Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Equinox: Mastering the Art of relating & co-creating

Dear Beloveds! 

The cycle of Spring began on the northern hemisphere of our Human experience, and we are feeling rejuvenated, passionate about Life in a new way and fascinated about all the upcoming new ideas and projects. The season of the fire sign Aries began with the Equinox! This is the time of balance integration and renewal, and as we are witnessing more of our Human needs being met, we are also activating new ones which have been previously held secret and dormant. This means that the more balanced we are with our Human needs, the more renewed passion for Life and all that we are creating we will feel. The more we create, the more will come to us, and all that is pushed through our eternal womb of creativity through the sacred breath of Spirit, which is our pulsating Life force, the more we will have the capacity to love all Life forms and all that we encounter, for it will be embraced not just with our Highest expression, but also our densest Human expression and experience.

The more we embrace our Human nature in all of its infinite potentials, which includes all of our hidden desires and momentary longings, the more we will live in a state of pure allowance, which is the Key to our Love-Wisdom integration and embodiment. To greet others with Love is to witness all Life as an never ending force of Love. The more we are able to embrace others as they are, the more we will actually love ourselves, for all is our mirror, and that is why relationships are such a strong magnetic force in our Existence Self. We are embracing the whole Rainbow spectrum of our earthly experience, which brings us even more that we have ever imagined possible.

We are moving through such a powerful new cycle at this time, which is taking us from old and dogmatic beliefs into the freedom of our inner sovereign. Inner conflicts of duality consciousness are dissolving and the silent voice of the separate ego is being taken over by the strong voice of our Life force, the unified field of everything that we need in order to create our chosen reality! The path of a sovereign Master is to be totally in charge (not control) of our Life force, that we so deeply feel and trust our path, so that it has no other chance but to unfold for us perfectly. As Humans we don't get to control the "how and when", but the more veils of illusion that we dissolve, the more all becomes susceptible to us in exact perfect timing.

Here is my Ascension update on the current Eclipse season and our Human relationships:

Our Life force is pure Cosmic intelligence that always guides us where we need to be, which is beyond right or wrong. Anything that still judges, compares and assumes, is not a part of our unified Life force, so we can let it go and walk into a greater flow of Spirit which knows no separation, only Life! We do that by inviting all that still feels separate in our unified circle of Spirit to participate and play with Life more.

Our Ascension journey is getting more physical, practical and embodied with each new Cosmic cycle that unfolds in parallel with our earthly cycles. We are simply much greater Selves playing in this playground of the integrated experience, learning to seed and experience our unlimited Life force in the physical experience of duality, so that eventually we transcend it and create a new experience, cosmically and on Earth! Our Ascension is also descension, for we cannot become Masters of Creation without fully getting our Life force in our body, learn to cultivate it and expand with it!

Beyond this game of separation, false (promised) light and dogmas, there is a true state of liberated Paradise! All Earth Masters are creating it with their intentional focus! It is all of us as One! The pure Light of consciousness knows the middle Way.

Here is my Ascension update about the process of disillusionment:

We are in between the two Eclipses and the energy is working towards dissolving many veils and distortions that Humanity has been building towards for Eons. At this very important time much of disillusionment is happening, so we are not to make any rash decisions and moves, especially when it comes to things from the past returning, other people and external resources. Everything will be more clear to us after the second Eclipse, which will be a relationship oriented Full Moon. Many things are Now coming up for a final clearing and it's up to us to either do a solid review of our lives and how we wish to feel as a fully Soul embodied Human. We can either spend time attached to the past or worrying too much or we can relax and allow Life to simply bring us what we need and when we are ready for it.

The common thread with most Humans is, that they often want everything right away and a certain way, wanting everything too fast and all too soon. Waiting through surrendering is also a part of our Self mastery game, which we can totally see as a gain. Why do we tend to often see non action as a disadvantage? We need to unveil this collective patterning in order to Be with what Is and enjoy Life as it presents itself to us. By engaging with it in our unique way still makes us active, not passive, but we are not doing things forcefully or through resistance.

As we learn to work with the Essence of patience in Divine timing, we can relax and start having more fun in Life as well. Everything is not about work and achievements, for we are also learning and growing through fun and playful exploring! And then ... it's important to also celebrate what we grow into! As we unwind, we know that we are Beings of Love and that Love always has our back, for we deserve Love! So, what makes our Heart tick at this time? How can we follow that voice?

That is where our Ascension and descension meet as One! Our planet is going through a major transformation during this Eclipse phase, and so are we. At the moment we are moving through some intense Cosmic rays that have the power to alter our DNA, which might also temporarily disrupt our sleeping patterns and make us shift our living patterns and routines. The more of this Light that we are able of absorbing and filtering through our Human bodies, the more these changes will also become apparent to us in a physical sense. If we are experiencing fatigue, hot flashes, various body symptoms or even insomnia, that is all a part of this natural process. Not everything that we feel is a part of our physicality alone, for a lot of it relates directly through our physical evolution as we are being pushed through this "Event horizon."

