Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My Self empowerment

Dear Beloveds!

On my journey of Self empowerment and sharing this Divine path with others, I still encounter those naysayers who go against us, judge us, make assumptions or think they know more about our Soul path than we do. But we did not come here to be judged or questioned by others, because our initiations are personal and they are between us and Spirit alone. We are each on a very personal journey, and it's our job to understand it, not that of others. We each need to focus on our own path, and not interfere with others. Sometimes certain people come across my path who try to understand or analyze me, and they only end up setting an ego trap for themselves each time they try to do this. Those who do this, do not yet understand, that we are all One, and within Divine Unity, what You judge within another, You actually judge within yourself ... and our Source who is experiencing Creation through us as extensions of it, is sad each time this happens and Divine children forget who they are.
We are not here to fight, to be harsh with each other, to judge or to preach. We are here to remember who we truly are and then share this Divine remembrance with others. We are here to embrace the Divine feminine, which is gentle, graceful and peaceful. It is the Essence of all Creation, and we are all intertwined within it. So be cautious when You don't yet treat another through Divine respect and integrity, because it will come back as a boomerang experience sooner or later, because in Creation all tends towards Divine equilibrium. 

Those who still live in darkness are so stubborn sometimes, that they simply forget how it is to express Love on all levels of Being and to commune with Spirit in every moment. Sometimes such individuals try to convince those who live in Love, that they are not doing things the right way. But today Angels have given me another message about listening to and honoring our own feelings, because only we know what is right for us and our Divine path, especially when we are fully guided by Spirit Light through Purity.

My job is not to make sure such individuals wake up to Divine Love. My job is simply to Be the embodiment of it myself and show the way for those who wish to wake up and who have long passed this silly stubborn phase!

We are also moving from the "old spirituality" which was based on philosophical teachings, to experiential spirituality. What does that mean anyway? It means that we gather and collect everything that we need from our internal resources while living our spirituality, not talking or thinking about it. We are done and over with that! We know that meditation and pondering is only one part of the Divine equation, and following our Divine guidance through direct action is the other part of it. We are all about experience, and Divine Love which is neutral in all ways, is all about experience, which is neutral as well. We are moving from the age of Pisces to the age of Aquarius, which is all about personal freedom through individual experience.

So, what kind of experience do You wish to create for yourself today and every day?

Within Divine Love, Polona

P.S. If You desire personal assistance on your own journey of Self empowerment, here is my video about my offerings and personal services: