Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Galactic update: DNA re-calibration

Dear Beloveds!

We are right before the Taurus New Moon and this New wave brings inspiration, but also the activation of expanded consciousness. Many Beings are opening up to Galactic consciousness at this time, as these incoming Cosmic rays open up new levels of our Source DNA. As Galactic perception opens up, our nervous system is being upgraded, and it's moving from linear reception and circular motion into a spiraling perception held within the Pulse of Life. What is happening at this time is not easy to translate into words, but we are deeply feeling this shift as something unknown and yet ancient awakening within us. We can imagine going into the cellular level of our body and seeing every cell as a fractal of the Galactic Pulse of Light, spinning like a Mother Galaxy. Each cell is therefore rejuvenated from deep within the Original Design, as our bodies are shifting and ascending. This might feel like a period of intense adjustment as our bodies are being upgraded. At this time we may feel spaced out, lost for words and functioning at a different vibratory rate, and it's because we really are. This too shall pass as we integrate!

The Taurus New Moon is like a calling for a life lived fuller and richer. We've recently experienced a strong wave of Solar and Cosmic energy increase, which is now activating our bodies. Those beings that are deeply tuned into the process of New Earth assimilation are feeling it the most, and we are feeling beyond words that the majority of activation is happening right at this time. The nodes of the Moon will shift towards the end of the month and into May as well, into Leo-Aquarius polarity. This will bring a sense of greater creativity to many Souls who are moving into the unified/ascending timeline. There has never been such diversity on our planet as Now, because there are so many different beings experiencing their version of reality, but that's how it's supposed to be. No one is either right or wrong, we all have a place in the Grand equation. The Essence of Divine Love allows every Being to have their own experience and to feel the Essence of who they are at their Core, bringing that uniqueness to the totality of All! And as that Love is felt and experienced organically, it moves out into the world and it travels to where it's most needed in Divine service. In the Light of Unity, the energy is always going where it's meant to reach its highest fulfillment through the living Life Force. We may Now observe the blossoming and unfolding of the many seeds we have planet, with great patience and reverence. It doesn't have to be anything specific, we only have to allow it to be what it's meant to be in the moment. 

Many Beings are remembering their higher decrees at this time, which means that they are being taken into a sort of "chamber of Light" where much is coming together in peaceful resolution. Many volunteer Souls are completing the first part of their mission which was to fully embody their Light Presence in their earthly vessels, and this was no easy task at hand. The Light many bring into this realm was beyond the manifesting expression of this density, and so great undertakings were at hand as these Beings went on to fulfill this embodiment. There is a reason why we were not shown more about our purpose in the Grand plan before fulfilling this part of Soul embodiment, for all of our Essence was needed right here and Now, with the shifting of Earth. This decree was held so strongly in our sacred Hearts, that no "Human law" could ever override it. This was expressed in myriad of ways and forms far and wide across our beautiful planet. This gradual process may find us feeling alone and isolated at times, and yet we must be patient with the bigger picture, for what is happening at this time is truly remarkable. We were also not allowed to fully express the power of our Soul gifts until the right time for that activation came, which in many cases is happening right at this juncture time.

So much is shifting within us at this pivotal time, but if we are running around chasing things we believe we need to complete before we can tune into the New, then we won't be feeling it as much. Our bodies are going through so much change at this time, which often leaves our beautiful vessels in turmoil and exhaustion when we don't tend to our bodies. For many of us who are here as volunteer Souls assisting the planetary transition and Ascension, these changes are taking us to new levels of multidimensional consciousness. We are Now more able to perceive simultaneous/parallel time without that confusing us in our earthly reality, blending in different realities within ourselves and collectively. Our most important task at this time is tending to our bodies as we integrate this intense New Wave. And during this time we may observe ourselves and how our bodies and perceptions are changing. For example, we can be less guided to communicate with words and more via Cosmic activations and Heart telepathy, which is our natural state as a higher state of communication and Being we can exist in. We no longer want to limit the Cosmic language that wants to come through us in Divine Love. Universal Love flow just wants to ebb and flow, and the less we define and limit ourselves, the more this Cosmic language will be able to speak through us! Let yourself experience yourself as expanded as your Soul is ready to Be and create away!

