Monday, April 3, 2017

Creating dynamic change & Life Force mastery

Dear Beloveds!

The month of April carries a very potent 14/5 universal energy of temperance, and so much Love is in the air, with great potential for Divine partnership in Union. But these are not exactly new things, as these are simply the results of many fruits of our labor of Love that are Now gradually coming together. The explosive "volcanic" energy of the Grand Fire Trine speaks to us about those unexpected eruptions that are yet expected simultaneously, for we have been gradually applying ourselves and slowly walking towards fruitful Self realizations. Just like the energy of the volcano, which is always active under the surface, but only sometimes on the surface at particular peak experiences, so are things feeling for us. We have been gradually moving into the New energy of constant inner happiness and radiant Soul bliss for quite a while, and although at times we may be feeling like during the marathon finish, when we are almost about to give up, and we decide to rather give into a higher power that fuels us from an unexpected reserve and infinite potential, so does the energy feel at this time for the ascending Souls.

At this time many ascending Ones are beginning to feel a magical alignment with God-Source-Spark consciousness through their bodies, which is showing up in many different ways and forms, such as falling in love with ourselves and our bodies, which are becoming almost like the exact physical representations of our Being. If You look a while back into how your physicality and how it was manifested at that particular time, You will begin to notice extreme visible differences that come from Essence alignment of the Soul Being. The Light of the Soul is precipitating through our bodies way more than it used to in the past, and process of ensoulment (which refers to direct Soul infusion) is more direct Now for many ascending Souls, and recently a lot of Ascension Pioneers have been feeling tremendous changes in their physical form and how Light wants to be expressed through them with more freedom, beauty and Grace. The non filtered physical form feels less and less restricting and easy to live within, so that it fits the Essence signature in perfect precipitation of Divine Union.

Because of all these physical changes we might be guided to explore our physical bodies more at this time, creating more magnitude for our Divine creativity in Human form, allowing more of the light and shadow that dance together in perfect synergy and Union. The chi Life Force energy within our bodies wants to be felt, explored and merged with at deeper levels that were previously known and even understood by us. We did not always understand our Human mechanics (physics) and chemistry, operating through the biology of our physical nature, but Now we are shown that we are just as Nature is, and that our Spirit is One with the Great Spirit of Nature and many faces of Creation.

The more we explore ourselves outside in Nature while allowing for sacred retreat that mirrors our Soul Light, the more Great Creation Principles shall be known to us through many different reflections of the Great Spirit. For us to master our Life Force, we have to first get acquainted with all the various aspects of who we truly are, which means that we have to allow our Self Union to unfold on all levels, as we reunite with many multidimensional aspects of our Being. Then this Great Life Force will have an easier flow in coming through these variables, because we will dissolve all the filters that create limitation in our perception of ourselves and our reality. When our Soul awareness gets less focal (and local) and more expanded, our Life Force ability and potentiality strongly increase, and we are able to generate more in our Divine creativity by doing less, which is an important element in creating the proper dynamic creative change that we are Now strongly learning about in so many ways.

Our beloved Sun is getting more active again, and this flare activity is causing our bodies to become more hyper sensitive and needing integration time. Volunteer Souls in particular, who are here to assist with the planetary Ascension (not just the ascending of Humanity), are always feeling these Cosmic shifts more, because they are so attuned to the multidimensional streaming of celestial Light. Their mission and purpose is to activate and integrate this Light in their physical bodies, which is what the physical Ascension of Soul embodiment is all about. They are the keepers of the sacred Ascension flame and therefore they have to stay away from many multiple distractions that can create a scattered energy effect. When the body is tended to, the unifying Ascension Light can more easily flow through! By knowing our primary Light work domain, we stay on the course of our highest alignment, which in turn helps the planetary Ascension. This means that we will have to learn to work behind the scenes in many ways, not seeking so much attention and external recognition but rather enjoy the humble devotion that we create with our daily focus and commitment to all that we do with great Joy in Divine Love.

Watch my video about the mission integration for volunteer Souls here:

There is a fusion of non-active driven action, which is the ability to create on higher refined levels of our vertical alignment before merging that resonance with our physical reality. The archetype we are working with is the "Chariot", which is often referred to as the chariot/vehicle of Ascension, being pulled by the twin horses (of yin and yang polarity), which is directly related to our driving Spirit that flows through our physical body. Is the chariot really moving and how fast is it really going? In this realm we often have a misconception that we always have to work in order to produce things. In greater Truth, the constant need to produce is not the same as the ability to freely create in Divine flow. When our creative ventures follow the cycles of Creation through all their stages and levels of expression, we are creating from our Divinity. When we are simply chasing action in order to generate energy, we are often simply recycling energy. The key here is learning to generate by creating New energy in Divine triangulation.

