Friday, April 14, 2017

Venus direct & ascended Soul liberation

Dear Beloveds!

The Libra Full Moon which occurred on the portal day of April 11th deeply activated us and our path of Ascension, and the embodiment of the true Divine feminine is being illumined. The Divine feminine integration is not about superficial "gender specific" movements that still promote duality. This is about the mastery of the body and its wisdom, through the understanding of our wholeness in the Divine Trinity, and the Primordial Life force that is consequentially flowing through. There is so much talk about the Divine feminine Now, but so many people still misinterpret that! In Truth of Union that is all about the Primordial awakening to the Wisdom of Life and our bodies and how they translate the almighty Life force! This is not about feminism or feminine power alone. In Truth this is all about that feminine intuition and body's wisdom! So be careful when You refer to it through the Goddess power alone, as it's not about women only. It's about the Union with that Divine feminine aspect that lives within All Life in Creation and All of us! It's Her reunion with the Divine masculine so that they could not rule, but rather partner up as men and women of Humanity and co-create together in mutual reception and infinite creativity of the Divine in Unity!

This whole weekend (as Venus turns stationary direct on April 15th) we are being reminded of the purest and softest Love there is, the Love of the Self. In these past few weeks we may have "retrograded" ourselves as well, in order to see where our limiting behaviors still persist, and where we give value to the external to others above ourselves. We need to find the proper Self nourishment, so that when we are properly fed, we can share with others in plenty and perhaps assist them in their journey as well. But for that, our container has to be full first! Through Self attainment we are learning about the importance of Self awareness and Love, and then we turn that outwards so that it's properly balanced with our Love for others and all Life. 

This is how we mature in our Soul, becoming fully responsible for our Self sustenance and not leaning on others to receive, but rather exist in balanced reciprocity of giving and receiving through interdependency. If we have been giving into over indulgence in any way (and that includes overworking too), we will Now have the opportunity to revisit those tendencies in order to gain greater clarity in Soul awareness. As we take a turn in the way we live our life through conscious integration and interdependency, we will be creating conditions and foundations for a richer and more fulfilling future. The space where the awareness of Self meets the awareness of Union with all Life is our focal point Now! Enjoy!

Here is my video on Soul liberation:

The Libra Full Moon which we just experienced had a really cleansing effect on many of us, and it helped to clear many blocks and seeming obstacles on our path of Self/Life force mastery! The desire to live in the fullness of Spirit Union is making us move on from many things we may have been involved with until this time, and yet drastic changes are upon us Now and at the verge of physical occurrence. Although we may feel like huge cycles are ending, the pot of infinite Life force is just being stirred in a whole new capacity unlike ever before, and we will be ready to function on vibratory aspects of our experience that was never integrated as such before. The vitality and raw power of Life force will make themselves known to us in the raw experience which supersedes the seed potentiality into the guided and manifested form. Life force in its purest form is raw and untamed, and as we learn to control it, we become the powerful Magicians.

This way we learn to master the flow into its optimum potentiality for our living Self realization. There are unprecedented changes upon us, and because true Ascension can only be directly experienced, we will start feeling like never before, and we only have to understand that whatever is ending isn't truly ending. And as we are moving into higher octaves of Being, we are leaving behind a powerful legacy. Perhaps "spirituality" has been our thing for years, but Now we wish to merge it with every aspect of our physical reality, so that it's not just something we know or even practice, but something we are at the Core Essence no matter what we do or practice, as long as it's done through Soul integrity, reverence and purity, so that the maturity of our Soul can shine through radiant compassion! It's time to discover the golden opportunities and what it truly means to Be the New Human!

At this time there is a mass unveiling occurring, which is helping many Souls to fully liberate themselves. The path of physical Ascension is the path of true Soul liberation. That path includes the dissolution of anything that we may hold onto as a Soul which prevents us from being a fully free Spirit in our sovereign domain. In the pursue of such a path, many seekers and devotees often exclude themselves from the Whole, which in turn makes them feel isolated and not complete. The path of Ascension is not really a vertical pursuit, but rather a merging point of the greatness of Spirit once it fully embraces matter. The vertical pursuits are not truly honoring the path of Life force mastery, which in turn makes them only partially susceptible to the great Divine Force of All Life in Creation. It is exactly that partial existential experience that always leaves us feeling hungry for more and somewhat depleted of true Bliss.

