Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The ascended Ones & Gaia calling

Dear Beloveds!

Welcome to the new energetic month of May, the month of flowers and Love! We celebrated Beltane on May 1st, which is the return of Spring where Nature is at its pivotal opening point. Therefore this is a major month of expansion, and we may feel limitless in so many creative ways. Our energy field is expanding, and we can even imagine ourselves as radiating more and more liquid golden light. This is a month when Mercury goes back direct on the 3rd, and so we will finally be able to stabilize and anchor those turbulent New energy waves that have been seeding on our planet last month. The Moon's nodes as our collective point of destiny are shifting into Leo-Aquarius polarity, and Leo as the archetype of heart centered Self awareness and creativity is calling us to bring focus to everything that we do passionately and devotedly love and adore to create.

There is also an alignment with the Royal Star of the Lion, the Star of the Kings called Regulus, which will help to make our creations even more so soulful and bright. We are truly here to shine, and anytime that we may feel the pull of the old which wants us to create in a linear fashion, we may call on the Galactic Pulse of Life to direct us back into the Heart of the Mother, the Spiral of Creation, so that our Soul creativity engages with that Core consciousness. Breathing into the Heart is so important, as well as mastering the flow of our Life force, so that we will create the resilient body ready for anything. So many Beings have Now moved beyond the 3-4D Ascension timeline, and are Now moving into 5th density, and the shifting nodes are implying that as well, for the 5th house that Leo rules is the house of the 5th density on a higher octave. Anything that stirs up Soul passion within us in each New Now moment is the right calling for us, without any questions asked. It's a month of transition into this New timeline, so we are asked to nurture ourselves, take it easy and apply effortless flow in everything we do. It's time to take a step back in order to truly create from the Higher Heart Essence of true Love! Magical blessings!  

Our Sun has been very active lately, and these constant energy activations have caused many of us having temporary Ascension symptoms. But simultaneously we have been unburdening from anything that doesn't serve Unity consciousness, making peace with all duality timelines while anchoring the unified timeline of our Ascension. We are Now having difficulty with "digesting" dense energies, for we have moved so much in our Light, becoming brighter and lighter. This shift went very deep into our Core Being and Now we may still feel oversensitive before this dissemination is fully complete. The dissolution of old density is happening at the Core level, and so we may soon feel a renewed sense of enthusiasm and euphoria for life. This is a higher dimensional life that the majority does not yet experience, but it's our chosen destiny as the pioneers and as we are flying high, we are showing the way as the prototypes for the "New Human"! Everyone is gradually doing the work for this shift in their own timing and follows us only when they themselves are ready. It's so important to Be fully present with this energy shift, because it's operating on a refined higher frequency and for us to receive alignment and attunment with these messages, we have to align our energy field with this higher frequency.

There are many on this planet who are Now living as fully "ascended" Beings in their physical embodiment. For that reason I'm Now being guided to offer both an Ascension and Galactic update at the beginning of the month, addressing both the ascending Ones and the ascended/integrated volunteer Souls who serve Gaia and Humanity as the living prototypes for the New Human Being, the fully merged One with their Light body form of 5th density, ready to explore the greater Galactic realms of expanded consciousness. This in no way means that we are done with our Soul mission, as it's only just beginning for many of us who have been nothing but preparing for this our whole lives. 

From this vantage point on we will serve beyond the threshold of Ascension through 3rd-4th density while holding a physical body of Gaia until our Soul contract wills it so. We will use our own personal and planetary Ascension (for they are truly One) to serve those who are still ascending beyond this threshold into the experience of 5th density Self expression and beyond! It's always been an experiment to be able to hold 5th dimensional Light expression while still remaining in physical form, but those who are servants to Life have that written in their sacred Hearts. We might look the same and feel the same, and yet we are not the same. As many Beings are still ascending into this expression of their Self, we will be expanding into Galactic consciousness and co-create with it here on Earth! Blessings to everyone, in all unified timelines as One!  

Watch my Ascension update about this here:

The Essence of Divine Love is an ancient Primordial Force of the Cosmic spark of Creation which supersedes all knowledge. Everything came from this ancient Primordial Life force and as we are ascending and expanding, we are connecting to that as the Core of our Being. It unifies all the knowledge and Soul experiences that we might perceive as separate, although in Truth all Life is One. All of our realities are One. Great freedom and empowerment comes from that Primordial knowing, for the more we unify, the greater our Soul power becomes, and that power is the return to Divine Love. With all the Cosmic knowledge we can acquire, Love is still beyond it all, holding everything in the vastness of Creation together. When we connect to that Primordial Essence which is beyond any perception of time as we know it, we are capable of creating great things in co-creation with Source. Another important thing is the awakening to the Union of our personal and planetary Ascension, for they are One. Our body is of Gaia and Core crystal Essence with all the basic elements, and so physical Ascension naturally corresponds to planetary Ascension which is the alchemical transformation of the basic elements that we consist of into a higher octave of Light Being within. In this awareness, everything we do for ourselves we also do for Gaia, so we become naturally attuned and unified with the planetary Life force!