It's a common belief among many that new waves of energy bring direct guidance manifestation, and yet once we understand how Creation Principles and cycles of Life truly are, we shall see that it's not exactly so. Each New energy wave is a harbinger of a new cycle, and that first initial burst of energy actually brings a strong clearing and a reset, which for a while makes us feel as if blindfolded. But that feeling is merely a temporary observation through our old perception which is being overwritten with the New consciousness.

This new integration then brings new levels of Soul sensitivity that will resonate on a higher scale of vibration and therefore cleanse anything from our system that is now no longer in natural resonance with our Soul embodiment. In Truth, that is a very natural process, and yet so few fully understand it in full Soul cognition. We may be transcending things that once used to serve us, and Now they no longer do. Anything that still draws from duality instead of Unity consciousness is being taken into introspection, and Venus will show us how to integrate those consciousness shifts into our reality. We are on a verge of a really deep transformation of Spirit, if we only allow it. We can no longer do things or "follow" certain guidelines or content just because we got used it somewhere along the lines. We have to go set ourselves fully free and sharpen our senses and natural body Wisdom of Life force, for it knows everything we need to know!

Watch my Ascension update here:

The New energy wave we are experiencing brought with it increased sensitivity, some Ascension symptoms and the resurfacing of deep feelings. At this time we may be feeling a bit lost or confused, which is all due to the re-calibration of our bodies. With each new wave, our bodies have to slightly adjust and align with the renewed planetary Life force. These are gradual adjustments, although on a greater scale they are quite vast and intense. Each one of us is experiencing this differently, and sometimes we may think there is something wrong with us or we wonder about what we should do. At certain times, however, there is nothing to do and it's not because we have to figure out or change something. The process of physical Ascension is already naturally moving us in renewed directions and those gradual alterations that are required. Everything is monitored and maintained through our Soul, and there is nothing to worry about. Because these shifts are very gradual, it will be much easier for us to adjust to the New frequency.

Watch my energy update here:

Some Beings may be responding in a way to overcompensate, which is trying to do more because the New feels rather intense, although this Light is not about doing more. Often we do that to mask what's really lying underneath the surface, preventing the confrontation with our feelings. If however we allow them to show us the Truth, we would start allowing ourselves to let go. That will bring new requirements, but these would be far more resonating with our New alignment than what the mind is able to think up. And in turn, New contacts would come through orderly synchronicity and Divine inspiration. 

Our whole body is feeling this New wave. Whenever these Cosmic waves penetrate our reality, they flush everything straight out of our system, rewiring our nervous system as we go deep into the cellular changes in the body. This then causes new bodily functions to resurface, with increased body wisdom and vitality. That's why we feel so upgraded and uplifted after each new wave of the ascending Life force. The current wave is helping us complete so many levels all at once, disengaging us from the old vibrational forms as we ready ourselves to pursue new vibrational patterns of Light. Our vision is clarifying and we may have created a giant void which we will Now draw from for Divine inspiration. It's all moving us beautifully along the pathway of Ascension and working in unison in the grand scheme of things!

Watch my Galactic update here:

Beautiful Light Beings, Cosmic dreamers and weavers from the Stars! I'm currently in the process of channeling and drawing 13 Galactic drawings for my book about the mission of volunteer Souls and the Grand design. These are Cosmic activations because there is only so much I can translate through words. The higher Galactic language is coming through this way in a form of instant download transmission. I began to receive my first Light activations from my Star Family. Since then I started a profound journey as a Star child and a volunteer Soul.

