whole body will begin to adjust, as we will be more like a Divine antenna in constant receptivity! Sound makes us feel and heal on an Essence level, so whatever feelings are being addressed through sound impulses we are receiving, that part of us is expanding and being guided into something new! In order for us to connect more deeply, we also need to rest more often and just Be! The more we rest, the more we will receive!

Important Cosmic impulses are traveling to reach us at this time and just by knowing this and listening more, we will surely tune into a new wave of Divine intelligence!

Here is my presentation of the Galactic signature course I created on reading our Star Map:

A lot of us are on this planet with the focus on Divine service which wraps up the whole planetary Existence and beyond! Our mind cannot always comprehend that, but as we focus on Divine service and honoring the pathway of our sacred Heart, everything else simply takes care of itself! This is not the same as not doing anything, being lazy or procrastinating and expecting everything else to come us! No, this means holding our Divine vision in our hearts first, before everything else of the external world. Often the demands of the physical world will seem too tense or intense, leaving us stressed, overwhelmed and confused, and this is an indicator that we have lost the focus of our true Spirit priority, which is to walk this plane of Existence as an embodied Soul Essence! As we acknowledge that we will focus more on that which is sacred and serves Spirit in matter rather than serving just the physicality itself! 

There is a fine line between living as a grounded Soul on Earth or living only for the physicality, and each initiate of Spirit needs to learn this through their own experience. So in Truth, every experience is vital and important for our journey, because all the experiences that we gather help us to learn the balancing Art of Creation! Humans tend to go into extremes and that is never helpful to the Whole, so our priority should always be in bringing the Divine into matter without losing the focus on what is truly important or getting side tracked along the way! We are here to breathe and express our true Essence, not getting our light dimmed in the never ending material world! Can we tell the difference and live as a Soul embodied without becoming too entangled, materialistic or even deprived of the material goods as the other extreme?

The way we live in this material plane should reflect the natural state of Spirit, not the robotic ways of going against the Great Divine Mother of All Life, the Holy Breath, the sacredness of Grace in every aspect of Creation! We are here to prosper and thrive, but in a New ascended way!

Good sleep is so important for our Ascension! I must admit, I don't always get enough sleep, and so this month before the new year begins I resolute to sleeping more and going to bed earlier, for this is so beneficial for sustaining and increasing our Life force energy! No wonder we often call it Beauty sleep, for it revitalizes our cells and balances our hormonal activity! It is also important to have occasional naps, which I practically never do, and I intend to increase that as well! As we sleep better we also increase our ability to better remember our dreams and learn our Soul language through them. I AM wishing You lots of Angelic sleep!!!

The Sun is such a magnificent Light, shining all the time, even when we don't physically see it! But as the days get shorter and colder, it's very important for us to replenish ourselves with the vitalizing liquid solar light and store it in our cells for those long nights! The balance of yin and yang plays out as the balance of day and night as well, and it's our natural Divine ability to know just how much of each we need! The more we trust that inner knowing rather than that of external information, the more our body can benefit from intuitive body treatment!

We have been celebrating the first Advent week of the Holidays and the Angels guided me to share a weekly Advent message with everyone! At this time they are reminding us of the importance of our inner child and playful creativity! These are very intense times and we can often overload ourselves with information of all kinds, overwhelming our aura with so much unnecessary energy! We tend to get cranky and unhappy when we allow that for too long! We are here to live in Joy! The Angels therefore remind us that playful creativity and spending alone time in Soul retreat are crucial for the rise of our inner Life force! The more we play, the more we stimulate our inner chi! Receiving and cultivating life force energy should not be something difficult for us ... It can be natural, simple and easy!

If we will take the leap of faith that it takes to trust our inward journey at this time, our inner child will not only be grateful but also deeply stimulated, and we will get new ideas and creative sparks as a result of this! December is the last month of the year, and today they reminded me that just as God rests on the last day of Creation, we are also to rest, reflect and marvel at our yearly creations at this culminating time! It is time to leave everything that is not joyful behind. Everything else can wait, as we take some time to deeply enjoy all that we have been creating so far and experience something new that is deeply fun, playful and rich for the Soul, whatever that is for us!!!

We need to allow ourselves to receive in order to live our Divine happiness and stay true to ourselves and all that we Love! If we resist being open and receptive, we will miss on our own Life! Let us not forget this and know that in our Prime Essence, we are all pure Love which wants to experience itself as Love.

The very Essence of true Love requires devotion and commitment! That is why we are being guided to create the desired changes which will move the energy from inside yet! A lot of Beings desire a new Love and they expect it to come in a form of another person, while in Truth we have to become the embodiment of true Love first, and then we create the sacred space for the vibrational attainment that we so desire! We literally embody the Essence of romance and passionate Joy within ourselves first, and then completely let go of how Life will bring us changes that meet our spiritual needs in the material form! It is okay to feel romantic and dream from within, but most importantly we need to step up in creating the kind of joyful circumstances for ourselves first and take charge of our Life!

What are our true Heart's desires and are we investing energy into them or somewhere else? If we desire romance, we have to continue creating it rather than stressful material things and illusory obligations of the matrix! We are here to reinvent ourselves and create a Life that fully reflects our Soul step by step! Wishes do come true for those patient enough to wait for the real deal and devoted to the highest Heart Truth! 

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn