Thursday, April 6, 2017

New energy Wave of Galactic proportions

Dear Beloveds!

A New Wave of Galactic proportions has recently entered our planet! It's amazing that simultaneously planet Saturn makes its station retrograde journey on April 6th, in conjunction with the Galactic center, which is the Core of our Galaxy that is currently located at 26-27 degrees of Sagittarius, which represents Nature and natural Universal laws. These are invisible guidelines and Principles that hold all Life in Creation together in the Light of Unity. The retrograde of Saturn in this position is asking Humanity to face their Core issues in their personal lives and as the Human collective in general. There are so many things that make us distracted and disconnected from true Core values, and then we try to compensate for these disconnected approaches by creating more unnatural laws and views that are enforced, very dualistic and illusory! If we will not step together as a Collective, we will be moving away from our true Galactic heritage and liberated Soul nature. 

As Light Beings we are just as free and sovereign as we are connected and interrelated and as we will be learning to synthesize the left and right brain hemispheres and mature, we will be standing at the precipice of a New Galactic Age. There are Souls who will achieve this integration in Divine Union during this lifetime, because they are deeply committed and devoted to the path of Spirit in all ways, but as a general Human collective we will gradually implement those changes! But our time begins Now, and since Saturn is the lord of time, our clock is ticking, as the planet Earth walks through the great Gates of Her own timeline merge! We are collecting pieces of our Galactic memory, bringing them together and unifying them in wholeness. This alignment is surely our calling back Home, through the awareness of the Great Ancient Self, the Wise One! And that Wisdom comes from listening to the Wisdom of our fully open Heart, with the ability to give and receive the Love of our Galactic Core through the pulse of Light/Life!

We are currently in a deep Galactic transit, coming from one cycle into another. That New beginning is a cycle of many consecutive new stages we have been activating and laying as a foundation. But at this time a New Galactic wave has hit our planet which is ready to rewrite everything we are ready to let go of! We are transitioning into a New Age with more Beauty, Love and true Bliss, with greater levels of Peace that are rising from the ashes of everything that used to "rock our boat". This New Wave of Galactic proportions is asking us to prepare to receive, to get ready for a new Life cycle, and therefore stop clinging on to the old ways. We cannot understand this shift intellectually. At this important passageway, it will be key to lay low for a while, staying away from low vibrational energy of the environments, people who are not integrated and balanced and foods that we take into our bodies. There are greater waves of prosperity that await with this New Genesis, and as we each partake in it consciously, we need to do so with loving awareness.

At this important time, consider watching or re-watching my latest Ascension update and Galactic update!

There are Divine messages all around us and coming through other people who act as Divine messengers in our Soul group, which are all leading us from the Age of chaos into a New Age of integrity and Truth! There is more Love on the other side than we could have ever imagined possible, and that is simply because the Human mind assumes only through what was already known and experienced. For us to cross this New Wave threshold, we have to feel and go deeper while reach further ahead! We are only truly accessing the Now reality when all our Soul timelines are merged and unified, and illuminated Truth becomes our only living Existence! May You take all the time You need for this strong integration current and enjoy the ride! It's a magnificent One full of unexpected surprises!

Personally, I AM experiencing a lot of signs of inner "radiation" at this time, which comes through this increased New Wave activity. My palms are constantly transmitting intense heat, as well as some sleeping disorders and restless leg syndrome with temporary fatigue and sickness. All these symptoms are a part of our integration process, which needs to be a gradual build up of energy maintenance. Those of us who spend A LOT of time outside in Nature and on the Sun are feeling this even more intensely, because we are directly being exposed to the Sun as our emitting Solar deity. This is all very powerful, so we must allow ourselves to rest and integrate, as well as patiently implementing physical changes and new routines into our reality. It's important for us to tune into a New level of Galactic Pulse mastery, because this way we will become able to unpack Galactic waves of information rather than just partial packages of linear information. Our brain is therefore being rewired into becoming more multidimensional and eventually able to receive, process and integrate through spiraling nature of Galactic consciousness.

Watch my special update about this New Wave here:

Do not underestimate the importance of sacred space, especially at this time. Most of the time I live in a hyperactive state of deep creativity, and yet this Divine creativity can only replenish and renew itself through the power of the dark void/womb wisdom in Creation! The Light and the dark aspect of Creation are One, always traveling and creating together in Unity!

This relates to our journey of Divine Union as well. We may not see all the changes that are occurring behind the scenes on our Beloved path, but they are happening either way. Enlightened partnership begins with the most sacred vow of Divine service in "sacrifice" which is a devotion in Spirit form, and then this celestial song gradually moves into our physical embodiment. The Cosmic Beloved journey does not just consist of a few levels and stages, for it's not linear. It's a spiraling journey of Spirit that we are bringing into form and crystallizing into matter. Magical Unions that come as reflections of greater crystalline Realms do not just occur on Earth, as they are rather multidimensional Unions of vast proportions that require Lifetimes of preparation and true commitment! Not all Souls are feeling such levels of constant commitment to the path of Spirit service where the embodiment of true and lasting Union simultaneously creates a vow of Divine service for all those that are yet remembering their sovereign Divine heritage and climbing up the ladder of Spirit. But those who do feel it, are here to embody the flame of Truth of Divine Union that always serves the Whole in the White Light of Unity consciousness. These are illumined Unions that Spirit sends out as Divine gifts and messengers for the Whole of the Family of Light!

I was guided to create a special video per request! This is a topic that is on the mind of many Souls:

This video topic is very important, because it presents our Galactic history and different timelines within the unified consciousness perspective. There is the Light of Truth that permeates through everything and it's coming out through every crack and cranny of this planet, washing over all who are ready to step into the illumined Truth! What lies between the seeming polarity is the unifying Light of All Life in Creation, of All That Is, and is purely Divine!

P.S. If You have special video requests on topics You wish me to specifically address, then please consider sponsoring those videos for a mutual energy exchange and gratitude for all I share freely with everyone in the Light of Truth in Unity consciousness!

I have another amazing news!!! I have upgraded my TANTRIKA Life Force mastery video course with the Galactic Pulse of Light mastery. I have been guided to add a BONUS video with an advanced emphasis on the special technique that advances our inner spiritual cognizance. This course Now has 2 videos in ONE, which makes it 6,5 hours long altogether! The second part is a 1 hour long BONUS video with an emphasis on Galactic Pulse of Light mastery with an advanced Breath work technique to upgrade your consciousness. It holds an emphasis on brain expansion from linear into Galactic consciousness, in order to be able to receive, process and integrate the consciousness from the Galactic Core which comes as Core Vortex/sound frequency. This is advanced mastery that is not intended for personal healing but rather working with expanding consciousness that moves out from linear, time-space based, multidimensional and eventually Galactic consciousness. Therefore it needs to be practiced only after the first part is fully understood and integrated. It has to be approached with great awareness and steady practice. This serves as a preparation for the embodiment of a Galactic Human/New Human!

You can get the courses of this 10th level Mastery here!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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