As the Soul begins to seek greater levels of higher spirituality, which is not based on thinking only, but rather the acceptance of the richness and depth of feeling (which is not the same as attachment to emoting), it begins its connection with Life force. The Being will begin to notice more beauty and reverence for life, and everything will begin to simplify. There are many distortions we will begin to dissolve on this path. One of them is the perceptions that different lifetimes and realities are partial fragments of the Whole, rather than simply different angles of the Whole. The seeker is never fully devoted until they begin to realize that it's all one Life. The Human vehicle did perhaps not always have the capacity to hold the embodiment that feels like the true embodiment of Soul, and so the Soul sought out different experiences via many different incarnations. As the Soul begins to liberate itself and ascend, these views and perspectives will synthesize and turn back into the Wholeness of All. The moment we realize that every "life" we have ever lived is just One Life altogether, our view on Ascension will shift drastically, and we will be washed over with a new wave of freedom of Being and devotion.

When we are not fully devoted, we may feel like we always have enough time for our endless pursuits, which is true, but this often leaves one to wander off aimlessly without true attention. There is also a huge difference between true attention/awareness and focus which is still only held together by the mind. For us to hold true awareness of Soul, we have to go beyond just the thinking mind and into the Divine cognizance that comes through the beauty of experience and the Wisdom that gradually grows from it. Each choice is a new found step in our game of Ascension, and the more excited we become about Life, the more Divine nature we are already embodying. This will drastically shift our path into the higher learning of Spirit, not the mental learning which is basically just the gathering of various stream of information. Cognizant learning through our Divinity is a multiversal flow of Self perception that gradually builds upon each other, and yet it's always there, we don't need to aim towards it or work hard for it. We simply become it.

Of course we have to set a proper foundation first, because we need to complete our Soul integration/healing journey before we set upon a higher path of Life force mastery and the Union of all of ourselves. We have to be ready, and that means that we are truly committed to it. It is as if that is all that we are, so that it engulfs us all over. On this level, we have to be truly observant and move deeper into the true nature of Truth, carefully observing every notion that still persists from the old template of duality, which is based on enforced thinking. Again, Ascension is not an intellectual process, it's a spiritual science that works on every level of Creation as a Great Universal Law of the evolution of Life as it remembers itself and its Prime Spark.

As we clearly observe ourselves, we will need to allow ourselves to experience more, and so our meditation needs to become more organic and experiential, rather than intellectually perceived or even practiced in a matter that comes through external resources. On this level of Being, have to become our only true Source, and only this way our experiences will become fully real and vibrant with Life force. We have to become the Self aware "hermit", although our pursuit of Self realization should never become a fanatical tendency that excludes us from others and makes us forget that we are a part of a greater Unit, which is where our Self realization has to meet the God-realization of the All-ness of Life. The danger of being able to perceive only our own Self realization can disconnect us from the Galactic Family we are all a part of in Divine service and companionship.

We have to have courage to persist in this path, and as we do so, we will quickly notice profound shifts and changes in our reality. Often these changes will make us feel spaced our and quite empty, but this is that primal state of "void" which is the container ready to hold the infinite potential of Life Force, in the Greatness of Spirit that moves through everything and beyond anything. We are both the Universal Christ and the Cosmic Essence of that which is beyond and not manifest in form. We might have profound insights and ideas, and at the same time we may be feeling like none of them are necessary in a form we have previously attained and mastered, and so we shall seek our new ways of Self expression that nourishes our Soul in this New ascended form. The cradle of New Life awaits!

Watch my video on Unity based meditation here:

We are going through a rite of passage at this time, opening to new possibilities and versions of ourselves! The New energy wave on our planet is deeply activating us, and as the energy comes in, it's still raw and exists in its infinite potential, and then we are the ones who need to integrate this energy and direct it into its proper manifestation. There is energy processing and orientation happening at this time, and that is a gradual process that we need to give the time that it needs. It's all a part of Divine Magic and alchemy anyway.

