Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Vesak & Outpouring of Divine radiance

Dear Beloveds!

This week on May 10th are celebrating the most important Full Moon of the year according to the Ancient traditions of the "Great Buddhas", which is celebrated during the Full Moon when the Sun travels through the constellation of Taurus. Simultaneously we are going through deep Cosmic rebirth. The Cosmic egg of Creation wants to have a safe nesting space within us, so that we could birth anew in fully renewed awareness. As we do, we are then also able to share this new awareness space with others in complete balance of how we give and receive of Love! The dissolving of the old mostly relates to the death of linear processing of information and structural thinking, to give more room to our fully operational multidimensional framework and Galactic consciousness. We are in bright shining times ahead! The energy is supporting our lift off into a new cycle of Soul expansion where we get to create something new and deeply magical! We are all co-creating this together and we have to celebrate our creations from time to time!

Wow, what a powerful rebirth we are currently experiencing! This major shift in our consciousness expansion we are in the midst of is producing some powerful changes in our physical experience here on Earth. We are becoming more aware of ourselves in our Human vessels, and therefore more Life force is able to illuminate through and activating our kundalini fire. The once sleeping serpent is Now becoming powerful potential expressed in its infinite ways and multiple realities. When all the paths are open, we realize that all are of the One, and therefore even particular expressions of who we are that we might perceive as separate are still a part of One path. When we follow the pursuits which we are drawn to in our consciousness in each moment, our inner Magic starts to increase and it can feel like a water pipe bursting open. And by letting go all of the expectations about the "where, who, when and how" it should be expressed, we simply merge with this infinite river and become the conscious Life expression ourselves!

Those of us on the path of physical Ascension as volunteer Souls for the planetary Ascension and the ascending Beings, are really feeling into the planetary Life force at this time. Our planet is going through a major transition, and we are asked to connect to the Core of our own Being through the Core of Gaia. By doing so, we are helping to bring a conscious infusion of Light by holding a very sacred space on the shifting planet. We may feel this shift as something within us transforming from the very root, almost as if by Magic, but we can't quite fully place our finger on it. It's abstract and internal and yet it's also very much external, for the changes we are going through at this time are producing lasting changes in our physical structure and form. Something magical is happening and emerging, but we are still on the brink of this becoming something tangible. 

So far, we are still releasing what no longer serves us, because we are making so much more room for our true passions of the Higher Heart. This is almost like our Light body/Being needing more "lose" space, so we need to make lots more clear space for this invitation of the New. Wearing lose "clothes" never felt so good! By doing all that we can to remain in a relaxed space of integrated Presence, we help to hold our center from which new exploration will take place. The only thing that is certain is that we will each experience this frequency change in a deeply personal and intimate way. In my own way of ascended Being, I have never shared anything before having my own intimate and deeply integrated experience with it. It is the Way of the New!

At this pivotal time of crossing the threshold of physical Ascension into a fully integrated and embodied higher octave of Being, our Human hearts need downtime to relax and replenish. Taking the time to disconnect is actually an intent to reconnect on a deeper level, because our true Source connection can never be lost. We are never truly disconnected from who we are, how could that even be? We are only connected to so many things in this life, and often these prevail to the degree of us losing sight of what's truly important. In our ascended embodiment we don't feel our creativity as a burden and a timely responsibility. Our only responsibility is maintaining the framework which makes our ascended Being and reality possible. Therefore we must engage in the kind of living which makes higher vibratory levels possible on a regular basis, not just probable. Therefore we must work on keeping the balance between the fluctuating variables and constants of Life, which means that we need to learn to settle in this New consciousness space and yet remain fully open. 

Our expansion is constant, and therefore to maintain our multidimensional operating system, we must spread our wings and be willing to fly. This is the ultimate freedom to keep our Cosmic consciousness unbound, for the moment we limit it, it's no longer Cosmic anyway. This requires us to be constantly in an open space where no matter how ultimate and potent with creativity our Life force might be, we must also continuously get into the body and feel how the body is able to translate all of that Spirit in an optimum flow! Relax, keep a steady pace and know that in a timeless reality, You as the One have all the time in the world, for You are the Creator of it and everything else You choose to create. As we learn to unwind into the New and taking as many breaks as we need, the pauses we make will reset us into our organic optimum! 

Here is my Light activation for this New ascended Being:

Vesak is known as the Celebration of the Buddha and the outpouring of the Christed flame of Divine Love! This precipitation is like a whole New year unto itself, and we are being blessed with a new garment of Divine Light. Everyone of us will experience this new gown of Light in a unique way, but we will all feel a deep shift from within. We don't have to believe in anything to receive from Divine Light directly, for it's a Universal celebration for all who participate in Life with open hands and their own intrinsic spirituality. The spiritual Essence within has to be born only from our intimate and unique Source expression which continues to deepen as we progress in our Soul evolution and expansion. 

