Friday, August 9, 2013

My inner radiance

Dear Beloveds!

Today this beautiful Soul made an observation that I look younger and more radiant every single day, and that my internal shift is creating/matching a shift in my physical appearance. Just this week, some random by-passer told me that I look like 20 years old, but feel like 30 or more. Many people are asking me about my physical/Earthly age, and I have nothing to hide there. I will be 30 this September and I AM observing these same shifts in my physical appearance. A long time ago when I began my awakening, I have already stated that I will stop aging at some point, and that I will always look the same from that point on, because it will be a physical body appearance of my Soul choice/preference. Many times I say things out of the blue, that later turn out to be true.

This is true for all those who are stepping on the path of physical Ascension, because the more that we embody our Soul, the more our Spirit shines through, and Spirit is our eternal Self ... the always youthful, innocent and pure Self. This is when we start to radiate our the frequency of our natural state of Grace and the Creation Self, which is the Divine Love Essence within ... because once the Soul takes over again (like it did at our birth), it starts creating our physical vessel by its choice and necessity. We always have the kind of body that we need to utilize our Divine purpose. So if I desire to climb the highest Mountain peaks, I need a strong body to do exactly that.

What are my other "secrets" to how I look? Personally, I AM a very hyperactive Soul with lots of energy that always needs to be utilized instead of kept just for myself. I live from within, but give from without and all around. I need a lot of physical exercise, so that my body can hold/maintain the level of my Spirit Light ... in order for the embodiment of Divine Love to be possible. Therefore, the body needs to be nurtured and strong. I need lots of sunshine and pure Mountain air. That is why I AM constantly guided to be in the sacred Mountain space where I AM instantly rejuvenated and re-calibrated, so that all the external toxic energy is removed from my energy field. I AM also guided to be there because Mountains and portal/grid activation is a big part of my Soul purpose. I live as One with Nature and I commune with Spirit and all of Creation.

I crave only healthy foods, and I AM a vegan by personal choice, although I don't label my feeding experience. I rather say that I feed myself consciously, through awareness. If I AM sometimes guided to indulge myself, I listen to my cravings and I don't deny my Human self. I also choose to think and feel only loving energy forms and I tend to be neutral, while avoiding the extreme positive or negative. I live by the principle of the middle path. I don't interfere with other people and their lives, so what they do and how they live. If others do that to me, I simply walk away from it energetically. I AM a very introverted person and I focus only on myself and what I came here to do.

I always devote myself to loving service within humility and I AM guided to be of constant assistance. I show the way only by embodying it myself. There is no other way for me, and I always choose peace and walking away from situations and people that do not nourish/support my Spirit path from within to without. I always stay true to myself and my inner voice and I AM not afraid to voice my needs and desires. I AM also not afraid to speak up, even if it feels a bit unpleasant to do so at times. I do not suppress my feelings! I choose to live as authentically as I can in each moment, while tapping into my own creative energy force. I also live as a free Divine Human Being, as personal freedom is the only abundance I truly need.

It is always the creative energy that keeps us in the infinite flow of Spirit. If we are always creative (so Self expressive), we are always radiant and in joy. If we deny/neglect our creative flow, we deny our inner Spirit. That is why it is so important to be as Self expressive as possible. Oh, and I cannot forget to add that loving yourself is the primary cause here. The moment we don't nourish others and all of life through our internal fulfillment, we are in lack and can therefore be drained. The moment we open up the vessel of Self Love and keep it alive and flowing, we are in flux and always transparent. I have no secrets and nothing to hide, I AM fully transparent and I AM fully open to everyone/everything. I AM also very affectionate and I love to show my love through actions and deeds that support it. This is how it is when we live as our Source Self, and for me there is no other way but this any longer.

I choose to live Love every day, even when there are challenges and things don't always seem peachy from the lower perspective. That is why it's utterly important to always maintain a higher perspective and continue focusing on raising awareness. It is only the opening to higher and higher levels of awareness (Divine Light) that opens us up to more Love (Divine creativity).

And because I choose Love, Love chooses me as well. I AM wishing You a beautiful journey of discovering your own fountain of eternal youth!

And I almost forgot to say that living in Magic and adventure is key as well! Go for it, we are all magical Beings!

Within Divine Love, Polona

P.S. Here is my latest Mountain video, and it's a Light activation for infinite abundance: