Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Astro New Year & Tantrika path of Primordial Life Force

Dear Beloveds!

Happy New beginning of a new astrological year! It began with the Equinox on March 20th and Now with the first New lunation for the Aries New Moon on April 27th/28th. Yes, we have successfully completed a huge integration cycle and are moving into a New wave where we will benefit from the Aries energy. We are stepping into new birth and beginnings that are awakening from our Primordial nature. This is a perfect time to start slowly waking up the sleeping and dormant Life force in our bodies! This time is dedicated to the awakening of Nature's Life force, and we are feeling it too! The equal balance of night and day brings forth the inner integration within us, so all who have been applying themselves will Now feel a greater sense of balance and physical integration of awareness. Huge revelations are accompanying this process, and at times this deepening of the Path will bring a sense of being alone, but once we choose the path of Self mastery and actualization, this will become a constant, because we are learning to become fully sovereign and free. This means a permanent consciousness transformation, not just a temporary solution. 

This Aries New Moon begins our new astrological and lunation year ahead! We have a Grand Fire trine forming in our skies this Spring, and the celestial energies are still dancing a beautiful dance of the Galactic center alignment with Saturn, which is our call to action and integration. Saturn is actually preparing to go retrograde on April 6th in that Galactic center alignment (27 degrees of Sagittarius) until August 25th, which will loosen our responsibilities but increase our integration of what we have already mastered and achieved. Besides Venus retrograde (until April 15th) we will also have Mercury retrograde starting on April 9th. So we are getting ready to begin a major new cycle of increased awareness and contemplation while also tuning into the deepening of Divine Love that will especially come to the forefront when Venus goes back direct. There is a lot of Divine masculine awakening currently present, which is expanding our need to strengthen the foundations of our achievements, while walking a path of greater focus and clarity of vision.

This is a fertile time where new ideas will grow and help to expand us from the ethereal into the physical. It's time to reconnect to those things and aspects of us which we have left in the "corner" prior to our awakening, because these will Now become our new found sense of practicality, and yet in a deeply enhanced and innovative way, because during that time we have undergone a powerful transformation in Spirit. What is returning at this time is not returning to have a "do-over", but rather bringing a sense of physical pragmatism which will expand our living here on Earth, as we merge with greater levels of living in the Essence of "Paradise." Change is in the air, big time! During this time since the mastery year number 9 completed, many Beings deepened a state of their conscious Self attainment, and are Now preparing to begin the journey of deeper Self realization and greater levels of Samadhi which occurs in many different layers.

The idea is to live in a constant state of open minded expansion, to take nothing as a plain fact, but rather an ever expansive paradigm which we are looking at from a different angle and perspective each time we approach it with awareness. Our Self awareness is increasing, and although at times this expansion might feel like we are outgrowing ourselves to the degree it gets sort of challenging to even just exist in this reality, we are right where we need to be, and therefore these retrogrades are helping us with those transits, so that our Human nature has enough downtime to integrate and penetrate into deeper states of embodied consciousness.

Recently it has felt like something major emptied itself out completely, and Now we will have a chance to look into what is completing for us on a big level. It's good to contemplate and withdraw, if it feeds the right purpose. We have received a New energy wave recently, and during this New Moon week we can expect new situations and opportunities that will help us to integrate it. For those volunteer Souls who have recently undergone a huge expansion, this time may feel a bit void and "spacy", because we are opening a vast new creative potential for a new cycle that begins Now. Our expectations are perhaps not being met the way we might have thought, but we will experience even bigger openings that superseded our own expectations. 
We only have to remember what truly guides us from within and trust every step of the way. We can use this time to prepare for what is coming, to engage in conscious Self awareness techniques that are helping to expand our embodied integration. The return to the Self happens on a new expanded level each time. Good things are on the horizon, and so an open Heart and vibrational purity will help us feel all that Divine nectar of Life that wants to flow through us! We integrate most strongly outside in Nature, inspired and enlivened by the Great outdoors!

It's so important to practice the art of Divine focus and pay attention to Life, because a feeling of disconnection will make us feel like nothing is going on in the Truth of hyperactive and constantly expanding Universe that is this Existence. To practice awareness in focus is to stay open, alert and mindful, so that we will know how to act on the opportunities that come to us through the creative inspiration, and often these will come when our hyperactive mind is plugged off the "grid" and tuned into a higher reality of increased Spirit perception. Often working on different crafts will sharpen our focus because the overstimulated mind will be in a relaxed state, and our neuron perceptions will increase in regards to making higher connections. In plain terms, in resting the overstimulated mind while tuning into creative things that move us into the body, we will open a higher sensory perceptive center. It's often when our focus is on simple things and tasks, that our higher Mind will have the ability to directly translate through our body, which will increase our creative imagination and receptivity. The Heaven's door lies in simplicity and the sweetness of Life!
At a certain point we must all venture off on our own and plunge into that depth. We are blessed when we are brave enough to do so, as the Great Primordial Life force will need that "breaking down" within us to start working through us as the channel for the Divine, to co-create within Divine Will. If we can start any new Spirit based practice that honors the Great Life force and our own Self realization through it, we will feel even greater waves of prosperity! It's not meant for us to self sustain only, but to become the pure embodiment of Life that is so pure in its Essence. Very rare people have experienced that so far, but it's the next stage of the New Human evolution! The breath, raising and cultivating our Life force and learning to spiritualize it through the Galactic Core becomes of great importance for many Now!

