Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Equinox: The birthing of Samadhi

Dear Beloveds!

There is so much Light pouring through on our planet at this time, and even those who may still perceive things within the duality framework of good and bad, right and wrong, light and dark, are feeling momentary experiences of what a true state of "samadhi" feels like! The pathway towards that state does not lie in plugging off our senses and perceptions, but to expand them to the degree where they no longer keep us in the limited framework! We are meant to reach for much higher than we are used to and then expand from there onward! Our ideas are especially potent and bright at this time, especially if they are truly coming from that expanded state of pure authenticity! Do You know that our Life force grows and expands when we create from our Soul nature, and that it actually contracts when we are following others or repeating after them? This is because we are not honoring ourselves and our own Soul Light! So continue to expand your Light and extend it far beyond the confines of the known and familiar, so that You may shine brighter and wider! You are infinite! And as that is so, we don't just connect to the Light but become the Light, fully immersed in it!

There is a positive momentum building that is leading us into the Equinox and Aries New Moon, the start of our astrological new year! We have cycled around our axis on a planetary level and personally as well, and we are Now ready to go deeper. There is so much waiting to be created through us at this doorway, and although some of the things are yet unknown to us, it has to be so, because the Human mind that is not yet fully integrated will often misinterpret or assume too quickly! We learn to accept fully through the art of not knowing. With patience and steady devotion new things will grow quickly when the time is right and ripe. At this time everything works in our favor, and we can feel the harmonious flow of Soul unification, if only we humble ourselves to that true Spirit connection where all is One. 

We are moving in a new direction, and it's something we have not yet explored, and yet it has our name written all over it! Our Heart desires are being heeded and our dreams are coming true, through the manifestation on this earthly physical plane, not just in our awareness! Enjoy this time, as there are many rewards for steady commitment waiting on the other side, where our allowance matches the state of Divine receptivity!

We were all super charged by the Virgo Full Moon that just occurred! We are cleansing, organizing and altering our plans, so that they more align with the harmonious flow of the Universe. We are deeply inspired, as we are already being prepared for many new projects that await us, which all lead into new beginnings in Love. We have left major changes and even potential disruptions in our past, which led us into a new place in our achieving of personal mastery. But we must be careful of not falling into egoic patterns of ignorance, because true Soul liberation is not about achieving! It's about constant attainment and maintenance of our energy mastery of the Soul domain. We must therefore humbly keep an open state of mind and keep receiving from the fountain of Spirit.

All new beginnings are highly recommended at this time and the work we are putting into those leaps of faith is being rewarded. We are to conquer the lower self and prosper in our true Self! The only thing that can hinder us are the constant external circumstances that also bring those that wish to steal our time and attention without honoring the bigger picture! If we maintain our balance of higher receptivity, our inner masculine and feminine will work as One, as the High Priestess and the great Magician who work as One! And that shall keep us on "top" of our own reality, not always knowing what to expect, but ready to overcome and transcend anything!

We are moving more deeply into the path of the Family of Light, which is a vast network of Light Beings that are dedicated to selfless service. Each one of those Beings is dedicated to specific areas and specializations that then spread out into the Whole from their Core. It's our greater destiny to listen to this higher calling. Many of us have been moving through a cycle of unification, where all of our Divine gifts and abilities have been slowly and yet steadily coming together as One Essence. If we have felt like a multi-operating Divine force with so many interests and passionate pursuits, these will Now come closer together and unify into one path of dedication. The duality framework continues to operate within the "many paths", and as we unify this feels more like a steady devotion that is constant and direct, in a so-called "direct Source transmission".

Watch my video about this here:

In order for us to feel this Magic and know our Core Self, we had to walk through many trials and tribulations. These were not "time wasting" operations only, because each one of them was designed specifically to make us aware of a deeper Presence that always knew where we are going and why. We often felt like we have to "defend our field", because so many circumstances and people came out way who either have us believe the opposite or tried feeding off of our Light. The lord of "time" which is our beloved Saturn gave us many initiations, and Now this planet moves into the degrees of the Galactic center in order to make us aware of how humble we need to be when we are facing our earthly initiations. Everyone of them led us closer to who we truly are, drawing us deeper into our Core nature of Soul, which has its own color, taste and Magic. The more engulfed we became in it, the more we knew of ourselves not mentally, but through a deep remembrance of our true Home. Our Souls kept calling us there, and with every action and reaction we were bringing more of that true resonance into our earthly home.

For many this path Now leads into deeper and higher spiritual pursuits. But these are not about being more "spiritual", for rather quite the opposite is true. Our Destiny is a natural progression of Soul embodiment, whereas the "spirituality" based on appearance is flat and only feeds the ego through endless pursuits and inauthentic doings. The path of "samadhi" is not something that we can approach through a sense of needing to achieve or becoming that. It's not about a goal or an end destination. It's not about something that we can do to better ourselves. This is a natural state of a fully (not just temporary or partially) enlightened Being through the Soul sovereignty that exists in our Core Self. In that state, we don't just say things like "namaste" in order to practice what we believe to be "spirituality", but we rather become the Essence of what these things truly mean and represent. We bring more of that into our daily lives and realities in physical Human integration, and so we represent more of the Family of Light each day, and walking the path of the Great Ones that are leaving the footprints of Light.

When we achieve the purity of our inner connection and create our sacred space, it's deeply important to maintain and preserve it from external influences! In this earthly school of personal mastery we are constantly learning how to asses our situations individually, deciphering and discerning what we will feed our attention and what is unworthy of us because it's not coming from a level of Soul maturity and mutual reception. We are constantly learning to tune into our inner knowing and trust our Heart about which situations and people that surround us are pure and which are egoic. Sometimes others will want to pierce into our reality because they are unwilling to work out their own issues and non committed to their own growth.

But personal path of Ascension requires devotion, constant connection with Spirit in humility and sharing with others who are of like vibration! We are responsible for what we have attained and the Truth we bring. Realize the sacred and pay it the worth that it deserves, You've worked hard to attain it, so don't let anything or anyone come on between what You know to be crystalline and true in genuine authenticity of the Soul!

Watch my video about embracing our mastery here:

There are still many who struggle, and those who struggle by watching those who struggle. All that comes from forgetting who we are and not living in our natural state of "samadhi"! This state is the state of the ultimate no-mind, when we are as pure as the crystal clear sky. Whenever we are in struggle, we live with resistance. When we live in the acceptance of the Cosmic Spirit of Existence, we constantly ebb and flow. We become a conscious participant with life, and yet we don't feel like we are in charge. Life simply moves through us as it reaches its ultimate fulfillment. Life is always unfolding, and so are we. The deeper we go into this awareness, the more we fall in love with ourselves and All Life in Creation!

Working with Life force is a constant path of cultivation and renewal. It's very important to grow in our commitment to physical Ascension because it's not born of wishful thinking! It's time for us to go deeper in our true Presence that is beyond words, articulation and description! This New energy keeps calling us back to that Soul Home and feeling our Divine connection with All Life in Creation at its Core! You are so beautiful, so allow yourself to go deeper and beyond the known concepts which You perceive to be something. We may give things value as Humans, but only true Spirit knows the original value of everything that already is perfect. We are not here to better or improve ourselves, we are here to refine ourselves through the Soul! Allow yourself to know more true Silence where Love is felt as an actual experience of the Beauty of All Life in Creation! Love all beyond concepts and forms, so that true form will come to Life naturally through Soul awareness!

It's time to let our Free Spirit let loose outside in Nature, to feel what it means to truly Be alive and embrace our Human nature in all of our Divinity! Our freedom makes greater creativity possible, because a relaxed mind and body open us up to higher states of receptivity! It's also important to walk around barefoot, to lie down on Earth and just listen to the Heart beat of the Earth in a rhythmic harmony with the Universe, aligning our sacred Heart with that Core as well!

