Saturday, March 11, 2017

Virgo Full Moon & Venus retrograde

Dear Beloveds!

We are moving into the Virgo Full Moon on March 12th. We are stepping into greater waves of Divine tranquility and receptivity. Waves of serenity and prosperity are washing us over during this Virgo Full Moon. Many of us are being deeply activated at this time, experiencing the level of direct Source transmission. This is a Full Moon that occurs in 22 degrees of personal mastery, and it's the so-called "Spring cleaning Moon". But this is a calling to a greater inner cleanse than just physical cleaning of the house, because we are preparing for a new astrological year, and so we are being called into our sacred bodies, because we receive through an embodied feeling of Love. Our physical vessels want to purify and start a new cycle of expansion. The more we get into our bodies, the more we can receive, because our flow of Life force becomes more direct and unrestricted. The more we allow the energy to move through our bodies, whether through yoga, dancing, exercise, meditation and energy Light work, the more we will create this dynamic tension that generates constant change in our reality.

When we feel One with these great waves of change, it's impossible to feel like we are being swept under them. Instead, we build our own momentum of where we wish to move with our choices. These choices are either always the same and static, or they are dynamic and always changing. We Now have the opportunity to look into the way we make choices for ourselves and see whether we create from past experiences or forever changing new momentum. If anything feels passive and stagnant, we can Now revitalize it and bring it to life! When we get into our bodies deeply, we will know, as our physical breath will be merging and unifying with the Galactic pulse of Life, joined with the Galactic Core and unified with the Self. That Self does not want to be a mere observer, it wants to move and co-create with Life in a state of ultimate freedom and expansion! 

Great things are happening for many of us, although this might not be so obvious on the surface. As planet Venus now went retrograde and Saturn making a conjunction with the Galactic center (which points to our Earthly progression in time and matter through initiation and integration), we are going to feel everything that we have not been ready to see and recognize about ourselves. With things coming to the surface we are prone to feeling in extremes, and so it's important to observe what is happening within our psyche as we move through these transits. When we begin to consciously work with the energies, we will notice subtle and yet profound shifts that result from conscious observation and assimilation. Step by step we will be guided into a more Self realized Essence of our Being. The part of us that is always aware of this is the Unity Self, and that aspect of us that is tuned into the Higher Self, as well as the Sun as a Solar deity Higher Self of a larger Unit that we exist within, is the Solar/Christed consciousness.

Although Venus went retrograde, we are going deep within in order to receive messages and spiritual upgrades! This is a time when we can connect to our inner Essence of an Oracle, to know that everything received during this time will be leading us into a new pathway which will come into exact culmination and manifestation once Venus goes back direct on April 15th. We can see this period as a blessed gift of Spirit to deepen our sense of value and realization in this physical world and deepen our Spirit connection through the enjoyment of the physical world through presence, virtue and grace! Earth is our Mastery school and we cannot escape it in any way, as our mission is to Self realize and utilize our Divine service for the greater good.

Watch my video on Earth Mastery for volunteer Souls:

How about that unifying process of Divine synthesis? The Truth about the sacred feminine is, that She has never been separate from the sacred masculine. Together they are One and therefore the road to Unity is not in protesting or needing to fight for the equality of rights, but rather acting from that place of integrity and worth that already Is. None of us is responsible for creating the conditions of the Whole, because the Source of All already is Whole and exists within pure compassion. What we do need is the integrity of genuine Self Love that spreads out into the world so beautifully and naturally once we master it with Self compassion. Everyone is already equal unto themselves and to others, we just have to start acting like that in our daily lives, so that Soul integrity can descend into our heaven on Earth that we are co-creating. There is a huge difference between "fighting for" and acting from a place of Love, as one comes from separation and the other from Unity. P.S. What better way to start but offer ourselves true Love through Self worth, peaceful sacred space just for us, and a whole lot of good will, so that our Love of the Whole can go out into the world in purer form than filtered with so many beliefs and convictions. We are free!

We are Now feeling a unification of our masculine and feminine forces coming together like never before, which might result in complete synthesis of the Divine Trinity Self Creation complex; the Mother, Father and Child as Creator, Creation and the one experiencing Creation. This way we will no longer see ourselves as having a separate experience from Source, for we are all aspects of it, and the more we unify, the more we will embrace ourselves as completely perfect and Whole in a higher perspective, while simultaneously embracing our Human imperfections as equally Divine.

