Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Core spirituality & multidimensional quantum cognition

Dear Beloveds!

What is organic spirituality? In this "modern" world full of so many religions, traditions and spiritual beliefs, it's deeply challenging for the majority of people to find their own way of truly connecting to Source, to that which is the Core Creation Self. In Truth, any belief and artificially imposed paradigm only limits our natural and intrinsic connection with Source. How can we know how to expand in Soul Union if we don't try things on our own through experience? So many "spiritual" beliefs are formulated around how we should be or act when we are "spiritual", while at the very Core of our Spirit, that's not spiritual at all. Only our organic connection through our Core is. But so many still forget to connect to that Core, and are instead pursuing spirituality outside of themselves, endlessly searching, joining groups and seeking answers through others or conditioned external beliefs.

As this progresses, in the end our organic inner voice becomes so fragmented and silent, and our natural Light so dimmed. Our Human guard starts to act as a gatekeeper of our Light, allowing only a minimum of that Christed Light to shine through. It's only when we are ready to drop all of our defenses, beliefs and false illusions, that our Light can start shining through. We don't need to learn or improve anything, as the Christ within already Is, and always has been. We only have to Love ourselves enough to fully become it, and that's when we are organically and intimately spiritual, without any filters between us and Spirit, the Life force of All Creation! And only then Ascension can truly Be!

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So many Beings are expanding into new Soul gifts at this time, and what may have been previously hidden for important purposes is Now being revealed. The blossoming of these gifts is creating a strong pull and ripple effect within many, for as these gifts are being integrated we will be asked to use them in Divine service. Divine service is not particularly what we do, for it's more of an Essence level that we came to share with the Whole as All Life gets ready to evolve to the next level of the Great Spiral. This great Feline Essence is the Divine Mother of All Life working behind the scenes, caring for her offspring and making sure that everything is always in alignment with the Divine plan.

So many still think that they are walking this path alone, but this is not really the Truth. Planetary Light servers all walk one unified path, and although our work focus is different and deeply unique, this is what enriches the Whole. We are all focused on our own Divine tasks and assignments that make us rich from the inside, and yet we are a part of a bigger Whole which knows no end or separation.

It's infinite and ever growing, just like the White Brotherhood of Light that many of us are serving. This is the service to the Divine Mother of All Life in Creation, from the most abstract to the downright physical and grounded on this realm of Being. Wherever our pull for more Life force may be, this is what is right for us, and this is the creative space of constant expansion and sharing of Divine gifts and blessings. It's time to enjoy the miracles that we are creating every day and know our place in the Whole, for this is our everlasting Home on the inside and the spotlight we live under as we manifest Magic in this physical vessel! This is a time of expanding our creations so that they radiate more Light and less ego, so that we may all lift each other into the New! It's time to rejoice and enjoy all that we have already achieved and all that is yet to be born, in humble devotion and togetherness!

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It's so vitally important to look at how we are creating our reality and where we place our focus. Do we do things from a perspective of "lack" and doing more simply to fill up the empty void, or are our creations truly coming from a higher refined space of pure Spirit and Higher Wisdom? This higher Wisdom knows every step that it makes, for it's an extension of pure Divine intelligence. Whenever we do things out of obligation or we fear of running out of time, money or other resources, we forget about who we truly are. The moment when we tune into the Spirit as the Life force governing All Life, we become a part of a larger unit, not just a fragment or a separate component. Doing things out of need and scarcity is a product of the ancient Human mind that was trained to function on this lower awareness for Eons of time.

As Humans begin to awake, they become aware of the organic guidance within them which naturally directs the flow of energy and its highest potential in each moment in Divine service. All the stress, worry and falsely created pressure stops at this point. Although for us as Humans this seems to be a gradual shifting process in the embodiment of consciousness, the perceived "time" is only a linear measurement and we can only see the real state when we see our expansion and progress within the spiraling reality we are looking at as a conscious observer. What has radically changed for You and how did You get there? There is no single answer to this, because it's not about the "how". It's about observing the miracle of Life unfolding itself through our consciousness as the Holy Life Force of All Life!