The message is about the journey of Truth which requires diligence and Self assertion through deep reflection and integration. That journey might often seem arduous and challenging, and yet it eventually leads to a time of closure, when there is nothing left but to live the Essence of that journey we have embodied in its fullest, in all of its Wisdom and infinite abundance that keeps on overflowing. For once we achieve a certain state of awareness, we still need to keep on walking, but our path becomes rather a dedication to Truth through sharing that wisdom and passing it on through our own example. That path of Spirit is always protected and guided, but we may still feel deeply open and vulnerable. We will then either make those baby (or big) steps ahead or we will feel like stagnating. In the end it's all a choice, as long as it comes from Soul integrity and compassionate Love.

The more we know the value of our sacred space which holds our Essence and keep it in tact and in purity, the more we also honor the value of mutual energy exchange which honors our Soul rather than trying to benefit from us through egoic tendencies. The wiser we become, the less we see this as a black and white process, and more of a choice per choice in each given situation that offers us the ability to act in Soul integrity. This is how wisdom gradually grows in itself, and how we mature in our Soul evolution. As we master all the layers and color variations in Life situations and experiences, we will come to understand that this is all about allowing all parts of ourselves to come out and play in proper balance, in order to eventually Self realize. The more we know what we truly desire in Soul awareness and recognize it as our only Truth, the less "lesser" things will come into our reality, as our sovereign nature will work in unison with Divine Will. The more we know what we want and deserve by offering it ourselves in Soul embodiment, the more it will become a natural given in our life. And this is how we practice Self Love, Self attainment and also the expansion of it into the Divine Self realization through Christed Essence of All Life, the holy flame of our true nature!

Watch my video on deepening the path of illumined Truth here:

When the Moon is full, so are we, which means that we need to serve as empty vessels for the Divine Light. Fullness cannot be Full without emptiness, which is one of the great Divine paradoxes. Anything unnecessary has to go, and often our Soul will make sure this is so, pushing us to go deeper and center ourselves in what is truly of great value. Too often we scatter our energy, doing too much and therefore exhausting ourselves, depleting of Life force that simply wants to flow freely and constantly nourish us, as it's already our Divine birthright. This doesn't really lead us into New consciousness. 

We have to learn to let go. We may stumble upon too many things to do, endlessly filling the uncomfortable "blanks" rather than taking some time to stop, pause and reflect on what is unnecessary and burdensome. No journey ever ends, and all the lives we are living are actually just One Life! When we get that, we will naturally become more devoted to a higher calling, which will bring a natural infusion of Life force into our embodiment! Make sure that You are truly living your own life, not that which belongs to a belief, another Human being, a social norm or an illusory expectation of false perception. Ascension is literally a full liberation of the Soul to truly be as it is, and exist as it was originally created in the Grand Design! 

Remember that every experience we've ever had led us right into where we are Now, adding up into our container of Love in Human form. However much we try to understand things at times, we must not forget that the primary reason behind everything is Love, and then it's up to our awareness how much we will filter that through. Without any filters, Love stays the Purity of Love, and we are victoriously riding on our journey of that Love. Our spiritual maturity is bringing us different experiences Now, and it's by recognizing them that we will see our progress in the Human evolution. The quest was always for Love, and whatever we have achieved alongside, the Truth remains rooted in Divine Love. At our Core, we are all Lovers! And our awakening to the beauty of that Divinity continues.

Watch my video on true Divine feminine integration and embodiment here:

This time is all about partnerships and Divine relationship based on mutual co-creation to serve Spirit in Unity consciousness. The doorway is opening, and Now it's time to step through! Ask yourself, what's the next step on this path!? Maybe it's to surrender some of the old ideas and limiting thinking about such Unions. They are simply here to serve the Whole in illumination and as strong Pillars of devotion!

P.S. And don't forget, true Love of the Divine Beloved requires the sacred flame of faith, the crossing of bridges to Be in our complete Divine alignment, and it offers us the whole World in return! True Love knows no time, for it's not locked in the perceptions of the mind. It radiates in its own way and form, honoring the Beauty of All Life!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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