A lot of us will be feeling speechless and unable to translate the New energies into words, for they have not yet been here before in such a way, and we are in a period of still getting used to it all. We can feel lost for words even with the highest degree of receptivity at this time, because it takes time for this to integrate within our New Human template. Perhaps this is a good time to simply Be with the energy rather than trying to explain it or make something of it right away. We are in a gestation phase, so after things will be more solidified, we will be able to begin new creative ventures that will be ignited through our inner merge!

Watch my video on our expansion within Divine Love:

We are a part of a much bigger picture that is unfolding, and although we often feel small and not important, we are all woven into an intricate Source design. This Grand design is not perfect and whole without the sum of all its parts. We are not just working with the Angels, we are also accessing our own celestial DNA within the crystalline frequency. The more we work on Soul refinement and cleanse our physical body of toxins and feed in the Light, the more we will not only hear the Angels, but bring in the codes of Light of our own Angelic Self. This will generate new growth for us, new lifestyles that are more attuned to housing this higher frequency of Light and new ideas that are crystalline in Essence. This attunement is occurring through many levels of our Human nature, so eventually all aspects will unify and serve the greater good, for the upliftment of Humanity and the Earth!

So many of us have created this sense of Soul communion and community, pursuing the path of our Soul tribe. This Love of group Soul consciousness is vaster and greater beyond any distance. We are not limited by space when ruled only by Divine Love, and in this sacred space our Hearts grow and expand into so much more than we thought ourselves to Be. When we synchronize as One in inner connection and synergy, we work together as a group collective, shining our Light and moving beyond duality! We are learning so much from each other not by teaching each other or imposing any personal beliefs, but merely sharing our Divine gifts from the Heart!

Sometimes we feel like we are going around in circles and that nothing new ever happens, but that is all seen merely from the perspective of the captive mind. When we learn mastery over our mind, we will step into a greater Divine Mind that will offer us a view over a much greater landscape. We will Now see richness and depth, in bright new colors. We will see pathways yet untraveled and opportunities yet unseen. When we recognize these new potentials, no matter how small their influence should be in our physical reality, we know that we are stirring it up with new ingredients that the Divine offers. And then we see abundance beyond limitation and limited form, we see the seen and unseen wealth and value merging as One! Our Venus travels retrograde at this time, so we are deeply looking into what has true value and worth in our Life. Perhaps that which feels lost and stagnant is so for a reason. We can't always revive things if they have already fulfilled their purpose, and so it's time to asses ourselves and move on!
Many of these external influences will involve that which is here only to consume our time we dedicate to service. This has been a lifelong lesson for many volunteer Souls. "Goblins" represent ego and mostly egoic influences coming through non enlightened Beings who are out for their own personal agendas! This means paying attention to that which does not serve a greater Divine plan in Unity consciousness, those who are time consuming influences without respecting our own time and value, and those who are only looking out for themselves! If agendas are not unified with the Light of Spirit, they are still fragmented and based on duality! So pay attention, everyone, and always choose yourself and your personal purity beyond anything else!

The internal is the Master of the external and not the other way around! In true Love, You have to keep your eyes on the prize! It's so easy to get discouraged and distracted on this physical plane, but we can all remember the original game. The Design that is put into place through Divine Love and that which truly resonates, which fits like two peas in a pod! It's worth the wait, is it not? Heed the calling of your Heart, continually eliminating that which does not serve the highest Light! There is only victory in Unity consciousness, for here all are winners and no losers exist! Feel yourself blessed with this awareness most sacred kiss!

P.S. My 9th level Self Mastery course on Solar consciousness is Now available on my page for Mastery courses! "As You join this advanced Mastery course, You will learn about the meaning of Solar consciousness and the interconnected nature of All Life in the Grand Design. This level can also be referred to as the Christed level of Being, where we are fully unified in our crystalline understanding and embodiment in Human form. This course is an extended 2,5 hour long course with an in depth research into the nature of our Solar system, the Galactic center and our own Self realized nature within that through spirituality, astrology and even astronomy. This level requires the highest Union of all personal aspects and developing a personal level of Stellar awareness that is synchronized with that."

And watch my video where I explain the dynamics of the current astrological patterns and the nature of my latest course:

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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