These are all blessings for us, which are merging us with our Light body form and altering our senses by deepening our sensations and changing what it means to be a human. This planetary Ascension is an overlaying (and overlapping) process where we still get to be physical and enjoy the pleasures of physicality, while Now also being able to tune into a higher frequency layer-hologram of the new dimensional Earth. We bring the experience of it into our physical form through each Cosmic and planetary shift, each personal activation and integration. Lately we have been through an accelerated change, which might have caused us to feel more detached and withdrawn from the things already familiar to us, and that makes us more susceptible to all the New that's coming in and our renewed Life purpose and orientation.

So much is yet to come, and yet we must keep a clear focus in the Now to be able to bring it into a grounded experience that is real and raw! We are ascending and descending by embracing more of our Humanity! Our Human Life is a blessing, a Gift of the Divine!

As ascending Beings of Love we are continuously raising our frequency. As this is so, we are moving through many residual things that we need to transcend in order to get to the "other side." This can only happen when we are truly ready to feel anything and embrace the full spectrum of the Human potential and experience. As we allow ourselves to feel where we have been depriving ourselves and negating our primal desires, we will create a new space for personal growth in our Human form. Only through embracing our Heart in every Human way possible can we access the codes of our Divinity! Home is truly where the Heart is, and the more we open up to ourselves and others, the less boundaries and limitations we will experience, and the more we will expand.

This means embracing every aspect and experience of who we are in the present moment, not projecting it to the past, future and even other people. The Essence of the fifth dimension is pure Joy, freedom and having fun in Divine companionship, and many ascending Souls are finding that to be their true new 'home', which is the belonging frequency of their choosing. It all begins by us choosing to live that way, disentangling from the "past" and what limits us in any way, while moving into new Life streams and potentialities. Our new Healing path is that of unconditional Joy! Are You having fun and living Life to the fullest yet?  

A lot of Souls are currently completing a huge karmic cycle and entering into a completely new journey. This might yet feel unknown, unstable and exciting at the same time, but the bottom line is that this marks a new adventure for all Ascension Pioneers. Our unique journey led us through many experiences, relationship exchanges and the evolution of our unconditional acceptance and compassion, so that we could become who we are today. We are ready to become the role models and ambassadors of unconditional Love, for the Love of the Beloved is no longer just what we wish for or talk about ... it is as real as our every Human experience has ever been and continues to unfold. Embracing this change occurs naturally, within our own personal Soul timeline and agreements.

This is my video on our Beloved-Human integration:

The most important indication of this new "arrival" is that Now we don't just feel intense unconditional Love for one "special" person or a few of them, for we can feel it for every fellow Divine companion. Our fused masculine and feminine Essence of Creation is causing this Love to grow and emerge out of its cocoon! At times we may feel such deep passion and longing, and yet this is a natural process of our Divine blossoming. 

The Goddess Sophia is meeting with Her sacred Christed Lover as we become the chalice of pure liquid Divine Love, and from here on every Lover that we meet is Divine. We no longer separate the "spiritual" from that which we perceive it not to be, for we only see what is real, and that is the very Essence of Cosmic Love. Cosmic lovemaking is actually when we can feel our blissful Life force exchange moving freely, touching every particle of Life, nourishing everything and everyone as the pure Love of the Cosmic Divine Mother of All Life! We are ready to fully become a Divine Lover of Life that begets more Life in constant co-creation with Source! 

We are in a period of rapid growth, as many changes are happening within and around us! We are undergoing immense spiritual growth at this time, and this includes the dissolution of our "new age" voice which constantly polarizes and separates our Human experiences! The real spiritual Truth of our Cosmic Heart origin can only be found and mastered in the middle space of mindful and conscious meditation, which does not only occur when we are meditating but also when we are simply living our Life and having our Human experiences. When we can translate our Cosmic Mastery into every single situation and experience, we become pure consciousness in form and we unveil everything so that more true Love can be let in and expressed in our every interaction.

The Love that is pure and true is unconditional even when our mind tries to tell us otherwise. It knows what it knows and how it's guiding us. To be a Master of Self is not to negate the Human experience, but welcome every single part of it in deep reverence and bliss. The moment that we dissolve the "little" voice we stop assuming and judging, and we become liberated and free, able to truly hear only the guidance that is within the domain of pure Love. That Love always serves much greater outcomes that we can often imagine as Humans, so we need to meditate more, open up and welcome in only the perspectives that are larger than Life, for they are Life itself! That is how pure Trust is freed up and lived through Divine Love!   

So many "healers", teachers and guides focus on what is apparently "wrong" and dysfunctional with us in order to break through and move into the depths of our Being. But as we begin working with our highest potential, all the rest naturally dissolves as we focus on our truest Essence. Focusing on our refined Essence and grounding it into our Human experience is the most simple and natural way of Soul healing, for we simply embrace who we are at our deepest Core.
We are all beautiful children of the Divine!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn 

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