The things we are at this time excavating from our Ancient past (literally and figuratively speaking) are meant to only serve as reminders of what mistakes born of separation we are not to repeat again. Otherwise, we were never meant to continue on the same footsteps of the evolution of mankind. We were meant to experience many different variables and timelines in order to mold them into the infinitude of Divine magnificence, as Divine royalty was always our Divine legacy and Destiny. The future Selves are returning in order to remind the ascending aspects of who we are to return Home to Divine Love, in the knowing that we were never just a random experiment, left alone to itself. We were always a precious Love child of Creation, and as we take this New stand of Light in our connected uniqueness, we ourselves will start to create new legacies of Light. Our royalty begins with the embodiment of Divine Love in Unity consciousness. And as we do so, great passions and sacred connections are being created!

There is no desire that's wrong, for they all hold pieces of our truth. Every single desire brings me closer to "You". In our Heart's desire we find the precious gems of sacred fire, the burning of our intimate Self expression. When having our physical experience, at times things don't seem to be happening according to our plan, and yet they are still a part of a Greater Plan, the Divine Plan of the One! We are here to learn the mystery of Divine timing by letting go of our own. Only in the freedom of no-time are we fully resurrected and reborn again, in the infinite Love of our ascended Home. True Love is only fully felt when all the conditioning is dissolved by the almighty Will of that Great One who lives within us. That One is always connected with every fiber of Creation and every single extension of that One. As all those extensions are perceived simultaneously, we know that Life is a simultaneous Existence of all of who we are, and so we no longer wish to forcefully control any of it. Instead, we rather fully surrender ourselves into it. And we come to a place we have never truly left, and realize that we have always been here.

Do You ever feel like the Sun is shining just for You, and all of the elements and Nature's Life forms speak to You in direct communication? Good news, You're not crazy! You're only having your own intimate experience with Source, the visible aspect of it known as the Great Divine Mother or the Primordial Life Force!

Watch my video about moving into our multidimensional operating system here:

What is currently unfolding in our reality is a big shift that surpasses all the previous shifts we have experienced as the ascending Ones. We have been preparing for quite a while, with various gradual shifts of our various inner realms. When enough leverage is created, a simultaneous shift of all of those realms is created, for they begin to fully shift into a new fully functional ascended reality through our shift in consciousness. Due to this current shift, many of us are becoming almost intolerable to the old structures of the third dimension, and are therefore finally ready to fully shift, not just partially. 

This process requires us to let go of the final 3D perceptions that keep us in this linear/time based system of duality. We move beyond all separation which comes through expectations, sequential living, task and goal oriented creation etc. Once we do so, we become a fully operating 5th dimensional consciousness Being. This opening then serves as a portal for higher dimensions and spaces of multidimensional perception! It's pivotal that we allow ourselves an unlimited and unrestricted flow of pure creative Essence that knows no filters, which makes us a fully transparent and playfully creative Light Being!

Did You know that when we are relaxed and enjoying ourselves, we receive the most amazing new ideas? This is because our brain is not focused on linear data processing but rather open to the limitless creative flow of the Universe! And as we do so, we can also join forces with others in strong co-creative endeavors that honor our personal Soul connection! The ascended way of creating is best when it's focused but non attached to outcomes, clear and yet surrendered, organized and yet messy, discerning and yet deeply playful. These creations of higher Spirit alignment are fueled through the purity of Source and extend outwards to nourish and sustain Life in an organic way, timeless and unlimited! This unrestricted flow opens the portal into higher dimensions, and as we are creating this way we are becoming these living portals into ascended reality ourselves.
Watch my video about this shift here:

This beautiful Light Being helped me activate another portal opening here in the Alps! It was the most amazing experience, for right away strong portal winds which move in a spiraling form started to blow. They are moving throughout the planet, activating the trigger points and carrying the infusion of Light through the planetary meridians. This is the Spectacular process of Gaia's dimensional shift!

The message of this time is simple! Relax, take some downtime and unplug from the "many" to reconnect with the "few" through the simplicity of Life in a higher ascended form. You cannot know what You don't have your personal intimate experience with. Being intimate with ourselves and our ascended Life reality strips us away of everything that we think is needed, but in Truth we don't need it anymore. As We watch the doors closing without fear, we will see a whole New Gateway opening with great reverence! Enjoy and blessed Be!

P.S. There was a beautiful Light cloud in our Alpine portal this weekend! Things are very busy on "spaceship" Earth, very multidimensional and super awesome!  

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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