Friday, June 2, 2017

New cycle of Ascension

Dear Beloveds!

Happy month of June! This month is the month which many of us have been waiting for, as it is the turning point where what we have been investing as Light quotient into our threshold is about to pay off and create something New. This is a 16/7 month of Spirit rejuvenation, purification and restoration. It's also a partnership month as the Gemini energy together with the frequency of 7 (the partnership house) are inviting us into playful sharing and communion. The key words for our integration at this time are justice, purification and testimony. Things are moving many of us in a new direction, and many Beings of Light who are undergoing a Life synthesis are receiving new Divine assignments for their journey. These come as new level of our mission which are gathering all of our Light training and moving us into greater Divine service which does not have to be something physical. This is the level of working with crystalline Light that we are performing selflessly and on a day to day basis. We are deepening our understanding and experience of Oneness and so everything that we shall create will be for that Oneness and go right into that Divine container of All! We are truly stepping up into our Core Self, the original Self and learning about the path of true simplicity and planetary service through the Light infusion!

Watch my latest Ascension update here:

The sacred knowledge is coming out of the closet, and many Beings of Light who are here as volunteer Souls are continuously met with different challenges on the Human plane of Existence. The more we know who we are, the more we will be guided to preserve that knowing and ground it deeply and fearlessly. We carry the seed of that sacred knowledge of Creation within our Light DNA, and through that infusion of Light we are assisting others to remember and move onto a New path. This is not a path of molding the old spiritual perceptions and ideas, trying to reason with them and defend it to the very end, while remaining attached to the old structures. The fact is that there is much more to Life and knowing than the majority believes. And even many who have been "studying" the spiritual laws are being challenged Now, because as we move into a higher frequency, these "laws" will no longer apply. This is a sacred journey of revealing much more, in sacred devotion to the ever expanding nature of Ascension. 

Ascension is not a process of mental assimilation of knowledge, but rather the most sacred alchemy of our Being which achieves a totally New level of Light Being. Those of us who hold this most sacred knowledge will often be questioned or not understood by others, but we will have to defend the knowledge which we have brought from the higher realms of Creation. We cannot alter it to please others or make them feel safe in theIr beliefs. Humans who are ready to awaken and ascend to the next level of density, will ... and eventually everyone will when they are ready. What is important for us is to stay true to these higher principles of Light which we radiate, emanating and increasing the planetary Life force through its ascending passageway. Everyone eventually has to reach their own Light quotient for Ascension, for it's not done without conscious work of integration. And that's when we come up, summoned up by Spirit and called by those who are ready and willing!

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We are entering into a new level of Ascension integration which requires our full attention at this time. A huge part of our physical Ascension is the clearing and releasing of the so-called record memory because it no longer serves us. Every New cycle of Soul Ascension brings a refinement of Soul fusion, in which the old has to be surrendered. Old memories stored within the record memory would only keep us from what is truly important in the Now. It's a natural law that with each new level of Soul expansion we enter into, we simultaneously have to release the old which no longer fits into that template. The record memory is like a storage unit, a database for all the programs which are running simultaneously. When we move into a new cycle of our Creation, our creative expansion will result as well, and so it will be accompanied by initiations that make that release possible on the physical level as well. 

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As our Mind is being stimulated by a higher Light, we will be asked to step aside and surrender. This will require our full focus and undivided attention through Divine Love, which acts as a glue that holds everything together. Without Love, there is no integration. And for us to move into a new sustaining cycle for our physical Ascension integration, we must release and surrender. When we reach a certain Light quotient, this will no longer have to occur through physical events that bring us into that alignment, but rather a direct Soul initiation, a subtle knowing and release from the Core. Great things lie ahead of us, so it's important to Be in full awareness of our expanded consciousness that encompasses much more that we may think, and then gradually bringing that into embodiment!

As Humans we sometimes forget how easy and natural it is for us to live fully in the moment and enjoy our life. We are programmed to be in constant doing, achieving and creating. But creating on higher refined levels of Soul alchemy is based on the Essence of Now, which is not just an esoteric conviction but a real living structure. When we reside in the Now, we are fully aligned with the Pulse of Life, and the first step towards it is the unburdening of everything that we perceive as necessary. 

A lot of that is built in our cellular memory, while the Now gathers and processes Light as information in real time. The more relaxed, easy going and surrendered we are, the more we tune into the playful nature of our Divine Being. As Humans we often underestimate the importance of playfulness, but it's actually a gateway into higher dimensions. The more we are childlike, the less we need to gather piles of information because we are built to process it in real time, as it comes and goes, always getting and sharing exactly what we need. And that which is truly important for us always comes in the Now!

We are again stimulated by New energy, but this often runs through us as initial confusion or a sense of void which we enter after each New energy wave begins to integrate. At first we might not know what to do with it or all the knowledge we have been feeling coming through lately. The seed needs its proper time to sprout and then blossom, and we need the quiet resting space to do so. As we withdraw from all that we perceive as a current distraction, we will see that we don't really disengage from the world but rather move more deeply into it. The more we tune into the deepening of Unity within, the more Oneness we will also experience externally and in our daily living conditions. When we find that sweet spot within, the right guidance will come in just the right timing, but we can't force it. We have to allow for synchronicity to happen naturally through allowance. And that feeling of what feels joyful in the moment will help us make the right decisions each time.

Make your Life an offering of Love. With our personal Ascension we are transcending the mere personal experience and creating it into a powerful tool of transformation for the greater Whole. It is those brave ones who are turning their personal life stories into Divine gifts and inspiration for All!   

Speaking of gifts ... look at what I got! Divine Union in the Alps! I AM truly honored and grateful for the gift of these dragons that I received. A confirmation of the planetary Life force which continues to rise. I actually got 3 ... They represent the Holy Trinity as the Divine masculine, feminine and child. 
It's really important to engage in yoga on all levels, as in spiritual through the physical exercises to strengthen the body for the Ascension Light, to prepare the vehicle for a higher frequency embodiment and to integrate greater levels of peace and tranquility. Resting is also a part of yoga, in order to reside in proper state of moderation and balance, for the Union of inner polarities. After all, Yoga truly means Union. Yoga is a powerful way of the Ancient gnostic awareness of the scientific spirituality which is based on the alchemical principles of this physical Universe.

It is also very important for a woman in her cycle to practice a form of yoga and cultivation called the "womb" yoga and the breathing exercises to release the painful contractions. With the relaxation of the whole womb area, we can better translate the codes of Light that flow through the sacred woman as the Divine chalice as she is in her cycle. There is so much "tightening" happening in our "ego driven" world, but the sacred feminine needs to return to her power as the Divine chalice and the giver of Life! The more she learns to release these egoic demands and external pressures, the more she comes into her sacred power as the womb of Creation.

Watch my Tantrika & the Cosmic orgasm video here:

Tune into the nature of the Tantrika Being of Light and the meaning of the sacred orgasmic Life force cultivation. The Tantrika & the sacred orgasm is a mini audio book which takes You to the very origin of Creation, the seed of Life in the Human genome and the wisdom and cultivation behind the sacred orgasm. It is channeled through Spirit and presented through the holy Tantrikas, the Creators of Life in their very Core nature, as Beings of Light.
You can get it here!

Oh, and I'm still on my writing retreat until my book is officially finished, so it's a very important time for me and my creations!!!

(At this time I'm not answering to e-mail questions unless they relate to my courses and personal services!!!)

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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