It's time to get from the planning stage into a creative process of engagement with our whole Being! When we allow ourselves to feel into Life rather than just trying to strategize and plan ahead intellectually, we will tune into the refined awareness that truly sustains us from the Core of our Being. In this awareness space we no longer need to analyze every single thing on our path, but we rather continue to unify from within, so that what guides us also becomes unified. We are moving on with our desires, but in a more refined and unified way where we no longer see aspects of our journey and various experiences as separate. They are not excluded from each other and as we merge them into our crystalline reality with pure compassion, things will naturally begin moving forward for us and we will step into our path of involution!

These messages all support changes in our lifestyle that lead to more happiness, joy and eventually youthful longevity! Our dreams already exist, they are already granted not because we have finally earned them, but because they are always there vibrationally and as we grow and evolve, we get to unlock specific vibrational keys that align us with particular major life chapters, which are our earthly initiations. Each chapter is unique, and on each level of our personal mastery we go deeper into our transcendence and Ascension, but there is no reason for us to hurry along this path, because we have to allow our Soul and earthly embodied maturity to evolve in it's time. We need lots of patience and trust, with perfect guidelines from Spirit that keep us in a yogic state of purity, patience and silence. 

This is the code for Wisdom, and when we match it with the cultivation of our Life force through both commitment and joy, we no longer see ourselves living a life of hard discipline, but rather a devoted focus to all that lifts our Spirit and creates all the blessings we need. It does feel like an end of an Era for many, and if we are asking ourselves whether our plans are in alignment, we have to trust that we are prepared from inside out, that we have been integrating and stirring up creative juices for quite a while, and Now comes a time to cultivate, harness and garden our creativity with patience! Sadhana includes all that we do to devote to Truth spiritually, intellectually, mentally, vitally and physically! We do so by waking up our bodies through initiating new movement and exercise, so that the Life force begins to rise just like the gentle waves of Nature's Spring!

We may know and feel the greatness of true Love in our Hearts, but as Humans we still have to be patient and learn to wait for everything to fulfill its purpose and come into what it needs to naturally! It doesn't mean we are not meant for great things, only that the greatest things take time in the physical realm to become their highest attainments and materializations. Also, by becoming more virtuous and resilient we grow in our spiritual strength, which will make our ability to love truly and unconditionally more potent, and as we work on focusing ourselves in this simple Truth, we allow the great Primordial Life force to bring us everything that we need. When we are patient and devoted, we always create things of lasting foundations, which means that their influence will be of the Soul, not just the temporary physicality. And so practicing the virtue of patience, Self moderation and great faith will bring us a sense of always being exactly where we need to be, doing what we are supposed to. And this will make us powerful spiritual warriors of Divine Love! If on the other hand we focus only on time, fixated ideas and outcomes, we will miss out on the Truth of our Love that always has been, always will and is perfect just as it is right Now!

Do You love doing what You do? Do You perform it while selflessly Being of service? Are You tapping into your Source of Divine creativity? Do You feel joy and inspiration when You create within your devotion? Then stop worrying and simply charge full steam ahead! Even though at times we may feel too advanced, misunderstood or not important to even be here on this planet and leave an impact, we are even more so necessary because of everything that is at stake. We are building firm foundations of service, but we must in no way be attached to the results. That is the true meaning of the so-called "karma yoga" of selfless service in devotion. 

At times choosing the higher path of Divinity will make us feel disassociated with everything and everyone who still chooses the egoic and mundane instead of the Divine, because at times it will feel like no one is listening or willing to go deeper into the realms where we are moving towards as volunteer Souls. But in Truth, All Life is always moving and shifting. We cannot direct it, because we are not standing outside of it. We are Life itself, and Life is created through Love, so we can either become that wave and devote our entire Existence to Love of Union in God Self or just pursue partial and temporary results which lead to no lasting transformation and change. The choice is always ours to make and we belong to our own Spark, so we are fully responsible for it regardless of how the external circumstances or actions of others might align with that or not, for we must always choose for ourselves within our Core!

Watch my video message for the Spring Equinox and equilibrium here:

This Spring has the potential for so much excitement for Life, creativity and passionate pursuits! It's all about drinking from the sweet nectar of Life, honoring Creation by creating our own Magic and just feeling like the most magical and precious child of Creation that we are! This is the return to innocence and the Divine Spark of Life! We are in a time where it may look like not much is happening on the surface, and yet our Divine Union is deepening and many things are swiftly unfolding behind the scenes! The key to feeling into this is meditation and withdrawal from anything that may distract us from what we are truly desiring to create. 