This is a gradual journey of Stellar integration. I'm now at the verge of diving deeply into my book about the mission of volunteer Souls. Many of You temporarily left your real "home" to be here at this time and assist with the planetary Ascension. You know this through the devoted commitment of your Soul to serve in Stellar transmissions from many arrays of this vast Universe and beyond. And your whole Life is actually one big unified and constant transmission! At this time we're traveling through a New Wave of energy in Cosmic Union of worlds, and many incarnated Galactic shamans and Light warriors are waking up and embodying their Starseed Soul, the Spark of unified knowledge in the service to Divine Love of Unity consciousness! You are the Mission, the mission has always lived in You, for it is You!

For Now we are here on Earth, as the Grand design has guided us here. April 22nd was Earth day! As much as people are talking about the suffering of Earth, it's all very relative, depending on what Earth frequency we are tuning into. If You are tuning into a higher dimensional New Earth, there is no suffering and pain, only loving co-creation. Those who are already fully tuned into the New Earth (most are somewhere in between) are feeling waves and surges of creative energy, and then we are taking those higher inspirations and channeling them into the physical manifestation of Earth for healing and revitalization, to help raise the planetary Life force. 

Some prefer being in the old frequency because it feels familiar, although our Ascension is happening by bringing the New into the old in harmonic convergence. Whenever You feel pain or discomfort, ask yourself where is it coming from, is it truly planetary or is it your own suffering? Then gently send yourself (and the planet) loving compassion straight through the White Light of Creation and the Galactic Pulse of Light! See yourself fully renewed and sparkly clean, just as the New Earth is. Imagine yourself fully drawing from this Light and Be in this sacred space in all that You create. See yourself and the Earth as infinitely expanding into the New! May Earth day be every day!

And this really happened for me on Earth day! I was recording my video at this old weekend house and sort of "trespassing" as the owner came in. In the past I often passed this cute little Mountain house and always wanted to see who owns it. So at first I was a bit shocked, but then I see this nice woman and it was just a Divine synchronicity. She said I can relax and then offered me tea. The next moment we're picking mint in the garden together and she's showing me around the house, such a sweet person. Then my mother came too and we had a tea party with these old mugs and had the most beautiful and spontaneous talk, went for a walk together and spent the whole afternoon together. Her name was Gaia, and this was exactly on Earth's day, so how amazing is that? Beautiful gift it was! Precious moments of Soul connection!

I made a video on how to work with the New Earth frequency here:

Oh, and it was my precious mother's birthday last week as well! So I wanted to bring through this special message about Soul partnership: "Although we are all in relationships, we can still go even deeper into how we experience ourselves and receive from them consciously. Are they just routine like procedures where we simply cohabit and coexist with one another on a day to day basis, or do they reflect and represent a deeper co-creative element for our Soul expansion? We often dismiss their value at the expense of our inward path, although in true harmonic Soul alignment the inward and outward path meet and merge in Unity consciousness, where we honor both the vertical path of the mystic and the horizontal path of relationship exchange in mutual reception. This balance is the proper integration and embodiment of Soul bliss in Human form and experience! And when we seed that into our reality, we realize how everything truly is about sharing Love!"

When integrating this New energy wave ... Thread lightly and walk with loving awareness, then You will notice everything is already perfect as it is, and any notion of change will come naturally and effortlessly. If You can't feel it, continue to relax and go deeper into your meditative existence. The reason why I love walking meditation is because the awareness is with the beauty and simplicity of Life rather than trying to escape Life and reality as it is, which in turn organically moves us into higher spaces as states of consciousness. Here, everything can be viewed as always shifting and expanding, always New!

Here is where You can purchase my TANTRIKA Life Force Mastery video course (10th level) along with a BONUS video course with Galactic Pulse of Light mastery! You can just as well get only the Light activation part, but I highly recommend getting the entire course, which is now 6,5 hours long, so it's super INTENSE & EXTENSIVE!!!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn
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