Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter Gateway & Masterful Divine communication

Dear Beloveds!

The Equinox & Easter energy brought us a sense of newness and liberation, especially because it was synchronous with the upcoming Full Moon Lunar Eclipse! This was a powerful combination that is almost like lifting us to a new level of Soul embodiment. Although we have already established a sense of success at this current point, we are not to be bound by what feels safe and secure for us, for the reality of constant expansion is the path of constant co-creation with the New. There are paths that we have not explored yet, and although we may feel a sense of completion at this time, simultaneously we will also feel a sense of anticipation of something New! We may not quite see it yet, but we can certainly feel it and we need to trust that inner knowing. Our Life is a constant ebb and flow of old and new, the established and the unknown. It is good to come from a state of not knowing what is there next, because it liberates us from the state of expectation.

We often expect certain results from the already established conditions and people in our lives while always getting similar results, but to be a Master of the New is a constant broadening of our horizons! This means that we expect the Essence we wish to experience in our game of Life without limiting its outcome. Our Life purpose is also about allowing ourselves to always choose a new direction and feeling safe and secure that it will bring us success that we might not see yet, but that it's already there for us. 

How do we co-create in our Self Mastery?

This will strengthen our sense of trust and move our energy levels forward! We want to feel like we are constantly flying and floating as we create new circumstances and break through old routines! If we feel stagnant and limited this is always a Soul message for us. New ventures are just around the corner, and we can break free ... We can do it! The brave Ones always affirm Newness ... This or something better, always!

This Eclipse happened in the cardinal signs of Aries-Libra polarity and it actually completed a 2 year cycle since April 2014! We have been learning and gathering so much since then, and Now we are finding ourselves at the threshold of a completely new space. This whole time we were assimilating our Divine roles in relationships, and so we were mastering the Self versus others polarity and integrating it into a unified Whole. A lot of us have undergone many relating experiences which we are Now seeing as simply packages of energy to integrate as we embrace ourselves and others more deeply. This is deeply personal and yet it runs in multiple ways towards everyone we have ever engaged with and beyond!

Something might feel complete Now, which might cause temporary feelings of void and disorientation, while simultaneously feeling driven by a renewed sense of passion. We might not fully know where we are headed (as a collective as well), but we feel a renewed sense of movement and higher devotion. Old ideas might be returning Now, but in a new way, and this is because we are ready for them in our new energy templates. This will feel like bigger and more expanded horizons, bolder visions and accepting more that we have previously felt possible for ourselves. We are no longer limiting ourselves and our creations, which feels immensely liberating and fresh, and thus definitely calls for celebration! Get your stage ready, the sacred altars of Soul are calling and the bells are ringing! 

This is my video on more of Self Mastery:

The Eclipse definitely eclipsed something out of our life, and we may feel, think and speak differently, with more passion, eloquence and power! Because we are more masterful and powerful Now, we hold more capacity to co-create with the Divine. That means that we have to deeply observe our feelings, watch our thoughts and control the words that we speak with great precision!

It almost feels like we are lighter and yet more powerful, which is a feeling we can only experience. The more we step into our natural state of abundance, the more we understand that it's our natural magnetic Essence of Soul that creates. We don't need certain tools and techniques when working with our Soul alchemy in Purity, for this is where everything is done through raising our awareness of our Truth and then integrating and embodying that in our Human experience. 

That will make us feel more sparkly, radiant and blissful, which will have an outside effect on all of our reverberations, conscious and unconscious, but as Masters of the New we are working on making everything consciously aware. Everything is directing us towards crystal clear communication Now, and many of us will be presented with new ways of communicating and expressing ourselves. This is also directly linked to our Self value and expressing it fully. Communication is a physical expression of who we are, and whenever it's authentic, spontaneous and loving, we create through our Core Self as Love! The Eclipse is leaving a mark on how we are communicating in our relationships, because our verbal and non verbal communication eventually becomes a tangible reality, which is our reality that we are creating!

So, how can we change our engaging with others so that it may be more loving, unconditional and embracing every part of who we truly are? Can we stand up for ourselves as our sovereign Self? The more open we are, the more we will embody the empty chalice for the Essence of Spirit! So, is our language crystal clear and realistic, or is it confused, wishy washy, new agey and judgy? Let us honestly look into all of our expressions and choose refinement and discernment only!
We are the ambassadors and role models of the New, so it's time to own up to it and act like it!

Our inner Divine masculine and feminine forces of Creation are coming together as One unified Whole! The masculine aspect is working on integrating the inner child, while the feminine aspect works on providing these resources through externalizing! Together we get a beautiful Essence of joyful celebration, as our cup of Life is filled with Divine precipitation. 