Union, Divine partnership, family and solid home base are our pillars, and although things may not be unfolding exactly as we have hoped for and we experienced some detours, they are moving in the direction and circumstances perfect for our Soul. A part of this path is realizing what is not truly meant for us, and we therefore have to experience it to truly integrate it without denial and escapism. That's when our return "Home" is truly Divine, because we have moved through everything of the physical world of temptation and still remained in our Soul! And so we mature and graduate!

And here is an extra message of Divine Union that wanted to come through! Divine Union takes great devotion and commitment, and on much higher levels of Union we don't just master the art of free will which applies for lower worlds of density, but mostly we work on very deeply engaging and committed levels of Union in mutual creation and cooperation. But of course we have to learn the laws of free will and mastering our Self before we are ready for such higher levels of refined commitment, where we are in charge not just of our own domain, but we also commit to refined Divine service in Union. These higher refined levels Spring forth right from the Heart of Creation and our Core Creation Self, where the multiplication of committed effort results in much greater capacity to serve and create within the Unity template. 

Watch my video about this here:

These levels of Union cannot be accessed through infatuation where the idea of Union itself is greater than the commitment to Divine service in Union. Infatuation brings quick but superficial results that are not long lasting, as they merely scrape the surface. When we understand Creation a bit better, we will begin to undergo a series of initiations that will "test" the magnitude and fortitude of our unconditional Love for the Whole that supersedes and envelops the realms of personal Love. A great New Aeon is upon those who are ready for such high levels of commitment, and great changes are in store due to the integration of those commitments. The alterations and influences that such Unions bring to the Whole are enormous!

Watch my video on physical Ascension dedication through Life Force cultivation here:

Our focus at this time lies in our huge expansion! We are again completing a big cycle which will initiate change since the Aries New Moon. At this time we may notice a strong upsurge of Life force which has a plan for us, and that plan is setting us off in a new direction. This comes from inner discernment not just wishful thinking, and the more we will dedicate ourselves to working with ourselves and our Life force, the more this new pathway will continue to unfold before us and create new waves of prosperity! When we focus on selfless service, we always reap the rewards, although these always come unexpectedly and not how we plan them.

When we are truly devoted to Divine Love, we only wish to freely share of ourselves and our inner resources, without staying fixated on the outcomes and the fruits of our labor! This may feel easy and in flow when the waves of prosperity are quite obvious, and not so much when they are hidden behind the scenes! Therefore we must practice attainment in all aspects, and not let the seeming "lack" cause a distraction to our creative process! We have to allow the serpent power of our Life force to lead us forward, and that includes the taming of the "lower serpents" (desires) first, so that we can attune to the greater calling of Spirit!

What is the Primordial Life Force? It is the very Essence of Life expressed many times as "Holy Spirit" in Ancient scriptures, and yet it's something we can only have our own personal experience with as we expand in our own Life force. The Light, Love and Life Spark within us are expanding, as we move ever deeper into our true Divine Presence! We are both Source, Creation and that which experiences it all! Enjoy the Magic within You, may it continue to stir up the primordial Life force within! May You rejoice in activating and embodying the Primordial Life Force!

The Great "Empress" feels the best in the great outdoors! She is the wild and untamed Nature and the natural law, and She brings the balance to all that lacks true harmony and alignment with the natural forces of All Life in Creation! That Primordial Life Force exists whatever the circumstances and behaviors of people, whether they mistreat Nature or take it for granted. She is more Ancient than this physical reality, and yet we may catch glimpses and pieces of that Force in the natural world, reflecting to us that harmony and how we could truly live in Paradise! So many yearn for a more natural and Spirit connected lifestyle, and yet they are unwilling to take the necessary steps! And then there are those who walk upon this planet in perfect alignment with the natural laws and Principles of Creation, bringing back the Primordial Purity in action and form!

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This is how blissed out I AM after practicing my Life giving Tantrika breath that Spirit shows me as the Giver of Life. As a Giver of Life I hold this sacred knowledge of Self birthing and sustenance for longevity and ascended embodiment that many call "immortality"! It's how all Creation is formed. I share about all of this in my Tantrika embodiment mastery course! This is my most profound course on the embodiment of complete physical Ascension.

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Our physical Ascension is going deeper, and therefore I was guided to prepare a very special and sacred 10th level Mastery course called the Tantrika and Life Force mastery. It's time to go deeper and truly engage with the embodiment process that our physical Ascension requires of us, so that we will begin to initiate the programs of longevity and immortality.


As You join this advanced level Mastery course, You will learn all about the nature of the Primordial Life Force, the sacred Life Force breath and Kriya yoga mastery, with the advance teachings of the Tantrika yoga path and Life force cultivation with the spiritualization of your Life force through a deepened work of Creation Principles. This course is an extended 5,5 hour long course with an extensive emphasis on becoming the Master of your inner Being through both longevity and immortality as You step into your journey of physical Ascension.

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The Tantrika Light activation for Life Force mastery is intended to activate, cultivate and spiritualize our Life Force as we learn to go deeper into our fully embodied Essence of Divinity. It promotes conscious breath work, polarity unification and the cultivation of the sacred breath of Life.

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Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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