We are feeling the inner waves of Joy and are about to begin a new journey full of wonderful adventures. A Soul adventure can be any type of New Earth experience where the creative imagination of our expanded multidimensional Self becomes an overriding force in our reality, and we become the powerful Creator Being that we are. In this awareness, every aspect of us is fully loved and held within our Heart, for this is not about positive thinking alone. This journey is about complete surrender into our Light Being that Now lives fully activated within us, living its original Divine Spark of Life. This unified Self is an infinite curious explorer of the many worlds and realms, and we may experience this as being deeply anchored and grounded in this reality as a strong Pillar while simultaneously "popping" in and out of many different realities, and bringing through them powerful creative visions and ideas. 

These higher ideals all hold within them the seed of New Earth, which is the threshold crossed through Divine Love and infinite Joy. We are beginning to tap into this vibrational space through our Higher Heart and our ascended counterpart Venus. This realm is then gradually being embodied in our current physical form, as we experience more bliss with each New Wave. This doesn't mean that the bliss can be measured, it's more about tuning into more refined levels of that bliss which is also a multilayered and multidimensional experience, which means that on each vibratory level of our Self we get to experience it differently. We can playfully tune into those various levels by fine tuning our frequency within those alignments. And then we don't forget to anchor this into every experience we have here, for the physical lies within the multidimensional as All That Is. 

In the higher dimensional awareness which is an expanded perception of multidimensional Self, our creations are not set in a linear time fashion, meaning that any focus on achievement and completion is based on separation which the linear time construct constantly re-creates. In such a way, we are always like a hamster on a wheel, within the infinite repetition loop. When the focus becomes the Now simultaneous time in which everything already Is and exists perfectly within itself, there is no need to focus on achievement and completing something, as that still keeps our focus on a linear time construct of a lower 3-4D reality matrix. In a higher dimensional awareness our work is simply creative play, and everything is always complete and incomplete at the same time, existing within its perfect imperfection. And that which is fueled with Joy is always anchored in a Now reality which is not an artificial construct but rather a paradigm of Universal understanding of ourselves as All That Is. It's time for us to move into that spontaneous creative play, and especially Now as the Moon's nodes are changing into Leo-Aquarius polarity. It's time to use our inner creative Light without being fixed on a sense of outer completion, but rather a feeling of feeling complete in whatever we do ... always Now!

Watch my Galactic update on Galactic consciousness here:

Treat this planet and every life form living on it as if You would treat your most sacred Self within Divine Love. It's Gaia as an Essence who provides the elements which we need to hold our planetary vessels here, as our Light bodies serve within the Truth of Love. Everything we do for ourselves, we also do for Gaia, for personal and planetary Ascension are One. Thinking that You are ascending while not caring for the planet is an illusory belief. In true Ascension within Unity consciousness, You merge with all of the elements and all of the life forms in deep Union and perfect resonating balance. This elevates your body into a higher frequency of Light body-earth body merge, which will constantly fuel, regenerate and rebirth your body through the great living Life force, as your personal and planetary Life force become One! This is how we co-create within the New Earth. Allow your sacred Heart to merge with the Heart of Gaia, and You naturally become the sacred protector and servant of Life! P.S. And don't forget to constantly anchor the energy, for that is a part of that process! 

It's Gaia's message to take it easy, to pace ourselves according to our natural Soul rhythm, not the artificial time imprints that are superimposed upon us from the collective. As we tune into our inner rhythm and the Galactic Pulse of Life, we unify with the body of Gaia and our higher body of New Earth. In this awareness, everything gradually slows down until "no time" is perceived and anchored, and our cycles of being become as organic as the natural cycles of Gaia! Tune in as You are tuning into the world of Nature as Creator Itself.

I wish You many beautiful Soul adventures through your ever expanding Heart! Much is happening energetically, and therefore we must learn to also quiet our minds and slow down, so that we will be able to truly take note and integrate all those beautiful changes, applying them at the very Core of our Being! Have a magical May and Be outside in Nature as much as You can, listening to the call of Gaia ... and answering it!  


What have I been up to lately? I'm deeply inwardly focused at this time, still focusing on channeling Cosmic pictures that will become a part of my book about the Grand Design and the mission of volunteer Souls. This is taking up most of my time, as it's deeply time consuming and I have to be very patient with myself along the process.  


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Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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