The mutual reception occurs through the element of water which implies being fluid, purifying and overwhelming. This is how the perfection of our triangulation unfolds, and we are to be magnetic within ourselves and trust all of our current connections and partnerships that are helping us with our integration in Unity consciousness. Yes, it is us who need to make an effort and go for what is right in front of us, for no one else will do this work for us! We are here as a strong Pillar of Light, making those conscious choices through our Self mastery! It all comes back to the Self!  

A lot of us are experiencing a deep shift in our relationships, which is bringing us a sense of deep personal liberation in how we relate to others. So many people are entering into their emotional and spiritual maturity, which takes deep Self reflection, evaluation and commitment to Self Love! All Love begins with our inner fountain of Self Love. The more we trust ourselves and create emotional safety and intimacy through total Self reflection, the more we can experience shared intimacy with others too. 

The fine Art of emotional mastery is to bring every single relating experience back to the Self and live in the middle space of complete openness and trust but not naiveté, while holding our personal boundaries as well. To keep our boundaries in tact is not the same as being defensive and argumentative, projecting to others through filtered beliefs. It simply implies trusting our inner Wisdom/discernment of the Cosmic Heart.

We can Now fully free ourselves from that, so that we may feel as pure as a child and be a discerning wise adult as well! This means owning every single feeling as if it comes within ourselves, so if there might be a lack of respect from others, how do we bring that respect back to ourselves? How do we love the wounded, abandoned and insecure parts of us even more? By fully bringing them to the present moment and deeply feeling them! This is also how we then become conscious embodiment and role models for others! Our magical life reality begins with our conscious awareness and co-creation! And if we are not fully enjoying our creations, we can always turn the record! 

This is my Ascension update about our true resurrection: 

A lot of us have felt a strong resurrection energy during the Easter Gateway, and this might have brought some powerful and overwhelming emotions to the surface. These are all coming up in order to bring us closures and the power of choice. We feel more free and liberated in the way that we live, so we can be as open and understanding about any situation or anyone that we encounter on our path, and yet we still must make our own choices in how we live. Understanding and personal choice go hand in hand. We might be feeling more energy of dissolution and separation at this time, which does not mean that we are separate from anything or anyone. It simply means that those of us who are choosing physical Ascension are creating a completely new reality for ourselves, which eventually translates into the physical, which our bodies will feel as a difference in vibration and Soul communication.

Those physical separation energies might feel like we are living in our own unique bubble of reality, which is true. Not everyone will understand us or go along with us, including some of those people who we have a deep Soul connection with. Even the way we communicate the Essence of Life is different Now. There is no separation about this, only choice. This might cause us some initial worry because our reality is changing so drastically in comparison with the old unfolding reality. 

We are not to fear but rather keep on going. Making changes in the most powerful shifting times is not easy, because we have to go out of our old and familiar comfort zone, but any new ideas that we might be getting are worth paying attention to, because they are guidance of our New Self. We are asked to take a deep inventory of where we are headed and pause a bit before a new energy stream comes in. We are already so deeply connected to Source, and everything always works out anyway, so there is o need to worry about anything! We can relax, unwind and follow the whispers of "easy does it!"

A new energy wave of Divine inspiration is coming, to plant new seeds after Easter's resurrection. We will be asked to shift our focus to meaningful things and tasks of Self fulfillment. As we walked through the 'purgatory' of the Easter, we were healing collective patterns of 'Crucifixion' and the easiest way to integrate this is through relationships. Now we will feel more readiness to let go and make new choices that support our higher dimensional refined living. We continue to walk through the bridge between the old and New, until we stabilize the Essence of our New Self. 

The thing with physical Ascension pathway is, that the choices we make are always for our Soul expansion and refinement. They are not made from guilt, obligation or survival. The survival mode applies only to lower density reality, but as we step onto the Ascension timeline we begin to choose in a new way, simply because we want to, and because our Soul is naturally ready, and it automatically guides us this way. Our choices are made purely from Love, not from fear.

This is an organic Soul pathway of integration, which occurs through our spiritual maturity and readiness, so there is no need to ever force ourselves with anything or even force others onto this path. Our choices need to come from the Purity and freedom of the sovereign Soul. On this path, every challenge is seen as an initiation, and every choice is for our personal mastery. When this is done naturally, we don't feel like we are sacrificing anything, and we understand that the Divine law of compensation will bring us anything that we require on our current level of attainment and embodiment, which implies the level of density we vibrate at.

So this is a natural exchange of something old for a new vibratory state of Essence, for we know that there is always infinite consciousness, and there is always Life ... So there will always be a reality for us that we are choosing to create and live in!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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