The importance of our physical body in our Ascension is unprecedented and vitally important, for only through being able to ascend our physical form our Ascension becomes permanent. Until we learn to vibrationally do so on every subtle body that we are composed of, tending to every layer and density, our Ascension will only be partial. Of course each partial Ascension experience adds up to the Whole, so no experience is ever wasted when properly integrated into our Soul awareness. And yet, we have to keep on moving and ascending to greater octaves of Being, so that our Soul expansion is in no way limited and restricted within the partial attainments. At a certain moment of Soul evolution, these will all add up and synthesize, creating a harmonic convergence of the Soul, unifying within the White Creation Light and birthing a New fully ascended Self! At this time we are reflecting on how far along we have come in our Ascension and what of the New refinement is growing within us, ready for application! It's time to apply ourselves and birth anew!

The energy at this time also reveals lots of activity in relation to Love, Unions and Divine partnerships that hold it together for the Whole. There might be stronger desires to connect with others, explore new growth potentials within a relationship dynamic and deepen the levels of intimacy! Remember that the partnerships we choose to be in only reflect our state of consciousness. The beauty of Divine relationships is that they provide the safety for the Soul, when both parties can express themselves in an equal manner of Divine reciprocity! With increased depth and vulnerability comes greater Divine connection and co-creation within the Soul Union, when the lasting contributions of the two as a Whole Unit are far greater than the efforts of the individual! Many Souls are opening up to the possibility of such a precious Divine partnership, and although there might be a sense of waiting, that is only the kind of waiting that is truly worth it! The cup of Love gets filled from the inside first, and as we live in complete Unity with Life as a Divine Lover, Divine partnership can enter into our reality as totally unexpected!

Watch my Ascension update for the month of April here:

When we place our focus on what's boiling beneath the surface and apply healthy awe and anticipation to it, we will more easily feel into this gradual process without limiting our perception. This way we will naturally allow all the timelines to meet and merge, with our physical changes coming into reality in perfect Divine timing. The overall energy of April is dynamic creative change, which is Soul alchemy that we apply at the Core level rather than just applying surface changes that only recycle the outworn energy. With creative change we constantly create New energy, and that's where all Magic comes from! The energy is quite ambivalent at this time, because we may be feeling this energy as a composure of mixed feelings! But it's exactly this contrast that we require to refine our energy bodies here on this planet as we develop ever growing levels of mastery. We learn from both that which resonates and that which doesn't, so that which supports our path and that which seemingly doesn't and doesn't feel like it holds any value for us personally.

Watch my video with a White Light exercise here:

In a unified Truth of Unity consciousness every single fragment of Life supports us, and it's only a matter of shifting in our perception to live in this expanded awareness. We are like a constantly growing garden which needs lots of tending to, and those who tend their gardens well will obviously feel more results. But let us remember that our gardens, however intimate our experience is, always belong to the Whole, and that our true success is measured through our Soul integrity and the ability to devote ourselves to higher causes. April is a 5 frequency month in numerology, so it's time that we step into highly vibrant form of our renewed bodies of fifth density and beyond ... and create away with devoted Love, for that will continuously bless our path of serving Gaia and Humanity in its Ascension!

Watch my latest Galactic update here:

This reminds us that the only infinite supply of plenty and abundance comes from the richness of Spirit, and that all other forms are only temporary and we have to constantly work on recreating them. Only when we achieve the internal state of ultimate bliss (samadhi) can we become the true embodiment of prosperity, and merely as the vessel for the Divine. In this state of awareness, we don't see ourselves as separate from all Life in Creation, and we are continuously radiating with the Divine manna we have learned to overflow with! As we master this precipitation of Light, it will become our only guiding Light, passing on to others as the guiding Light of Spirit! So in this higher octave of consciousness, the 9 of cups is no longer seen just as the fulfillment of our personal wishes, but rather becoming a collective container for the Primordial Life force which will always go to the highest potential of Self fulfillment and the realization of the collective dream within the Universal vision of Love! It's time to expand your container!

We are reconnecting with ourselves strongly and discovering aspects of ourselves that we never imagined before, they are that New and insightful. We are remembering our Prime Origin and where we came from, which will also come to us through reflections of other Souls who share a deep connection and intimate bond with us. These discoveries are leading us into feeling Life as a vast adventure that keeps on expanding! Whatever it is for us, we are realizing that it's all a part of a Divine plan and that all of our desires that come from our Soul are worth waiting for, as time in Truth is not linear and the moment we begin to tune into the spiraling nature of Creation, we potentialities our growth tremendously!

Don't worry about a thing and keep on going in the direction of your dream! You are doing it, so keep your focus on that which is true in your Heart by knowing exactly what to do in each moment rather than projecting on to some far distant future! When You develop the wise far sightedness You are always rooted in the moment from the highest Divine Will!

Oh, and I also created this channeled Beloved song as a celebration of Divine Union, and so may all Divine Lovers unite!!!

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Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn 

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Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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