As our consciousness is expanding, our Higher Heart and Mind are becoming as One pulse of Life, unified through the holy Life force. This activation continues to activate and awake new areas in our brain, as our conscious and unconscious mind merge and allow more integration of the superconscious. This fusion brings more space for the integration of multidimensional streams of consciousness and brain wave expansion. This synthesis acts as a portal into higher dimensions, where our experiences become a part of a unified field. Quantum cognition means that consciousness precedes everything, and that everything we think and create can therefore come from a higher space of consciousness as we ascend. Ascension is not just an esoteric process, for it's actually a clearly scientific process where our body undergoes a deep transformation and even mutation due to the very subtle and yet powerful waves of energy/consciousness, such as the so-called Gamma rays.

Cosmic Rays are constantly beaming into our planetary atmosphere as a part of Galactic alignment and planetary Ascension, and many of us are Now becoming more susceptible to these high speed/voltage rays of Light. Light is information, and as it travels through our grounded Being, we are creating new neural networks which create more fusion for the particles of Light that are sparking up in our Heart and brain. The activity is tremendous, and we need to continue to expand in our natural course of personal and planetary evolution, knowing the multitude of brain waves that are affecting us from the inside out and coming from our environment as well. After all, we are deeply responsible for every energy interaction that we make and every conscious choice we engage with energy wise. It is deeply important to choose only loving thoughts, allowing in higher Light frequencies that are expanding us and our reality, and leaving behind all forms of separation, abuse and lower energy forms that are harmful for our ever more sensitive bodies.

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It is about truly connecting to the world of Spirit and the inner realms of our Being. We have received a New energy wave during the Scorpio Full Moon and Now it's again integration time. When waves of Divine guidance come, we often don't perceive them as such right away. Often we receive new insights and ideas in a playful and humorous way or when performing random chores. The Light quotient in our bodies is strong and all who are engaging in Life force mastery and embodiment can Now completely trust their bodies and their natural ascended language of Light. There are also things we may wish to creatively express and communicate at this time. It's time to go within and find out what Spirit has in store for us. It may not come as a surprise that a large portion of it Now comes through our sacred bodies, so the more we allow our bodies to freely move and wander off into the unknown, the more Soul embodied we become!

The pathway to Truth is so simple, and we paved it with the most miraculous origins of Life in Creation which would show the Way Home to even the blindest ones. Life surrounds us with such exquisite Beauty all the time, it showers us with the nectar of Divine Love, so why do we so often turn away? Let us rather choose to stay! We are in times of Great destined things happening, coming into our Life as Divine surprises and blessings to shower us with the magnificence of Divine Love. What is destined can never get lost, so as it travels towards us through the Universal forces of Might, may we find the inner harmony and integration to welcome it with open arms, in perfect Divine timing!

The Scorpio Full Moon helped to purify us from unwanted fears as we open up to more celestial and Galactic Light of our unified Self. This New Self feels so much lighter and brighter, and each one of us is receiving a new upgrade with Divine gifts and blessings that are coming along as Divine surprises! Feel your Heart beating with the unified Pulse of Life and enjoy! It's such Magic whenever we connect to Spirit, as new visions will come fluttering on wings of adoration. In this humble space, we don't just commune with Spirit, we become an Essence of Spirit itself, Spirit born in all ways! 

Watch my short Beloved journey update of how far we have come:

P.S. It's time to pause for a moment and enjoy Life in all its intricate details, allowing our desires to be handled by a Higher force that's bigger than ourselves. As we have fun and enjoy our inner sunshine, everything will fall into place!

Nothing is as powerful as this, the radiant Essence of Bliss! Life in its truest Essence speaks to us through every fiber of Being, but we have to wake up to feel it and understand without labeling or analyzing. In the simplest way of Purity, the Holy Life force speaks!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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