Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Gemini New Moon: Starting over

Dear Beloveds!

We are at a time of the Gemini New Moon, which is a super Moon that occurs on May 25th. This lunation acts as a strong Gateway point and starting completely anew, for many Souls who have been on the ascending timeline for quite a long time. For many such Souls it might feel as nothing has truly shifted on the outside in a major way, although there was much inner work and integration. This is partially true, and yet it all depends on the perspective which we are observing our reality from. The fact is, that many of us had to experience and integrate polarities within ourselves first, in order to experience a fully integrated and unified reality on the outside. The creation of a unified timeline begins within ourselves, and therefore everything that we have ever experienced was a catalyst for that unification. Many visions and higher ideals come from our Soul, and we are not to suddenly give up on them, because with those visions we are actually holding the threshold of the New reality.

Gemini is the sign of the opposing polarities, so it makes sense that this time is our pivotal point for this integration, even since the very beginning of the threshold year 2012. There is a sense of a "turnaround", and yet this hasn't been a full-on physical experience yet. But what we are beginning to sense is that view over the top, to see just how it could be and how it Is in the New reality. Many Souls are coming together at this time as "mirroring Souls" who are showing each other how the actual physical experience of complete Union within and without could be, and how to experience that in a unified partnership which serves from a space of integrated Wholeness. These might not be finalized Unions in the physical, and yet they have a deep meaning and purpose within the Grand Design. We need to be patient and allow everything to unfold naturally, for only that keeps us aligned with the Unity timeline.

Sometimes we all get a sense of urgency or "rush", a feeling like things should be happening a certain way, which is deeply amplified during the period of our Sun visiting through the sign of Gemini. Gemini deeply stimulates our communication centers, for it rules the 3rd astrological house of communication, but in a way it's also a sign of partnership/duality. Coming together is very important at this point, regardless of how this sense of "togetherness" might feel like and what it will activate within us. We have to surrender to the experience which is natural, rather than making assumptions and personal conclusions about things in general and our close relationships. 
The fact is, everything is interconnected and we are all Great Creator Beings, so what we choose from the higher levels of Light eventually descends into matter and becomes form expressed in Divine Love. With a sense of surrendered experience, we know that every single experience we had ever had is a part of this bigger picture. When Gemini archetype integrates through its opposition, which is the nature of Sagittarius, it integrates through higher Wisdom, so that experiences can become unified through deep understanding and embodiment. When the current stream of infinite communication merges with the highest Truth and the natural laws which are eternal in all Existence ... Magic happens! As the New Human prototypes, we are embarking on such an infusion of Light and merging point within ourselves and our ever expanding reality.

Yes, the Gemini energy can also feel hasty and unpredictable at times, and although we are receiving much Divine Light as information at this time, we also have to keep a steady focus in grounded action through balance. Balance and patience are Key! This is the time for our Soul, so whether we are guided to create a sense of journeying for ourselves or go on a spiritual retreat (which is also the Sagittarius as the Nature Lover) in balanced polarity, we shall receive in an even better way, because we won't be rushing into things. We will rather enjoy the activations we are currently undergoing, knowing and trusting that they will be integrated and implemented at the most perfect time for us. There is a sense of "moving on" and focusing on integration and cooperation via conscious partnerships. There are those of us who have been constantly in "training" mode as volunteer Souls, and Now we might finally receive some very well earned rewards for our inner integration. As we rest and replenish, we will ready ourselves for what is to come next, because something is definitely on the New horizon, and it will beautifully unfold until the time of the June Solstice.

The New is not so much about making things happen, but rather letting them happen in the best possible way for us. When our guidance comes through riding that wave which just naturally feels right, we no longer act through ego, but rather a conscious choice to align with our Core resonance, and the resonance of the ascended form of Gaia, which then creates everything from that level of resonance! For many planetary Light servers the frequency of the ascended Gaia and our own ascended Self is ready to physically give back everything that we have been planting into the crystalline grid. Gaia's Core is alive and pulsating in a new rejuvenated form, and so are we. Too good to be true? Perhaps, but only for those who are still clinging to the old ideas and ideals that are no longer serving us. It's time to join in the great Cosmic party and do a little dance, for it's time to celebrate our accomplishments!

Here is my latest video about the synthesis of the sacred knowledge we are birthing through us as volunteer Souls:

Gemini is also the sign of the "Twins" and constant communication between many partnerships. Many people talk about sacred Unions, but there is an ongoing evolutionary spiral of the ever expanding Union, and the ascended Unions which are actually illumined Unions. These occur through Light body Activation and synchronization of ascended Beings. This partnership is formed via the ascended couple in a Divine Union. Yes, we are all Divine, but the illumined Unions are those where the partnership is formed through the actual embodiment of Spirit and it serves the greater good. Here, the two transcended individuals merge and become a greater Whole working together in unison, riding their sacred chariot of Ascension, which means that they are connected through their Light bodies which then translates into their physical experience. This way, they are co-creating together through the sacred fire. This holy flame begins as a Spark and then continues to gradually ignite the flame of the illumined Union which is spiraling in Nature just like the Galactic Pulse of Life.

Within these Light body Unions there is a sharing of this communion in a form of deep Spirit abilities that come in an organic connection and sharing, such as direct energy transfer, bilocation, and empathic connection when feelings are shared through deep Presence with each other. Here, tantra is constantly flowing as a cultivation of Life force which occurs through the deepest Presence with each other and a mutual adoration. This adoration creates a portal into Divine Love state, which then naturally starts to rise up the tantric energy through the Union. In the deepest sense, tantra is not something that we can control, for it's Spirit born. In actuality, we only have to become Spirit born, which is a natural state of constant Life force transmission and mastery through our sacred vessels. When these can overflow, with sacred fire, they can be shared as an experience of tantric Union. Therefore, to experience ascended Union one must first fully ascend within their Light body in order for this to become a shared experience in a holy devotional partnership.

Divine Lovers will always love, and this is not because we think that we need to, but simply because we can, and we do. That Love is so pure and unconditional, because it comes from the highest devotion to Spirit, even when it's expressed for or directed at individuals. We recognize Love as our highest superpower in Existence, so we know that we can create our infusion of Light only through the Unity of Divine Love. At that highest point of resonance, we become the ultimate Lovers of Life, Divine Lovers of Spirit! The lighter You become in your physical Ascension, the less You resonate with dense foods and the dependency on constant recycling of energy or incarnation cycles of the animals. You wish to independently become the source through your own Source as that Divine manna or liquid light! This means that we no longer steal life force energy from other Beings but rather learn to cultivate our own through the seed of Life which lives within us as Beings of Light!

Happy retreat vibrations to everyone! I'm currently on an inner Spirit retreat to focus on the writing of my books and Gaia Ascension through Nature pathway! I will be away from Ascension Pioneers for a while until I get organized, synchronized and back on my feet from all this crazy busyness! It's time for deep focus and creative Presence! I'll see You on the other side! P.S. I will still be posting on Instagram in the meantime!

Be Silent and pay attention to the signs and messages of Spirit, for they are everywhere. The Great Mother of All Life in Creation lives and breathes through all of us as precious children of the Divine! Only the inner Divine seer knows, for it contemplates through the bottom of the depth of Soul! Our emotional experiences and maturity grow, when we simply let things naturally unfold. When we step away from what we think we need right Now, the Truth will show itself in the simplest of guidance beyond all doubt. When we doubt something, it is not of natural flow for us, and we must open to an organic coarse. Focusing on building greatness that will last, we shall obtain our highest desires at last!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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