We are always receiving Spirit guidance when we raise our awareness towards the Divine. But as Humans we also worry and get frustrated, which serves no greater purpose. It actually just drains our Life force and leaves us feeling isolated and "cut off" from Divine manna! When we raise our awareness towards Divine Love and greater destiny every day, we continue to embody our Divinity. There is always something greater waiting for us, and that lies in that subtle feeling of a connection to something greater and vaster. The key lies in integrating that into our living reality, becoming a practical and grounded Oracle and Master of our sacred reality! We are in receiving mode Now, and the more we work in partnership with Spirit, the greater that calling will become and the greater our purpose will become! Our destiny does not mean we need to "carry our cross" but rather becoming that crossing point for when Spirit meets matter! We are that crossing point, to Be Human right Now is a gift, so leave your cares and worries by embracing your ever expanding Greatness!

The other project I have been working on in great devotion is the mp3 music CD of my Beloved songs! Watch my PROMO music video here!

You know You have to be free, because You are! Look at the butterflies how freely they roam around, playfully fluttering their wings! Even though they might look aloof, they know exactly where they are going. We don't need to be 100% busy to get things done, a playful approach of living in the moment will naturally take care of everything just as well, and we will be much happier and joyful! Relax and set yourself fully free!

It's time to leave the mundane and the daily for a while, and embrace that wider more expansive force of Life that wants to freely move through us! We have to allow for Divine Greatness to enter by spreading our wings. It's that rebellious nature which is not the same as egoic resistance, but rather that organic nature of Life in Creation when something has served and outlived its purpose! That rebellious nature keeps us aligned with what wants to come through next, with a new expanding cycle of Life! We are right before the Spring Equinox, so this is a time of celebration, ritual and Magic which keeps the Essence of the Great Goddess of Life alive on Earth, and makes us constantly tap into that Soul refinement and mystery of the never ending Life! What do we wish to give birth to next, and how can we attain it by tapping into that which we call Magic!? Is it dance, singing, playing in the vast outdoors like no one is watching? Even in the chaos of this new eruption there will be New Life, there always Is! Source and Creation are One!
Want to go deeper into true Beloved Union? Then don't forget to watch my video about the evolutionary journey of our Beloved path:

Here is a Love message for everyone! We are moving deeper into our true Essence, and are therefore attracting such people who feel us on a Soul level. Those who do not will often come simply out of curiosity, not true Love. True Love is an alchemy of Soul, and within that we simply feel each other beyond reason and explanations of how we are. We need to discern when people approach us through mere physical attraction and to feed their senses and when they have true Love and honoring for our Being. In true Love we care for the other person on a deep Soul Love, we don't want to teach them on how to live and judge them in any way, we simply want to be with them. When we raise our awareness in true Love discernment, we become very responsible and selective for how we engage our Life force, in which situations, people or conversations we are guided to invest energy. Others might not understand this, but a path of Self mastery requires such sovereign nature, because in true Love we see sexuality and tantric exchange as something pure and we have nothing but reverence for it. We can even be accused of being too selective, but in Truth we are just using the power of our true sovereign nature in relationships. False illusion of Unity is that we are all the same and that there is no duality. True Unity is the integration of or Core Essence that is unified even when there is duality around us. It's not saying things like duality and separation do not exist or trying to escape physical integration and changing (teaching) other people how to be! In true Love, the Soul will speak and lead the way through honoring the unique Spark within instead of trying to change it. Those that yet don't know will often speak about how "Cosmic" their Love is, but their actions will say otherwise. We have to be discerning and feel the energy and whether it truly belongs to Unity consciousness or fragmented separation covered with a "fake" coat of Unity. We have to see beyond such illusions rather than ignoring them or saying we only attract what we think. It's not so black and white, as true Love requires depth and the willingness to work on it!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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